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  1. steflcfc

    Who then......

    What Puel is having to do at this football club currently is similar to when Pearson first took over. Reduce playing squad, get average age down, change attitudes and style of play. Whilst trying to remain competitive at the right end of the table. We know this doesn’t and won’t happen overnight. Moving on high earners with overpaid contracts who are just not good enough just doesn’t happen in 1/2 transfer windows. The finances at the club are good but we don’t have 25-30 million to sign 11 world class players.....we have to look younger and hopefully turn these into better players. The difference between the top 4 and everyone else this season is one thing Consistancy! Man City/Liverpool may have one awful game in 15 Everyone from 6 down currently can have a small run then garbage for 3/4 matches. Every club has some quality in their sides, but these players can’t always turn in on, if they did every week they would be at one of the above clubs. We need patience with these players and manager.....success at the club may be a season or two away with our main starting 11 but add a couple of players Puel wants and I think we’re not far off a very good side once everything clicks. Whoever was in charge, will still have to oversee squad changes, reduced wage bill, sort an unbalanced squad whilst trying to keep most happy. Thats not to add the extremely unfortunate loss of our owner, a stadium increase to come and a top notch state of the art training complex to hone current and future stars of this football club. A lot is happening at the club behind the scenes. The future at the club will be exciting for seasons to come with what they have planned. Wether it’s Puel or not another manager will have to attend to all the current issues with the squad and I don’t think anyone else will do a better job at it now or in the foreseeable future.
  2. steflcfc

    Puel In / Out Poll (12/01/19)

    On the pitch we will be a bit hit and miss at the moment, but for me it’s to be expected with what’s happening at the club. There must be valid reasons why Silva isn’t/justifying his place in the squad at the moment and are relying on our Wingbacks and Maddison for any creativity. We have a young squad with Chilwell,Hamza,Ndidi,Maddison, Gray and now potentially Barnes in the squad. Some promising/more senior players like Schmeichel,Ricardo Maguire. They will make mistakes and have some great games along the way whilst they are trying to learn. We all know Hamza Mendy and Ndidi are all defensive (Puel knows this too I’m sure) but untill the summer he cannot do a lot of reshaping of this squad for the better. Their is a bigger task at hand with focusing on younger players to develop, whilst getting a better balance to the squad. Also adding a stadium increase and a 70+ million pound training facility to this. This needs time to come to fruition and their will be some bumpy rides along the way, but everything will come good in the end, we just need patience with Puel and what he will eventually achieve here will have lasting effects for many other managers in the future. If we get behind him and the team as they will all need support and encouragement untill the major changes and additions where needed will happen in the summer. Whilst cash at the club isn’t an issue with what will be invested etc, their is a focus on development of younger players rather than having to spend 30m plus on average quality players of various positions for seasons to come. As the bank balance will not be able to keep blowing money Man City style to try to crack the top 4/6 which shows Everton still can’t do with serious investment and inflated prices once they know you have £££ to spend
  3. steflcfc

    I love Claude

    Agree with a lot of the posts regarding Claude. Whether your Pro/Against Puel, the fact is, this squad away from our strongest 11 is very weak. That’s without Benaloune, Kasputaka, Slimani rotting away, We also house players who the jury’s still out as they have been bit part players like Silva (dealt a rough deal, and never recovered, Iheanacho, Iborra (now in Spain) Gray (needs to become more consistent) We have a big chunk of wages just going down the drain. Puel is slowly trying to plug the gaps in the squad with good signings in Ricardo, Evans, Maddison and Mendy back in the fold, whilst attempting to filter out the deadwood away from the club. As we know it will be extremely hard to move on a few of these players on to hopefully allow some new younger players who will fit into Puels way of thinking. Untill new arrivals in the summer he is trying to get the best out of the players he currently has at his disposal (like any manager will have to) Im sure he knows our weakness like creativity and wingers being consistent and also that we have a great spine to the squad in Schmeichel Chilwell Ndidi Ricardo Hamza and Vardy Give him time and a few transfer windows to sort the squad out (which all managers require) and we will start to see what he is really trying to achieve at this club.
  4. steflcfc

