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  1. Next City Manager?

    Allardyce has said he only wants to consider an International Management position. from wiki "Allardyce announced his departure from Crystal Palace on 23 May 2017, saying he had no intention of seeking another job, in what was interpreted as a retirement announcement.[192][193] However, on 19 July 2017, Allardyce said he would be open to an international management position, but not another club job"
  2. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Leicester being Leicester.....Appleton will probably go on a winning streak now....and will be repleaced before he drops a point.
  3. Carlo Ancelotti

    Ancelotti has only ever won trophies with money clubs . Ranieri did it on a shoe string. Why wouldnt Ancelotti try and prove he's more than just someone who can achieve success with big money behind him? He has a point to prove after failing with Bayern. I cant think of a better challenge for him than taking us back into Europe.
  4. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Dont worry...im sure the owners wont make the same mistake again. This time temporary will definitely mean temporary.
  5. Thank you Craig

    Dear Craig thank you for your part in giving all of us Leicester fans the biggest football experience ever. We wont forget you. You are a Leicester legend. Best wishes for the future.
  6. Shakey Sacked

    He's done it again! I wish Lineker would just SHUT UP He doesn't represent the voice of the majority of Leicester fans as he might seem to think.
  7. Shakey Sacked

    I think Shakey was putting on a brave face recently and he's probably relieved it's all over for him.
  8. Shakey Sacked

    No chance! He's just signed a new contract with the FAI before the last match against Wales. Qualifying for the World cup or not, he'll lead Ireland into the Euros
  9. Shakey Sacked

    Remember the first match vs Liverpool after Raneri was sacked. One of our best displays. What was it someone said today. The Dead Cat bounce? Swansea will be an interesting match to look forward to now (I was dreading it)
  10. Shakey Sacked

    we could do SO much better as well. Beside Big Sam is a crook. The Thais won't trust him.
  11. Shakey Sacked

    I hope Appleton goes as well.
  12. Shakey Sacked

    Please Nooooooooooo!
  13. Next City Manager?

    I hope it's Ancelotti
  14. Shakey Sacked

    I'm sorry for Shakey...we all wanted him to do well....but things just didn't go as we all hoped. It's best for all I think Craig will get a good job in the Championship and be back in the premier league soon. Good luck Craig and thanks for giving it a go!
  15. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Can we wait that long? But in principle I'd have RK in to replace Shakey.