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  1. Why talk about extending a contract? Just make him permanent and if by Christmas we are in trouble..just sack him like all clubs would do.
  2. Just saw this on BBC Sportsday - Premier League reaction and gossip - http://www.bbc.com/sport/live/39787059 When the game stopped QPR v Leicester in Championship 3 years ago. QPR top of league and all over an average Leicester. Squirrel came on and stopped play for 10 minutes, disrupted QPR rhythm and Leicester went onto win 0-1 with a Vardy goal, then won 13 games on the trot getting them promoted to the Premiership eventually. No one ever thanked the squirrel for Leicester's success. (Jeremy, London) So I'll say it. Thank you Squirrel !!
  3. I hope Kasper stays. Vardy will stay. Mahrez Slimani Musa out hopefully. Not sure about Shakey now. We need him as coach. Maybe Roger Schmidt as manager. ?
  4. Time Slim was subbed
  5. I take it its the away fans booing Mahrez.
  6. We give the ball all too easily and then dont seem want to win it back. Sums us up.
  7. We were shocking...and we made an ordinary Spurs look much much better than they actually are. I blame Mahrez more than anyone. Why should the rest of the team bust their gut so he can lose the ball in the final third and then looks like he couldn't care less. I would drop Mahrez from Sundays team. Thanks Riyad but you obviously dont want to play for us anymore. Goodbye and good luck.
  8. Definitely available on Ebay.
  9. Musa for Vardy??? We are desperate.
  10. Game over. Season over. Last time we wear that famous shirt.
  11. Bring on Gray for Mahrez. Leave Albrighton on... at least he runs back and shows effort unlike Mahrez
  12. Get Mahrez off. Put Gray on.
  13. It's historic....for me anyway. I had no problem with Spurs, even after the 1982 FA Cup Semi final at Villa park,. But what changed my attitude was the League Cup final in 1999. I'll assume you're a Spurs fan, so he's a bit of Leicester City history. (a personal opinion, based on personal experience) In the 1990's Wembley was Leicester's second home. A regular trip to Wembley every year was expected. Despite the fact we had some disappointing results in some cases, the day out with family and friends was always a day to look forward to and enjoy. Wembley fever took hold of our City and we loved it . In all cases the opposing fans would join in the carnival atmosphere on the day in and around Wembley...all except Spurs, who seemed to completely hostile towards us the day we met in 1999.. Pubs where Spurs fans congregated were no go areas for Leicester fans (unlike in previous years when we could mix openly in the Harlow pubs with Boro, Palace, even Derby fans before the match and enjoy the craic!). At the time (and probable even now) I never understood why. Our Wembley run.... 25 May 1992: City 0-1 Blackburn, First Division play-off final 31 May 1993: City 3-4 Swindon, First Division play-off final 30 May 1994: City 2-1 Derby, First Division play-off final 27 May 1996: City 2-1 Crystal Palace (a.e.t), First Division play-off final 6 April 1997: City 1-1 Middlesbrough (a.e.t), League Cup final 21 March 1999: City 0-1 Tottenham, League Cup final 27 February 2000: City 2-1 Tranmere, League Cup final My usual plan (as in previous years) was to meet up with mates at one of the two large pubs in Harlow's high St. (The Fat Controller, and The Moon on the Hill). When we walked into one of these which were taken over by Spurs, we were told to F*** off elsewhere. The already mentioned (and well documented incident) of Spurs fans fighting in the Leicester end at Wembley around young families, and a mother being punched trying to protect her young son, kind of summed up the day. Horrid! As mentioned in LCFC.COM The match itself was a bitter, bad-tempered, ugly brawl of a game. It was made worse by the fact that there were some Spurs fans in the Leicester City end. Their presence turned the atmosphere into something quite ugly. The final was described in the press as a ‘mean spirited abomination of a game’. As I walked out of Wembley I was almost knocked to the ground by a stampede of Spurs fans(?) coming from the Pubs trying to gatecrash Wembley to see their team lift the trophy. I can't recall a worse away day out as a Leicester fan.... and I have Spurs to thank for that. Normal Wembley order was restored the following year when we had a great day out with Tramere fans.
  14. 😁 Nah....but fact is Chelsea haven't been declared Champions ...yet. We know what we are. 👍
  15. Even though today's our anniversary, and brings back the best memories a football fan can have..... don't forget..... we are still reigning Champions, as we have no clear successor yet. We will have been Champs for more than a calendar year. It's not in the past. It's still in the NOW! Let's enjoy every second...and milk it to the end! We know what we are! Still Champions Or England! (for a couple weeks more)