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  1. ...and Leicester City 2019/2020 Premier League Champions.
  2. Exactly.....he's a man of principle and integrity. No way will he join this greedy circus! .and especially as the German FA along with Bayern and Dortmund are against Super League.
  3. It seems the Cup Final programmes are already available to pre order https://www.onlineshop.footballprogrammes.com/2021-fa-cup-final-chelsea--v-leicester-city--official-match-programme--exclusive-1921-final-reprint-417-p.asp Not sure how trust worthy this site is...but I've gone and ordered one. I'm still buzzing. It's the nearest I'll get to being at Wembley this year.
  4. Man U Jan 1998....the last time we won at Old Trafford, and against a formidable Utd line up. https://www.11v11.com/matches/manchester-united-v-leicester-city-31-january-1998-23170/ What a feeling leaving Old Trafford against a sea of silent home supporters looking like they'd just come from a funeral....and me with the biggest smile in Manchester.
  5. The programme can still be found on ebay occasionally. Here's one ..https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OLD-ENGLAND-V-REST-OF-EUROPE-1973-INTERNATIONAL-CHARITY-FRIENDLY-PUSKAS-CHARLES-/293999349754 I still don't know why this match is never mentioned in any edition of "Of Fossils and Foxes"
  6. A true Leicester legend. So many memories. I can still hear Leicester kop singing "Hello, Hello, Frankie Wortho, Frankie Wortho! RIP Frank.
  7. This is one of those wins we'll be telling our grandkids about. Absolutely tremendous performance. Enjoy the moment.
  8. Talk to any ManU fan and they'll tell you the FA cup is the least of their priorities, behind top 4 and Europa League. Some of my mates who are ManU fans all expect them to play their second team on Sunday. Patronising I know..but it's ours for the taking.
  9. FA cup for me. Being 58 I grew up with FA cup dreams all my life, and its still a thorn in my side. Silverware is important. No one will remember our Top 4 place in a few years time. Nothing will be recorded on our list of honours. and we currently cannot reach the quarter finals of the Europa League yet, let alone the CL. Of course, if we're talking about club revenue, Top 4 wins hands down. But for the glory, and memories...the FA cup for me please.
  10. Just an update. Result. I contacted shop@lcfc.co.uk. as requested on the shop website. Customs & Duty For orders shipping to the EU after January 1st, additional import charges/taxes may need to be paid by you upon delivery. If you are contacted by a courier and are asked to pay import duties within the EU, please contact shop@lcfc.co.uk. https://shop.lcfc.com/delivery/ Lorren replied and asked me to pay the DHL import duties, and said they would refund it to me when I passed on the receipt to them. Which I did and the refund arrived as promised..
  11. Thanks for the info. I have emailed the club with the details. I'll let everyone know what the out come is. But like you...that's the last time I'll buy online from the club.
  12. Ouch! I guess I should have looked this up on the forum before my purchases. I ordered goods from the shop totaling 79 GBP, and then charged 15.95 P&P to Luxembourg which is bad enough. Today DHL are requesting an additional EUR 32.69. in your import duty/taxes. I will also contact the club re VAT as they certainly haven't amended any pricing to the EU. It's true they mention there might be some import duty/taxes. charges. But 32.69, is 41% of the value of the goods (which already include uk VAT) I think the club should sho
  13. BR spent a lot of money bringing him to the club, and he's got to justify it, unfortunately.
  14. Lawro uses his lazy journalists reasoning that we are nothing without Vardy. Let them continue to think that while we quietly climb to the top with or without Vardy.
  15. sends me back to when we were in Copenhagen. One of the coldest games I can remember.
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