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  1. Guess well find out against Palace if Claude decides to start Ward, as he wants to try "other things"!
  2. Taken directly from Spurs Forum: 3-1 FT. Get the **** in. Hallmark of Champions. Sticking it out. Resolute. Character. Bottle. Winning. frightening to think who wrote this was genuine in its contents. Gotta feel for Spurs, will the penny ever drop for them?
  3. Need to persevere. Sink or swim, believe he'll come good. Finishing nervous today, a goal will hopefully break that sequence.
  4. Take our chances we win the game, fairly comfortably in fact. This is a team on the brink of breaking through a transition, not depleted and breaking rapidly. Stick with it, season presents nothing granted but there is promise lurking.
  5. Finishing let us down today not manager. Anyone disagreeing his hiding behind an agenda. Lots to be positive about.
  6. Sadly inept and woefully short of what's required. Just offers nothing, part of the lack of game changing quality we lack from the bench.
  7. Given the fantastic form of Ricardo and Chilwell this season and the long term admiration of Maguire, is it possible 3 of our 4 back line will be subject to large transfer bids this summer? Can't help but feel the 2 full backs are now no longer quietly going about there business without notice. Liverpool mates were raving about them, to be fair Robertson and Chilly arguably best LB's this season. Same thing happened with Kante and Mahrez, suddenly media talking regularly about them. Kudos to the club for the work done with them this year 👏
  8. Liverpool guys I was with were very complimentary on us and cannot see why anyone would question Puel. Explained it was mainly about home performances and a lack of intent. If we can get that on track and with the younger players getting better and more experience we could really become a solid Prem side. Chilly outstanding again.
  9. If Claude can get us more expressive at home he'll be fine. Not been a fan but cannot ignore solid results against top 6 and his desire to develop youth.
  10. We embraced a brand new stadium well before both? About cutting your cloth accordingly, training ground and squad before increasing a stadium we rarely sell out currently. However, agree it's something we should look at in next 5 years. Just my opinion, money doesn't grow on trees and ticket sales no longer the biggest input to a clubs finances. It's SKY and premier league status.
  11. Whilst not a fan of Puel particularly it makes you wonder if there is some reasonable support from Top etc. Puel was asked to develop youth and bring a more possession based approach. He has, yet most agree it's been largely unentertaining. However, whilst the transition takes place being in top half at the same time must be seen as very acceptable. Chilwell, Choudhury 2 obvious developers. Maddison at 22 and Gray both given plenty of game time. Big questions on ndidi this year which is fair enough but another youth at 22. Soyunchu and Benkovic, young players to come in. You can see Puel having a strong case behind scenes. Like I say, not a fan and had given up on his negative approach to home games after saints but can't say players are downing tools either. If he is identifying longer term targets and continuing on existing transitional path, and it remains "acceptable" to owners then may be something we all have to get used to, not something I thought I'd say after saints game! If so, we need to see performance improvements this time next year. Expectations should remain sensible - 6th-10th is great for a club like ours. Vardy is possibly 2 seasons away from being considered not good enough at 34 if he stays fit. I'd imagine Top is wanting to know the plans there, who and what we look at in next 12 months. Clearly Nacho not right for it.
  12. Happily leave this on back burner. Training ground priority and squad rebalance. We are now in that sterile Prem position of complacency and filling the stadium becomes far trickier at 32k. See no reason to unduly put more pressure on the finances to stare at 10k empty shiny seats.
  13. Won't be sacked. 1 minute away from a very credible point at Wolves. Not the managers fault we switched off at the end. Will be a relief to see 3 goals go in as feelings were we were finished as an attacking threat. I'd imagine he'll be allowed to see out the season. Most managers are given the bullet after a performance suggesting they've lost the dressing room. This wasn't it.
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