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  1. https://twitter.com/IJamEcono/status/1367168369808580610?s=19
  2. Any half competent manager can get results in the Championship, Mick is a long time master of that. It's if and when they get promoted they get found out.
  3. What is it now? Asking for a friend....
  4. AFAIK it was done simply to hide how old the reruns being shown were.
  5. I know right, it's like when Stephen Fry says he loves watching the darts.
  6. Actually having looked, you can send an international tracked and signed 2kg package to somewhere like China in 5-7 working days for £7. https://www.royalmail.com/sending/international/country-guides/china That weight allowance should cover a pair of sunglasses.
  7. Payment protection on debit cards is only for purchases above £100 so no recourse there. Paypal would still likely ask you to incur the return costs any way. But you would get a full refund from them. The company not being UK based means you probably lose all your consumer rights in this country. I would probably ask for a replacement to be sent out immediately and agree to send the sunglasses back. You can probably do this via surface mail which is cheap but takes ages. As long as they send the item out they likely aren't to know how you've sent the sung
  8. Probably a Nokia 3330 using WAP.
  9. There's some terrible efforts on that FootyScran account! This is probably my favourite:
  10. To me a roll is a longer finger style ones.
  11. He mentioned it himself after beating Selby 6-0. Basically he's moved his bridge hand closer to the cueball. He said someone mentioned it to him so he went and watched videos of his younger self on YouTube and noticed he was closer then. Moved it and now he says he's cueing as well as he has ever done in his career.
  12. Kind of ironic seeing Shelvey take a knee just then.
  13. A cob is a thick round bread sandwich. Either crusty or soft. Bap is also acceptable.
  14. Ultimately the right decision was made. Mason shouldn't have allowed the free kick while the GK was still on his post organising the wall. He blew straight away again as soon as he realised but its a massive fvck up from him. Even more when he then gave the goal and had to get VAR to correctly overturn it.
  15. "Honestly I don't like to say it, but I must say it because I will not feel right: the referee does not have the quality to whistle a game in the Premier League." I want Nuno's £25k fine refunded.
  16. Only 2 slices of bacon on a sandwich? I use 4!! Cut it in half, one half ketchup, one half Daddies Fruity sauce
  17. Kevin. Have you seen those ads?!
  18. Streaky bacon (aka American bacon) is shite. 90% fat.
  19. Lol my birthday says: Florida man tells police wind blew bag of cocaine into car
  20. That was mental. Lowest ever points conceded in a televised 11 frame match - 7!! And only 3 balls potted by Selby in 6 frames.
  21. I do appreciate that I don't know much about a busy kitchen other than what I see on TV. If the food was bad and the cutlery filthy I'd not go there again or just walk out. Basic levels of culinary skill and hygiene are the restaurant's responsibility and will make or break their business through reviews and word of mouth. I don't think that's something that should mean the diner pays extra to reward. If I had issues with the food or cleanliness that were small enough not to be major issues, and the waiter was doing a good job in sorting them out quickly then a
  22. Yeah come on you willy pullers you're ruining my acca!
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