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  1. I'm not sure why he was expecting Mount to be available when he's played the last 7 games for England. The general point is valid but he has plenty of good players to win games. It just comes across as an excuse for shit results.
  2. You can get just the glass guard from them for a fiver on ebay too.
  3. Boothroyd is another footballing dinosaur that needs a meteorite. Still plays kick and rush nonsense, and is an advocate of the "it only takes three passes to score a goal" mantra. Also one of those NLP weirdos.
  4. Maybe you should tweet her to ask how she sorted it out.
  5. Probably been on this thread before, but A Place In The Sun's Laura Hamilton.
  6. Ronnie 9-4 down now and not doing anything this final session. 5 frames all lost, and his highest break is....... 8!
  7. I have the microwave, cooker, kitchen clock and car. That's it. Takes about 5 mins!
  8. This has now been moved to Monday 5th April 7:30pm, following "discussions with our broadcast partners". So I assume it'll be on TV somewhere, probably Eurosport, as all 10 days of qualifying matches will be on the Eurosport app.
  9. FWIW the World Snooker Tour app is pretty good for staying up to date with scores/results and general news. Often its not covered on BBC or Sky if its not a big tournament.
  10. You are Sean Connery and I claim my £5.
  11. Watched Molly's Game. Really good. 8/10 for me. Crazy some of the names involved. Including Player X himself. What a dick.
  12. A million YouTube subscribers gets you roughly $50k per year (£36k). So she's making no more than £9k per year off 220k subscribers, depending on how often she releases new content on average.
  13. Is that Wolf from Gladiators?
  14. That's probably my favourite song! It's in the film A Hard Day's Night when they're playing cards with Jamie Vardy in the train carriage.
  15. It's certainly a sight to behold. IIRC he said his daughter loves it as its just like hers, so he won't be getting rid asap.
  16. I hate SUVs, absolute nonsense. No-one NEEDS them that size and high. They're also more dangerous if they hit someone because of how high the front bumpers are.
  17. I remember when I went to Austria with school, they did the painting eggs thing.
  18. I bought a 2018 LG OLED from Costco two years ago. Got it for £900 at the time and its a great TV. As already mentioned Richer Sounds do 6 year warranties if you can find what you want at a decent price there. A mate of mine was in this very position a few weeks ago. Stuck in an endless loop of reviews and jargon for ages. He ended up going for a Samsung QLED. They're a very good option if you can't quite afford an OLED as they still have much improved black levels. Also, Samsung soundbars can connect to the Samsung TV wirelessly via Bluetooth which is handy. I know b
  19. Begging adverts from charities on daytime TV. I get that these can be good and important causes, but having to sit and watch children/animals in various degrees of distress is just depressingly manipulative stuff. Hate it when they come on.
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