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  1. https://www.worldfootball.net/table_calculator/eng-premier-league/
  2. I currently have this with Youri, contract expires at the end of 2023, and I'm now Oct/Nov 21 and he won't enter negotiations due to Man city being interested! Gonna have to sell if he doesn't change his mind by Jan! But i know all the squad will kick off for letting him go which is annoying!
  3. I can't believe that Bowen would have been able to command those wages coming from a good season in the Championship with Hull!?
  4. I can't believe they showed the Will Grigg negotiations going from something like £250k to £3m in a few hours
  5. In fairness Sunderland were in two finals and were not far at all off what would have been a fantastic season for them
  6. What software do people use for these kit templates/designs?
  7. Premier league 5 a side teams from the dailymail...Gray seems an odd one - would be Ndidi instead for me!
  8. Anyone have a breakdown of Sky/BT to hand?
  9. Conrad Logan has joined Forest Green Rovers from Mansfield Town - still only 33 years young!
  10. Really thought this would be a quick seller - surely will sell out for a SF!
  11. That badge is brilliant primary school paint job!
  12. Easy marketing, wouldn't be surprised Premier League & Fifa have agreements in place for these kind of tweets
  13. Yea he’s continually bigged him up since his debut against Man Utd back in August .. has mentioned numerous times how the ‘big 6’ should sign him up though?
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