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  1. Don't be a **** Shakey
  2. Why the **** Amartey?
  3. Need Wasyl on for Benny, he's less likely to get sent off (yes, I know)
  4. Benalouane & Fuchs in central defense...never again, the root of our problems are coming from there. Fuchs looks like he hasn't got a clue how to play there and Benalouane just isn't good enough unless he's got a decent partner, stupid kick to get booked too. Mahrez is gone, just doesn't look interested apart from the odd moment. King, arguably our most solid player today, quite a few passes without giving it away and a couple tackles. Vardy has been a passenger, along with Albrighton, can't recall them touching the ball more than a couple of times.
  5. So is Kingy the only one whose decided to actually play today?
  6. Thought King did well until his injury against Man City, would much prefer him in the team to Amartey but **** do we need to sort out depth next season (hopefully Barnes, James & Mendy will go some way to doing that)
  7. Elliott Moore & Josh Knight at CB if Huth is still out, can't take another game of Fuchs there, at least we'd see if they were good enough.
  8. Made Andy King look like De Rossi with that performance
  9. May as well try the likes of Moore & Kapustka, can at least see how they look in a match situation, Mahrez needs to go too he's totally checked out
  10. Slimani has to cut that back!
  11. Actually can't believe that
  12. ****ing hell Kingy was having a good game, hope he's back soon enough
  13. What a block by the midfield destroyer himself, Andy King!
  14. I'd like to see more of King-Ndidi as a partnership when we've got an actual defense behind them. They seem to be settling in the middle now.
  15. Great run Chilwell