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  1. This is just not true. This rule has been in place for a while.
  2. I'm amazed you can remember what comment I made/didn't make 5 and a half years ago to be honest. I probably just thought the lino missed an offside as opposed to this 'deliberately played the ball' malarkey.
  3. It is the rule - I remember something similar happening between Liverpool & Spurs a few seasons ago. It's a shit rule mind. Rodri is offside. Clearly. He's influenced Mings in to playing the ball and making a mistake because of his position.
  4. Premier League say that Mings plays it deliberate, it means Rodri isn't offside any more. What absolute bollocks rule is that
  5. The only think I can think of is that they thought Mings slipped and Rodri took the ball from it. But even then that's really no excuse for it. They've had an absolute howler with it. It's quite blatantly obvious that Rodri has tackled Mings and was about 10-15 yards (?) offside when the header is made. Ridiculous decision really. No doubt PGMOL will make a statement after the game saying it was wrong and apologies to Villa. When in reality, it's totally changed the outcome of this game.
  6. I'd love to know what Dean Smith said to Jon Moss. Cos I guarantee we'd probably all agree with it
  7. Wow how annoyed was McManaman then when Villa lost the ball
  8. Holy shit Walton disagree with the ref. Maybe he hates Jon Moss too
  9. How many times do commentators want to get that wrong They thought Gundogan had belted that in. Even when Silva was on the screen they were still saying Gundogan has smashed it in.
  10. What is Rio's obsession now with calling people 'Mr...'. Just did it with Dean Smith and Bernardo Silva
  11. Foden's not at it today. Fluffed all his opportunities.
  12. McManaman thinks Laporte can't get in to the team because of Stones and Dias. As good as they have been, Laporte's been injured for a while
  13. As tragic as every death is, these deaths are unlikely to be as a result of this lockdown. Given the time-frames, it's likely these deaths are the effect of not being in lockdown or the lack of restrictions we had after November's lockdown finished...
  14. The scientists warned last week it'll get worse before it gets better. They said this week and next week deaths will rise up, probably as a knock-on effect of any December/Xmas gatherings...
  15. Am I missing something here? Only 5k positive cases yesterday?? 38k today which is highest since last Friday.
  16. Bit odd the Arsenal game hasn't been moved yet at end of Feb? We play Slavia on 25th Feb. Arsenal game still listed for 27th Feb?
  17. Anyone wonder what shit (possible literally) Trump has left in the White House? Anyone reckon he's just not given a shit about anything after last week and left it a total mess? It would be highly typical and portray how he's left the US, ironically...
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