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  1. Lets enjoy what weve achieved. We are miles away from top 4 but with some shrewd investments we may be able to challenge for Europa. Mahrez is def off and whilst Dannys words are nice to read, even he himself is now on the wrong side of the curve for striving for bigger and better.
  2. Why would a true Arsenal fan be bothered with us?
  3. No
  4. Mahrez is going, just a question of maximising his value. Good servant and deserves his move. The sooner its done the less likely we are all to get p*****d off with him for citing it. We need to invest clearly in a strong replacement but its a big year for Gray. He could step with more coaching and guidance.
  5. There is a rumour circulating on social media that Amartey once passed the ball forwards. Not sure how legit it is tho.
  6. Deserved a point. Would have let Vardy rocket it in, maybe thats just hindsight. Given we werent looking to cement a top 3 place we gave decent value.
  7. Slim drag the ball back ffs?!
  8. Only Leicester and Mahrez could fk up a simple spot kick.
  9. Fk me Mahrez our biggest problem. Get him off and Gray on ffs!
  10. No such thing as a 38 game season for most in prem. Most spend last 5 games on beach.
  11. Painful viewing.
  12. Seems like the right time for me. Should command a strong fee but money isnt ours or his motivation. He wants next step up and we should duly oblige. We are at a time of changes ourselves, new manager tbc, ageing back four, need to freshen up strikers and a young wide player desperate for more game time. Whilst im not convinced Gray is the answer week in week out we should bolster with another quality winger who is in his prime.
  13. Why would someone who would like more game time leave to guarantee even LESS game time?
  14. Still lack any conviction in final third for me. Little flicks or shinji falling over. Sooner we try and get this season finished the better.
  15. Surprised Ulloa not starting as an assistance for set pieces?