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  1. They can't make consistently correct decisions when each of them takes turns in the Stockton Park chair. If they're not prepared to even review decisions on the pitch using the screens, how can they be expected to review incidents properly in Stockton Park? It's a great piece of technology but it's implementation has been executed very poorly. Hence, it's open to corruption, the very thing we all thought it would take away.
  2. Until an independent body is put in charge of VAR, the corruption will continue. I expect this to continue, or get even worse, during the run in.
  3. If that was Mane, we all know what would happen.
  4. In front of a monitor or not, this guy would take no nonsense. Why can't our referees be as good as he was?
  5. No violent conduct? They measuring the speed of the boot now? Clear and obvious aka boot motion needs to be faster than 0.25 metres per second.
  6. Finally started watching The Expanse (after a few recommendations) and after the opening two episodes I'm impressed. If this is the weakest season of the lot, I think I'm going to enjoy this!
  7. I think there's too many people on here being too harsh. In the run up to the game, we would have all taken a draw. We got a draw. In terms of the result we got exactly what was needed. We played cautiously, most likely under the Rodgers instruction, conservative in the approach. Likewise, they weren't particularly attacking either so a stalemate was played out. Ndidi is missing. Without him we do not have the licence to go out and attack teams more, do that and we'll most likely concede. I seem to remember in 2015 teams had sussed us out in the second half of the season and results were a little harder to achieve. The same can be said this season, we will just need to battle our way over the line. We will do it, I'm sure of it.
  8. As soon as Mane is involved in a goal, legit or otherwise, VAR turns a blind eye to everything and anything.
  9. If they bring in an element of uncertainty regarding offsides by using "a margin of error", we'll be having the same discussions about every incident that VAR reviews. The problems arise for incidents which allow for precisely this, "a margin of error" aka "clear and obvious", an interpretation of the events. This is where the inconsistencies come in. Offsides, as frustrating as they are (when they go against you), are the only thing that is consistently good in terms of how VAR is applied. An overhaul of the system is needed so that every situation is reviewed in a fair and consistent manner. "Clear and obvious" allows for inconsistency and the merry-go-round of officials in the Stockton Park hot seat does nothing to alleviate this.
  10. Tonight's VAR decision was absolutely right. Even that clown Oliver and his partner in crime Dean can't do anything about it. The technology gave it and rightly so, offside, move on. Having said that, both that clown Oliver and his partner in crime Dean turn a blind eye to the shoulder barge in the area when a review was required. This was a clear and obvious foul that, between them, they chose to ignore. This is what needs sorting out. Yet again the discussion over VAR is all about the wrong incident.
  11. Dean couldn't wait to brandish his cards for us. None of the cards warranted apart from the 2nd yellow to red. And yet we are on the end of professional fouls all over the pitch that go unpunished. The most blatant of fouls occurring in the area which doesn't even get a review. It's a disgrace.
  12. And I'm sitting here again wondering why the most blatant body check in the penalty area isn't even reviewed. But then again, with that **** Oliver sitting behind the screens with clueless Dean on the pitch, one point feels like three.
  13. Well episode 4 of Picard. Wow. What was that? Brilliant! Once you've seen it, you'll know it. Replayed on several occasions, that was great. Some decent humour this week as well.
  14. Sunak has never come across as being particularly bright to me. He's on a par with Hancock imo.
  15. I read your first statement, immediately thought of this and had to . It's so true though, unfortunately!
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