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  1. Deserves a criminal record for his corners more than anything
  2. Was on Leelcfc Instagram, surprised it hasn’t been posted yet. Slightly more “real” version of the CGI Ash posted early on.
  3. That’s the trouble when a bunch of folk have nothing else to do but gossip....because they aren’t entitled protected footballers 👀
  4. I’m not really fussed about the where to be honest. Just in line with everyone else, keep a low profile surely? Stay home in your beautiful house. Got a five a side pitch in the back garden have a bloody kick about But maybe... just maybe after breaking covid rules, don’t travel to the other side of Leicestershire for a round of golf just before your team kicks off in a game you’ve been banished from. Just strikes me as another brain dead moment in a week full of them
  5. I know mate that was my point He also lives over the road from a pretty nice course
  6. Or a couple minutes away from the city he actually lives in rather than mooching over to the other side of leicester! Not that it matters but there’s zero chance he got home in time for kick off
  7. I think I speak for everyone when I say **** the **** off you ****ing idiot
  8. Not entirely sure why we are playing such a high line on a long pitch against one of the best at running in behind!
  9. What the **** was that corner! Even by our standards
  10. Dan is having a stinker. I thought the whole idea of keeping Fuchs around was for his experience in games like this
  11. One very good player making all the difference
  12. Both family men aren’t they. Sensible as well! God knows where the party was, but Madders has just moved to a massive new house in Nottingham and obviously Wes lives here too.
  13. I mean earlier in the season one of our players ALLEGEDLY walked in on our ex physio drilling another player...... so this is fairly tame! people have got too much time on their hands at the minute
  14. Just another indication that King Power are running a club well again for me. If you sign for OHL it doesn’t matter where you come from, you get no favours and only get games if you prove your worth. Must be reassuring for your fans that there’s no pressure from ownership to play certain players just because they have leicester history.
  15. Yeah I thought that, but those lads then get picked by other counties, as those two aren’t pro counties. I picked those two as I’d imagine they’d be the strongest two because of having the universities to pick from
  16. Oh yeah I can imagine. But if you introduced promotion these teams would get backing and develop. Most of them are from affluent counties, the fact that we don’t have a “Cambridgeshire” or “Oxfordshire” is nuts isn’t it? Obviously they’re only really bothered about developing the one day format. But I think if you wanted to freshen up county cricket, expansion/relegation/promotion would be a great start
  17. I was going to put “too” but went for subtlety instead
  18. Steve Bruce will be delighted, he can take the rest of the season off
  19. This is the most Fulham Vs Wolves game of football I’ve ever seen. Wolves must have all got nose bleeds after Monday’s antics
  20. This no divisions think is going to be horrific isn't it. As much as it hurts to say, there absolutely must be a minor counties side better than us? Or at least a county that has deserved the opportunity in the last 5 or 6 years to replace us and try to build something. As much as we'd be the first to go if they introduced relegation in the future, you have to feel it might make things more competitive and actually make some counties towards the bottom up their game a bit. Like what motivation is there for our players in a normal CC season? They know they
  21. I've laughed at a lot today but that really got me
  22. Yeah absolutely agree, wasn't saying we could have tried to keep him
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