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  1. Definitely a 48hr ban incoming...
  2. Iain Darke's pronunciation of Onyedinma is really pissing me off.
  3. 9 minutes in and Darke has mentioned that Muskwe is a Zimbabwean forward for Wycombe 3 times.
  4. People who don't clear the snow off their cars properly.
  5. Kasper Castagne - Fofana - Evans - Justin Ndidi - Tielemans Under - Maddison - Barnes Perez Got a feeling Under will be back on the bench instead of Albrighton.
  6. Surely last player to have the kind of impact Fernandes has is either Rooney or Ronaldo? Not Cantona as Jenas suggests?
  7. He already did in December and his performances improved a lot
  8. Perez offers us more as a false 9 option and could work well with the pacy wingers we have. He's more versatile and can see him fit in more in the side we have. Iheanacho is less consistent. Less reliable and you never know which kind of player you'll get. Although I think it's predictable what you'd get more often than not.
  9. He actually said 'interesting if there was anything in that' for Fabinho's tackle earlier
  10. Pfft, Pogba is no Youri finishing like that.
  11. I think it was great to see some of the early link up play with Under in first half. He was quite comfortable and that was in part down to how well we played 2nd half. Should have had an assist for that great ball to him from Youri and then Ricardo's great ball to Under. Good to see he wasn't afraid to make a tackle though. Sometimes players take a while to get stuck in after such a serious injury but I didn't see any of that from Ricardo today. Nevertheless it was great to see him back and I can't wait til he's back in full flow.
  12. Quality ball from Rashford this time.
  13. You keep posting this guys tweets. You're obsessed mate
  14. Can't remember if it was on here or if it was Rodgers but a while ago he said he prefers it because it keeps him in form. Having said that, it we were playing a team lower than the Championship he may not have started. I think Rodgers clearly sees how valuable he is to the side and how he makes us tick in the majority of games.
  15. First half, yes. Should have cleared properly for their corner. Wasn't strong enough defending it. Don't think he coped well with the conditions and the pitch as it bounced off him a couple of times. Second half much better. Seemed to settle down and be a bit calmer and less risky. Did the basics better.
  16. I was thinking there was some kind of Danish link there given Frank's nationality and Amartey being at Copenhagen before.
  17. Not many are adequate striker cover for Vardy though? They're not the same strikers and need support. Expecting them to perform as well as Vardy is having too high expectations I would say. I think Perez was fine today. Not exceptional but certainly not worth the stick he gets/is getting from anyone during the game. He had a few chances and threatened with a few of their shots. You shouldn't expect the same movement as Vardy gives us as it's not the kind of player he is. I agree we should be getting another striker in but 1) finding a like-for-like replacement for Var
  18. Yep, I love our depth right now. Especially with so many games coming up it's great to get key players back in action.
  19. Woohoo 1st half was a shadow of our normal selves but 2ns half we were a class above Brentford. First goal was quality, great strength from Maddison and lovely finish from Under. Superb penalty from Youri for the 2nd and quality again from Under to play in Barnes for the 3rd, good following up from Maddison. Clearly got a good bollocking from Rodgers at half time to play so much better in the 2nd half. Moved the ball quicker and played it forward quicker to get around Brentford's press. Great to see Ricardo get 70 mins, Soyuncu get a fu
  20. Hoddle says the key moment of the game was the penalty. Dare I say it was the equaliser
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