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  1. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Anymore being said about the Tigers making an approach for Puel?
  2. Southampton pre match

    No I can't.
  3. Southampton pre match

    This game either sends them down or gives them a platform and momentum to stay up. Should not finish 0-0 at least!
  4. unrest in the squad

    Puel lacks any kind of charisma. Players not going to be convinced to stay and play for him if big boys come knocking. Time for the owners to push for a bigger name and sanction a summer spending to address our problem areas.
  5. Name a better option than puel

    Anyone but Puel
  6. Burnley away match thread

    Hope Puel resigns at full time. Dreadful.
  7. Linked Players

    Reports this morning Rondon will be available for £16.5m in summer. Spurs, Chelsea and West ham could be interested. We should be all over this, knows prem and scored goals in a poor side. To think we paid nearly twice that for Slim.....
  8. unrest in the squad

    Not just the players. Unsold seats for a side sat in 8th? Tells you all you need to know.
  9. First Halves

    Quite simply been awful for months now. Problem followed us home and away. Same rhetoric each time, need to be better with ball, lacked urgency, switched off... we lose 45 minutes most weeks. Incredibly worrying.
  10. Home Form under Puel

    Crowd never taken to him. Honeymoon period finished 4-5 games in like most. The most dull football and approach you could imagine.
  11. BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Been saying for weeks Claude seems to have taken all the edge away. Look to be content with a point/nicking it by a goal week after week. Imagine if we were a couple of points from bottom 3, jeez doesn't bear thinking. Had so much promise few months back, big shame.
  12. Summer 2018 Transfer Kitty

    Would take Tarkowski from Burnley, 25 good age and improving every season. Pick up 2 mobile ball playing full backs around him and Harry. England cap will bump up his fee tho...
  13. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Just hope we go for this. Vardy on his own feeding off scraps would be criminal.
  14. West Brom away match thread

    Lose this and we can start to think of survival only. For me Puel needs a decent run to convince board and fans he's worthy of being given the summer to tinker properly. Hope he can.