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  1. Nothing special today but abysmal and invisible are a bit of a stretch.
  2. Kel was at fault for the 3rd but definitely made amends with his goals. Two very good but different type of goals. A player with confidence to recover from an error and score that first, then be in the right position for the 2nd. Hope he carries on his form in the cup!
  3. A side with mentality issue doesn't nearly come back from 3 goals down in the fashion we did. It could be better, but I don't think it's as bad as is being made out. A side with mentality issue doesn't recover from last seasons epic collapse and play like we have done up to now this season. A side with mentality issue collapses even more and doesn't stay in top 4 all season and get to an FA Cup semi final.
  4. Was devastated Fofana's header didn't go in Was actually a sitter with how it fell to him and that he was unmarked. A lot will be made of what the absent players have done and it'll be dealt with internally and professionally because that's just what our club does. The punishment was missing today and I agree it put the players who played today at a weaker point. I hope they are made to apologise but it doesn't have to be anything public to attract more attention to it. What's done is done and we move on to our biggest game of the season next Sunday now!
  5. Don't panic! Please! Everyone knows what happened last season but our fate is still in our own hands! Let's not call the lads bottlers when we could win the next few and find ourselves more comfortable. Kel made up for his error for their 3rd. Albrighton made a hell of a difference. We can finish top 4! Those who broke the rules should be ashamed and punished but should be back in the squad for next week.
  6. Albrighton does the hard bit then chooses not to cross
  7. A goal in the next 10 again really gets in their heads...
  8. That sums up the game. Ball through and it hits Vardy on the back
  9. Wilf needed better composure there. That was so bad. One goal and it'll give West Ham the jitters.
  10. Totally lost our shape and direction. Probably gonna get a player sent off to cap today off.
  11. It's still the same game. My friend. There's still 7 games to go. Still in an FA Cup semi final. Still in the top 4.
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