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  1. steflcfc

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Tripper and Maguire decent and Henderson moving the ball well. Sterling Showing why he hasn’t scored for England for a while. Have to say as much as he scored Kane was quiet, shame our chances never fell to him and fell to Lingard who is having a poor game in front of goal.
  2. Decent set of fixtures. 2 big areas where we could go on a decent run and pick up some points without playing any of the top 6, being end of Oct to middle of Dec and last 2 games of Feb right through to end of April. Some decent fixtures ahead.
  3. steflcfc

    Jack Wilshere

    It’s a real tough call with Jack. He really could go 2 ways, 1. End up a player constantly on and off the injury table through next season 2. Have a pre season and regain his fitness becoming a very shrewd signing. I don’t know which it would be to be honest. I do feel Arsenal’s style of play with the ball suits him more, as he just does short busts of speed. Where as we press more and as we have less possession, he would have to do more distance in our central midfield and I don’t think he would be up to the task on a regular basis.
  4. steflcfc

    End of season Puel poll

    I think Puel should get at least till Christmas and see how things are going, as this squad needs trimming and more quality added. All changing manager does is give players like Simpson Morgan and Fuchs,1 more season before it’s realised they are no longer good enough. And lifelines to players out of contention like Musa,Benny,James,Ulloa who we know need moving on. Let Puel make these changes now it’s needed. Maguire needs a whole new back line and partnerships take time hopefully this can be addressed in the summer as our midfield and attacking options are fine. Im quite optimistic about next season, we just need to find a plan B to beat the teams who park the bus.
  5. steflcfc

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    End to end game, We’re shambolic at the back tho today. game of mistakes for both teams in defence starting to get the basics wrong this half, losing possession way to easily and sloppy passing. Good game for the neutral tho.
  6. steflcfc

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I get what your all saying above, I only mentioned Simeone as an example. I don’t think he would come here either, I’m just using his name as the type of quality manager we should try and get for a change. And if that’s paying big wages and promising a high transfer budget to temp them is that the what we should try. Instead of going for the lesser managers if Puel loses his job that usually get banded about like Hughes/Pardew/Pulis etc, We have took gambles on Puel, Pearson, Ranieri at the time or untried Shakey Some worked and some didn’t. Is it not time with stadium expansion and training ground development, stop the current managerial changes of late and get a top top quality manager in and lead us through our next development as a club who also has some clout in the transfer market.
  7. steflcfc

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    If Puel is to leave at the end of the season, considering the money we have wasted on Musa,Mendy,Slimani. And have spent decent cash on Iheanacho and Silva. Would the club be more wise this time around to spend big on a manager, for example Simeone for £5 Million a year for 3 years and promise him X amount each summer for Transfers. And get a proper high class manager, who will demand respect and commitment from the off, and will be able to attract players of quality who will want to play under their leadership, with the intention of European Qualification wether that be league position or Cup competition?
  8. steflcfc


    The Intensity and fight seemed to be back through the team last night. Where that style of performance has been the last 7 games is anyone’s guess. The issue on performance still highlights, was this Puel making changes and getting a reaction, or players ruling and doing what they think best, as Puel at times looked motionless and dejected like he knew this wasn’t his ideas/tactics that is fuelling this type of performance. I seen an interview on TSN with Vardy after the game and he mentioned that the team didn’t see the point in passing it around at the back aimlessly and they wanted to get it forward as quickly as possible. Does this elude to the fact the players dictated this from the start. Any manager who comes in, if this happens in the summer questions will always be asked “ is the manager not good enough” “are the players not performing for him” as we see at times the players turn it back on when “they” want to.
  9. steflcfc

