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  1. Great Result Good to see a nice possession game, with tackles, movement off the ball and workrate to get back for the whole 90 mins. Looking forward to next season if we can continue as we are with this young squad with a few additions. Was one of the most Pathetic performances from an Arsenal team I have seen in years. Look forward to the day they drift out the top 6 as they bang average at best.
  2. Think we have been poor since Huddersfield (including that game even tho the score line suggested otherwise) Too many misplaced passes, slow tempo at times and it’s like no one really wants 7th this season It will be interesting to see what Brendan does with this squad in the summer and what approach we will have to games next season. Big summer at the club ahead and I hope he gets it right
  3. Fairly poor first half. Started similar first half at Bournemouth also just not clicking. Hopefully Brendan can give them the spark they need to get back in the game. Decision making just a tad off for all the midfield tonight. Gray and Vardy not really been in the game at all considering the possession we have had. Barnes or Gray off for me at half time and 2 up top to try and pull the defence about that bit more as they are extremely organised Bit ropey at the back they don’t seem to communicate well Morgan and Maguire, obv targeting Morgan and to be fair it’s working as he looks so uncomfortable with the ball at his feet.
  4. Unfortunately I cannot help with the lottery numbers. I can tell you the final score is 3-1 and Parliament passes Mays Brexit Bill 😂
  5. Decent first half. Vardy and Wilson both should have done better with their chances. Like others saying Ricardo Just got to watch the ball in behind that they seem to be playing for. As Fraser found his man in the box all 3 times. Chilwell for me has to be careful In possession, seems to have the odd “brain fart” in him in the wrong areas. Other than that can’t really complain playing some decent stuff and the second goal will calm the nerves!
  6. Embarrassing defending Seen better on a Sunday morning. Another case of switching off again, and not for the first time! Bigger issues than the manager at this football club. A lot of work for Brendan to do in the summer. Were watching an extremely poor Fulham and should be out of sight, the amount of time and space they are giving us is criminal.
  7. Only time will tell, if Brendan is a better appointment long term for the club than Claude. Watching the Watford game showed Puel wasn’t the problem with players concentration levels and just general basic errors within this young squad. Brendan has exactly the same squad now till the summer and hopefully some of Claude’s work will not be undone, and in areas be improved on. Unfortunately at the moment 9/10 mistakes by us & poor individual errors are leading to the ball ending up in the back of our net. I think Puel with 1 more summer transfer window would have got the squad he finally needed to make his plans of building a young, stable and competitive squad coming to fuituon. Brendan has to hit the ground running as far as results go, hence why Puel was changed, and cannot be left to just analyse the squad for the last 1/4 of the season before making decisions on futures etc, surely that was what Puel was doing/had done this season. Hopefully I eat my words on the managers position, and Brendan gets us firing on all cylinders and push for the top 7 that we aspire to be on a regular basis. Im willing to give him time and support, and hope Top has made the right call, in what is the first major decision without the advice of his late great father.
  8. He was made at Man City with chances being put on a plate with the wealth of creative players at the club at that time. He has came here with a decent reputation (I thought we had made a great signing at the time) and now he is realising he will have to work more for his chances, and doesn’t seem to be enjoying his football to me at the moment. He is having to adapt his game massively on limited game time, and he seems to be lacking in confidence and ideas when he is called upon. There is a very decent striker in there somewhere but he seems lost in a Leicester shirt at the moment. Hopefully he turns in to the striker which we signed him to be, but it may be at the detriment of Vardy moving aside in time, for Nacho to be the main man upfront.
  9. Unfortunately, the knives are out for Puel and any little thing that can be made into a story will be. Perfectly timed from the Sky caremas to go from Puel to Vardy. The papers and Sky can certainly add and influence public opinion. Puel has his work cut out on numerous fronts this season. Atracking options we severely lack and haven’t improved since Mahrez left, and looking on the bench at Okazaki and Iheanacho for goals can’t be that inspiring for a manager. Im sure in the summer he will address some of the issues with the squad upfront and central midfield.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11095/11612738/the-hidden-costs-of-transfers-and-contracts-revealed Reading this earlier, it could be we haven’t paid anywhere near the figures for Silva and Slimani upfront Might be why Silva isn’t featuring recently. Also could read Into it that the fees we got for Kante and Mahrez may also be lined with theses sort of additional add-one so didn’t receive the huge amounts quoted originally.
