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  1. Oh look Luke has logged in
  2. Kasper Justin - Fofana - Evans - Fuchs Mendy Under - Tielemans - Maddison - Barnes Vardy I can't see any of the absentees starting after a long time out. Castagne is probably closest to starting but think he will be on the bench to start off with. It's not a game to play 5 at the back but given thats all we've played, I can't see Rodgers changing it. Even if we did, I can't see Fulham playing defensively so there should be space for Vardy and Barnes to exploit. This is a game where Tielemans could show his clas
  3. Go as strong as possible. Get this game done and no fvcking about.
  4. Fvcking hell Google aren't messing about are they. They still have 'latest' street view pictures from 2009 in some places and now they can't wait to get to our new training ground
  5. This one looks especially great if you block out the lorry and the tractor
  6. Sidwell was good as well. Stop feeling sorry for yourself mate . It's shit but you can't change it.
  7. Credit for Rodgers making the subs that were needed. Would have been a loss if he didn't make any at half time. Can understand the starting line up and resting some players. But good to know we can call on those players to deliver when called upon.
  8. Only avoid the 4 best dropouts.
  9. Much better 2nd half. Quality of Maddison and Youri showed with helping us in the midfield. Thought we fvcked it at the end. Great belief at the end! Vardy reliable again! Maddison was quality and lovely cross from Albrighton when it mattered Braga must hate playing English teams at home. Drew 3-3 with Wolves last season as well
  10. Yesssss! Through to the knockouts in Europe again!!
  11. That's why Albrighton plays you fvckers
  12. Haha hahaha how have we done that
  13. Savage going in on Vardy for not going in to the corner. Harsh.
  14. So happy for him. Came in in July when even he probably thought he wouldn't have to. Played much better than some seniors and has shown lots of potential and composure. Glad he got the goal! Look forward to seeing how he progresses.
  15. Wait no just kicked in the anle. Panic over.
  16. We can win this. Been so much better first half with our regulars playing.
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