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  1. Very pleasing performance, delighted for him recently 👏
  2. Nope, never. Rules as bonkers as they are at times cannot allow for a penalty whereby both players are less than 2 feet apart and a pass has deflected at speed on to his hand that is trailing and not seeking to block. Plus this is a "still", doesnt justify the realtime motion.
  3. Maddison will get better as he gets more game time, injuries have set him back but...its clear Mount and Grealish are above him in Englands thoughts and justifiably so at the moment.
  4. Never in a million years and if that was at the other end youd be screaming blue murder. His arm is by his side and deflects to it, at no point did he push the ball clear. I wish it was a clear incident as a pen was about our best chance of scoring tonight sadly!
  5. Anyone who thinks that's a legit pen has no right to ever use the phrase "games gone" - ever.....
  6. Trouble is Arsenal and MC want to play short passing game in front of you, with more patience. Liverpool play quickly, more direct, will go long at times, hit diagonals etc. They commit more men forward and unless you find a way of breaking it down we just end up sat deep waiting for the inevitable. It didn't work but that isnt to say it cant again in other games. Vardy was incredibly isolated but we lacked aggression tonight, youri, madders and barnes all second best in challenges. Have to admire the Liverpool game play and their commitment to the cause, it's worth a goal start whe
  7. Hes been far too rash in to challenges tonight, reminds me of Souncu first season before breaking through. Great prospect but massively exposed tonight for me. He'll learn from this.
  8. Keep the score down job now, noone wants to see a 5 nil
  9. Were being picked apart all over the pitch. No answer to it sadly.
  10. Quick glance at their forum suggests a certain win based on their side regardless of injury being much better still. At best we could give them a tough game.... If there was ever an incentive to smash their record at home...
  11. Fingers crossed he hits the ground running, initially took a while to grow when he first joined but what a player he became. Makes a huge difference to us when fit and RWB potentially giving him more license.
  12. Whilst I fully expect the same set up as previous away encounters I just hope we get close to Vardy, ala Barnes at Leeds. May not get a better time to play against their back 4. All for being sensible as they still possess so many quality players but we "have" to get at them surely?
  13. Not a negative here but reality is enjoy the next 2 years, history tells us it's unlikely to see an elite player stay longer. Hes not you're average 19 year old clearly and no doubt has ambition to match. Gone are the days players settle for years, modern day problem.
  14. Wolves turned up last 5, we turned up for 45. Need another big showing. Traore will appear sooner than later. Need to convert this sharp passing in to real chances and goals now. V.good half.
  15. Theres no way Fofana cant retain his places when Cags back. The lad is mustard.
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