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  1. We played with 10 men for 90 mins. Perez Mr. invisible again.
  2. Can we take Perez off now..and play with 11 men in the second half?
  3. Everytime I see Perez in the starting lineup I feel we're starting with 10 men. Honestly......he adds nothing to our press. I'd love him to prove me wrong today...but its not going to happen.
  4. We are destined to draw CELTIC! Its in the stars.
  5. I don't expect Ferencvaros (Fradi), pot 4, to be in the mix. They'll qualify for the CL tonight.
  6. We shouldn't even talk about sacking Brendan. Who else could bring us up to 5th in the best league in the world. We had a good season. But I wish Brendan would be a bit more honest. Of course we can't compete with the likes of ManU (yet). But what about Watford, Brighton and Bournemouth? With all due respect these are the teams we should be brushing aside. Had we just done that....it would have been an amazing season. Fine margins. Funny ol' game, eh?
  7. This thread sounds a bit like the Shef Utd home thread just after the Bournemouth game. Shef Utd will stuff us. Rodgers doesn't have a clue , sack Rodgers etc etc. I believed we would do it against Sheffield, and I believe we will beat Man U. Leicester til I die.
  8. For all the stick he got after the Bournemouth match, Brendan got it spot on today. Well done Brendan!! Well done team.
  9. Agent Schlupp will score the winner for Palace when he comes on.
  10. I missed that. Sounds hopeful, even if one were to return.
  11. I refuse to say its over until its over. ..and its not over yet. If football has taught us anything its it is an unpredictable funny ole game. Today we are still 4th despite the majority deciding we were already fifth. If Bournemouth can turn around a game that was lost, if Southampton can deny ManU 3 points in the dying seconds, and Chelsea (the in-form team) lose 3-0, anything is still possible. Therefore I BELIEVE and will support the team to the final whistle on 26th July...and beyond. Don't ask HOW we will do it, just get behind the lads and
  12. It would still be in our hands had ManU won. Three wins and we're in the CL. But importantly ManUs confidence has been rocked.
  13. 1. Bournemouth's 3rd goal 2. Bournemouth's 4th goal 3. Soyuncu's sending off 4. Bournemouth's 2nd goal 5. Bournemouth's penalty.
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