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  1. All common sense stuff - finally. We dont even know if 4th April well resume, if uk in lockdown phase then certainly not. Also, how do players mentally get up for a huge break in season to start again - all very testing times but given the choice completely sensible.
  2. Good to hear they are looking to freshen up. We all agree some deadwood needs moving on and 1-2 perhaps holding on to their positions at times via lack of alternative. If we can move a few out and replace with hopefully better quality with maybe a marquee signing or even 2 to me that sounds pretty encouraging. European football demands that at least.
  3. Great to see last 15 min show, youri back at it, madders roaming up top, Ricky p high up, little interchanges. Found the early season City last night - thank god!
  4. There is no doubting a 'pair' of forwards can when executed properly make so much difference.
  5. Huge game, win and we go somewhere towards restoring confidence. Defeat/draw and it gets harder to break the mind set. Every game a cup final now, players will need to show their aggressive side to match Villa. Champions league would be massive for our club, cant lose that now.
  6. I can see us picking up a couple of Celtic boys in the summer. Just hope we get it right!
  7. The squad has a too similar feel to it. Ie players of similar qualities and stature. Needs mixing up in the summer.
  8. It's easy to look at what City are doing to them now BUT were not City. Just dont fancy our ability to tackle the extra aggression and passion others fighting show. Our technical ability was overriding that earlier in season but that isn't there currently. Just hope we find a new formula to limp us over the line.
  9. First 6 minutes here Villa look aggressive, quick, dangerous. Clearly only early days but if they rock up to the KP next monday in this mood weve got problems. Not sure we can combat it nowadays
  10. Have Wolves become the team we were?
  11. Square peg round hole. Should be a striking sub option, we need to invest in better higher up pitch and not convinced in summer Rodgers will even change it up a bit with style and new additions. We look far too passive and predictable at present.
  12. Squad filler nothing more, typical that we seem to have to spend the likes of £30m to find it out though...
  13. We have no plan b. Shameful there is no target man option or a trusted natural winger. Barnes playing out wide as lack of options allowed him to. Perez playing there beyond embarrassing now. You could replace 3-4 comfortably in summer and nothing to do with a possible European campaign more about simply not being good enough. Rodgers was given a HUGE salary top up a few months back and in truth is doing nothing to justify that belief of late. Never has a team been so high up the league led to so much pain watching. We should be living the dream watching us punch above weight in 3rd. We look like a horse waiting to be put out of its misery now. Cant believe this team will finish top 4 sadly, not being negative. Overall the season should be reflected upon as a very good one. BUT....the manner in capitulation of it will leave many seeing it as a dissapointing one.
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