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  1. Ooh good move. Unlucky from Perez. Nice cross from under.
  2. Glad Savage isn't on commentary. I can't deal with him saying Under as 'ooondah'
  3. No side has beaten higher opposition in this round so far
  4. Excited to see Ricardo and Under down the right hand side. Not only just great to see Ricardo start a game, but that's a lot of skill and pace down the right side.
  5. The leak has spoken... I know a lot don't rate him, but it surprises me Iheanacho doesn't start if this is true.
  6. Brentford have a huge game against Swansea on Wednesday so not sure we'll see their strongest line-up.
  7. What kind of positioning is that from the ref
  8. Kepa has to be saving that surely?!
  9. Only at Premier League grounds which I find grossly unfair to the rest of the competition. Either every game should have it or none.
  10. It had no effect on the goal - Luton had more than enough players back.
  11. Don't worry - a few years ago Chelsea were 2-0 up at home to Bradford with just under half a game to go. They lost 4-2!
  12. Sometimes they genuinely might think it might not have. It can actually be really close and the whole 'fingers under the ball' argument comes in to play. Even with zoomed in cameras it can still be difficult to tell. I've not seen the incident you speak of so it might be blatant and your point stands if so. It's like with Buttler's dismissal earlier. It's quite easy to say that he surely must have felt the ball hit his boot after the bat and popped up - but even the umpires got it wrong; I can only guess they thought it didn't hit the foot at all but on replays, it's quite clear. Real-time is
  13. I get what you're saying but calling it 'mob mentality' makes it sound like they're the bad guys... I don't have an issue at all with this kind of vitriol being spread around to show them for who they are. 100% this is not the first time he's said something like this; just dumb enough to post it on social media for people to see.
  14. That was with Skybet, for last weeks game though.
  15. I think a few have mentioned it. Same with colds as well being more serious as there's been less exposure to it for the body to prepare against it.
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