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  1. A goal in the next 10 again really gets in their heads...
  2. That sums up the game. Ball through and it hits Vardy on the back
  3. Wilf needed better composure there. That was so bad. One goal and it'll give West Ham the jitters.
  4. Totally lost our shape and direction. Probably gonna get a player sent off to cap today off.
  5. It's still the same game. My friend. There's still 7 games to go. Still in an FA Cup semi final. Still in the top 4.
  6. It's 2 games lost (it we go on to lose this). The first time we've done that since September. A lot of overreaction for now. Some people still haven't got over last season, clearly. This next 6 weeks will be unbearable on here if we're not getting maximum points and clean sheets.
  7. One seasons worth Don't act like it's something we do every season or near that. Also, what about the FA Cup? Is that over as well? Cos I thought that was part of this season too. There's still 7 games to go
  8. Yes. We'll win our next league game while others around us drop points. Regain some faith!
  9. The hope is that Wolves were absolutely horrid against these and still scored 2 against them. Our final ball is lacking so badly but if that improves, those openings will be there. Gotta be ruthless. There was one move where Vardy ended up shooting, one of the best moves of the game but could have been taken better. They are there for the taking and they can be scored against. The goals conceded against Wolves and Arsenal will be in their minds...
  10. Such an easy goal to concede. Not making them work hard for it is infuriating.
  11. Fvcking hell Amartey. How hard is it to pass a ball to a player with enough on it
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