    Everton Away Match Thread

    Not playing too badly. just breaking down in middle of the park we have no creativity. We’re paying now for a few previous poor transfer windows with an unbalanced squad (not counting Puels additions etc) This squad needs a bit of an overhaul which Puel is attempting, its going to take time to get this right. We need patience as fans as changing manager will not change the state of this. We will have results hit and miss but a top 10 finish with everything that has happened for me is ok....sort the squad out in the summer and push on next season
  5. steflcfc

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    This is what football is all about, highs and lows. Man City don’t have a divine right to beat us like we don’t Cardiff. They sat back, their keeper kept them in the game, and a wonder strike with pretty much only attempt flew in the top corner got them 3 points. Similar circumstance like when we played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, harrassed and took our main chance and came away 1-0 winners with a bit of luck. Todays game just highlights the limitations within our squad. We seriously lack creativity in the middle of the park, Mendy and Ndidi dont have anything to offer attacking wise. We looked to Mahrez before and now we are relying on Maddison in his first season in the Premiership and it’s a big ask of him to be our only outlet. Puel knows this....and I’m sure he is looking to get this area of the squad sorted. Changing Puel isn’t the answer, we will still have the same limitations with this squad for a few transfer windows yet, so this stop start performances will continue. Im happy to give Puel time to get the balance of the squad right and things will fall into place given time.
  6. steflcfc

    Cardiff Home Match Thread

    Peno sums up this afternoons performance stop start. Just lacked in final third with any creativity. Cardiff getting what they came for. Wouldnt say we have played bad, it just highlights our weakness that we all know when teams sit back is a proper CM to open things up. Hopefully this gets sorted in Jan or the summer as Ndidi and Mendy are not that type of player.
  7. steflcfc

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    While the football under Puel is a bit hit and miss at the moment, for me he is getting everything else right. He is trying to get us a bit more better in possession, whilst trying to get our core squad and starting 11 younger, and a fair few have signed up to longer term deals. He also recognises that Simpson Fuchs Benaloune King Musa Slimani either are not good enough or have no future at the club.....which we all know, and have managed to get a few out on loan and some contracts will run out. Also he has only had 1 summer transfer window to operate in, January window is extremely hard to move on squad players and prices are hugely inflated. On the pitch things will come good given time, and Puel being able to bring more players he requires whilst trimming the squad and getting a core 20 odd players fighting for a first team place. He has managed to do this well so far without the unfortunate events with Vichai which I’m sure drained everyone emotionally and physically. For me he is managing everything extremely well and deserves to be given a lot more time. Another manager will just have the same issues with an overloaded squad of varied quality which Puel currently has, changing managers will not miraculously give limited players a new lease of life and skill sets they don’t have. It’s Puel in for me.
  8. steflcfc

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    I voted leave and I can say I’m 50/50 as to what I would vote now. As much as I’m not overly keen on her May is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The EU has/will make an example of the Uk, so that other nations won’t jump ship and potentially stop ties with the European Union (which does have some positives and negatives) Theresa May should get them to bend on some rules, but they still hold the power with regards on what deal we have been left with. They hold the cards and the Uk still trying to get a half decent hand to come back to Parliament with. As we have seen the negotiations have been long, exhausting to listen to, and I can’t say many politicians have covered themselves in glory, as I’m unsure if they want what’s best for the UK or what’s best for their own careers. So to sum up I really would be un sure what I would vote now, but the decision is made and I hope the country pulls together. And divisions and petty arguments among political party’s stop (wishful thinking)
  9. steflcfc

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    Thought was one of Pereiras best games for us going forward and vital tackles and blocks at times. specially second half. Mendys looking more comfortable in the Cm role, and playing better than Ndidi, who is getting frustrating as he wins the ball back and gives it away to easily with sloppy poor passing (he really does need to work in that area of his game) Mostly 7/8’s all round
  10. steflcfc

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    Good first half, some decent possessions of play. We do give the ball away at times in dangerous areas that could become costly. Were looking more dangerous now 2 up, as Watford pushing for a goal, could mean a few more counter attacks second half. I have been impressed with our pressing without the ball today, which I haven’t really seen/noticed in recent games. Watford look a capable side they are whipping in some cracking corners that we must stay switched on with and seem to have a players dropping between our midfield and our CB’s that we need one of Ndidi or Mendy to watch. All in all tho keep up decent work In the second half
  11. steflcfc

