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  1. There wasn't a lack of effort on the pitch tonight. No chance of that. Just needed someone to make something happen. Madders would have made a difference and we'd probably have won. We don't have the players to rotate a like for like in the same position and don't have an abundance of luxury players. It is what it is and we go again at the weekend. Cheer up, could be a lot worse.
  2. We looked sharper in the final 15 minutes at least. That's a positive. No injuries. A point is not a bad result and considering the next two games, we should be looking at another 6.
  3. PS5 Stock Live Stream (UK) CURRYS, AMAZON, GAME, ARGOS, VERY, BT & More - YouTube In all seriousness, they are saying on there early tomorrow morning with Curry's.
  4. Shades of that Vardy goal over the top at WBA, but all power. Superb finish.
  5. What's happened? The Horror Channel is streaming slow here lads!
  6. Is it fair to say that 8 out of the starting 11 are defensive minded players first and foremost? Against Burnley? Under must be wondering what he's got to do to get in the starting 11!
  7. It runs fine on PS5. It's one of those games that has a decent story but once I'd done it, I couldn't be bothered with the grind on a couple of trophies to platinum. The library of games on PS5 with the crossover freebies from PS4 is just too many to justify it! Now I've got FFVII in my library to add to it! Not to mention Days Gone, FFXV etc etc...
  8. Waitrose Willerby - Branch Finder - Waitrose.com There it is!
  9. Perhaps this should be made mandatory in Leicester City centre? Taken at Waitrose in Hull apparently.
  10. It is bizarre that, when walking along the roadside for example on the pavement, someone coming in the opposite direction will decide to cross the street and continue to walk on the opposite side past you before rejoining the same pavement. Unfortunately, this is the result of constant scaremongering and fear inducing advertising alongside all the crazy figure headlines we've had time and time again for 12 months. I see the 1 in 3 asymptomatic figure has been thrown about again this week and it's simply not true. More and more evidence comes to light to show that it is not true.
  11. Just like the people "following the rules" in many green spaces in London at the weekend...
  12. There are quite a few states in the US that would disagree with this. According to the data.
  13. The game was free on PS+ last year. It was ok but the annoying thing about it was the story cuts short in the base game. The dlc I assume continues it. I thought the online was terrible overall as well although the space battles were ok.
  14. Is there any information anywhere that gives the split of testing in Leicester for PCR and LF? Regional differences could also be accounted for by the proportion of tests being carried out under PCR rather than LF.
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