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  1. Rashford got whistled offside in the first half. He carried on, then stopped, then kicked the ball into the net. I'd have booked him for that. Kicking the ball away once you've stopped is the same whether it's into the goal or not.
  2. Well yeah because if it happens to one of the pundits teams it's a travesty, obviously.
  3. I thought the same about the previous picture above.
  4. A world class coach like him will have just tactically out-manoeuvred the virus.
  5. Nuno certainly is. He has his son living with him but he's about to go off to university. He hasn't seen the rest of his family in months.
  6. No it shouldn't affect your policy.
  7. Maybe. The belly fills much faster than the bladder though. IIRC the bladder fills at around 100ml per hour.
  8. You should have windscreen cover as part of your car insurance. You need to call them and tell them it needs replacing. You'll have to pay an excess though. You can find the cost on your policy online or in your documents if you had them mailed to you. It's usually about £60. Much cheaper than having to pay for one yourself though.
  9. Well no, the intestines/bowels doesn't move that quickly. You'd have to chew very, very slowly.
  10. Very much the former. Once we get out of lockdown, get the fans back and can have a normal break and pre-season things will be much better for everyone involved.
  11. You'd have Perez and Ineacho to cover that loss, you have a more solid defence, and attack better. Yeah you'd slide a bit but not by as much IMO.
  12. Concerned obviously. The idea of switching to a back four looks increasingly poor timing with no pre-season to work on it properly. Nuno looks very deflated at the minute. His mental health seems poor with him not being able to see his family. He just keeps banging on about solutions after every game. He won't walk though and the owners won't sack him. We just need to go back to 3 at the back and tighten things up again.
  13. Lost this one but at least I came out ahead with these savers:
  14. Wouldn't surprise me given the nepotistic bunch of useless pricks that PGMOL is nowadays.
  15. So he's clipped him as he's already going over after the ball has gone but Semedo got barged after the ball went but that wasn't a foul? These refs are bent as ****.
  16. That penalty really is soft. Doesn't really catch him on the lunge but their player clatter into Boly making it look like he's been clattered from the lunge.
  17. He's been a bit off most of this season. He's getting on a bit and I think the amount of football in the last 18 months are catching up with him.
  18. Well that was mostly shite. We're way too easy to play through at the minute with very little pressure on the ball until they have it near our box. Penalty was soft as shite. Probably should have had a pen for handball too. His arms and hands were out in front of him so should have been given. Good to see a bit of strength from Silva for his bodaciously awesome goal.
  19. Great bunch of wallopers moaning aboot hee haw and a load o' pish ya wee tadgers.
  20. I might be wrong but I think they fell out years ago and don't really speak.
  21. I recently watched Midnight Cowboy for the first time. It was pretty decent, but a bit of a weird film for a Best Picture.
  22. Takeover falling apart? Who'd have thunk it?
  23. I've never understood why Perez hasn't been Vardy's direct replacement all along. You bought him from Newcastle when he used to play up front on his own and he scored a decent amount of goals in that role. Yet you've never used him that way.
  24. Only the fickle pricks that have an inflated sense of entitlement, that always been there in our fan base.
  25. We aren't getting relegated! Not because we're "too good to go down" but because we have double Fulham's total in 3rd bottom after nearly half a season - 22 compared to 11. Once we get some of our 6 injured first team players back, results will pick up.
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