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  1. Are We Now Established?

    I would say a lot can change a teams outlook for the season to go from potentially safe to relegation candidates. Owners want first and foremost to stay in the league as 100+ million quid is at stake. Pressure is high to perform and 2/3 million to change managers/10m to replace players is loose change to some owners. Managers/back room changes, instant changes in style of play, player recruitment being not up to standard. Disruption on the field can have big consequences Players wanting out/Split Changing room, If you don’t give 100% most weeks your in trouble. Confidence in football is Huge, as once that goes things on the pitch can de-rail pretty fast, just see how Everton looked recent weeks and Sunderland have been for a while. As all premiership sides have a relatively big budget and most can offer 40k plus a week, the so called “smaller sides” can recruite decent players making the quality of the league better and in turn making it harder to stay up.
  2. Rudkin

    The Thais and Susan Whelan are Still nieave in football terms. Making money and promoting the King Power Brand, they have a lot of knowledge. Hence why they are leaving the footballing side to Rudkin as they are always going on advice rather than their own decisions (which when they have, haven't been good) The problem is will they even have the know-how to appoint a good DOF? They had Walsh under their noses and let him walk. As the club got bigger and Pearsons back room set up got slowly removed, We have lost our way behind the scenes. From the last few managerial appointment their have been far too many fall outs and murmurings to see that everything is not well at the football club. A lot of new faces on the field have failed to materialise and money thrown down the drain. I think it all falls down to the fact the Thais don't have any confidence in anything in footballing terms, so they stick with Rudkin as they know no other! As long as we remain in the premiership he will keep his job!
  3. Shakey Sacked

    Taking sentiment aside, this was always going to be the outcome as Shakey...bluntly wasn't/isn't a manager. Learning on the job is ok in League 1/2 being a novice, in one of the most demanding leagues in the world....we were only asking for trouble. As we have seen for a few seasons are recruitment has been nothing short of shambolic. The Thais and Susan Wealan are business people that can make £££, but still have little footballing knowlegde. Hence why they are constantly failing, by listening to incompetent aides in Rudkin and Neville, who are taking them for a ride. The man for the job got shafted and ended up at Everton The club needs a massive clear out of the deadwood/old Guard behind the scenes and get a new approach and ideas within the club. This is probably the most Important decision now the Thais are at a crossroads Get his right top to bottom and the wheels can get back on track and we can push for a top 10 finish and a clear direction of European football as a goal. Get this wrong and leave the incompetent staff in place with a new face to the media, then flirting with relegation and lower end premiership football will be a thing of the future. With numerous manager changes and more than likely a revolving door of players and staff
  4. West Brom Post Match

    I think the whole team are lacking a bit of an identity crisis. We are no longer a side that harasses and chases down like the title winning season. And we don't still have the players to be a possession based team, and we're sort of mixed between the two....so confidence is low. We seriously lack any creativity/ball carrying central midfielder, I would personally put Mahrez just behind Vardy and Slimani and put Grey and Albrighton on the wings with either Ndidi or Iborra just screening and sitting back. That aside, I'm not sure Shakey and his "mates" really have a clue and the job is far too big for any of them. There is a reason Shakey hasn't been a manager before, and this is showing why. He is learning his stripes in an unforgiving league where any weakness is highlighted. By the time he has learned and reflected from mistakes it will be too late. Silva at Watford was the one that got away, and he will go on to bigger and better things in time. We need to get an experienced Manager in who knows what he is doing, with his own backroon team, new fresh ideas and ship out some of the hangers on behind the scenes. Untill that happens we will continue to stop moving forward as a club and expect lower end premiership football
  5. The Iborra Thread

    We won't see the best of Iborra until we get an Attacking cm who can carry the ball. Ndidi, King, Iborra, James etc all want to play the same role - sit back and play a simple pass and retain possession. Hence why our 2 man cm won't work with 2 defensive cm's with 0 creativity between them
  6. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    True. I agree But he shouldn't be having to try and make something happen, and in doing so risking his position and potentially leaving us open. We should (but unfortunately don't) have more in the squad, than a midfield being able to do more with the ball than pass sideways
  7. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    You know your CM pairings are poor when, the only player prepared to run forward and do something positive happen is Harry Maguire
  8. Running and stuff

