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  1. Michael Appleton

  2. Fighting tomorrow

    Sevilla fans where really friendly it was the police you had to watch out for
  3. Steve Walsh was the real manger
  4. King Power Stadium Model

    This is amazing puts mine to shame
  5. Just met Robbie Savage

    My condolences
  6. Walsh to Everton - Official

    Don't fill me with joy
  7. Premier League Years 15/16

    Does anyone buy the Premier league year books ?
  8. Memorabilia to remember this magical season

    That's good the signature look copied having been collecting Leicester players autographs for a fair number of years you can just tell by one look
  9. Memorabilia to remember this magical season

    I don't think this is Real
  10. Memorabilia to remember this magical season

    This I'm having made Also got a canvas with Vardys record on signed by him a Mahrez signed Swansea ticket and picture signed Drinkwater boots and squad signed shirt
  11. White seats at KP removed

    Ok thanks
  12. Interesting just watched a interview with the groundsman and noticed all the white seating had been removed replaced by gold maybe ?
  13. How to sneak into the King Power Stadium

    No need I have a Season Ticket
  14. Bangkok part Two

    What could possibly go wrong http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/leicester-city-players-return-bangkok-7934391
  15. Huth given 3 match ban

    That's OK then JT joins in any celebration