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  1. I think a few have mentioned it. Same with colds as well being more serious as there's been less exposure to it for the body to prepare against it.
  2. 'I stand by what I said but I'm sorry' how does that make sense
  3. And black people belong under white people. Definitely not one for a family space!
  4. I meant apology only cos he got caught. It's on Snapchat. I think he's probably deleted it by now cos of how stupid he was to publicise it.
  5. Come on Cheltenham. Just get as many throw ins as possible.
  6. Fvck me imagine if we went 1 down to a league 2 side and brought on a defender
  7. What are Man City even moaning about
  8. Cheltenham doing better than some PL clubs
  9. Wish he'd stop mentioning he had a relative who played for Man City
  10. Jesus trying his hardest to get a penalty isn't he?!
  11. Whatever side of the political spectrum you're on, this can't sit right, surely? 'Save lives, but we won't do what we can to help you save your own...'
  12. Go on Plymouth! Terrible keeping from Ramsdale.
  13. Proper dive for Swansea. But it's against Forest so carry on.
  14. Knockaert gets one back for Forest.
  15. 1,821 2nd doses. Totals - 5.86m have received first dose; 468,617 have received 2nd dose so far.
  16. 478,248 received 1st dose yesterday!
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