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  1. A very interesting watch all the way through. As for the vaccination push, brilliantly summarised at 44:34.
  2. This is absolutely brilliant through a pair of headphones on PS5...
  3. The sound in the game is probably the best I've heard in any game. It suits the gameplay so well. It's an absolute must through 🎧.
  4. So, Demon's Souls. Got past Phalanx no problem, first time, easy. Went to the mines second level and immediately got invaded. Proper idiot, got cocky and lost out to me. I went past a load of boulders being thrown and took on a guy with a pick axe and died. So back to the Nexus. But no. I spawn directly behind that spider boss and have free hits with no retaliation. Two demons down, piece of cake. And they say this game is hard? I take it that spawn point shouldn't have happened. This an original game glitch?
  5. It's a disgrace. And people are accepting of it, or seem to be. Sage are stringing the govt along and the mass testing/vaccination agenda will rumble on as long as they can keep it so. There's more to this than what the govt want us to see and hear.
  6. You might get side tracked by Astro's. 😆 I've platinumed it so have Demons Souls to get back into now. It's superb.
  7. I see Vallance did his best to attribute the slowing down of cases to the latest lockdown and tiered system from back in Oct at today's conference. This is where it's all heading. They're determined to roll out this mass testing and vaccination programme come March when they believe they'll have the figures and data to back that up. The way they're using the data to drive this is worrying. Seriously, someone should hold him to account for his modelling of 4000. Outrageous and scaremongering.
  8. Indeed. They're effective at destroying businesses and jobs though. Problem is they're so far down the line with this course of thinking, there's no chance they'll back out of it now. We're in this mess until April when seasonality changes course for the better. Of course, they'll spin it in such a way to make out the lockdown/tiered system, whatever you want to call it, has worked.
  9. I understand the original post here was a typo but one could question why we are having continual lockdowns when the rules are followed by the vast majority? Surely the effectiveness of lockdown itself has to be brought into consideration? You can't just go around blaming people.
  10. Get the Razor Kraken tournament headset. Awesome sound. Demons Souls is incredible through it. It's currently 50 quid instead of around 100. Currys have them in stock.
  11. Not a surround sound setup as in speakers around the room. But I invested in a really decent pair of headphones that will do 7.1 surround sound on a laptop/PC and 5.1 over the headphone jack. Plug into the PS5 controller and away you go. Is Demons Souls a must have game? Mmmmm, depends on taste I guess, but it's reviewing strongest out of any of the release titles for a reason. Up close and personal is how I'd describe some of the encounters. It's hard to describe, you have to try it to believe it, the controller itself also adds to the immersion. It's superb. And the 4k gra
  12. Demons Souls on PS5. Audio is outstanding, the best immersion for sound in game I can think of. Brutal. Graphically it's also outstanding. It's not "too" hard either, perseverance is key.
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