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  1. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Maybe I've missed something here....but has Vardy really got such a bad reputation as a 'diver'? https://www.footballtransfertavern.com/premiership/tottenham/did-a-vardy-fans-slate-tottenham-star-after-controversial-liverpool-antics/ This "Doing a Vardy" phrase may catch on, but if he blatantly dives so often, how come he hasn't been booked as often. He's a target everytime he gets the ball and most times the only way to stop him at speed is to bring him down.
  2. fix it , give mahrez a release clause

    Part of me thinks he has already trashed his value with his unprofessional conduct. On the other hand, I remember thinking the same about Luis Suarez, and look where he ended up. Personally I think we should have took the 65m and moved on. Now only time will tell if this will end well or not!
  3. tickets for Sheffield

    Ah I see.... Thanks!
  4. tickets for Sheffield

    Can someone explain to me what they mean by First Floor Seating? We have a single tier stadium.
  5. Best Away Day

    Orient 1980 Championship clincher. Come on...own up...who still has Martin Hendersons kit from that match...bar one sock. ...and who helped break the crossbar at the Leicester end?
  6. Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    i cant believe the New Road Inn isnt on the list. Great pre/post match curries.
  7. FA Cup 4th round draw

    Everybody asking for low league teams seem to forget... we never turn up when we play supposedly easier opposition. (err...Fleetwood? 0 shots on target????) With regard to the draw my hopes are (in order of priority) Home Draw The top 5 teams draw eachother Evening Kick off (or at least not an early start) Maybe Forest for a change. (we won't get to play them very often over the next 10 years)
  8. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    If Schmiechel was in goal i reckon he would have knocked that in to the net for an own goal. A clever change of keepers by Puel.
  9. What's your favorite Leicester City goal?

    I was in pen 2 just in front of the goal...yet I never actually saw the ball hit the back of the net. Arms went up and pandemonium broke out at the point Walshy was rising to meet the ball. Im sure if Leicester University were tracking seismic activity back then they would have noticed another man made earthquake. A wonderful experience .
  10. What's your favorite Leicester City goal?

    well one of my all time favorite Leicester goals was Walshy's equaliser after that Bergkamp goal. Filbo errupted like never before. Unreal.
  11. Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    I One of my wishes, before I die, was to see us win the FA cup as I thought that wishing to win the Premier League was a dream too far. I shouldn't be greedy and nothing will ever replace my joy of winning the PL. But now that we've done it (and are unlikely to do it again...let's be honest) to see LCFC win the FA cup still remains on my bucket list. I would prefer to win the FA cup than finish 6th or 7th in the League.
  12. Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    You could be right...it was a long time ago
  13. Fleetwood Town (A) pre-match

    I have a bad feeling about this tie. It's an obvious banana skin and we have a habit of slipping up against underdogs in the cup.... and it's Live on the Beeb! Harlow Town, Wycombe Wanderers and Millwall still painfully come to mind. .(others anyone?).....and we so nearly messed up against Leatherhead (1975)trailing 0-2 at half time at Filbo and nearly going 3 behind only for a heart stopping last ditch clearance off the line by Jon Sammels. Classic game though ( i was there) to come back to win 3-2.
  14. Albrighton

    I came on to the forum to sing Albrightons praises and im glad to see his thread active in a positive way. For me he was the MOTM. Such an unsung hero of our club. Never was a his last minute goal more deserved. Well done Marc..
  15. Celebrated sports television channel Sky Sports has published on its website the Top 100 players of 2017, with only one Nigerian making the prestigious list. Leicester City midfielder Wilfred Ndidi clocked in at number 65 and ranked higher than top Premier League stars David de Gea (Manchester United), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), N'Golo Kante (Chelsea), and Emre Can (Liverpool). REALLY??