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  1. Excellent second half, all the things that were missing in first half! 👏
  2. "And once again it's another corner that yields nothing for Leicester "... No sh1t sherlock!!
  3. Corners. Weve officially given up. Accepting now we will never score from a whipped in ball so resorting to low hit across ground. So far both have been unbelievably bad. Only LCFC can make themselves look fools on live tv. Brendan, sort this mess out you're creating. No threat, no width, press non-existent. In other news Cags really looks a player, chuffed to bits for him.
  4. We look more comfortable going back to Schmeichel than forward. Tells you everything.
  5. Maddison being pushed out wide, perez anonymous. No urgency, vardy isolated. Poor
  6. Feel for Fuchs, miles off this level now
  7. Absolutely nothing on the wings, too narrow. The lack of a quality wide addition is criminal
  8. Not sure what has happened to us since pre season, we look toothless and lost. If puel was still here folk would be baying for his blood
  9. Chelsea look very good, fluid and full of energy. Gonna be far tougher than some were suggesting. Big performance needed.
  10. Be very wary of set pieces at Old Trafford...
  11. For me it was the formation and set up rather than personnel. Big fan of Rodgers but he called it wrong. Was very impressed with Madders increased aggression at times in winning back ball, Youri is clearly hugely talented and in a more suitable formation these 2 will flourish. Vards needs far better support, lack of quality on the wing may come to hurt us as season progresses. All in all a reasonable start but cant help feeling it was very Puel-esque ultimately.
  12. Ridiculous today, not one threatened and Wolves seemed quite comfortable in conceding them. We arent a big side and as such will have less ambition in this area but we need to think of other ways of affecting a corner situation in our favour as direct balls in every occasion will not bring any more reward.
  13. Chuffed for him, was always gonna be a game he was noted for good or bad. Played very well 👏
  14. He cost us £4m if he left tomm on a free it wouldn't hurt us but this guy needs to wake up and decide if hes cut out for top flight football or not. Feels like a Tom Lawrence job to me, needs championship level to get some confidence back
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