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  1. Just seen a video of fans in the square giving a rendition of 10 German Bombers, don't really get the relevance/point singing that when they're in Spain following Leicester but each to their own....
  2. What's everyone doing for the £50 in-play offer tonight then?
  3. Journo in the pre-match press conference enjoying a bit of Foxestalk...
  4. Didn't mind us losing for once yesterday!
  5. 1. Webbo 2. Nugent
  6. Just got mine, quite a lot left. Used this to see the views and help pick a seat.
  7. Cheers for that mate!
  8. Could anyone with a good stream be so kind and drop me a PM?
  9. Gym

    3 sets of 5 bench press @ 95kg this morning, getting close to the 100kg holy grail
  10. The introduction of safe-standing doesn't mean 32,000 seats at the KP are going to get ripped up and every man and his dog has to stand up. You can still sit in your seat and enjoy watching the game sat down, why would you be so anti something that wouldn't even affect you, if you hate standing so much you won't be using it will you. Let the people who want to stand be able to stand safely. It's only a matter of time before it's introduced now and I for one can't wait.
  11. I can't be asked
  12. Luckily working and staying in London that week so works for me!
  13. Away allocation just under 3,000 then
  14. Perfect size for a new Facebook cover photo! Unreal work from UFS, this is the best one yet.