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  1. Episode 2 of Game of Thrones atm. This, off the back of Life is Strange, which was excellent. Can't say the same for GoT, the decisions made seem to have no overall effect on the story as it progresses. I'm finding myself going through the motions with it as I enjoy my GoT and the trophy list is easy pickings... Until Dawn is still waiting and we're only a week away from the next set of PS+ games. I'm almost hoping for a poor set of games so I can catch up. Oh and Horizon Zero Dawn is meant to be my main filler over the summer break...
  2. It could be. Perhaps Bran's vision was after the Night King passed through the wall? There's a few theories flying about. You read up on one and then the next completely contradicts the one that comes before. With 6 years invested in this I am finding myself reading up on more and more of the actual back story and some of those far fetched ideas. One of the most plausible concerns the connection between the Night King and Bran Stark but I'll stop there for fear of spreading a possible spoiler. Probably all nonsense though tbf
  3. I thought the original beta was bloody awful. And they say Mass Effect Andromeda was bad. What with bullet sponges, Dinklage droning on and on, and just a general lack of any life whatsoever, I never really saw the appeal. Still, each to their own.
  4. Yawn. The original was supposed to have a 10 year cycle. What happened with that?
  5. Some harsh comments on here! Any negativity is surely balanced out with Clegane's one liners surely? Legend that man.
  6. It depends on how much you are prepared to mess about re-configuring your box every couple of months in order to save money each and every month. Ask yourself if you can do without Sky Sports. I didn't think I could, but then I went for it and haven't looked back. In fact, I don't even hunt out sports streams online anymore as I rarely watch sport live. Second, ask yourself can you do without Sky Atlantic. This has caused a problem for me, but this is where the box comes into its own. I've caught up on Westworld, The Grand Tour (although this is Amazon prime) and rewatched some GoT episodes thanks to it. I don't use the box all that often - just dip in and out when it suits. It's a shame Sky don't allow you to do the same with your subscription. It's all or nothing with them. Drop Sky, take on a BT TV subscription (mine is £10 a month for the lot) and possibly top it up with Netflix. That's all the TV I need. BT TV is as good as Sky imo minus Sky Atlantic of course. Mind you, you could pay £80+ with Virgin and still not have that flaming channel.
  7. It's absolutely the right way to go. Moffat did redeem himself slightly with the last series although tbf he has wrecked it somewhat. The Chibnall connection should hopefully see some stronger writing and better story telling. Something seriously lacking since Ecclestone and Tennant. Looking forward to it. Just give Capaldi a decent send off story wise, he deserves that at least.
  8. As soon as someone finds a decent set of HD streams for the new series of Game of Thrones please post the add-on in here.
  9. He could have at least attempted to flap at it. He's gotten worse, if that's possible.
  10. Just wear the shirt in pitch black darkness like in all the promo photos. No one will notice.
  11. We'll obviously turn 29 million down. Roma can splash it on an overweight Nasri instead.
  12. Mine is an early one from November of the year they were out. No problems here. Solid console - it's the 360 equivalent of the last generation of consoles i.e. the best. £150 is a steal.
  13. He flapped at most shots and won't be missed. Cheerio.
  14. Tbf I don't think he wanted to be here at the start of last season either.
  15. I think he has been ill advised from the outset. Mistake number 1. If he really did want out at the end of the season before last, before being persuaded to stay, why get suckered in by a 3 year deal? The club are immediately going to play hardball with anyone interested a year down the line - and so they should, they're paying him 100k a week and he is the most valuable asset at the club. Mistake number 2. He shouldn't have made a statement at the end of the season in the way he did. He pretty much burned the bridges there and then by issuing that statement. It's all well and good thanking the fans, the club and all and sundry but the fact of the matter is, he's still here, and I'm certain that whoever told him to issue that statement did so in the belief that he wouldn't be here now. Whoever has advised him, has put him in an awkward position. What he needs to do is revoke the statement, knuckle down, put a shift in and get the consistency back. For all those who still think he's the best technical player they've ever seen in an LCFC shirt, there's equally likely to be someone who shares a little animosity for him after the way in which he conducted himself at the end of last season. Let the performances on the pitch do the talking and he'll turn those against him around whilst at the same time rekindling interest from the so called bigger club that he craves, of which I'm not convinced Arsenal is one tbh, but one that is better than nothing at all.