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  1. SUVs piss me off. Bloody high up headlights blinding me every bastard morning on the way to work.
  2. Even got the same shirt on.
  3. Even Nuno should be ahead of him. Got a promoted team into the quarter-finals of Europe and still finished 7th in the PL the same season.
  4. Derby can at work says he wants McLaren as manager as they played their best football under him.
  5. He was a bloody brilliant dribbler. So difficult to stop. Bit like George Best.
  6. Because..........? It would give the GK a marginally better chance. The attacker would be forced to only take one or maybe two steps before hitting it so as not to give the keeper too much time to move. It'd still be an easy chance to score but it would stop attackers taking a stuttering run up. You have to hit it as quickly as you can basically.
  7. I'd like to see penalties changed so that as soon as the ref blows his whistle both taker and GK can move however they like. That would force the abandoning of long or stuttering run ups because the GK would have closed them down by then. It'd also make penalties a bit more challenging and less of a gimme as there'd be very little run up by necessity.
  8. Yeah what the hell was going on with his hair?
  9. IPTV is just like watching every channel on a stream. It won't look like Sky's EPG but if you can use a Freeview EPG you'll be fine. The picture quality is usually good quality, even on the Sports channels. @JamesO on here does a service for about £60 per year which is through an Amazon Firestick (you have to have your own) and has all the Sky/BT channels as well as On Demand stuff.
  10. No way any decent manager worth their salt touches them with a bargepole with their ownership issues. Mel Morris has a bit of a screw loose, and any takeover is still miles up in the air.
  11. He deserves a go at somewhere like Red Bull but I still think they'll keep Albon. Would love to see Ricciardo go to Mercedes to replace Bottas too.
  12. She's got a bit of a wide face but alright. 8/10 would definitely bang, as the meme goes.
  13. Elite sportsmen are exempt from local travel restrictions.
  14. Found her. It was Blair O Neal. American golfer and model. Show was School Of Golf on Sky.
  15. Here's a really interesting stat: Rory in majors since 2015: Round 1: +28 Rounds 2-4: -61
  16. I saw a program earlier in the week where they were analysing Arnold Palmer's shots. It was an old guy with a really fit young blonde with great legs who could obviously play. Can't seem to find who she was though.
  17. Nicely done. How did you get four offers for your old car if you only emailed two dealers?
  18. Yep. Was at his brothers wedding surrounded by people. Covidiot.
  19. Bit spawny from Rahm. He's topped that.
  20. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/12128465/leicester-penalties-why-have-the-foxes-been-awarded-a-record-breaking-number-of-spot-kicks No comment.
  21. Yeah he's a bit of a snake I reckon.
  22. The Derby fan at work just said to me he'd have Monk as "he's a good manager and didn't deserve to get rhe sack on a couple of occasions".
  23. I haven't seen them but obviously the first one hitting his face is a clear and obvious error.
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