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  1. Gets better with each watch.
  2. Exactly. Some people severely lack context/bigger picture when it comes to Leicester.
  3. Good result for us. Man Utd fail to capitalise on our draw. Well done Palace.
  4. The one where Ndidi passed to Iheanacho?
  5. Owls losing in the last minute to a side that has 10 men can't be good for confidence...
  6. True. Fair point. I'm not a fan of it anyway because we look a bit shaky, but I can't deal with Amartey as RB (and wanting Ricardo up further) if we played a back 4. Also saw the Castagne runs! So much space. I know Tielemans had a decent shot saved but there was a moment Kelechi could have played Castagne in to loads of space and then perhaps shot/cut it back for an easy tap in. Ah well.
  7. I'd love to get The Undertaker's thoughts on this after his tweet once we signed him...
  8. Not usually a fan of 3 at the back but if it means we can have more attacking players going forward then so be it. With the personnel available, and not wanting Amartey at RB or both Hamza and Mendy playing, then this is how I'd line up... Kasper Fofana - Evans - Soyuncu Ricardo Castagne Ndidi - Hamza Tielemans Vardy - Iheanacho When you see the space Ricardo and Castagne were getting it's perhaps something we can exploit while we're lacking our main attacking/creative opt
  9. Think some members need to pay a visit to this thread
  10. Well yeah on paper. But it's not like we're losing consistently are we? I swear some people are so short-sighted and either choose to ignore the big picture or just can't see it.
  11. What about when we get some better players back? We've only not won in 2 in the league
  12. Not sure why people are saying goodbye to top 4 wtf
  13. Would take a point in the circumstances. Lack of key players, different personnel and change of formation. Some players still do need to step up though...
  14. One point gained. Not a pretty performance. Kasper World class. Iheanacho goal superb. That's about it
  15. What the hell their players are all over us from set pieces and the ref gives a free kick for that from Vardy
  16. But you wanted Kelechi to show more than 1 in 10? He was doing that. Yet is hauled off...
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