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  1. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Next 4 games I will be judging him, more on the sentiment of last season and I like the bloke. I can't say I have been overly impressed, Shakey can talk a good game. You could say we have been unlucky with injuries in a few key areas.....I don't get how Iborra can start in the cup, and then not the league....if it was match fitness then how far behind is Iheanacho in terms of fitness, he didn't even feature in the cup!! The recruitment isn't to much Shakeys fault it's just a mess/poor behind the scenes at the club....A Silva type situation can only ever happen at Leicester City. I will say this, and Ranieri made the same mistake....Albrighton puts in crosses from everywhere....we take him off and put Slimani on, who craves these sort of deliveries....This substitution still baffles me to this day. I know he steadied the ship after Ranieri, but that's where it should have ended for me. A number 2, asking Appleton (who has managed at lower level only) and Stowell a GK coach, for advise in-game is just bound to fail. Its the toughest league around and The Premiership isn't where you just start to learn your badges. We need a proper manager who knows what he is doing, as I think the players have it too comfortable and are getting a bit complacent. I hope he proves me wrong, I really do. But I feel he knows he is a stop gap, until we get someone the Thais really want.
  2. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Think it was around the Ulloa change....the tv panned to Shakey,Appleton and Stowell deep in conversation, and my first thought was....that trio is vastly Inexperienced and just looked amatureish.
  3. I am most shocked at how some professional footballers can have a real lack of 2 basics, passing and close control. We do have a few players who are just not good enough. Amartey is NOT a right back....how we messed up in another transfer window and not got back up is beyond me. Slim and Ulloa should not ever partner each other And what has Shakey/Appleton been doing in training all week as their is no attacking threat at all. Some strange decisions again by Shakey if he doesn't change it at half time....we're in trouble if he thinks this is ok. some of the players know they are only in as it's the cup.....and it shows. Big problems in this squad and behind the scenes.....something just doesn't feel right.
  4. When Shakey put this line up out he knows Slim and Ulloa are slow, were setting up to counter attack with no pace whatsoever. I think we have some big problems with the squad and a massive overhaul needed behind the scenes. I feel all is not well, and it's showing in our play.
  5. Only thing I can think of with the line up is Albrighton and Gray getting crosses in for both Ulloa and Slimani. Obv they both are not overly blessed with pace.
  6. Why he hasn't started with 2 strikers is beyond me. were playing an extremely poor side. Southgate got his formation wrong. 2 wingers who can't cross. Same story with England struggle for creativity and ideas against the poor sides and limp to a win. Nothing will change same play same players different manager. The FA are too inbred into the team. Southgate is the Yes man they wanted all along.
  7. Man U 2 - Leices 0 Post match thread.

    Hopefully we will get a bit more clearer idea of our squad once the window is shut. I do feel that we have a number players who's futures are in the balance (Mahrez,Drinky,Gray,Slim,Musa,Mendy) and it's not really helping. Adding that to a lot of our new signings the last couple of seasons hitting the Physio table very quick. I do question some of Shakeys gameplan/substitutions, but I will give him time as he is learning. We caused a lot of our own problems today with extremely poor ball retention, some of it was rediculously simple and we struggle to put 5 passes together. I know we don't rely on mass possession stats, but we should be able to take the sting out of oppositions attacks once we're back in control of the ball.
  8. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Another learning curve for Shakespeare If you turn up with no ambition to attack....you will leave with what you deserve....nothing. Vardy fed on scraps. No premiership side can sit back and defend on their 18 yard box for 90 minutes.
  9. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Shame we had to concede such a sloppy goal...that's what happens switch off for a second and u pay for it. Think Schmeichel should have done better was virtually straight at him, shame as was great for the penalty save.
  10. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Managed to see out the first half, no side can defend constantly for 90 mins, so Shakespeare will need to change something for the second half. Oka far too slow and lightweight needs to come off and also Albrighton ineffective/quiet (which is rare) Slim needs to go upfront with Vardy as they need some extra presence up top. I will eco what Col says that I also am surprised at how uncomfortable and hard we make being in possession. I know we're not going to out pass teams but just general easing the pressure/keepball must be a given.
  11. Sheffield United (A) Match Thread

    It's a shame Musa is trying, just things ain't happening for him. Think him and Slim up front second half. Some of Slims movement and passing has been spot on. Ulloa just isn't at the races any more. Ndidi will be better just pushing forward that extra 5 yards. You can tell some of the players ain't playing regularly, but one goal and think we will play with a bit more freedom and some players may express themselves more
  12. A difficult thought

    Unfortunately, most players have a price that is too hard to turn down. Like most teams in this league, barring a couple, some players just move to "bigger teams" or for regular European competition. Its all about getting the recruitment right if we have to find a replacement. Or giving a player we already have, a first team oppertunity they have been waiting for. I don't like to compare clubs, or say that we should be like another club, but Southampton have lost numerous players to other Premiership teams and have always mostly found adequate replacements. Like someone said, we moved on after Izzet,Walsh etc, and we will do if/when we lose Mahrez or Drinky.
  13. Welcome Kelechi

    With the high pressing game and balls through to Vardy, we do not play to Slimanis strength. He won't beat 2 men for pace, neither can he hold up play. But put the ball on his head from 10 yards out and he will score. Its not that he is a bad player, he just doesn't fit how we play. For him to shine we need Albrighton aiming crosses for his head left,right, centre, and him being the main focal point to our attack but we know that won't happen. His situation reminds me a lot of Benteke at Liverpool, a good striker that didn't fit in with their style of play. He played under a different style at Villa and now Palace and is back among the goals.
  14. Burton Away - 1st August

    It's a shame some of the players didn't put the effort in and try and make a difference like Gray is. At least he has come on and wants to make a difference
  15. Burton Away - 1st August

    Haha he must be about the only one