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  1. Cyberpunk will be next. It's all good though, they'll release on the new hardware first and then you'll be able to get the weaker versions on PS4 and X1.
  2. PS5 will wipe the floor with Microsoft on day one when this title launches with PS5.
  3. During this lockdown I'm increasingly looking at the PS Store but GT Sport has just eaten my storage space and then some.
  4. With the limited time I have for gaming these days, one of these consoles will never attract my attention until the prices of the games comes down. Titles are ridiculously expensive on the switch.
  5. I have both of those. They're both good games. Some people will say they are both masterpieces, but I don't think they're that good. I finished both main questlines, and didn't go back. Horizon on the other hand, different gravy.
  6. If it was that bad, then how bad was Nemesis? As with Discovery, there were a few weaker episodes, there's duff episodes in any season of Trek, but as a whole we're better off now having had the season than not have it at all. It gave proper closure to the abrupt end we got in Nemesis and if those final 10 minutes were shite as you have described then I don't know what else to say! The actress who plays Soji/Dahj is also a brilliant singer, all very cleverly done at the end.
  7. The final episode on Picard this week was an emotional rollercoaster of a ride. I thought it was executed brilliantly. Anyone picking up the series without knowledge of what has come before will find themselves a little lost on making the connections as it is very subtlety done, but giving a perfect closure to the abrupt end the movie run left us with was the icing on the cake. Those final 10 minutes were superb. Series 2 hasn't got the baggage of tying up loose ends with over 15 years of backstory to fill so hopefully it will kick on again and establish itself on its own merits as Discovery did in series 2 (albeit there will be a selection of people out there for which moaning about it has become the default position). Back to The Expanse for me!
  8. In terms of hours of gameplay, I platinumed Origins in around 75 hours, Watchdogs 2 in around 60 hours and Odyssey in around 95 hours. Odyssey is the biggest game of the lot. It'll cost more than the other two though.
  9. It is possible that the new generation of consoles is pushed back until next year with the current global situation. The new Xbox may be the more powerful machine, as it is currently, but the exclusives on PS4 have wiped the floor with Xbox this generation as the 360 did with the PS3 (until the very late stage at which point it was too late for the PS3) last generation. Although very scarce on info at the moment, I see no reason to switch back to Microsoft once the new consoles are released. For the game devs it's a tricky one, TLOU2 and Cyberpunk may well be put on hold. Any news on these?
  10. The message tonight was a message that was about as polite as it could have been without overstepping the mark. Boris is clearly taking no ****, do as you are told. I just hope this doesn't panic the panic buyers into a second wave of madness just as the situation in the shops is calming down a little.
  11. Downloaded GT Sport off the PS Store for a tenner. Had the Beta a while back before it was fully released, and after seeing how half baked it was on release, subsequently didn't bother with the full version. I hear they've added to it, so thought, why not? I'm still waiting for the fecker to download. 96GB of updates later, it had better be worth it. Only have arcade mode at the moment open to me. It's been downloading since 4pm!
  12. Spreadsheet containing figures... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eTKeK9vRxgw0KhvKxPCaDrfaHnxQP-n9TsLzsEymviY/htmlview?sle=true#
  13. Not an easy listen at all. Should have broadcast it while people were walking down by the piers this afternoon.
  14. As for certain food products not being available, all that is required is to think outside the box. Don't have rice? Plenty of risotto rice, picked that up, no problem. Add in a couple of packets of chopped chorizo and pancetta and all of a sudden, from three tiny items, you've got enough for 4 meals. As well as showing how dumb much of the UK is, these people that enjoy hoarding sprees are also not showing themselves up to be the most imaginative of cooks either.
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