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  1. Anyone wonder what shit (possible literally) Trump has left in the White House? Anyone reckon he's just not given a shit about anything after last week and left it a total mess? It would be highly typical and portray how he's left the US, ironically...
  2. I'm wondering what would happen if I created a 'top 6 - yay or nay' thread for us
  3. Lucy Verasamy. Does the weather on ITV.
  4. And not just Sky/BT either. Amazon and BBC to continue showing games for Feb which I don't think was part of the original selection.
  5. Given Starmer gets called 'Captain Hindsight' by Tory faithful, this is quite ironic...
  6. Anyone know a backstory behind this
  7. As happy as I am we are top, the expectation isn't to win the league. So if we go for top 4, I'll be dead happy as it means more CL football. Semi-finals in EL but that's more luck of the draw if we win each game as opposed to anything else. We could get a 'weaker' club or come up against a giant.
  8. Our recruitment/transfer policy really is on another level. Justin emphasising that when more expensive full-backs in the league aren't performing as well and are nowhere near as versatile as him. Got a seriously good player on our hands here.
  9. Tonight's 2nd half was class. Mainly because of the effort put in by every single player off the ball. Players are more aware on teams' strengths and seem naturally ready to try and stop it (set-pieces are still a focal point to improve!). I can't remember which game it was earlier in the season where we absolutely bossed it in nullifying the opposition by cutting down the passing lanes/channels but today we did the same. They couldn't get the ball out quickly to Hudson-Odoi, Havertz, Chilwell, Pulisic and that stifled them. It meant they couldn't always get space to run in to and
  10. 1 being against Man City tomorrow and the other being Everton...
  11. They're too one-dimensional. When Giroud plays, it's pass the ball out wide to Chilwell, cross to Giroud, see what happens. Without him, they get stuck.
  12. Class on and off the pitch
  13. Big performance today. Did the basics right and got some timely interceptions and tackles in. A deserved clean sheet along with the rest of the defence. Kasper had barely anything to do because of the defence.
  14. Wonder if this could be our Liverpool 2-0 win moment from 15/16...
  15. This was on 11th Dec. Chelsea's form since then has been absolutely horrid
  16. Also very happy Rodgers finally gets to beat Chelsea! He's picking the right teams, making the right subs and doing it at the right time. In a very good place at the moment!
  17. Quality performance once again. I love our game management these days. Such a stark improvement to that night vs Bournemouth. Players' intelligence has increased massively. The other massive thing that has to be taken note of is the collectiveness and desire to work for everyone else. Everyone knows their role and their approach in different parts of the pitch. Everyone happy to chip in for each other if needed. Every game seems to be a team effort and we're really hitting our stride now. Tough to choose man of the match today. Justin and Albrighton really p
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