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  1. Manchester-based as well isn't he?
  2. Keown says 'there's just going to keep coming, Napoli. There's nothing left of their season'. Which is the same for every single club anyway because all the domestic seasons have finished
  3. That's misleading. That's not Kasper saying it. It's a journalist doing so to help with the 'story' of a transfer.
  4. what great fun you 2 must be at parties
  5. It's late 90s Serie A all over again now. Managers version. Pirlo, Conte, Simone Inzaghi, Filippo Inzaghi, Gattuso, Mihajlovic...
  6. What a result for England after not playing well. Woakes did fantastically with Buttler to get that win today. Pakistan must be kicking themselves as to how they've not capitalised on it.
  7. How's it taken that long for that penalty to be given by VAR . Messi gets absolutely cleaned out by Koulibaly .
  8. They're lining up for Nige to take over when Smith gets sacked
  9. And he's back in the slips For a guy that has a bad injury why would you have him in a catching position? I reckon if he doesn't have that injury, Stokes doesn't go for it...?
  10. I'd have said that but then England have got that in dramatic fashion so Pakistan might want to up the amount of runs they get to make absolutely sure
  11. For once I don't need my glasses to read a post. Thanks @davieG
  12. Pakistan lead with 107 then. Plenty of time for them to get a lot of runs on the board and time to get England out if they set a competitive target.
  13. He's posted a picture with Kyle Walker Peters. Is Maddison going to Southampton
  14. Well, we won something this season
  15. Their bid for Lewis got rejected apparently.
  16. Not to this huge scale though surely?!
  17. Chilwell-esque crossing all game though. What
  18. Soyuncu's going nowhere. Not this season anyway.
  19. Pfft, what took you so long!?
  20. Not a great start in response!
  21. Yeah 400 might be a little difficult now
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