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  1. Blanchflower78

    Jamie Vardy

    England priority for now but just hope he doesn't pick up a niggling groin injury that keeps him out the opening few games for us, particularly without any decent plan b available.
  2. Blanchflower78

    Puel to Fenerbahce

    True or not, 2 good signings masking manager rumours that won't disappear, mahrez drama yet to resolve and the possibility any new incomings being held up by this (possibly).
  3. Blanchflower78

    James Maddison

    At 16, Alli had the height at that age but in comparison Madders was a better footballer.
  4. Blanchflower78

    James Maddison

    5 years ago 'Madders' was concerned he may not get a scholarship due to his size, he was very small. His ability was never in question, technically very astute. Between 16-18 there was slight development with his size again, ability was there to be seen. Many clubs were aware of this but would imagine concerned for the same reason. At 16-18 some lads are young men already. He continued to flourish, passing very good, great touch and could pick a shot. No surprises with his pro contract at 18 and from there he really took off. He started to grow and whilst not a built lad was developing a bigger frame. This was what his ability needed and Cov through him in the first team amongst a few others, George Thomas being one. It was clear he was technically too good for that level and caught the eye of bigger clubs, hence Norwich move. Having been given his chance this year never looked back. All the hallmarks of a Dele Alli style signing, (he's better than he was at his age also, and Demarai Gray). Reading comments on here seems a mix of initial apprehension to, we're signing the next best thing...make no bones, this lad 'could' be wonderful.
  5. Blanchflower78

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Given Diabates emergence should Roberts come in you have to question Grays future? In any event can't see any of these being "Riyads" replacement. Presume they will target a ready made quality addition with more experience than the 3 mentioned. Good luck to Mahrez, a huge compliment to LCFC that the best team in the land and one of Europe's best see our winger as a perfect fit. 👍
  6. Blanchflower78


    Just another Hernandez type signing. Quality not quantity please...
  7. Blanchflower78


    The club have got this week in reality to decide Puels future. Player targets are being identified and talks starting in numerous areas. If we are in any doubt we need to resolve quickly either way. Big summer awaits.
  8. Blanchflower78

    Fousseni Diabaté

    Why would you loan him to a championship side when he can clearly compete at this level? A genuine find with lots of potential. Keep him with the first team and he'll be involved enough for us I'm sure.
  9. Blanchflower78

    Hamza Choudhury

    Whilst he looks a promising player, Ndidi will do the same thing but better - at least whilst he's with us. When will we see a wide youngster come along who wants to take someone on, has a shift of pace etc?
  10. Blanchflower78

    Helicopter has landed

    Tricky one. Owners will want to show support and solidarity for what was a very low key appointment. However, results and performances have tailed off considerably which can't be ignored. There is no need to keep or dismiss based on league opportunities. Well be beaten presumably in all 3 remaining fixtures so is it easier to make the call then, on a worse picture? Or, they truly believe in the guy and are happy to give him the chance to build. For me doesn't have enough charisma to succeed the role let alone abject performances.
  11. Blanchflower78


    Sick of saying it, our first halves are dreadful. It sets the tone. The fear is a much wider problem at club than just Puel. Number of players need to move on, signings not worked etc. Feel for the next boss, gonna be a tough job.
  12. Blanchflower78


    Poor touch, clumsy, mis timed jumps. Slim is back...
  13. Blanchflower78

    **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Anymore being said about the Tigers making an approach for Puel?
  14. Blanchflower78

    Southampton pre match

    No I can't.
  15. Blanchflower78

    Southampton pre match

    This game either sends them down or gives them a platform and momentum to stay up. Should not finish 0-0 at least!