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  1. Way too much gold, shite.
  2. He is class. Not just his finishing, his touch, vision and footballing brain have all improved massively as well. It's great to have a player who so many other fans despise!
  3. Going to Ascot on Saturday, know f all about horses, anyone got any tips?
  4. Good research/tips in the last couple of posts, will be having some of those teams mentioned, keep it up
  5. I think he's been very good on the pitch these last few weeks considering he barely kicked a ball all season before that.
  6. I've jumped up an age band so get a new card, about time as mine is looking pretty worn out
  7. Don't blame him to be honest. The fact he has barely got a look in over a disappointing Mahrez all season is shocking really.
  8. No problem, I've got a seat on the aisle 2 rows from the back, whenever my Dad wants to come with me he just gets a ticket in the East Stand and stands in my seat while I go in the aisle, rarely get any bother from stewards up there.
  9. Just get yourself a ticket anywhere in the East Stand and walk round the concourse and up to the back of SK1 and squeeze in a row/stand in the aisle.
  10. Gym

    No shame in that, that's decent weight, even the biggest/strongest bodybuilder's in the world benched 75kg at some point!
  11. Gym

    I did it for about 6 weeks recently, in the end I just got bored and it's hard to progress on 5 x 5 once the weights get proper heavy. The squatting 3 times a week completely ****ed me as well!
  12. Just seen a video of fans in the square giving a rendition of 10 German Bombers, don't really get the relevance/point singing that when they're in Spain following Leicester but each to their own....
  13. What's everyone doing for the £50 in-play offer tonight then?
  14. Journo in the pre-match press conference enjoying a bit of Foxestalk...
  15. Didn't mind us losing for once yesterday!