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  1. I thought the original was supposed to have a 10 year life cycle?
  2. Come on Beliall! Show some optimism!
  3. The first teaser looked very dodgy tbh, but this looks great...! Hopefully, another great addition to Netflix. What with Stranger Things starting back up towards the end of the year, some great TV is on the way.
  4. I'll leave this here... The best. So many great movie moments, I could have chosen the Citroen 2CV or the Lotus or... etc etc but I love this scene!
  5. If we continue to persist with Shakespeare in charge we will stagnate as a football club. We won't develop tactically and we're more than likely to regress imo as and when players leave. The only constant in football is change - we've gone against that for too long a period of time, albeit doing very well for ourselves in an extraordinary perfect run, continuing to persist with what we know, with little to no diffierence in our approach. We need to freshen it up. We need a change. Many teams have sussed us out and we don't appear to have an answer to it, to be able to adapt our play and to force the game onto other teams. Yesterday was another classic example of a need to work hard to get back into the game. We can't continue to play like this. It's too limiting and it will end up with us midtable. Again. We're behind in the transfer dealings. We're effectively two windows down on where we should be. Hence the need to bring in at least 5 or 6 players who need to hit the ground running for us to make up lost time on our poor efforts of last season. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, it's broke, in more than one or two places. It needs fixing. Bring in a fresh face, with fresh ideas and have Shakespeare on the coaching side of things, doing what he knows best.
  6. The initial reaction on here is very similar to when Claudio's name was mentioned. In fact, change the thread title, you probably wouldn't notice the difference...
  7. We need to adapt to our change in circumstances. Going with what we know will probably only maintain what we have or possibly have us regress, rather than push us on for more. If we're sitting here with Shakespeare in charge in two months and 5 fresh faces that are all quality buys, I may change my opinion. As things stand, there is cause for concern. I think the whole place needs a freshen up.
  8. Supposing we appoint Shakespeare and it all goes wrong, then what? I'm still struggling to see past bringing someone else in, with Shakespeare going back to what he knows.
  9. As many have said on here, his main weakness is his inability to make the correct tactical decisions in games or to make these quickly enough. He often leaves things until 75 minutes. In the Championship though, I don't think this really matters. What matters there is having an organised, well drilled, fit outfit of players and you will roll over most teams in that league with that. For Championship level football, there is noone better than Pearson.
  10. Tried this for the first time last night. "You Are Dead". Saw that within 20 minutes Tbf, the shooting aspect of this will take some getting used to having played non stop for 70 hours on a faster paced shooter. Still, made it past the garage section and old grandma certainly seems to get round the place fast. Now she's upstairs!
  11. I will expand on my previous comment. He isn't consistent enough, therefore he isn't good enough.
  12. He isn't good enough.
  13. Completed the game pretty much in just under 70 hours playtime. 95% completion. Solid 8/10 game. As with other open world games, will I go through it again? Not a chance.
  14. Knack...
  15. We need to be at least where Everton are now at this point next season. This is definitely doable. I'm not sure pushing further into the top 6 is achievable unless a complete overhaul of our away displays tactically become massively improved. We also require key players to remain and to add at least another 4 that can hit the ground running. Difficult ask imo.