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  1. Is that the best picture they could find of Shakey?
  2. That would be a sell-on clause
  3. I couldn't get over the material they used to make the clappers, completely ruined the day
  4. Spurs are in for him but he doesn't want to be in London coasting around in 2nd
  5. Expansion studies, not plans...
  6. Doesn't the club restrict quite heavily who can attend these meetings and the points that get raised? I get the impression this is rather stage-managed to give the illusion that fans have a voice but in reality are kept at arms' length from the most important issues that people actually care about - stadium expansion, ticket prices, transparency of away ticket sales etc
  7. Great deal all round. We'll likely get a fee for RRZ so financially it may even balance out
  8. Absolutely this - it's only one game but the Scotland qualifier did nothing to convince me he'd be a suitable replacement for Kasper. Much better options available for the fraction of the price should Kasper go.
  9. They interview people after they leave polling stations, hence the 'exit' name.
  10. 97% renewal rate after an average season is a pretty strong return; let's get this done!!
  11. Fantastic goal - big Wes would've cut it out though
  12. Cardiff's was done on the absolute cheap and with minimal disruption - don't think they switched any home games at all. As mentioned above it was built almost as a separate structure behind the existing stand and the roof taken off at the last minute. And quite frankly it shows! It would be good if they could extend the family stand along with the east - they could make the externals look really impressive as you approach the stadium from Raw Dykes Road (which would be almost entirely hidden in comparison if they extended the kop side of the stadium) and, crucially, they could keep the kop as-is and retain much of the atmosphere generated with the lower / existing roof line.
  13. I have no confidence whatsoever that Rudkin will get market value for him.
  14. No surprise.
  15. Bit harsh to judge him on 60 or 70 minutes against Millwall but you'd think we could do better than a Udinese squad player