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    I’m really unsure about how we are, and will move forward as a club. I hope the owners stick with Puel for next season. I feel we have a dilemma with some players at the club. Do the players not want to play for Puel so are only giving 60% of effort in games, as they know from past experience that a downturn in results will force his sacking as this group of players wield too much power and is a closed book with adapting to tactics and new approaches? As once they cross the white line it’s up to them to do what they are being paid handsomely for and remain 110% professional and actually putting in the required effort to win games at this level of football. Or does Puel have great ideas, but as of now not the required bunch of players to achieve yet, what he has a vision for? Players like Morgan Okazaki Fuchs Simpson that cannot adapt to a new style so need moving on. Players with little/no future at the club like Benaloune,Ulloa,James,Kasputska,Mendy moving on. The football we played in the title win is finished, and change is needed. With a few quality additions that Puel may want in the summer, we have a nucleus of a decent side with Schmeichel, Maguire,Ndidi and Vardy the spine of the team. Add to that youngsters in Chilwell/Grey and Diabate who hopefully we see the football from them next season that we have seen glimpses of on a more regular basis. I hope he gets next season to try and get players in to suit the football he wants.....he must have said something right in his interview to get the job in the first place at least. I don’t feel the future is as bad as some are making out, Rome wasn’t built in a day, given time hopefully the football and results will be better next season.
  10. I mainly remember the 4/5 matches before the Everton game, the players had an extra bounce about them. The main thing I noticed was they were playing with a smile back on their faces, especially Vardy and Mahrez, as we all know when they are both on their games, we play better. And it rubs off on the squad. Then the Mahrez saga unfolded with Man City and I think that destroyed our momentum and the wheels have slowly came off since then. Maybe a few players started to argue/influence things in other ways splitting the dressing room that has had more of an effect in our play now,than the managers influence is having as it’s already fractured to begin with. I feel the team will be split into a fair few groups and they are not as one anymore. The togetherness has gone and were back to a team playing like individuals again. We need a clear out of the deadwood or fractions in the camp, and get back to a team willing to put the required effort and desire to wear the shirt in the first place as it seems a few players either know their time is up or they want out and it’s defiantly coming across on the pitch regardless of who the manager is now or in the future. The root problem is the players relationships with each other and until it’s sorted we will get this lack of effort at times as we have seen these performances before with the last 2/3 managers. What we see in the press/media is just for the camera with the same generic answers time again.
  11. steflcfc

    Changes needed from the top down

    The club really is at a huge crossroads. And I for one don’t know what turn we will take wether that’s for the better or worse. Throwing money at the situation isn’t always the answer. We catapulted players to highs and an experience (that most of them) never though they would achieve in English football. They played with a high press style that wasn’t really seen and others didn’t know how to tackle this. Only Liverpool now implement this style now with relevant success. With that title win the Thais rewarded this with big contracts to players that also cemented them to “untouchables” On long contracts and wages they won’t get elsewhere, so when changes are being implemented we see this style of performance as they know their position is at stake. This is why we are seeing a massive downing of effort over the last few weeks. You only need 2-3 players not giving 110% and the whole team suffers at this level. A change of style is needed at this club to move forward. A manager who takes no shit is needed, and any lack of effort is rewarded with a seat in the dugout is needed. There is no fear factor at the football club, some players and Rudkin have it too cushy. A Pearson type Cull is needed to get this club back on the right track as at the moment we seem in free fall I fear for next season.
  12. steflcfc

    Adrien Silva

    Silva I feel we will see more of the player we were hoping to sign next season, in system we should be implementing around him as when he got around 25 yards from goal he has the vision to pick out passes. He had a disastrous start with the debacle of his signing and I bet it’s look him a while to get up to match fitness without a regular run of games, and no gym/training ground will get you ready for football in the premiership. Although I have been surprised at some basic passes he got wrong today and over hit. We need to get midfield settled next season as constantly changes with King/Iborra/Silva/James now Hamza surely hasn’t helped anyone at all.
  13. steflcfc

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    I’m usually one to defend Simpson but that one one of the worst games I have seen him play for us. He looked lost between basic defending and trying to attack.(very poorly may I add) Im sorry but there is a fair few players who have downed tools as a change of style means they have no future at the club. Simpson, Morgan, Oka are not capable of what’s is being asked of them hence why we are seeing so many mistakes. Its time for change now, the title win is over, sentiment is no longer justified to pick certain players. We need a fresh impetus on the pitch with clear minds as some players are holding the club back. A major clear out of players that are either too old/not part of the plans/are not good enough, need shipping out. Yes it’s a massive rebuild job, (and I fancy Puel for the job), but it needs to be done as we’re stagnating and not moving forward on the pitch. at all with some of the current crop we have.
  14. steflcfc

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Unfortunately for Drinky his Chelsea move hasn’t worked out. We cashed in when he was probably hitting his peak. Another player going to a top 4 team thinking the grass is greener when it isn’t eg Zaha and a few others. Could his form return with regular football remains to be seen. But I wouldn’t say he is past it by any means. With how we have spent on certain players who were untried in the Premiership for 20m+, at least we know what we’re getting with him. His defensive work and general workrate alongside Kante was underrated in some games as Kante/Vardy/Mahrez took the limelight. Also a decent passer and good mobility. Depending on price it could be worth taking a gamble on him.
  15. steflcfc


    Your correct, I should have added that some of his starting line ups have been strange, and could have been more emphasis on attacking especially with the list of players you mentioned. We should be more attacking especially at home. I think his hands are tied a little till the summer and once a few players have came in and added to the style of football he is trying to play, it will be hit and miss for now. I feel given time the football will improve. wether he gets that time remains to be seen, as reading the posts on here Puel really is dividing opinion. But we’re both entitled our opinions on how things need to change for the better. Which way it will go in the summer weather that be players or the manager remains to be seen, but we all want what’s best for Leicester to progress on the field.