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  1. I was watching Question Time last night, their was a interesting point made by a young Muslim woman who attended a certain mosque frequently. She stated that whilst the majority are just practising their faith peacefully, there is a seedy underbelly going on with Saudi Preachers teaching young 7 year old children the stricter/hardline form of Islam (can't remember the name she gave) and funding through the Saudi government. I thought she brought up an interesting point, with regards to how mosques whilst on the face of it condemn, what really happens within the confides of certain Mosques?
  2. For me we need to increase another 10,000 seats. Many people are missing out on season tickets...myself included. Its not that I/we won't go week in week out at home the difference is because I/we can't! I would happily pay the £40 odd pounds a month DD for a season ticket. I do begrudge in some cases £40/50 for one match. The demand has been there for a few seasons now and doesn't look like decreasing any time soon, even a poor Premier League Campaign sells out at pretty much 95+ percent capacity. I think the owners are just happy with how things are, and won't increase as it doesn't make business sense for them to maybe on a £££ perspective. There surely needs to be some movement on this over the course of next season else there never will be a right time to extend, Then when will be a right time???
  3. You can usually tell after a few games if the player is potentially good enough. For me he just looks lost, and not up to it. And other players don't seem as confident when there on the field. (same goes for Musa & Mendy) Ndidi is the perfect example,comes in and looks settled, and you can tell he has something about him after so few games.
  4. Shakespeare will have a massive job on his hands in the summer. He can be a tad relaxed at the minute as everything is unknown, and seems to have been "steadying the ship" after Claudio. Once the contract is on the table things will change, as now his reputation will be thrust more into the spotlight. Him and Stowell won't be able to do everything, new recruitment behind the scenes and extra coaches will be needed. Player recruitment and players leaving will (first team/fringe players) shape some of our decisions in the summer. This will be new to him, he maybe relying on the experience of others within the boardroom (with may help but we all seen some poor player recruitment at the start of this year) The owners will have to get this decision right. (they usually are) And to how things will look going forward, especially with no CL to offer, think his appointment and getting the recruitment right in the summer are massive. This is one of this biggest in the last few years, as to if we stay a mid table team or really do go for a top 6 push.
  5. Slim has been a bit hit and miss with Afcon and injuries, had he stayed fit him and Vards could have made a decent partnership. At first they struggled to gel and seemed maybe, personality clashes or both wanting to be the "main striker" as they seemed distant with each other at the start. Like when one or the other scored they were slow to congratulate each other....maybe if anything, more on Vardys part on the latter...but maybe that's me reading more into it than needed. Only recently has both seemed to be on the same wavelength when on the field looks as Slim is having to adapt his game, as he is trying to chase and pressure like Oka which he doesn't always seem comfortable with. They are different in how our team may need to set up, as Slim being more a target man for crosses from deep or the wings, and Vardy being a ball over the top to chase. It looks to be hard to implement both in our game plan at times. Hopefully a pre season together may get them both up to scratch and firing on all cylinders, it could be very good partnership, as the potential is shown at times as to how good they both could be.
  6. Second half they gave it a good go. shame the first wasn't like that. if Sterling swinging his leg at the ball and blocking Kaspers view isn't interfering with play, then I don't know what is. It shouldn't have counted. But on replays Mahrez challenge looks outside the box. I have to admit as much as Mahrez hadn't missed a pen (not sure how today's counts haha) I'm never 100 percent confident when he steps up for a pen. Vards should take them for me.
  7. Players seemed like they had the mentality that they were beat before a ball was kicked as they know the line up will bring little joy. Kings not a starter and Fuchs ain't a centre half so we're playing with 9 when I seen the line up I wasn't expecting anytihing and knew Vardy would be an isolated figure. just tick the game off and it's nearer to the end of the season as changes will be made in the summer.
  8. Urgency in our play as disappeared after 10 mins, playing like we're safe. carrying a few players this half, the 2 cm's slowing our play down when we're in possession. Oka off for Slim second half pointless putting balls in the box with no height up top improvements second half hopefully
  9. Limited Arsenal to very little. We hopefully approach the second half with a bit more purpose to attack than sit deep. At times we really would help ourself if we were more comfortable in possession, than 3/4 passes then long ball, which then just invites pressure as we have lost the ball.
  10. Mahrez tonight was his usual Jeckyl and Hyde performance we have seen a few times this season. First half lost possession a fair bit, some lazy passes and didn't seem overly interested. Second half switched position and was able to influence the game a lot more, occupied space to make things happen, maybe needs moving here for the last few games of the season to have more of an impact. Think overall this season in his head he knows he was 95% leaving. it has showed in some of his performances. But when he does leave it's with my best wishes, as when he turns it on there aren't many that can stop him when he is in full flow.
  11. It's a tough call by the owners in the summer. I will agree that Shakespeare does deserve the chance next season to see how he can take the club forward. He hasn't really made any glaring errors so far and made some intriguing tactical switches. Also, the futures of quite a few of our players are up for scrutiny in the summer. Oka,Ulloa,James,Lawrence,Mendy,Slimani,Was,Musa amongst others, and Shakey will have some hard decisions to make, as he was the middle man now he will be the main man! Also, he will have to add some back room staff as he won't be able to do it all on the training field pretty much on his own. It may be a small rebuilding job behind the scenes and a few new faces to freshen up key areas of the squad. it will be an exciting summer that's for sure
  12. Yes I agree, I had the same thinking that these changes you mentioned also added to the poor start and eventually leading to Ranieri leaving Leicester. I just feel flying around the world as champions and advertising King Power, was an unwelcome distraction that had a big say in our preparations to this season before we even started.
  13. One of the mistakes last season. Yes we were flying round as "Champions of England", but it really hampered our preparations and start to the season with not enough players getting 90 mins under their belts. Keep it local and bed some youngsters/new players into the team without much traveling
  14. Initially seeing the line up, we played a much stronger squad than expected. Overall happy with a point away from home, and Palace are playing with a bit of confidence at the minute on a relatively decent run. Just leaves a small sour taste as with going 2 goals up we should have seen the game out, as both there goals could have been avoided. I did feel that as much as we are not a possession based team, we really were extremely poor at times when in control of the ball, as we sat so deep at times. Numerous misplaced passes to nowhere or the defence needlessly putting the ball into touch. One things for sure, we need a few quality additions in the summer in certain areas, that also may give a kick in the ass of certain members of the squad that may be getting complacent.
  15. He was out of position and it showed today. he didn't even look comfortable taking throw-ins, they were poor. He has shown odd glimpses when he was a DM but them performances were few and far between. He needs a loan move next season and time to develop a little.