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  1. Gonna bump this thread being as the game is this coming Sunday for anyone that might be interested
  2. Tee on for the last 2 minutes and bags the final goal to seal it, 3-1 win
  3. Blackpool fans are loving him
  4. Bailey-Gayle is up for Championship Player of the Month
  5. Yeah better to be safe tbh, Man City Supporters Club travel really well and have already got one coach load booked
  6. I doubt it tbh, there's a little actual support on here but it can be hard to find at times between all the repetitive crap but you can only try eh
  7. I would normally just put this in the LCFC Women thread but with this being arguably the team's biggest ever game, the furthest they've got in the FA Cup and against a team that's at the forefront of the women's game (and reigning cup holders) I thought I'd give it it's own thread. There's also no men's home game that weekend, with the away game against Watford the day before. The game is on Sunday March 15th at Farley Way Stadium, Quorn, a 2pm Kick Off. Tickets: Adults: £6 Students: £4 Concessions: £3 U16: £3 It'd be great to get as many people down there as possible, attendance is generally around the 300 mark, and help make it a proper cup tie.
  8. Home game again on Sunday against Charlton in the league
  9. Fantastic performance, our first was a belter and the winner wasn’t bad either
  10. Fingers crossed for next weekend's weather, properly shite luck that the storms have hit two weekends running
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