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  1. I hope you're right and we're still in it .... I'll take that now but I don't think my heart will
  2. Crikey! I have seldom seen a more biased pair of pundits analysing a game. The Leicester goal was a defensive error and the Arsenal one was a great move ... and they were very similar goals to be fair! W@nkers!
  3. Biggest game of the season so far
  4. Bruce Grobbelaar Life in a Jungle, only 20% into it but very good so far. I was in Rhodesia at the same time as he was fighting in the war there so it has brought back a few memories. I just hope the rest of it with him as a pro footballer is good.
  5. It's between The legend up top, Ric or Evans for me!
  6. I would have been interested to see if he celebrated like he usually would if he had netted tonight
  7. Let's not get carried away by one dominant performance but if we tear Watford apart like we did them tonight, happy days are here again!
  8. The more I listen to Sven the more that I'm convinced he's stolen a living in top football
  9. can someone send me a stream please
  10. I hope you're right but I think Man City may be too strong for us
  11. Can someone send me a stream please, I'm struggling with footybite
  12. can someone send me a match stream please
  13. The Vardy penalty appeal was more of a pen than Liverpools winner against us ffs!
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