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  1. ? I'm nearly sure it was VARlepool 2 - Foxes 1
  2. I'd prefer to see a charity boxing match between the two of them.😉 Come on ladies...let's do it for Children in Need. 😁
  3. I hate these international breaks...they appear to be a regular occurrence these days. The Burnley game seems ages away. It can't come quickly enough.
  4. Delusional scouse journalism. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/match-day-pundits-doubters-missed-17042240 What they failed to realise is..if , as the expected goals (xG) stats seem to suggest , it should have been 4-0..then we have a better defense than they have or they have a very blunt and inadequate strike force. Either way it all balances out and the final score is what it is... A draw would have been the fairer result, as neutral pundits agree it wasn't a penalty and VAR was at fault. IMO...without Mane..we would have won.
  5. Just watched MOTD this morning and at least it's a small consolidation that the panel are completely unanimous that it wasn't a penalty. It's the one that got away.. but I'm proud of our team. Let's move on......and claim that Top 4 spot.
  6. You missed "All in the Game" and "Quiz Ball". There was a cup at the end of each of these competitons in the 1970's. And we won "All in the Game".... thanks to Steve Kember if I remember rightly.
  7. Certainly not this season. But if we have a really good season..top 6 and some silverware...hes going to be hard to keep. Maybe we need clappers which say "BRENDAN PLEASE STAY" at the end of the season. 😁
  8. Just saw that on NewsNow! How cool is that? We just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. These dizzy heights we are reaching are starting to give me a nose bleed!
  9. Yosser Hughes... was better looking by far.
  10. Who came third in a two horse race? Sensational stuff. When is the movie coming out?
  11. Yeah...I couldn't agree more.......I'm stunned at how pessimistic and negative the majority of posts are. We had a bad day at the office...but tell me ..how can Palace beat Utd away..and then get thrashed by Spurs who only a few weeks earlier got beaten by an average Newcastle side at home. ...then Norwich beat an unbeaten Man City. For those saying we're going to be creamed by the Spuds....why? I expect us to beat the spuds 2 -0.
  12. Unlucky with giving away a silly penalty. Unlucky Maddison, Chilwell and Ndidis efforts were not converted. They were defending for most of the game. They were there for the taking. It wasn't our day...but I think we will make up for this disappointment by beating Spuds. I believe in Brendan.
  13. Im disappointed we lost our unbeaten run...but why are people beating themselves up and blaming Rodgers selection. We are a good team and show some good qualities today. We were unlucky. We were the better team.. We'll beat them back at the KP. We are still on for top 6. Bring on the Spuds.
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