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  1. Conspiracy Theory

    I feel half the time that The Government and News outlets have half this information stored away till the time is right to publish/share. Once one scandal comes out the rest comes to light from years ago., like that Harvey Weinstein case for abuse of power and how he treat women...to Oxfam and similar circumstances and now Jo Cox partner. Or people cover up the truth, as if we really knew what happened with Madelin or mainly Princess Diana I’m sure it would get nasty and heads would roll. Something was never right with how she passed and it’s deffo a cover up somewhere.
  2. Anyone still have terrible internet?

    I had Sky broadband unlimited and at Christmas paid the extra £6 for Fibre Umlimited, getting around 40mbs now from the usual 5/6mvs, and it’s deffo worth it.....I would say go with it.
  3. FFP Champions 5 - 1

    I think one of the main things I took from the game was when I sat analysing the squad when we were 3-1 down. That we have a fair few players having 12 or so games to play for their futures at the club. Yes we won’t compete on the level of Man City, as it is being proven spend the money they have and you can’t argue with the football they are trying to play and the League title a near on certainty.
  4. Man City Away Match Thread

    We’re making our own mistakes and getting punished. Schmeichels kicking has been shocking all game. When I seen the line up I wasn’t expecting much, and that’s what we’re getting. Feel the 5 in midfield isn’t working, the whole point of a 5 man midfield is having one sitting deeper to stop the ball being played into the Man City forwards.....and we have not stopped it after the first half Feel the Mahrez debacle will have a bigger impact on the rest of this season than we realise.
  5. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    I can remember when Coutinho moved to Barca, Sky Sports News (ok not the most reliable source) quoted that Coutinho himself, paid the 15-20m difference between what Liverpool wanted and Barca wanted to pay to make the move happen. Wouldn’t the company who do stump up the extra cash for Mahrez , if it happens, act as a 3rd party ownership.....which I thought wasn’t allowed in the Premiership after the West Ham deal with Tevez happened?
  6. If I remember right....I think there was an Interview with Morgan at the start of the season, and he said Musa was banging the goals in for fun in training. Is he purely a confidence player who needed a run of games upfront? We will never know! He never really got going in a City shirt.
  7. Chilwell is amazing

    Chilwell has one of those nights where nothing went well. I have doubts about his ability to defend.....ok going forward but concentration levels found wanting....reminds me of when we used to have Ritchie De Laet. Another learning curve that mistakes and lack of concentration gets punished at this level. Still plenty of time to give him regular football this season and see how he progresses and assess at the end of this season as to if we need a new LB or not as Fuchs is coming to the end
  8. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Unfortunately we have been here before, and reverted back to the 40 yard passes to Vardy which end up nowhere. Gray and Albrighton offering very little. Ndidi is fine but he needs to drop to the defensive midfielder and have Silva as the attacking threat. Its bad when the only player busting a gut through Everton’s midfield is Harry Maguire! Hopefully as much as I like the lad Mattt James isn’t up to the task of regular first team footbal. Puel got a bit of his selection wrong tonight. And it’s paying the price.
  9. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Everton playing everything down our inexperienced left half side. Chilwell left Walcott for the second. Fuchs and Silva on for Chilwell and James. Ndidi having to cover for James and need Silva to carry the ball as Vardy getting no decent service. Few players just not on it tonight. Today just a shite day all round so far
  10. Danny Drinkwater

    It’s a shame Drinky has gone from a playing week In week out at City putting in decent performances to featuring sperodically for Chelsea. Obviosly there is the money incentive as Chelsea probably doubled his wages, maybe he was under the impression that he would be having more of an influence on the starting 11 at Chelsea than he is currently having. Now with Barkley also signing, at the end of this season if things carry on the way they are, would Drinky be tempted with a move away from London?
  11. Best Away Day

    Remember Scunthorpe being a fairly decent away day, Mainly due to the fact their was a Samuel Smiths pub which was about £1 a pint. I always enjoy Newcastle away most seasons, easy ground to get to, enough pubs before kick off to chose and always found the Geordies I have spoken to a friendly bunch.
  12. Matty James

    Thought Matty J had a decent game, First half him and Ndidi were struggling in an attacking sense one should have sat back and one drive forward....both sat back. Second half Matty started to drive forward first 10 mins, then Ndidi took over and Matty say deeper and it seemed to work better. Both were tidy on the ball and both don’t hold back in work rate or tackling. No reason for Matty to sit on the bench. But we need a regular starter with Ndidi as he can’t keep swapping cm partners in Iborra,Silva James and King.
  13. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Average first half, just have to be wary of Watford’s front 4 with playing the ball around at the back. Albrighton and Mahrez both not really at the races today. Albrightons first touch has been poor and Mahrez strolling round, needs to up his workrate else he might get replaced by Gray on the hour. Vards trying just lacks support at times. He needs one of James or Ndidi running through. They both can’t sit deep with Oka dropping back else we sit too deep. Cant really play both else we lose any central midfield attacking intent. It shows more when the wingers are having poor game. Hopefully a second half improvement from them to come.
  14. Watford (H) Match Thread

    Vardy fairly quiet so far, we need the midfield runners to get up and support him. Feel Gray should have started for Albrighton to inject a bit of pace through the midfield as Mahrez strolling round doing nothing
  15. Andy King

    King as we all know is a loyal player who has been with us through the highs and the lows. But now as 5th or 6th choice midfielder it’s the right time for him to move on. We need a strong bench/20 players as the club moves forward to target a European place, King doesn’t make the grade anymore. He no longer fits into what we are now trying to achieve. Sentiment has to be put aside and this will be best for both parties but Kings Loyalty like Ranieri winning is our only Premier League Trophy and Morgan lifting the said title....some things will never be forgotten....but things move on. King will do a job at a top half championship club but that now is his level.