  11. Managers can’t help players making glaringly obvious mistakes. They should know the game enough that some of the play they struggle with is just footballing basics. The mistakes against Southampton, cost us 2 goals and today it’s cost us 2 goals. Everything can’t always fall on the managers head.....we have had this numerous times.....but the players must take responsibility for their mistakes and poor performances. Todays goals Gray dithering in possession and the second Morgan ball watching and Schmeichel I think should have done better, like he should have with Southamptons second goal the other week. Just wish some of these players would put the effort and work rate off the ball like Ricardo does.
  12. What Puel is having to do at this football club currently is similar to when Pearson first took over. Reduce playing squad, get average age down, change attitudes and style of play. Whilst trying to remain competitive at the right end of the table. We know this doesn’t and won’t happen overnight. Moving on high earners with overpaid contracts who are just not good enough just doesn’t happen in 1/2 transfer windows. The finances at the club are good but we don’t have 25-30 million to sign 11 world class players.....we have to look younger and hopefully turn these into better players. The difference between the top 4 and everyone else this season is one thing Consistancy! Man City/Liverpool may have one awful game in 15 Everyone from 6 down currently can have a small run then garbage for 3/4 matches. Every club has some quality in their sides, but these players can’t always turn in on, if they did every week they would be at one of the above clubs. We need patience with these players and manager.....success at the club may be a season or two away with our main starting 11 but add a couple of players Puel wants and I think we’re not far off a very good side once everything clicks. Whoever was in charge, will still have to oversee squad changes, reduced wage bill, sort an unbalanced squad whilst trying to keep most happy. Thats not to add the extremely unfortunate loss of our owner, a stadium increase to come and a top notch state of the art training complex to hone current and future stars of this football club. A lot is happening at the club behind the scenes. The future at the club will be exciting for seasons to come with what they have planned. Wether it’s Puel or not another manager will have to attend to all the current issues with the squad and I don’t think anyone else will do a better job at it now or in the foreseeable future.
  13. On the pitch we will be a bit hit and miss at the moment, but for me it’s to be expected with what’s happening at the club. There must be valid reasons why Silva isn’t/justifying his place in the squad at the moment and are relying on our Wingbacks and Maddison for any creativity. We have a young squad with Chilwell,Hamza,Ndidi,Maddison, Gray and now potentially Barnes in the squad. Some promising/more senior players like Schmeichel,Ricardo Maguire. They will make mistakes and have some great games along the way whilst they are trying to learn. We all know Hamza Mendy and Ndidi are all defensive (Puel knows this too I’m sure) but untill the summer he cannot do a lot of reshaping of this squad for the better. Their is a bigger task at hand with focusing on younger players to develop, whilst getting a better balance to the squad. Also adding a stadium increase and a 70+ million pound training facility to this. This needs time to come to fruition and their will be some bumpy rides along the way, but everything will come good in the end, we just need patience with Puel and what he will eventually achieve here will have lasting effects for many other managers in the future. If we get behind him and the team as they will all need support and encouragement untill the major changes and additions where needed will happen in the summer. Whilst cash at the club isn’t an issue with what will be invested etc, their is a focus on development of younger players rather than having to spend 30m plus on average quality players of various positions for seasons to come. As the bank balance will not be able to keep blowing money Man City style to try to crack the top 4/6 which shows Everton still can’t do with serious investment and inflated prices once they know you have £££ to spend
  14. Agree with a lot of the posts regarding Claude. Whether your Pro/Against Puel, the fact is, this squad away from our strongest 11 is very weak. That’s without Benaloune, Kasputaka, Slimani rotting away, We also house players who the jury’s still out as they have been bit part players like Silva (dealt a rough deal, and never recovered, Iheanacho, Iborra (now in Spain) Gray (needs to become more consistent) We have a big chunk of wages just going down the drain. Puel is slowly trying to plug the gaps in the squad with good signings in Ricardo, Evans, Maddison and Mendy back in the fold, whilst attempting to filter out the deadwood away from the club. As we know it will be extremely hard to move on a few of these players on to hopefully allow some new younger players who will fit into Puels way of thinking. Untill new arrivals in the summer he is trying to get the best out of the players he currently has at his disposal (like any manager will have to) Im sure he knows our weakness like creativity and wingers being consistent and also that we have a great spine to the squad in Schmeichel Chilwell Ndidi Ricardo Hamza and Vardy Give him time and a few transfer windows to sort the squad out (which all managers require) and we will start to see what he is really trying to achieve at this club.
  15. Not playing too badly. just breaking down in middle of the park we have no creativity. We’re paying now for a few previous poor transfer windows with an unbalanced squad (not counting Puels additions etc) This squad needs a bit of an overhaul which Puel is attempting, its going to take time to get this right. We need patience as fans as changing manager will not change the state of this. We will have results hit and miss but a top 10 finish with everything that has happened for me is ok....sort the squad out in the summer and push on next season
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