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  1. steflcfc

    Adrien Silva

    He seems to always want the ball to feet and can’t fault his work rate which is good, And he keeps possession well. Hopefully an extended run in the team we will see more of the Silva the club we’re hoping to sign. There were a few times tonight his passing was adrift, and in places second half I wished he just drove at the Man U defence as he had the space to, instead choosing to go backwards and slowing a chance of a counter. Im going to judge him more about 10 games into the season, once things are up to speed.
  2. steflcfc

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Very pleased with the performance and effort of the players tonight. Considering it was away at Old Trafford, with a few new signings and players coming back at different stages from the World Cup, I dont really have any complaints. Although Man U dropped deep we played some decent football tonight and made a few chances, and Man U created little. Thought Maddison had a great game, only reason I think he came off was that he was on a yellow. We look to have the makings of a very decent young side, I hope Puel gets the time to implement his ideas now he has a few of “his signings” in. If we play like we did today, we shouldn’t have too many problems this season, and will be exciting to watch.
  3. steflcfc


    Trying to get the right balance of youth and experience will take a little more time. Puel does have a reputation of bringing youth through, so I will judge him in time, on his assessment of a few of our youngsters maybe making the step up. Even with a few of “his” signings, we have a massively unbalanced squad with Simpson,Fuchs,King,James, Slimani,Benaloune,Ulloa and a few others I have forgot, with little to no future at the club that will all take a lot of time to move on for good. The players must know where they stand and we must have a split squad when it comes to all pulling in the right direction. I feel Puel still needs this season to tweak a lot of things wrong with the playing staff, before he can be properly judged. Any manager having 10 or so players not good enough is going to struggle, Pearson had to remove a lot of deadwood before he could truly get a squad that ran through brick walls for him. With time Puel and his approach with a youthful team will come good but their are no quick fixes with the squad as it currently is
  4. steflcfc

    Valencia pre-season friendly Match thread.

    Pleasantly surprised tonight by some of the play tonight. Maddison showed glimpses of why we paid £25 million for him, some of his passes were weight perfect. If he can manage that in the Prem, Vardy and Iheanacho will get chances. I did feel like Diabate seemed a little lost, and needs to be loaned out to a top 6 Championship side to get roughed up a bit. Gray needs to take his chance this season it’s make or break for him. Silva, Iborra and Ndidi all controlled the midfield at different times of the match, which was great to see, although I did feel they all want to drop deep for the ball, surely all 3 cannot play that role, so someone will be benched I would have thought. As in previous threads, we seen tonight most first team players bar Maguire and Vardy, some decent youngsters that may make the grade, and we still have King,Ulloa ,Musa, Okazaki amongst others. Hopefully a restructure of the squad to keep it fresh and a decent enough size squad for healthy competition with experience and youth being the way forward
  5. steflcfc

    Udinese Match Thread

    Think it’s pretty clear even with new signings, we have the makings of a good first 11 with the bench decent enough to replace first team players. The rest are just picking up a wage with no desire to push there way into Puels plans. Some players know they are on too good money to be moved on. And are happy to stick to the rules, train and collect the cash. Feel team harmony is wanting and we have a split squad, those good enough, couple of young lads and the rest serplus to requirements. We can all name 7/8 players that shouldn’t or won’t feature and need moving on, I’m sure the club are trying, but with no takers. Until this squad is trimmed massively, then can we see a tight nit group of players all singing from the same hymn sheet, and pulling in the right direction.
  6. Dier to me just looks unsure of his role, seems unfit and 5 yards behind the pace....and the match is most the time walking pace.
  7. England just crying out for a ball carrying attack minded central midfielder. Otherwise we have the makings of a very good young energetic side with a competent bench. Untill we produce a player like this we will continue to be 1 or 2 players short of a chance of winning a World Cup or The Euros. We do however have a lot of Defencive midfielders who make a sideways and backwards pass. On a side note.....Sterling has gone a while now without an England goal and you can see on his face the longer this goes on the more harder he is complicating simple passes/decisions.
  8. Shame we never took the odd chance we had in the first half to go 2 up. Second half the midfield and defence were way to deep and mistakes were being highlighted. Injury time a chance for each team Stones off the line and the Croatian forward took his well. England got further than I originally thought they would (albeit an easier draw with the amount of high profile teams either not qualifying or going out) Its a young side that gave it their all, they will grow together and learn for 2 years time. Just some small things irritated me tonight, Rashford I lost count the amount of times he ran with his head down and went straight down a blind alley to nowhere. And this may not go down well but as much as he may win the golden boot Kane has had an average tournament, don’t think he has been great any of the games he played.
  9. Was a rollercoaster I wasn’t really expecting, as Columbia hadn’t really threatened all game. Going to take a while to wind down from it all. England look strong at set pieces but general play and actual chances at goal tonight we didn’t look great. Sterlings starting spot has to be under serious question now with another blank! But will overlook that for today with winning a knockout game and a Penaltly shootout Roll on Sat 3pm.
  10. steflcfc

    Jamie Vardy

    Played ok in the short time he had. Made a few runs and tried to stretch Columbia’s defence. The main question is how much longer Sterling can somehow hold onto a starting spot as I thought tonight and in previous games he was poor. He needs to be benched now he has had too many chances it’s time for either Vards or Rashford to stake a claim
  11. Think we will see the starting 11 that played the first 2 games. Now is when you need to up your game a few gears, and we will see how this younger side copes with that. Im hoping they go out with no fear and attack from the off. With my blue tinted specs on feel we will see more of Vardy when we are leading with 20 to go as teams will push up and allow him the space he craves to be ruthless. Going for a 2-0 win tonight. And a clean sheet for the back line to gain more confidence
  12. steflcfc

    Adrien Silva

    I stand corrected ?. Slight oversight on my part ? but you got the gist of what I was trying to get at.
  13. steflcfc

    Adrien Silva

    Thought he had a decent game the other night, he was constantly wanting the ball to feet and once he passed he was moving into space to be the option for a pass to keep possession. He had a rough time last season with the 14 seconds late fiasco and coming into a side that was blowing hot and cold a lot last season. Think himself, Iheanacho and a couple of other players next season, will be having a far better season at the club with a full pre season to begin with, and will have adapted to the pace and physicality of the league and know what’s required to compete.
  14. steflcfc

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Needed a Maguire header for £175. When Stones got his second I leapt out my chair, as at first glance I thought it was Maguire and my celebration was short lived ? Well done to any winners today ?
  15. steflcfc

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Tripper and Maguire decent and Henderson moving the ball well. Sterling Showing why he hasn’t scored for England for a while. Have to say as much as he scored Kane was quiet, shame our chances never fell to him and fell to Lingard who is having a poor game in front of goal.