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  1. We definitely need a RB, one or two pacey CBs and an attacking midfield player - someone who can run forward with the ball at feet. We need all of these before even considering replacements for those who might go.
  2. I've done two out of three, not Whernside. Last time I went up Ingleborough past the caves, through Gaping Gill etc. the paths were well marked out. Much easier since the first time I did it, paths were a mess. Clearly spent a lot on maintaining the paths. Blencathra is also an awesome hill climb.
  3. Really bad news regarding the lad in the F4 race at Donnington. Can't understand how that section of the track, the steepest section, containing a stationary car on track, wasn't under waved yellows as a minimum. Awful.
  4. I was going back to our League One season! That was a 1-0 win. Dyer scored. 2008-09 season.
  5. I've just had a look back at this. We won the game 1-0! I had a 4-1 in my head for some reason. We did put 4 past a few in that season though - Walsall, Peterboro' to name a couple. And the Howard header - great scenes right there at the very end. Although it was a disappointment to be down there, still good memories!
  6. Glory supporters. Where were they when we were thumping Yeovil Town at home?
  7. That's pretty good english right there for a Swedish referee...
  8. As long as the cheque book hasn't been out like it was 20 years ago, and the referee hasn't collected any additional notes, we stand every chance of making it through imo. Edit: And that's 6000 posts from me! It is written... We got this won.
  9. Let's do these (and the referee).
  10. Broadchurch finale it is then...! And then back to Line of Duty on catchup!
  11. Still think we can do these tomorrow night. Expect it to go to extra time in all honesty. 0-0 at half time, nick one in the second half. Do them in extra time once they're well and truly rattled.
  12. I will be watching this soon I think. Still need to watch the previous X Men instalment although I take it that it has no bearing on this one.
  13. Good, bad or indifferent Beliall?
  14. I'd go with this: You'd end up with a better first 11...
  15. I posted yesterday about the way in which the Spanish police force works. To continue to go on and on about what they did was wrong - it's what they do, like it or not, that's how they clear people out. Whether it's right or wrong is irrelevant to them, they're just carrying out instructions. Clear the area. They do that, you get out. It is a criminal offence to swear at a policeman in Spain. It is an arrestable offence. I'd say looking at the evidence of Wednesday, they took a fair amount of that, without retaliating before they saw red and got heavy-handed with those in the square. That in itself, from their perspective, is showing a fair amount of tolerance. They're known for being heavy handed, aggressive, and they do what they want. It's best to steer clear and find a quiet part of town.