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  1. Don't get the CB requirement, why not have Benko on standby with Big Wes? We need a talented winger and still need an effective striking option. Let's not also ignore the 2 season turnover for star players. Madders will fit that bill come the summer and no point ignoring it. Hes ambitious, we are his third perm club since a boy and still only 22. Hes moving up the ladder and we are the run before the big one. Would be a huge creative loss to the team and that alone needs addressing once we reach it.
  2. Love this from BR. Its honest, they all have strengths and weaknesses, some more than others for different reasons but the simple truth is you need to assist (like Barnes sat) and contribute goals. They are all guilty of this and whilst criticising is often constructive it cant go unsaid given the stakes.
  3. Impressive result yesterday, not at our best by any stretch but fair play to Burnley. They have a way of playing and its effective, can see them nicking some points this season from those around us. Still find us too isolated from Vardy at times, considering the opposition would have expected to see us much closer to him.
  4. Would be very unlike us to let 2 star players leave at once. Chilwell could be the next, would have faith in the set up to replace him suitably but only if he was pushing for it.
  5. I think there is a fair chance Chilwell could fancy a move to a bigger club this summer. Wonder what some folk would say if his patter changes ala Maguire... In truth both full backs could be vulnerable positions for us for different reasons. Riccy more advanced and primed for a big nove and contract, Chilly still seen as WIP but with England credentials behind him could attract suitors. His form to date albeit 8 games is poor, should that continue it may dampen interest.
  6. If correct I don't think this is bad news at all. If a Riccy P standard can be sourced were laughing.
  7. It's getting more evident of his tendency to be pegged in and not knowing or having confidence to get out, often launching a ball and giving away possession instead. Maybe not having a natural left wide player isn't helping. He has time and room to grow but really staggering hes becoming Englands main left back given all this?
  8. Idiots at all clubs, far bigger fan base than most sides in the world so more idiots to post stuff like that. Shame, chin up Hamza
  9. Still that killer winger missing, an outlet out wide who can hurt and effect the game at important times. Appreciate these guys arent readily available off the shelf but as we evolve this season cant help feeling it's an area that will continue to be more obvious.
  10. We lost, last seconds, it hurt, we move on. Some embarrassing posts online.
  11. Maybe the world can stop suggesting we are top 4 material now! Were a decent side and work in progress, loads to improve on. Folks need to calm down! Desperately needing a quality winger and second striker if Perez taking longer to settle than hoped.
  12. Barnes completely lost again, touch needs more work, need to get Perez on. Chilwell defensively poor, both Liverpool full backs are streets ahead of ours today. We need to get Yuri, Madders in to game. Still look very very nervy at the big arenas and tests. Vardy incredibly isolated.
  13. I'd imagine Madders and Preat may switch in the wider role at times. Looks good on paper, now all about the mental strength. First 10 mins vital we start with intent
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