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  1. One day...a statue in his honour will be erected in Leicester. He gave us the best season we will ever know.
  2. Born 1963. Been a fan since 68 when first went to primary school. My first match was vs Stoke. March 73. Can't remember much except that it was very soon after Gordon Banks had his car accident and I remember John Farmer was in goal for Stoke instead of Banks. Second match was the classic vs Leeds Oct 1973. (2-2). (the one Birch always goes on about with his 20 /30/40/ 50 yard goal -the distance goes up every year! . But it was a beauty!. The highlights were on an old LCFC Classics video...and I can be seen with my dad in the East stand close to SK1. I was a regular at Filbo eversince, until I moved to Luxembourg in 1999, but come back every season for a few games. Still a member. Leicester til I die.
  3. I hate that purple patch on our blue home kit. It's bad enough on the away kit. yuck!
  4. I didnt know Iwan Roberts played for Huddersfield. I feel a song coming on.... Oh...Iwan is a Welshman
  5. Surely in the Fanshop you could take a shirt up to the Printing area and have them heat up the badge and peel if off. (has anyone tried that?). If it doesn't work, don't buy the shirt. Mind you I'm wondering whether a 'Purple Patch' would bring us luck next season. But it is 'orrible!
  6. The only English goalkeeper to play and win a World Cup Final match played for Leicester City at the time.
  7. Should Morgan remain Club Captain, or is it time for a change? Personally I think Schmeichel should get the role permanently. He's more vocal, more passionalte than Morgan. It might help keep him at the club at little while longer. Thoughts?
  8. You've got it right. Jeunesse Esch (without d') are one of the big teams in Lux, but I'm not sure we can used the word "Powerhouse" in Luxembourg. (Esch, the second city in Lux, has always had a large Italian community, and Esch are kitted out like Juventus as a result). I did a little research to see exactly were Progres Niederkorn were in the Luxembourg teams pecking order (historically speaking). Their 4th place last year was a one off, and not the norm. I reckon they would make the top 10.. but only just! Maybe normally 9th or 10th best team in Lux. It can't be overstated how bad a result this is for Rangers!
  9. Yes...we're loving it here in Luxembourg.... ..and even though they say Niederkorn are the 4th best team in Lux...thats just last season. They are not usually considered as a top 10 team here. Back in 2000 Martin O'Neill managed his first competitive game for Celtic here after leaving Leicester...against Jeunesse Esch in a CL qualifying round.. A top Lux club. Celtic won 7 -0.
  10. Good pre-season discussion this!
  11. I honestly don't think gate receipts would be affected that much. There's so much football on TV these days. The affect has already happened. If anything...if there was such a thing as a LCFC TV season ticket I think the our revenue would be increased. It's a different experience watching games live....many fans still prefer the day out and being part of the atmosphere. I know I do. Do you think many season ticket holders would swap their season ticket for a TV Season ticket? Maybe one for a poll?
  12. Nevermind streaming.....if SKY, BT SPORT, or the PL are so concerned about the law, why are they not going after everyone in continental Europe and beyond with a SKY subscription. It's illegal to watch UK SKY or BT Sports outside of the UK owing to licencing contracts. Reason they don't go after anyone is...they still get big revenue from beyond the UK........illegally! ...and they know it. Talk about double standards!
  13. There was a football exhibition earlier in the year here in Luxembourg. (Football Hallelujah http://citymuseum.lu/en/exhibition/football/) A local photographer was putting together a montage of football fans living in Luxembourg for the exhibition. When he found out through a friend that a diehard Leicester fan was living in the Grand Duchy (and he knew we had won the Premier League), he tracked me down and asked me to come to his studio for a photo shoot. My son and I turned up, The results (which were part of the exhibition for over 5 months ) are seen here. http://cwphoto.lu/movies--stop-motion (click on the video...I'm on my own for the first part and then with my son later on) I was invited to the Exhibitions grand opening at the City Museum......Champagne reception and all....met the Mayor of Luxembourg...and was quite a celebtity being a Leicester fan as everyone knew of Leicester's fairy tale!
  14. It's a close call between Shilton and Schmiechel. Shilton was very much my hero when I was a lad...and I met him a few times as such. But I'll have to say Schmiechel is the best keeper we've ever had, as he has so much to do with our Premier League and Champions League successes. We've been blessed with some really great keepers (Wallington, Keller, Banks ) but I would like to give Marton Fülöp a special mention. Even though he was only on loan and we tried so hard to sign him (he wanted to come to Leicester permanently), while he was with us he was arguably the best player we had in the team in 2007. (I would go so far as to say he was better in his 24 games for us, than Schmiechel was in his first 24 games for us. ). Rest in peace Marton!
  15. It took mine an hour ago. I'm still not sure I've done the right thing. I knew as a gold member i would get a ticket for most matches, and so , as I live outside of the UK it was easy to pick and choose. Now it's down to a ballot. My 15 year son who is also a member has less loyality points than me, so I'm not sure how it will work out. I suppose time will tell. Frankly, I don't think the scheme needed changing.