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  1. Was Evans the one that drunkenly stole a taxi while at West Brom? Seems that wrongdoing didn't really matter to anyone on here when he was signed...
  2. I'd gladly try and get Pereira in summer if West Brom go down.
  3. Southampton definitely have both eyes on the game next Sunday.
  4. wtf they genuinely took the wrong player's position Ironic because VAR was used to prevent 'mistaken identity'
  5. On the basis we win our next 4 games, we definitely build up some more ground on the chasing pack. West Ham play Chelsea in a couple of weeks. I believe Liverpool still have to go to Man Utd, as do Chelsea. There'll be times over the next 4 weeks where we could actually be in a strong position by the time we get to the final 3 games anyway
  6. @Babylon beat me to it. You (again) along with others focus on the negative of the situation. Read @deanolegend1989's post and look how you both skim over the good things we do, only to focus and hone in on all the bad things that could happen. I think you under-estimated West Ham if you think yesterday was 'very winnable'. That's not to say I had already admitted defeat, far from it. But given their form, it was always going to be a more difficult than easy game. Saying it's 'very winnable' to me meant your expectations are too high. I don't th
  7. It's pretty much a certainty given West Ham & Chelsea's opponents.
  8. wtf It just doesn't sound right.
  9. I think this is perfect timing really given the pubs reopening. Reckon we should all do this to improve our Mondays...
  10. I can just imagine that we'll get to the final, Hamza's thrown on because of injuries and what-not earlier in the game, and he bags a winner scoring a worldie from a corner. Then they all go batshit crazy with the whole of the squad and they whip out a t-shirt saying #REDEMPTION #WEARESORRY and FoxesTalk goes equally crazy
  11. surely if you test negative, you don't have the virus. So being symptomatic or asymptomatic or being a vector for transmission is irrelevant?
  12. and a black Lieutenant in the US Army got pulled over by two white officers, complied with them and didn't react or threaten them, got pepper-sprayed and had a gun-pointed at him, all while he was hounded to the ground and eventually let off without a charge. The reason he was pulled over for not displaying license plates, despite the officers' own body-cam footage showing temporary plates in the window of his car
  13. Yes. And it's embarrassing they're very vocal when we're not in form, if that. And yet still find something to complain about when things go well. They crave the attention on them and feel the need to be heard even when it's not even useful some of the words they utter...
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