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  1. Yes we were hopeless and couldn’t cope with their energy or play. Already questions being asked about the squad and manager albeit mainly from people who expected us to be easily the best team etc.
  2. Burnley being Burnley tonight really frustrating Spurs and have had the better chances.
  3. I thought it was offside too but I guess it gives Arsenal an excuse for you winning. Only seen it on MOTD though and Cahill was critical so maybe in a minority.
  4. Another record! Will he retire if he breaks the record for world titles next season? Won’t be much more for him to achieve on the track.
  5. I presume Mike Dean thought it was outside the area to give a free kick. Does he not trust his own instinct?
  6. From beating Liverpool 7-2 to losing to a Patrick Bamford hat trick! Back down to earth for Villa.
  7. That is a surprise. Did he get up open mouthed and arms waving ?
  8. Had a potential shout for a penalty denied by VAR according to the Beeb.
  9. Good strike but you know any hint of offside and it will be disallowed.
  10. Liverpool fans would have wished he was sent off probably!!
  11. Had this been in the Sheffield United v Fulham game for example you would have got about 5 minutes of coverage and a small section in the papers. Instead it’s probably the one player Liverpool couldn’t afford to lose given Gomez has been shaky and Matip injury prone so it’s not just a talking point for now but affects their future. Plus it was the derby game and he did get injured ed by an unpopular England player. Richarlison could have badly injured the Liverpool player with his tackle but didn’t and got sent off which makes me think had Oliver seen the other
  12. The Pickford / Van Dijk incident wasn’t the first bad tackle we have seen go unpunished but clearly highlighted more due to the teams and players involved. I’d suggest the lack of action taken was down to poor refereeing rather than VAR itself. Not the first time Mr Coote has let an awful tackle go.
  13. Was silly. Brighton will hope it doesn’t cost them.
  14. I remember he was seen as one for the future - just needs to kick start his career. Surprised Sheffield United didn't start their new striker and record signing in a game they had to win really. Instead got a point via a dubious penalty and Mitrovic having a mare in front of goal.
  15. Finally some good news for Maguire, Dangerous in both areas.
  16. They will probably get a decision for them next game!
  17. Could have been a penalty for Arsenal ? Potentially get that given as a foul elsewhere on the pitch.
  18. Another change that has probably passed people by which does help them understand decisions.
  19. Hardly been in the game but that is what the best do I guess. Come up with moments of magic
  20. Pickford really is Jekyll and Hyde! One minute could have been sent off for taking out Van Dijk then the next producing an excellent save.
  21. Was a rubbish game and we have been pretty poor attacking wise - doesn't help not having Sarr/Deeney (if fit) and even Gray who is useful at this level. But another clean sheet and generally pretty solid - 1 goal in 5 games given away. Of course had that moment of magic as well. Worry to read Derby fans say that was their best performance so far.....doesn't bode well then! Blackburn and Bournemouth will be much tougher in term of testing the defence.
  22. Reducing the league won't be voted for by most of the league. League cup is like a Reserve team cup already. And ofcouse money is the sweeter.
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