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  1. Courtesy of Amazon Germany episode 2 is easily found. Going exactly as expected and no spoilers needed to explain where the episode ends up. Next week though, who knows?
  2. Brilliant - yes, completely agree. Absolutely outstanding TV and a great end to the overall series arc, bringing everything back together well by the end and in line with canon. For me the series has been consistently good throughout, it suffered a slight drop for a couple of episodes during the big Red Angel reveal - felt overly long and drawn out in those two episodes. It's difficult to pick out one great episode but Saru's homeworld, Talos IV and obviously the final episode are all stand outs for me. The one question I have is this: Awful - No more Pike or Spock as it stands for now. The series producers would be absolutely crazy not to do some sort of Enterprise follow up including these two. We have a Section 31 series in the works alongside the Picard show and a couple of animations. Drop the animations and sort out a follow up for Pike and Spock. It's not good that two of the best captains they've had have only done a season each! Both Lorca and now Pike have been immense. Let's see what they come up with for series 3. Clean slate, endless opportunities to go in whatever direction they want to take it. Should be fun to watch.
  3. The Showbox apk is a great code. And it's free.
  4. If Brighton don't go down this season, they'll go down next season instead. They are the definition of footballing freefall.
  5. Should have given a yellow to the player rolling over 20 times as well as overturn the decision.
  6. I'm expecting another episode of setting up the inevitable battle between the Night King and everyone at Winterfell next time out having watched the preview. Episode 3 is where we'll start to see characters get killed off no doubt. They still have to justify what the Night King is up to, we know literally nothing other than what's based in the books and they are likely to deviate to some extent in explaining what his intentions are. That leaves another three following the aftermath of that. As much as I like the show, and it has been brilliant, since it's surpassed the books, it has become a little predictable, relying more on epic set pieces than your typical GoT plotting and intrigue. The more I think about this seasons opener, the more "safe" it feels for me. It was very safe, they played it safe, what happened I was expecting to happen, and so it happened. Hopefully they can spring a few surprises which is what made this show what it is today in the final few episodes that are left. There are many clever plot theories online but for me they are far too complex for them to be considered likely to happen. The complexity of the plot has dwindled since series 5. They'll take the easy option and it will somehow come full circle.
  7. It was decent enough but as expected.
  8. Can they just re-do the second one properly and then release this one next year? I've seriously lost interest after witnessing Luke toss a lightsabre over the cliff edge and milking some boobs.
  9. I've picked Doom back up again now I've done God of War. It's bloody fast. Struggling to put more than 30 minutes at a time on it due to the pace. Fastest FPS I've ever played. Crazy fast.
  10. The players don't surround the referee though when a sensible decision is given in the first place. Penalty or no penalty.
  11. Re-watched the final episode of GoT again last night from series 7. For all the CGI thrown at it and the impressive fight scenes, nothing quite cuts it like the Hound telling someone to just simply "F*** Off". My fav character on the show. Here's hoping we see this showdown for one final time: "You know who's coming for you..."
  12. Looks a lot sharper, like everyone else. Comes down to decent man management and a proper training regime.
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