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  1. A three weeks daily concentrated cortezone injection programe is the best treatment I've done a two hour first aid course at work, so I'm medically trained to know what is best!
  2. Surely they valet it for that price while you're in the ground!
  3. I can't see our lads playing their hearts out for this result, with their biggest game of their lifes so far a day or two away!
  4. In the cup final, it will go one of two ways for him Either the game will pass him by, with his runs being snuffed out Or he'll win it for us with a moment of Vardy magic, that we've loved from him many times over the last few years!
  5. It's shit dropping points on a Friday, and then hoping that teams slip up all weekend!
  6. Can someone please explain to me how we can't get into the CL if we finish 4th, if the Engish teams in this seasons CL and europa league win their competitions?
  7. 3 more wins should be enough realistically for the top 4 finish! Or is it too early to say that?
  8. He's getting back there now hopefully, that right clog of his is not quite back to the weapon that we love just yet Not far off though!
  9. It's nice to have a few intact fingernails at the end of a game for once!
  10. That excuse takes me back to my big weekend nights out when asked at work the following Monday if I pulled! "No, all my mates look like male models so I didn't get a look in!" In reality they were a bit better at the game and tried harder, and me being a ginger had me at disadvantage from the off!
  11. Do the BBC still do "It's an FA Cup Knockout" on the morning of the final?
  12. Come Sunday night I'll be like that daft excited 18 year old that stood on the holte end all those years ago, full of so much hope The only difference will be, a loss will not take the entire summer to get over! I hope so anyway!
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