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  1. I missed that. Sounds hopeful, even if one were to return.
  2. I refuse to say its over until its over. ..and its not over yet. If football has taught us anything its it is an unpredictable funny ole game. Today we are still 4th despite the majority deciding we were already fifth. If Bournemouth can turn around a game that was lost, if Southampton can deny ManU 3 points in the dying seconds, and Chelsea (the in-form team) lose 3-0, anything is still possible. Therefore I BELIEVE and will support the team to the final whistle on 26th July...and beyond. Don't ask HOW we will do it, just get behind the lads and give them the support they need. They've never needed us more than now. We're on this white knuckle ride together and we'll see it through to the end. Bring it on! Come on Leicester!!!
  3. It would still be in our hands had ManU won. Three wins and we're in the CL. But importantly ManUs confidence has been rocked.
  4. 1. Bournemouth's 3rd goal 2. Bournemouth's 4th goal 3. Soyuncu's sending off 4. Bournemouth's 2nd goal 5. Bournemouth's penalty.
  5. Are we still going to sing "we're all going on a European tour..Dilly ding..dilly dong" Someone will have to come up with words to..."On Thursday nights ...under the lights..." It won't feel the same as it did.
  6. yeah.... MOTM... my point is hes not doing enough imho. I see him far too often trot around. A one point early in the game we had a throwing on the right. I think it was Justin wanting to take a quick throw in and Perez was slowly trotting away with his back to the ball. I was screaming at the TV and Perez. ....and then Nacho gets taken off at half time.???? Not good enough.
  7. My problem with Perez is he's afraid to get involved and has no fire in his belly. He trys to play a safe and simple game, and if he's dispossessed he moans at the ref instead of trying to win the ball back. Nope...he should not have started yesterday..and shouldn't start again until he can prove he can raise his game.
  8. Even if Man U win tonight, 4th place is still in our hands. I'll leave it there.
  9. my day has gone from bad to worse... come on Southampton.!!!
  10. I believe we'll finish 5th after Chelsea and ManU. so the decision in the next few minutes will have a massive impact on us...financially and otherwise.
  11. Counting down to this news release. Nervous.
  12. Deeney day was bad. But I just woke up and remembered how bad I felt after Essandoh day in 2001. Same feeling...
  13. This was suppose to be a list of positives. Thanks for making my Monday morning worse than it already was.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. Brendan only starts him because he bought him. People talk about his link up play...but I don't see it. He never seems to grow into a game. We need Barnes to start. Keep Perez as a sub.
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