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  1. I imagine they're not used to decisions going against them.
  2. Best of luck today lads. Will be nice to see someone other than the usual suspects win it again.
  3. That might work if it was anything like Batman's logo.
  4. I've heard the potential new owners wanted the club to go into admin so there was less debt.
  5. That's because Deschamps is an idiot. Some of his team selections and player snubs have been baffling.
  6. Actually I just remembered we recalled Cutrone in January instead of Mir. Sorry, Cutrone was an easy one to forget as he's gone again.
  7. It was a season long loan and we didn't have a recall option. Can't see him wanting to come back to England after his success in Spain. We'll probably use that to get a good price for him or exchange him for someone we're after.
  8. Yes he made 10 changes away to Man Utd as we had Burnley up next at home and prioritised that game for the 3 points. We lost 0-3 at Man Utd and beat Burnley 2-0. They fined us £25k. The rule changed after that to allow a manger to select anyone within the named 25 man squad.
  9. Watched all of Ted Lasso yesterday. Very enjoyable. Its hard not to like the guy. I don't know if people noticed, but the club owner is also the "Shame" nun from Game Of Thrones. She's also been in an episode of Not Going Out years ago as a dominatrix in a porno!
  10. Rumours that he's connected to the Indonesian mafia too.
  11. I'm no expert but I reckon that's him on the right.
  12. I might get AppleTV for a month as it's only a fiver. Can watch that and Ted Lasso then.
  13. Tenet was only ok. The overall plot was alright to follow but all the timey wimey mechanics stuff wasn't. I'm willing to bet the guy who wrote it had more fun figuring it all out than the audience did watching it. Watched Mitchells v The Machines which was decent until the last act which descended into cartoon nonsense. Tried to watch Mank but gave up after half an hour. I'm sure Citizen Kane fans love it, but it wasn't in the least bit interesting.
  14. I saw bits of the quarters and semis bit missed the final. Figueredo absolutely rinsed Hendry, but struggled against White. I agree about the ages. Should be at least 45 really.
  15. The pressure of being on the verge of achieving something significant, and getting nervy about it, is just human nature. People respond in different ways to it. The pressure of a 90 min game that isn't going well is completely different and takes a short bout of determination collectively to do something about it, not to mention tactics and fatigue comes into the equation. I've gone from being certain you'd finish top 4, to uncertain given the run in of the respective teams. I now think West Ham will likely finish above you, and its between you and Chelse
  16. Not a good season for the city of Sheffield then with joint relegations. Utd fans must be happy that there's a silver lining to their cloud though
  17. To be fair to Derby that third Sheff Wed goal shouldn't have stood in the first place.
  18. I'm surprised how lax Wed have been in this last 10 min. A goal and they stay up but seem quite leisurely about it.
  19. And Cardiff equalise at the same time.
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