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  1. “Everything” still on the table at last word
  2. Couple of pre-contracts already signed (still rare you get a transfer fee in the women’s game), not sure about players from the other 3 “Big 4” clubs but we should be seeing an incoming or two from United
  3. I’d guess anytime now really, Chelsea have just released theirs this morning so clubs are starting to get them out
  4. Hate the word but the “bottlejob” trend starts to become worrying two years in a row...
  5. Cain & Devlin in particular have been quality
  6. Kick off at 2pm, Live on lewesfc.com/live
  7. Double figures 4 seasons running in the Prem for Wood...turned into a good top flight forward
  8. Livestream of Agnelli’s & Perez’ offices please
  9. Petr Cech has showed up to try and talk to the fans
  10. I wouldn’t support anyone else, I’d probably go and watch tennis or cricket instead
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