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  1. Sunk by a Japanese sub

    Shinji reminds me of the poem that has the lines...... ".and when she was good she was very very good...,,,,,.And when she was bad she was horrid." “There was a little girl” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–1882)) maybe it should be rewritten " ........and when shinji was good, he was very very good...........And when shinji was bad he was horrid."
  2. EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    For those saying Bristol City etc. consider that, our current team rarely turn up for the minnows, and.......... scrape a win, or worse still... get beaten. Best sticking to Premier League league teams so our lads feel there is a need to turn up and put in a performance (though you could be forgiven for thinking the opposite after last nights first half). Man U at home for me.... win that (and it would be winable) and we start to believe we can go all the way. Let's not hide any success we have on the backs of the likes of Bristol City, Norwich and Leeds.
  3. It's a good job this wasn't a boxing match. The ref would have stop the contest after 40 mins!
  4. Huddersfield away match thread

    Awful stuff. Its as if they dont think we need the points. Ive seen more commitment in friendlies.
  5. Only Leicester

    A 2 day return trip to Madrid....on a coach from Leicester! (btw....exactly 20 years ago this week!! ) Only Leicester!
  6. Only Leicester

    Winning the football skills ITV series 'All in the Game' in October 1977. Beating Man City in the final!
  7. Only Leicester

    Forest V Leicester in the Carling Cup 2nd Round when we let Forest Keeper Paul Smith score a "free goal" after the original tie had been abandoned, due to a injury to Clive Clarke,with Forest Leading 1-0 . ....and we still beat them
  8. Only Leicester

    Remember this? Leicester City pioneered an innovation in the 1970s which perhaps surprisingly didn't catch on. They inflated a giant balloon over the Filbert Street pitch which kept the playing surface frost-free and protected it from the snow and rain. The polythene balloon - or tent as it was sometimes called - was the largest of its kind in the world and was inflated to over 720,000 cubic feet by four propeller fans, weighed over a ton and could be erected by 15 men in two hours. The cost was £8000 but it paid for itself. Not only did it cut down on postponements (no system protected the terraces and approaches to the ground) but it also brought revenue from extra matches being played at the ground. In one week in January 1979 alone Filbert Street attracted over 70,000 fans to the Second, Third and Fourth replays of the FA Cup Third Round tie between Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday while the rest of the country was snowbound. http://www.footballsite.co.uk/Statistics/Articles/DidYouKnow23.htm
  9. Shakespeares Tactics

    I dreamt the other night that we asked Ranieri to come back....and he did...and the players responded in a very positive way.....then...I woke up
  10. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    You could be forgiven for believing that, after his first game in charge against Liverpool at home last Feb. One of Leicester's best display of football I have ever seen. What really gets to me at the moment is that (bar Drinky) we have more or less the same squad...if not better (on paper). ...and when I hear Vards and Kingy say they left everything on the pitch last Saturday i think..."oh yeah? compare yourselves to the team that tore Liverpool apart last season after Ranieri was sacked" Where's that team?? (I was watching the highlights of that match the other day. It seems like light years away, and yet it was only last Feb) Is Shakey to blame for what I would see as complacency creeping into the team ? imo... I'm afraid so! If we lose to Huddersfield I think Shakey may be following De Boer as the next to lose his job in the PL!.
  11. Irish Foxes fans

    Does being half Irish count? Though I now live in Luxembourg (but born and raised in Leicester) , I have family in Derry and Dublin and regularly visit Dublin. Talking Irish, I always wonder who draps the Irish flag in the front of West Stand section B3 at every home game, and why? It's not as if we have Irish players in the squad at the moment. Or is it just to support our chief exec , Susan Whelan?
  12. We're the famous Leicester City and.........

    It's really mad !
  13. We're the famous Leicester City and.........

    Just back from Venice and saw a fake Vardy shirt in good company on a stall near Ponte Scalzi (busy bridge near Santa Lucia Station). The shirt was going for 12 euro and I had a dilemma. Should I get it as a souvenir from Venice (and maybe a rare one at that)? Or leave it there on display for the masses? I decided to leave it! So it's still there. Ps...I pulled the shirt down a bit so the 'Leicester' collar could be seen.
  14. Welcome Kelechi

    Good point!
  15. Welcome Kelechi

    I'm glad to hear that!