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  1. That badge is brilliant primary school paint job!
  2. Easy marketing, wouldn't be surprised Premier League & Fifa have agreements in place for these kind of tweets
  3. 2001/02 Home Shirt - Despite the season which accompanied it
  4. It's all fun and james...
  5. Yea he’s continually bigged him up since his debut against Man Utd back in August .. has mentioned numerous times how the ‘big 6’ should sign him up though?
  6. Hadn’t seen the 2nd email but yes in hindsight!
  7. It says CCV was, just not the securecode..pretty sure I’m not normally asked for that anyway? Surely a a free shirt is due as a a result of the ballache caused! I can hope...
  8. It was between 23 April - 4 May, anything purchased via online store I think
  9. Do the shirts from DH look legit when in person and just look fake in online??
  10. If anybody had the email about the security breach from lcfc store about their card details being stolen, my card details were attempted to be used yesterday and today and thankfully my bank blocked the transactions...so keep an eye out!
  11. Football manager hero of mine .... get him in!
  12. Firmly puel in until tonight, benefit of the doubt and the Young’s player and all...enoughs enough ...puel out!!!
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