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  1. Blanchflower78

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    To all those saying were 9th please.... could be 17th by early Jan 🤦‍♂️
  2. Blanchflower78

    Ricardo Pereira

    Fantastic yesterday, pleased for him. Seems like genuinely wants to be part of it.
  3. Blanchflower78

    Watford (H) pre match

    The club desperately needs a big performance and result asap. If not just to remind fans it's in them and relieve some of the tension towards Claude. Hope it's today.
  4. Blanchflower78

    Brighton Match Thread

    There is no question were stagnating under Claude. Whilst the last few weeks have been utterly heart breaking as a club, Claude has conducted himself admirably. Sadly though, this season we have seen nothing to point us away from the turgid football we saw last season. Worrying times, Watford will come out guns blazing, Fulham have the Claudio factor, palace away nuff said, Chelsea away and man city home. We could be knocking around bottom 3 by the time cardiff turn up on 29th.
  5. Blanchflower78

    Burnley video from Saturday

    Outstanding job. Many thanks.
  6. Blanchflower78

    How are you feeling about the Cardiff match?

    I'm all for this "performance for The Boss" but let's be honest, nothing will beat a win for "The Boss". He travelled to watch his beloved Club win football matches, 3 points Saturday will feel like the biggest 3 points we've ever collected. Sending all those attending my best, will be an incredibly difficult afternoon both on and off the pitch. Safe travels people x
  7. Blanchflower78

    Leicester v West Ham- Pre Match Thread

    WH have a number of players out, good players. Anything less than 3 points will be poor today.
  8. Given recent announcements I'm half expecting a short video of Puel getting in to a Lamborghini whilst winking at the camera announcing his new 8 year deal. #puel2026
  9. Blanchflower78

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    Look to have no fight, desire or inspiration when behind.
  10. Blanchflower78

    Arsenal (A) Match Thread

    Will we ever break the Arsenal spell? Brilliant for 30, utter shite since. Bottling it.
  11. Blanchflower78

    Soyuncu or Evans?

    100% Evans starts here.
  12. Blanchflower78

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Scandalous to take him back in Jan. Lad is doing fine without sitting on our bench stagnating. Never in a million years will he want to return either whilst he's ripping it up for them?
  13. Blanchflower78

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Firstly you didn't mention that, bit odd to say you did? Blanchflower and United? - may want to check your facts again my friend.
  14. Blanchflower78

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Second game of the season, were now in October, or did you forget that?
  15. Blanchflower78

    Leicester 1- Everton 2 post match thread.

    Still can't fathom how we've spent 22m on a right back we now don't trust, Evans a hugely experienced centre back still can't oust a struggling Morgan and why sign a number 10 (called up to England squad) and play him out wide to accommodate Kelechi who clearly will never cut it for us. Granted the latter wasn't Puels signing but these are confusing. After the screw ups of Slimani, Musa etc we should be wiser. Would like Puel to be given time however.