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  1. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Fuchs & Maguire need to get their shit together
  2. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Some right melts in here
  3. Stoke (A) Match Thread

  4. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Would make the Okazaki off change now
  5. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Should be away and gone, nice to us be able to pass the ball without shitting ourselves and still creating a load of chances though
  6. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Fuchs totally asleep
  7. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    That sandwich question has done him 😂
  8. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    Seems keen on bringing through academy players into the first team
  9. Claude Puel on LCFCTV Tonight

    Coming across very well
  10. Swansea post match 2-1

    We won! #AppletIN
  11. National Andy King Appreciation Day

    Anybody suggesting he isn't a club legend is frankly a bit of a ****
  12. Bournemouth Post Match 0-0

    Well, its a point on the board.
  13. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Any player made more fouls than Ndidi this season?
  14. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    Pearson FC are winning
  15. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    We're so shit 😂