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  1. Maybe it's this government's reputation preceding them then in my eyes.
  2. Looked like Soucek's foot got kicked there and should have been a West Ham penalty?
  3. Why would they lie? It seems like a pretty specific thing to make up and I've not seen anyone prove that they didn't offer to keep it?
  4. Slight neck strain from looking up at Ndidi for so long
  5. Can't just be brushed off as 'there'll always be advantages and disadvantages to Brexit'. Especially not when the people who are suffering now i.e. their livelihoods, their earnings, their ability to feed themselves and their families, were perfectly fine when we were in the EU. Can't just expect them to brush it off as 'oh it'll be fine one day, but I'll suffer now for it and be a mug, just take it on the chin and do nothing about it'. Another example (which I hope you won't just see as a 'disadvantage') is the musicians/artists/performers in the entertainment industry now not be
  6. I know I said it yesterday but I'm guessing low numbers are influenced (in some measure) probably by people affected by weather and therefore can't get to their vaccination centres/hubs/GP. Presumably in northern areas where there's been shit weather for quite a while - floods, snow etc? Guessing this might also affect distribution to such places?
  7. Everything I thought of has already been mentioned so won't bother doing so again. Will mention Maddison's pass for Vardy last season though. Outside of the boot and perfect weight of pass. Made it look easy. Mahrez to Vardy for his volley against Liverpool too.
  8. I wonder if Giroud will start for them. We are vulnerable off set pieces and he will thrive off them.
  9. Labuschagne is a decent shout for captain I reckon.
  10. Yep. Dropped 3 or 4 in Sydney and I think 1 or 2 chances went today. I just think he's very dislikeable (aware there's players in India's squad with same rep). But I did like Ashwin's tweet
  11. And Tim Paine said 'can't wait to get you at the Gabba' in Sydney
  12. And Pujara. Pant will rightly get some of the credit but Pujara in this game and the last really takes the sting out of the bowlers. Frustrates them and uses up their energy. For test cricket, he's one of my favourites.
  13. I can't believe it. Kohli goes after first test. An innings score of 36. 36!!! Can't put in to words how it feels to come back after that and not just retain the series but win a match like that. Highest ever run chase, by some distance, at Brisbane. Some of the players who have barely played test cricket deserve some huge credit. Unreal performances and determination to get a positive result. This Pant innings reminds me of Stokes a couple of years ago. Iconic. Pant just made himself a hero of India after today. Unbelievable
  14. Are they calling Vardy a dinosaur
  15. Did you see the one where Lyon hit the crack and spun the wrong way past Paine
  16. Been one of the best adverts for test cricket I've seen in a very long time. Probably the most resilient I've seen India in ages. Pujara is class . Pant playing like a seasoned pro. 69 from 15 overs needed... It's been a fantastic tactical battle anyway and whichever way the series ends in the next hour, both sides deserve some credit.
  17. If you can look hard enough for something, you can find it https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/118111-the-ever-obliging-leicester-city/?do=findComment&comment=5798622
  18. Cor, wonder how many jokes @Izzy would have posted by then!
  19. Just seen Newcastle's last 6 games... Liverpool Arsenal Leicester Man City Sheff Utd Fulham So 3 games against top 6 sides, two relegation six-pointers, and Arsenal...
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