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  1. I wish they would get on with it It's a ball ache trying to get tickets every other week In the words of Kevin Costner "If you build it they will come"
  2. If that Slimani had taken 6 shots a Jill Dando she would still be presenting crimewatch ffs
  3. Mine isn't much better Arthur Rowley looked offside there
  4. I've seen fuking milk turn faster than Slim You don't seem to get much for your 30 million sovs these days!
  5. At least you'll miss the traffic
  6. That's good then isn't it?
  7. The fans are starting to get on the players backs now
  8. August could be the start of a long hard season
  9. He's right though
  10. Can someone send me a decent stream please
  11. Nice goal today and we can't fault him for putting in two thirds of a shift every week but what a pitiful goals return Consequently, it's a no from me!
  12. Mine goes back to 1982 at villa park The same classless fans Garth (Bullfrog) Crooks laughing at Ian Wilson after his own goal Leicester fans vilified in the Sunday papers for daring to sing about Ardiles cos he was an Argy and we were at war with them. And they sent that fukin cockerel on to the pitch.
  13. Did we fcuk He went for the draw and failed to get it
  14. It was a one off But what an 18 months it was!