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  1. 15/16 Title Winning Shirt-On sale in club shop

    Pretty sure it was just the standard S, M, L, XL, etc...
  2. 15/16 Title Winning Shirt-On sale in club shop

    Just to add they are the same as the originals, presumably just a further run of them, not a complete remake.
  3. 15/16 Title Winning Shirt-On sale in club shop

    Popped in earlier to pick one up, they have all sizes but it's only the home, no aways available, £35 with 25% off. Hope this helps!
  4. Away priority points removed!?

    Same happened to me. Was in the shop this morning buying my Dads birthday present so thought I'd ask and get said not to worry as it all just needs to be updated. Hope this helps?!?!
  5. Log in problem

    I was logging in to lcfcdirect to renew my daughters membership, as I sometimes take her along if tickets are available for her, it redirected me to the new site!
  6. Log in problem

    Guessing it's probably meant to be this way (for now), but all of my away priority points have been manually deleted from my account on the new system! Is is this the case with anybody else?
  7. Lcfc plane tracking topic

    Just flown over Anstey
  8. Mickey taking away days following Leicester

    The 'hokey pokey'at Torquay was good!
  9. 'Neutrals' at Madrid game

    Phew, it wasn't me after all!
  10. 'Neutrals' at Madrid game

    If it was 25-27 and a fat bastard in a navy blue jumper it will have been me
  11. 'Neutrals' at Madrid game

    To be fair I couldn't scan my ticket last night, I have a ST and have only missed 4 games all season and they were away! Sorry for the hold up!
  12. Bloody fixture changes!

    It is you're working for the Spurs game (which will hopefully be the FA Cup semi) and your daughters birthday is on the 9th!
  13. Bloody fixture changes!

    Everton now on 9th April and Tottenham now on 23rd April! So annoying!!
  14. Seville vids and pics.

    I would advise you don't eat one, they are not nice at all, about blew my head off!