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  1. And to think they did this before the game . Very confident bunch!
  2. This is rancid from Everton. Especially given the fact they still have something to play for.
  3. It has been mentioned. The other GD alternative is that we smash Spurs by more than potentially 2 or 3 so that we do finish above Liverpool.
  4. Can you ask him how much the table is?
  5. In Asian/Thai culture, 8 is considered very lucky.
  6. France's Ligue 1 has it all going on. Title race, European play-off fights, relegation/survival battles. Penultimate matchday at the moment.
  7. As someone of strong Indian variance I should be allowed to go to this.
  8. @Unabomber what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
  9. Albrighton's reaction to the goal is great Exactly what I did.
  10. @Unabomber can you lick your elbow?
  11. With a performance like yesterday's, and just generally how well he's done since he started playing in the summer, he could soon become a big fan's favourite. More so because he's a local lad but he's churning out performances like a player who's around 10 years older than him. His composure and confidence is refreshing. Given he's only 19, we still have to be patient with him - his inexperience will show at times and he may make a mistake or two here and there. As a fanbase we love a knee-jerk reaction but for someone who's already given the club a hell of a lot when it was despe
  12. Great weekend for the club. LCFC Women doing us very proud.
  13. That is superb. I love videos like that where you can see the moment their hearts are broken
  14. Can you put one of those 'Skips' crisps on your tongue without biting and chewing it?
  15. Wore my Leicester top around Oxford today. Got a few congratulatory comments; the 'nicest' one was walking past a father and his young son; the latter in full Chelsea kit and the dad still saying 'well done mate, fully deserved and cracking goal to win it'. I presume the dad supported Chelsea too so nice of him to make any kind of comment!
  16. Feared the worst as I thought they might go on to win the game in extra time had it been allowed.
  17. You could say Nige wasn't a (Pari)Match for the others AMIRITE
  18. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57131306
  19. For his feat yesterday, and everything that led up to it since Feb 2019, he goes down as an icon of the club. He's helped bring the FA Cup to Leicester for the first time. That's something that can never, ever be taken away from him.
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