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  1. Future Leicester manager material for me 😉
  2. Echo everyone's comments, thought he was exceptional. Delighted for him.
  3. An achievement made even better by the fact we beat a Chelsea side that brushed aside Real Madrid with complete ease only a few weeks ago. These lot are a top top team, let's not forget how big a win that was. Incredible from us, cried, laughed, hugged, sang in that end. Football is returning 🤞
  4. Incredible, feeling it this morning but we'll worth it. The feeling in the stadium was pure joy, been so long and what a time to sense it again.
  5. Much better second half, great steel as well. Massive win!
  6. If we don't sign any creative, inventive players in the summer we are in trouble.
  7. Players can only assume are coached to play this way. We would go back to Kasper from a corner if we could!
  8. 3-5-2 will carry us to European football, Europa variety. How can Rodgers not see its killing us? United so comfortable with kids and reserves.
  9. Players look nervous, noone wants to take a risk. All very safe and pedestrian. Its painful watching us limp to finishing line last 8 games of a season. Players just look like they want season done now. Spark missing everywhere.
  10. This feels like it will drift until 60 mins when Pogba, Fernando's and Cavani arrive to rattle off a 3-1 breeze.
  11. We go to pieces so easily. Gutting to see, mental toughness such a vital ingredient to a top side.
  12. Really miss the up tempo Lesta we had earlier in season. Literally look exactly the same whoever the opposition
  13. Proper open game this. Two very impressive sides.
  14. With Vardy close to warming the bench, Edouard quite possibly coming in. I fear we will need an injection of pace up top as well with nacho/Edouard. Lookman looked impressive and wouldn't break the bank, good age for further development as well.
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