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  1. Resident Evil Revelations is decent. The difficulty curve is spot on. Just when you feel safe with plenty of ammo/herbs it quickly goes to **** when the enemies come thick and fast.
  2. The figures keep getting mentioned and the more they are, the less sense they make. It's very easy to manipulate statistics to set the agenda. This 126 per 100 000. An outlier? Seriously? Around the country the next highest figures are around 50 per 100 000. I'd call into question whether this is actually an outlier or just a simple miscalculation. Of course we'll never know. As far as I'm aware we are not privy to sample sizes or how these figures per 100 000 are reached. If we are, someone make it clear where this information can be obtained. Back to this 100 000 figure for a moment and Oadby and Wigston. Assuming all 8000 tests are carried out, in order to be at a level of 126 per 100 000, there would need to be 10 positive tests in 8000. Assuming they scale it up to 100 000 for comparison purposes. That's a factor of 12.5. Again, statistically speaking, how accurate can this possibly be? In terms of going purely by figures, I don't see an end to this at all.
  3. Based on last night's performance, I would have put Zagorakis above Schmeichel in goal quite frankly.
  4. We haven't started our big games yet. They start with Thursday night.
  5. Tinpot Bournemouth have managed just 1 draw and lost the rest in countless games having conceded first. So in response to that we take a striker off and bring on defensive players. That's just plain stupid.
  6. A strange decision to bring a defender on for Kevin in the first half. But beyond bizarre to take off a striker needlessly at the start of the second. Woeful from Rodgers.
  7. Bournemouth have to come at us tomorrow now which should suit us. If we don't beat this outfit then we don't deserve to finish in the top 4 or top 6 quite frankly.
  8. Depends on who is the referee and his chum in Stockley Park. They seemed determined to do one over on Sheffield Utd as much as us and anyone else upsetting the top league positions.
  9. The problem with the VAR officials is that they themselves are the referees. It's all very closed shop and because of that it's wide open to inconsistencies as we have seen. Does Collina understand this? Not sure he fully does with the way he comes across in that piece although it's hard to tell. Brilliant referee he was, if everyone was as good as him, we wouldn't even need VAR. 😆
  10. Momentum in these games is key, especially with these daft mini breaks. Score first and we will win this game. Concede first and it'll be a slog.
  11. Problem with tonight's decision is the failure of VAR to not inform Moss to check the pitch side screens before making his final call, either standing by it or reversing it. As a result, not doing anything does indeed give the impression that a certain amount of corruption is at play. Anyone with any sense, even Moss, standing at a screen reviewing it would clearly have no choice but to reverse the decision. Which calls into question, why was ours singled out for a pitch side review? What constitutes using a pitch side review? It's a load of inconsistent BS.
  12. Finished Resident Evil 0. Storywise, a lazy tie-in to the original. Gameplay/atmosphere was decent though. Might go for Revelations next.
  13. A month now with my new S10. Why anyone wouldn't have a Samsung S series mobile is beyond me. Fantastic piece of kit, it really is. While on the subject of cases, Amazon do some decent ones. I have a Kiliko case for my S10, best case I ever owned. Cost about 12 quid.
  14. I don't know why people on here continue to throw money at Sky. Ditch the ****ers. Find a stream. Find a stream for everything
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