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  1. Our away ends tend to have a core following of 'older' support, plenty of women and kids. Was next to the geordies last Friday and it was proper lads in there hence the noise. Not sure how that will change, affluent County and we attract a real mix of age etc... Think that also highlights what a good job the club do in regards to making it a fully inclusive place to be. Downside is atmosphere can then become slightly pedestrian....
  2. In a perfect world Barnes would be getting cameos and the odd start finding his feet. Due to injury and poor options the lad has done his best.
  3. This is Arsenal who are absolutely capable of losing this 2-1!
  4. Agree. But it's an area we have to explore, just nothing to change a game from an offensive position. Without Vardy we are essentially screwed!
  5. I don't think we played badly as such, we played without purpose. Which in truth is why we made the managerial change. Ndidi was awful, chilwell and barnes clumsy, gray ineffective. Play was slow and massively predictable. Their goal killed us as likely a bonus to what was a containment and break set up, for which they did pretty well. For me we will always lack a plan b as attacking wise we have no 'new' dynamic to add. Rondon for them was arguably the best player on the park, we have nothing like those strengths in our squad. In truth we really should have.
  6. Telling Maguire to look after his family, bringing back the togetherness, having all the backroom staff involved and approachable, understanding the players strengths, delivering a format that works much better...fantastic from Rodgers. Really smart move to bring him in. Here's to some exciting times πŸ‘
  7. Wes starts, if it were a tougher opposition then I'm sure Harry comes in. Cant see the gaffer changing it for this
  8. Football will eventually bite itself on the arse. Too much tinkering and money will erode its pull to the average punter.
  9. Tielemens wont sign. Nothing negative in that but we are a window to big boys who will come knocking.
  10. Feels like the likely purchase, Tielemens I fear will sadly side stop us.
  11. Ricardo is ridiculously good. Need to nail him down on more money. Can see a number of top clubs interested. Epitome of today's fullback. Great signing for us.
  12. Need to be brave at Burnley. Any signs of a withdrawn performance will see us punished and chasing it
  13. Gray absolutely dreadful. For me he's playing for his future now as the progression and consistency just isn't there. Ndidi was excellent and star man with Vardy. 20 mins in second half we were poor and a better side would have finished us off. Still, 3 points and more positives to take overall. Tielemens and Maddision the creative sparks πŸ‘
  14. Pundits will love this. Player power forces club to give skipper another 12 months despite failings on pitch....
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