    Good luck with the Leicester Half Marathon. Didnt fancy that one myself so I will be in Manchester for the Half there on Sunday, just hoping to get round as been having ankle trouble around 7 miles in training. Enjoy
  9. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I must have missed some of the hate towards him. It shoudnt get to that stage from a player who has been with us through the extreme lows and extraordinary highs. It's very rare to see a player like him to show loyalty like he has. I for one don't have any hate towards him, just that he is a limited footballer, who whilst gives his all, just shouldn't be a starter if we are aspiring to be a top 10 side.
  10. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I wouldn't say hate towards King by any means it's just he is a limited footballer who if we aspire to be a top 10 side should be coming on to see a last 10 mins out at best. The fact he is starting games shows how massively we messed up this transfer window. Yes, Shakey has been unfortunate with injuries, but new signings are not fitting in or getting game time After 60-75 million on attackers we still have no guaranteed partner for Vardy. I could go on with other glaring mistakes that the manager and the powers that be are missing, I'm more concerned that the club is being ran incompetently by Rudkin and Neville. Susan W,Top and Vichai are only seeing the £££ roll in, and still their lack football knowledge is being shown yet again. They must see their £15+ million pound signings getting the bench warm and wonder what's happening.
  11. I wouldn't feel sorry for him to an extent. Yes maybe a few injuries haven't helped, but are these new signings even first team starters? Our bench shows otherwise. He has decided to make us compact and not to concede first and attack second. Its so negative and it's rubbing off on the players and they have no confidence whatsoever. We look beat, dejected and void of ideas before a ball is kicked. We need a clear out throughout the club now and get a young manager with a fresh back room team and a massive restructure above the managers head. One that happens we may see the Leicester City we all know is in their somewhere
  12. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Just watching MOTD and got me thinking about our match. I don't think I seen once any of our midfield bust a gut to get in the box and help Vardy out. We used to attack in numbers and now it's like it's every man behind the ball apart from Vardy and Sinji who runs wherever he wants. We are so cautious and defensive it's shocking it's no wonder we get pegged back so easily we have a CM and bench of defensive midfielders. Our player recruitment has been nothing short of abysmal how heads haven't rolled with over 80m spent and we look worse than ever I will never know. Were looking relegation fodder by each game we're getting worse.
  13. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    We have massively gone backwards since our title win. I get the feeling we have some players in the squad who are way too comfortable, and just are not up to standard of what they were 2 seasons ago. Football moved on, and Leicester City stood still. Shakey seems to be reluctant to put any new signings in the first 11 bar Maguire. Who is actually buying our players? It seems like Shakey didn't want Drinky to leave. Is he doing this out of principal to those above him? You don't spend 32m on Slimani, 12m on Iborra, 15 on Musa and 25m on Iheanacho just for them to be sitting on the bench. Something doesn't add up. Shakey needs to get ruthless else the Thais will and he will be getting the boot quicker than he realises. How have we gone away from what made us so exciting to watch to slow, poor in possession and one dimensional football of hoof and chase. I do want it to work with Shakey but I feel a massive overhaul is needed now at this Football Club. The board needs to ask serious questions of what's going on Rudkin,Neville,Shakey,Stowell,Appleton, and a lot of the old guard in the youth set up needs replacing. Were stagnating and have lost direction from top to bottom and change is needed now! Obviously this is only my opinion on how I see things being ran at the moment.
  14. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Once Fuchs got beat that was some of the most pethetic getting back into position I have ever seen. Walking was an understatement. Shakey has 2 weeks to sort some glaring errors out else he will be out of a job very soon. He is not filling many people with confidence and it's showing from the players. The Thais have messed up giving him the job full time. The players wanted him as now they are in coasting mod putting in just enough effort but no more! Were garbage in midfield who all seem to lack in a basic ability to pass and move. We have stopped attacking in numbers all season see how many players they have in our box and how many we have in theirs from open play. Igeanacho has dropped into the Sinji role.....he isn't that type of player. it's like playing Aguero at left back. I don't think the players know what or how to play and they look Void of ideas on the pitch.
  15. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Vardy has had No support whatsoever, when he has had the ball he has his back to goal and had to go backwards. Sinji playing as another midfielder. Were playing 9-0-1 Has Shakey forgot we have to score to win a game Cant blame Vardy were a shambles all over the field. If Bournemouth had their shooting boots on they would have been out of sight at half time.