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  1. Great bunch of wallopers moaning aboot hee haw and a load o' pish ya wee tadgers.
  2. I might be wrong but I think they fell out years ago and don't really speak.
  3. I recently watched Midnight Cowboy for the first time. It was pretty decent, but a bit of a weird film for a Best Picture.
  4. Takeover falling apart? Who'd have thunk it?
  5. I've never understood why Perez hasn't been Vardy's direct replacement all along. You bought him from Newcastle when he used to play up front on his own and he scored a decent amount of goals in that role. Yet you've never used him that way.
  6. Only the fickle pricks that have an inflated sense of entitlement, that always been there in our fan base.
  7. We aren't getting relegated! Not because we're "too good to go down" but because we have double Fulham's total in 3rd bottom after nearly half a season - 22 compared to 11. Once we get some of our 6 injured first team players back, results will pick up.
  8. He's an absolute shit stain on the arse of humanity.
  9. That thinking behind it was seeing someone like Joao Felix go for crazy money (not that I'm comparing them). The scouting team watched Silva for 3 years, saw him bagging a goal a game in Porto's youth teams, and decided he was going to be worth a lot more than £35m in a few years. Whether that was a good decision remains to be seen in the fullness of time. The way transfer fees are going he may be looked back on as a bargain, or a complete waste of money.
  10. You've picked put two players there who've barely been at the club 5 mins. And one of them is 18 and shouldn't be playing yet. Probably why we've recalled Cutrone. Our recruitment policy is clearly trying to emulate someone like Dortmund. Lots of highly rated U21 players to blend into the team when ready. Kilman, Hoever, Ait-Nouri, Vitinha, Otasawie, Neto, Silva. All of those are getting minutes and/or breaking through to be regulars this season. Sky had an article the other day that said we have given double the amount of PL minutes to U21 players than anyone else th
  11. You're welcome to your opinion but but I don't agree whatsoever. What we spent on Silva is irrelevant. And this season has nothing to do with him. The "bumps" you mention have mainly been stuff out of our control, like injuries. Changing formation and style was a conscious decision from the manager and he'll ultimately be judged on that. Doing it during a pandemic with no pre-season may be a poor decision in hindsight for sure. And Doc isn't a quality RB! He's a shite RB who happened to fit our very specific wing-back system. He's barely played for Spurs recently because he can't
  12. Correct. They huffed and puffed but didn't create much. They took their main chance which was a tricky one but a good finish, and then scored from 2nd phase cross from a corner.
  13. I just think he's been thrown in too early. The football brain is there and he's had a couple of decent chances, but physically He's not ready. Neto is two years older and had played first team football for Lazio. We weren't crap tonight either. The xG was 1.20 to 0.27 in our favour. A draw would have been about fair but conceding from set-pieces is becoming an issue for us.
  14. We haven't been "found out" at all. In fact that's the main reason Nuno is trying to get us play differently so that doesn't happen. It's a combination of things this season. Losing Jimenez, having more injuries to first team players than usual, changing the style of play, playing 4 at the back more often. Not to mention playing by far the most U21 players in the league. Both the fans and the owners have recognised this season is going to be one of transition for us.
  15. He's stayed on too long tonight but.... He's 18 and shouldn't even be playing regularly yet.
  16. If they could both headbutt each other and put themselves into comas that would be lovely.
  17. Sky have so much of a Man Utd wank-fest tonight they haven't even bothered giving our game pundits. The two commentators had to talk over the first half highlights!
  18. Having a decent game tonight. Semedo is letting Digne cross it every time he's up against him though. We're playing some weird formation tonight. Kind of a 4-3-3 but with Silva and Neto going wide and Gibbs-White and Dendoncker pushing through the middle. I can't make head nor tail of it but at least we are attacking plenty.
  19. Winning the ball is irrelevant nowadays. If you go through with enough force and connect with someones shin/ankle it's a deserved red card as it is reckless and out of control.
  20. I remember watching that game in the pub. Was a Wednesday night IIRC (as I was at a pool match). Kenny Miller with an absolute peach of a volley.
  21. Yeah it's not shit in any way, just less spectacular as the rest.
  22. Hold The Dark looks interesting. Think I'll give that one a go.
  23. Yeah. She's 55 and fairly poor looking (compared to other porn stars). But you'd have to be to have kids with that little gnome.
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