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  1. Thanks for posting this....one of my favourite games at Filbo. Obviously the game is remembered for Bergkamp's famous hat-trick and Walshy stunning last sec equaliser. (what a last 10 minutes!!) But what I didn't remember or see was the clear penalty we should have had when Lee Dixon tugged Heskeys shirt, trapped Heskeys legs to bring him down, and then had the audacity to claim Emile was tugging his shirt. (see 7.30 mins). What do you think? I never liked Dixon much, especially when he kept harking on about how Leicester had the weakest group in Champions Leagues history. I like him even less now.
  2. Guangzhou Evergrande ...that household name and powerhouse of world football is ahead of Manure!
  3. At the end of the season the FA need to call an investigation on how VAR is used. Of course some decisions are marginal and could go either way...but some decisions are down right awful and need some explanation. They should review all questionable decisions (like the one last night) and ask some basic questions such as . Who takes the final decision at Stockley Park (they are an anonymous lot with a great deal of power) . What rule book and rules are they following . what rule applied to the decision in question. . what teams do the Stockley Park staff support. Everyone except the ref, Stockley Park and Villa knows that was a stonewall penalty. It's just a joke.
  4. Assuming we get past Cov/Brum in the FA Cup 5th round (and that should be a given), we are back to being only one game away from a visit to Wembley for the FA Semi FInal. I'm just trying to soften yesterdays car crash!
  5. I dont understand the way VAR is being used. How could that not be a penalty?
  6. Why sub Barnes for Gray?? We were pushing for the winner.
  7. So we can ignore any prediction coming from someone who doesn't even realise there is no extra time tonight.
  8. Got a feeling we'll be talking VAR again tomorrow. Hopefully in our favour.
  9. The thought of this going to penalties is giving me heart palpitations already.
  10. There are many issues with VAR, but one thing that needs to be cleared up quickly is for everyone to understand if VAR is being consulted or not for a decision. I think back to Barnes goal v West Ham last Wed. Commentators kept saying it looked offside this should go to VAR...so it was difficult to celebrate the goal. Later I heard the LCFC podcast and Stringer kept saying "I think it's offside, I think it won't count" The commentator seem to suggest the goal was given only when West Ham had resumed play from the centre spot. Was VAR actually used for that goal? Was there any indication in the stadium that VAR was being used. I can't see any refrence to VAR in the highlights.
  11. Brentford aren't going to win the FA cup......but they have a big chance of the Championship promotion/play-off and playing in the Premier League. Their 6-pointer match against Forest 3 days later is far far more important. I doubt they have the kind of depth in squad that we have. So it would seem sensible if they played a second team for this match. That'll do nicely.
  12. Also in 1973.... Old England vs Rest of Europe with a host of star veterans including ..Ferenc Puskas I wrote an article about this for The Fox many moons ago...and just found an old posting of my article .....for those who like a little nostalgia. https://www.xtratime.org/threads/when-puskas-came-to-filbert-street-1973.120135/#post-1743551
  13. Exactly. Just look what happened to Rashford being brought back too early. He's out for three months now. Maybe Rashford's next match will be the last match of the season against us. We're doomed if the same happens to Wilf!
  14. About 10 years after the Ice Kings, so no, not the same time. I remember this Blue Peter episode very well. I was about 10 years old. It was exciting stuff at the time. But despite what Peter Purves said it was a real expensive flop. The tent was constantly getting ripped and eventually it was binned. (big bin needed) Leicester City were featured on Blue Peter again soon after when John Noakes *(I think) had a training session with Peter Shilton at Belvoir Drive**. edit : *John Noakes and Peter Purves....here it is https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/history/shilts-puts-childrens-tv-presenters-2926699 ** not at Belvoir Drive as it happens.
  15. What's going on? I thought Rodgers said the team were going to work twice as hard as when they played Southampton. That was worst imo. Frustrating stuff.
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