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  1. Yes, indeed. His words of wisdom are incoming no doubt!
  2. And here we are. A second year university student pulling apart the latest set of doom predictions which in turn leads to hysteria within the media: In closing the following comments are made: Full article: With Its Latest Model of Doom, Predicting 10,000 Hospital Admissions a Day in Mid-July, SAGE's Connection to Reality Has Finally Snapped We're in a never-ending cycle here. Sage will model variants from every country across the globe before they're finished at this rate.
  3. LiVARpool strike again. Corruption at the highest level of the game.
  4. This appears to relate to the modelling which has less than an average track record at actually modelling what eventually happens. They've had the "modelling data" for weeks. There's a sting in the tail for sure come June 17th. I hope this recently reported inquiry also holds Sage and the modelling aka Ferguson to account. In the main it's been hopelessly inaccurate and yet govt constantly make decisions based on it as if it's the only point of view worth listening to.
  5. As soon as I started watching build up to the game you could tell we were on it 100%. Well up for it. The opposition fans looked as flat as could be, like it was just another day out and nothing more. Our fans really made the difference today, superb, every single one of them.
  6. Classless from him imo and Tuchel in his post match comments was just as poor. Sore losers.
  7. What a football club we are. Top class. Wow. We did it! And what a goal!!!
  8. Confident we can do this today. So yes, confident it is from me.
  9. I've ordered this after seeing too many early gameplay videos. Arrives tomorrow. Looking forward to the superfast load times. And ME2 one more time. Greatest game of its generation.
  10. Just finished FF7 Remake. Don't know what to make of that tbh. I'm utterly confused by the whole Sephiroth angle. Having never played the original, does that make the difference in filling in the gaps? The ending was brilliant, granted, just confusingly so in terms of the story which up to that point was pretty easy to follow. Gameplay wise it's excellent in parts although some of it was too much filler which threw the pacing off here or there. Still prefer FFX! I'd get Intergrade for the new chapter but I'm not shelling out £70 for it. Shame they're milking it
  11. Could someone point out when was the last time the underdogs going into a final were positioned higher in the league than the opposing team? We're Leicester, and when we're on it, we can beat anybody. Just bring it tomorrow - BRING IT!!!
  12. If you can get in at the racecourse, assuming you're local, go there. The setup there is excellent.
  13. It doesn't really matter what happens tonight. Tomorrow is where it happens.
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