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  1. Meanwhile he did this at the weekend...
  2. white people are sometimes known as 'crackers', therefore matching 'crackers' with a white woman on the picture...
  3. Very common for Italian clubs to loan youth players out. Signed up in their droves as youngsters by the bigger clubs and farmed out year upon year. Sometimes clubs are worse than Chelsea for it
  4. Been good at SPAL. This has been the season where he's come good. Big strong player at only 23 so will be one for the future/future Vardy replacement. Could even work as a striker partner while Vardy is still here to be honest. What he lacks in pace he makes up for with physicality and being aerially dominant. Knows how to put his body about and not that bad on the ball for a big guy, either. Rondon-esque you could say. Just hope he's not like Belotti who was a one-season wonder in 2016/17 and hasn't done much since. It'd be a risk but there's a reason scouts have been there more than once! £20m is a relatively cheap risk these days though, however. Can't imagine we'd get Rondon for that cheap.
  5. Getafe vs Real Madrid is on ITV4 at the moment. Knew Getafe were doing well but not that well - in contention for Champions League football next season having only been back in La Liga for 2 seasons (this their 2nd) following promotion. And their manager has only been there since the start of the season. Sounds very familiar minus winning the league
  6. Fvck it, any excuse for these
  7. 5/10 Not familiar with the title race. Do you support Spurs?
  8. Rui Patricio Pereira - Boly - Ake - Digne Ndidi Felipe Anderson - Sigurdsson - Fraser Vardy - Jimenez Notable mentions/tough to not include: Brooks Gueye Doherty Chilwell Moutinho Jota Wan-Bissaka Wilson Fabianski Rondon
  9. Wonder if part of the Kop has to be extended or worked on first as part of stadium expansion hence having to move people away? Regarding STHs I'd expect a freeze and details to be announced around first week of May.
  10. And then the trim of the sleeve or the bottom of the suit. Then everyone's like OMG IT'S BLUE! Shortly followed by 'ugh why does it have to have gold on it ffs'
  11. You know treat and torture are not the same thing?
  12. Whilst I wouldn't call this 'amazing', how shit is the keeper not even trying to get back to save it? I reckon he's ****ed up the Panenka anyway...
  13. Benidorm for £2.5k?! How long are you staying??
  14. Yeah, weird how that happens really. You'd think there'd be at least someone totally neutral where no questions could be asked at all out of all the assistants.
  15. Apparently (according to Richard Keys so take with a pinch of salt and few more pinches), one of the assistant referees for the Manc derby is a Liverpool fan...
  16. I'm guessing they were doing photo shoots and maybe the girl is part of the photography team or was just there and took a chance...
  17. StanSP

    Jarrod Bowen

    Are West Ham & Everton linked too?
  18. Yeah no qualms with him winning it given the impact he's had on Liverpool's defence. Whether it was he or Sterling who won it I'd have no complaints.
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