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  1. Pointless having Vardy out there at the minute, he’s not right and he isn’t exactly playing his way into form
  2. “What the **** is going on” not sure who shouted that but it’s a good point
  3. Burnley getting 6 players back there before we get 2 forward...
  4. Vardy “had an accident”, wtf does that mean? He shat himself or something?
  5. Currently 0-0, top scorer/host of the Covid incident Flint is on the bench
  6. We’re gonna end this game with less than 11 players and it won’t even be because of a red card
  7. Pitch at the KP has turned into a ****ing minefield
  8. I mean you really cannot judge anything from that for a 19 year old making his senior debut in a hopeless scenario but he’s looked bright at youth level and hopefully he can be something
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