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  1. Looking for a decent stream please
  2. You sound like a laugh a minute!
  3. A good read but half of it was rubbish
  4. Neither did I for that price.
  5. In his book Youngy mainly blamed Melrose for that Garth (Bullfrog) Crooks goal in the 82 semi final He didn't like him by the sound of it!
  6. That would make sense He was the one who they said should have been as good as Lineker
  7. I've never heard that story, who was the young lad? I may change my name to English
  8. Musa is the new Tom English.
  9. I wish they would get on with it It's a ball ache trying to get tickets every other week In the words of Kevin Costner "If you build it they will come"
  10. If that Slimani had taken 6 shots a Jill Dando she would still be presenting crimewatch ffs
  11. Mine isn't much better Arthur Rowley looked offside there
  12. Jack shit
  13. I've seen fuking milk turn faster than Slim You don't seem to get much for your 30 million sovs these days!
  14. At least you'll miss the traffic
  15. That's good then isn't it?