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  1. can someone send me a match stream please
  2. The Vardy penalty appeal was more of a pen than Liverpools winner against us ffs!
  3. I still remember it to this day, it took weeks to pick myself up after. When they sent that live cockerel on the pitch I was longing for a fox to be let on, but that wasn't going to happen was it! A great few hours in the Jolly Sailor pub in Tamworth before the game anyway.
  4. Surely big Bob threw a few molotov cocktails?
  5. It sounds very much like as I live in Derbyshire and couldn't pick out much that he was saying, I didn't miss much of a quality commentary tonight.
  6. I watched it and confirm that the tw@ did most definitely spout the said bollox
  7. I'll think twice the next time I moan about the quality when watching another dodgy cam movie on kodi
  8. I'm out of range for radio reception so looking for a tinternet commentary if there is one?
  9. Is there a live radio stream for this? cheers
  10. Slightly surprised to hear the boos ringing out at half time It seems a bit early for that to be fair
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