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  1. Any decent cash leagues about?
  2. Went to my first game in Spring 2002 at Filbert Street against Blackburn the year we got relegated, think we won 2-1 with Dickov scoring both. Unfortunately only went to 2 games at Filbo and can't remember much about either!
  3. Didn't watch the game but it sounds like we might actually have some competition for the central midfield spots this season?
  4. Anyone got a Youtube stream they could PM me?
  5. Looks like this is actually happening... confused to say the least. Surely this means we're looking to offload Slimani?
  6. Wank, let the lower league teams have their competition ffs, Shaun Harvey needs to **** off
  7. Bunch of baldies
  8. I'm with you on this one, I'll be voting Labour, and graduated last year, but disagree with free tuition massively, why should everyone pay for my tuition fees if I decide that's the path I want to take? The money funding every man and his dog suddenly wanting to go to Uni because its free could be spent better elsewhere. If they want to do something to fees then how about bring them back down to £3,000 a year as they were in 2012.
  9. Way too much gold, shite.
  10. He is class. Not just his finishing, his touch, vision and footballing brain have all improved massively as well. It's great to have a player who so many other fans despise!
  11. Going to Ascot on Saturday, know f all about horses, anyone got any tips?
  12. Good research/tips in the last couple of posts, will be having some of those teams mentioned, keep it up
  13. I think he's been very good on the pitch these last few weeks considering he barely kicked a ball all season before that.
  14. I've jumped up an age band so get a new card, about time as mine is looking pretty worn out