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  1. Legend_in_blue

    Which is the best Star Trek series?

    Series 2 starts in January. If the trailer is anything to go by, I expect it to continue to be unmissable TV. Discovery is a very good series, all previous series have taken their time to get going in the first instance, but Discovery was non stop action all the way. It had its critics. That initial first reveal trailer made BBCs CGI look good, and I was concerned, but all improved when we got the Europa ramming a cloaked Klingon ship, lens flares and a decent enough crew headed up by the mysterious Lorca. Frakes' episode that he directed was superb and there were few duff episodes. If I was to be overly critical, the whole story arc petered out by the end but the rendezvous in the final moments more than made up for it. Further down the line Stewart has lined himself up to do something Picard related. Should be decent.
  2. Legend_in_blue

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    What's the French for "on borrowed time"?
  3. Legend_in_blue

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    could you PM me please? cheers.
  4. Legend_in_blue

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Puel is doing a great job of setting himself up for more criticism at 5pm. The longer this goes on the more and more I think he's doing it deliberately. Why do we need two defensive midfielders at home against Huddersfield? Also, why drop an attacking RB who you would like to think will be attacking more than defending in a game like this? Where's Soyuncu? Over 30 million spent on two CBs, one of which is in Scotland and the other we've never seen. If he gets this wrong, he's in serious ****.
  5. Legend_in_blue

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Another week closer and another unimpressive trailer. The BBC are doing their best to set the expectation level as low as possible. I'll probably still give it a chance but, unless the story telling is top notch, I can't see it continuing much longer. The issue isn't with casting Jodie Whittaker, I'm fine with that, although that's many people's first port of call when giving it criticism. It's the fact that it's in danger of being left behind in terms of the spectacle it provides on the TV. Take Netflix, so many decent sci-fi shows - Stranger Things, Altered Carbon, Lost in Space, ST Discovery, big budgets, CGI, entertainment, it's all there - but the BBC plods along and gives us schoolboy visuals, Bradley Walsh and a dreadful soundtrack. I want it to succeed, I really do, but I just can't see it happening.
  6. Legend_in_blue


    I'm struggling to understand how anyone is getting mortgages on anything at the moment. Another 3 bed house goes on at 270k today - it's ridiculous. Less than 8 years ago a 4 bed was 220k, new houses spring up, people get fleeced, same said houses are now being pushed at 50k+ more than people paid for them new a few years ago. Crazy times. Meanwhile the older stuff in the area gets pushed up in price in line with the newer builds and low and behold eventually people reduce prices on them to sell as prices are overinflated. Interest rates rise above 2-3% in the next 5 years and people will get screwed over. Bound to happen.
  7. Legend_in_blue

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    Even when he produces performances and results, if he ever does, some fans will still not back him.
  8. Legend_in_blue

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Posted a while back I was watching Altered Carbon. Slow going for me although it's finally picking up in the second half. I stopped watching it but decided to give it a second chance. Second series confirmed as well.
  9. Legend_in_blue

    So many "puel out" calls from fans, so who replaces him?

    It doesn't matter what Puel does - he won't win over the fans regardless of what results come in. That's the conclusion I have come to.
  10. Legend_in_blue

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Until referees stop giving crap decisions against us when we play tinpot teams, we'll never win.
  11. Legend_in_blue


    How about Saffron Lane sports ground?
  12. Legend_in_blue

    Movies and Actors quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 63 seconds  
  13. Legend_in_blue

    Formula 1 2018

    Verstappen "I gave him space..." What? Space to run off the road perhaps? As for Vettel and Ferrari, yet again they show as a team package that they are just not as good as Mercedes, when the pressure is on they tend to collapse. Vettel lucky to get away with a racing incident only today - caused a collision imo. Keep the car in there and that spin/contact was the only likely outcome. Should have backed out of it.
  14. Legend_in_blue


    He hasn't been the same since his back injury. Time is catching up with him unfortunately, as it does everyone.