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  1. We'll do them in the second leg. There's no way they'd want another humiliation at Wembley against this lot. They'll hand it to us.
  2. So do I. This is why I cannot understand why they seemed so quick to brush this one under the carpet. Almost felt as though the hasty decision was made to even it up after their's wasn't given.
  3. I'm very surprised that the second VAR check was not more rigorous. Evans never touches the ball and is not interfering with play. Tidy finish from Nacho. As for the rest of the game, we've not been at it for a few weeks. Hopefully this will give us the boot needed to get us going again. Many of the players well off form, none more so than Chilwell. That ball from Maddison, which was half decent played deep into the box, and that blast from Chilwell to no one, other than the poor guy in row ZZ, summed his afternoon up. A simple tap sideways and it's in from Vardy. Onto the next!
  4. That's a ridiculous decision. Evans never touches the ball.
  5. Chilwell is at fault for 1) their goal and 2) multiple efforts on goal since tbf.
  6. This was my point. If they did count as double, the away side would (hopefully) attack more. As it was last night, no incentive to, so just park the bus.
  7. I blame the competition. If it's a two legged tie where away goals count for double, the onus is on the away side to attack more. Villa no strikers, park the bus, it was obvious what would happen. Hopefully they do not adopt the same approach at home. Once they come at us, we will do them over.
  8. Whatever team we put out, we should be beating these at home if we're on it.
  9. It's his first full season in the prem. Tbh I expect Evans to be decent because he's vastly experienced. The same can be said of Vardy. Fantastic, yes, expected, yes. Harsh on him not to be awarded with anything as yet in his time here though. But Cags, for me, unexpected in how good/composed he has been. And he keeps on improving. First full season, he has to get it imo.
  10. If he's fit for all of the remaining games in the second half of the season for me he ought to given player of the season. I think he's been superb up until now.
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