    Lack of creativity under Puel

    Pretty much agree with most of this. Although do feel Puel hasn’t got the players he needs to make his vision of the football he wants. He is still shaping the squad and we do have a fair few “deadwood” players picking up serious £££ Untill these players (we all know who they are) are moved off wage bill and squad trimmed, he can then get players he requires. Im sure Puel knows he has limited options and his hands are tied till next year. We do have some young players coming through with the flashes of experience, it will all come together it will just take time. Any manager coming in will still have the same limited Centre Midfielders and ageing CB’s in Morgan and Evans so the same issues will arise. Like (dare I say his name) Pearson inherited, their is a lot of work just to sort the current squad out without additions coming in. We could all name 8/10 players that don’t fit in at the club or are surplus to requirements. Im sure Puel has a lot of the same reservations we do on here.
  12. steflcfc

    West Ham Home 1-1 thread

    We knew second half WH would sit back, and they did. And almost snatched a late goal with the 4 on 2 at the back, luckily it fell to the sub. We struggled really all game to muster many shots on target of any note. You could tell after 20 mins we were going to struggle, passing it around without any real attacking intent. Bringing off Iheanacho was a mistake from Puel today, we needed a goal and having Vardy and Iheanacho on for the whole of the second half would have gave us more chance of scoring, looking to Okazaki isn’t the answer so was a pointless substitution to bring on. Shoud have left him on and swapped Grey for the Debutant centre back once he got his yellow card and gone (sorry to say this) 3-5-2 As I said in a prevous post, why are we getting the ball out wide so much and hitting cross after cross into the box? It frustrates when I constantly see this happening to no avail. We never get many goals a season from it in open play, and only really have Vardy to aim for isn’t going to go much against 6 foot plus Centre Backs. We need to be playing Maddison in the hole like when he first joined (abd looked a threat) and have Vards and Iheanacho running off him. It was all a bit disjointed tonight and the team selection showed. Hopefully we can stick a few wins and get a bit of momentum back as it’s seems to be 2 steps forward 1 back at the moment. I like Puels ideas from the start and giving us a look to youth playing in the Premier League needs time, and I hope he gets it as we won’t see the benefits of this for another season or so yet, as we are not the finished article. (I think he knows this tho) Mistakes will happen but for a good few of these players we have them at the early stages of becoming very good players indeed. We won’t compete with the Man C etc on spending power for top top quality players, who hit the ground running, ours will develop over time
  13. steflcfc

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Average first half. Usual comical defending. I was expecting a yellow for Noble, just seemed late, after seeing challange again deserved red. I never have understood in open play why we decide to get the ball out to the wings and cross, we have not had any joy of it for years now, and don’t play with a 6 foot 2 Striker. (And when we do, we don’t cross) I have kept my eye on Ndidi for the last 2/3 games and it’s shocking how poor he is in possession & his short passing is extremely average. After last season he looks to be struggling. Puel needs to get 2 up top now and go for it as WH will sit back. Unfortunately at the moment Maddison aside we have (and have had for a couple of seasons now) an extremely defensive central midfield with little to no creativity and no goal threat. We look a tad disjointed with the changes to the “usual” first 11 and it’s showing at times, hopefully Puel and the players can turn this around
  14. steflcfc

    Adrien Silva

    He seems to always want the ball to feet and can’t fault his work rate which is good, And he keeps possession well. Hopefully an extended run in the team we will see more of the Silva the club we’re hoping to sign. There were a few times tonight his passing was adrift, and in places second half I wished he just drove at the Man U defence as he had the space to, instead choosing to go backwards and slowing a chance of a counter. Im going to judge him more about 10 games into the season, once things are up to speed.
  15. steflcfc

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Very pleased with the performance and effort of the players tonight. Considering it was away at Old Trafford, with a few new signings and players coming back at different stages from the World Cup, I dont really have any complaints. Although Man U dropped deep we played some decent football tonight and made a few chances, and Man U created little. Thought Maddison had a great game, only reason I think he came off was that he was on a yellow. We look to have the makings of a very decent young side, I hope Puel gets the time to implement his ideas now he has a few of “his signings” in. If we play like we did today, we shouldn’t have too many problems this season, and will be exciting to watch.