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  1. Feel for Nach, didnt deserve to be subbed. Vardy was on the edges and looked tired in front of goal, we are witnessing the end of his top flight career. Clearly still has a big part to play and in to next season but we have to put sentiment to one side. If we find a solid alternative in the summer then it has to be about what's best for the club. If that's still Vards then fine, but he needs to have someone ready to take his shirt now. No way Vards wants sympathy, he wants merit. Be an interesting summer with that in mind.
  2. Fair result overall. Youri superb again. Vards still not looking like his old self, same can be said for Riccy P who struggled I felt. We looked much more like it when Wilf moved higher up the pitch. Amartey was dreadful, although thought Nacho was decent tonight, helluva goal.
  3. Absolutely not, was merely pointing out there wasnt much between the example. You mentioned goals, I just suggested he could do a job.
  4. Only suggested he could do a 'job'. Wood has 4 open play goals this season for a struggling side, Vardy has 7 open play goals for a side that hasn't left the top 4...
  5. This years fall could be bigger than last, injuries the bigger issue than form tho this time clearly.
  6. You're missing the point. If we were to sign Abraham at that money the logic is Vardy turns 35 next season and we simply cannot rely on him, for his sake not just ours. At some point we have to turn to other options. We bought Slim, Musa, Nacho and neither have proved good enough options to challenge Vardy or step in when needed (this is important, even Southampton have Ings and Adam's as lower level example). Vardy as he winds down his top flight career would benefit with far less game time, not expecting a 35 year old to play every minute as we have no strong alternative. A signing such Abra
  7. Whatever happened to competition? Was Slimani purchased for £30m to wait on bench for Vardy to get injured? You cant want and ask for Europe every year with one top class striker?
  8. So are we now saying that Premier League clubs who spend 100m plus a a season would not sign Abraham for fear of having 2 very good strikers? Isnt that our current problem? Agree, he would be better off with us for the reason you mention but the likes of Everton and Villa seem intent on crashing European places sooner than later.
  9. Agree, Tammy Abraham ticks boxes. Fear is Villa with their spending power and earlier experience will pick this up. Watkins and Abraham would be a very good pair of strikers for them.
  10. Injuries clearly the most damaging impact of our demise but can someone explain why we set up first half to play against Brazil 70 team? This game was list there, injuries have compounded it.
  11. Never known a season like it for injuries. Players dropping like flies??
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