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  1. So pre brexit booze cruisers were limited to 90 litres of wine each. Now its only 18 litres. Motherduckers.
  2. Woman driving car christmas day evening. All the hallmarks of a p1ssed driver, slow hesitant and all over the place. Then goes up the kerb. Thing was she wasn't p1ssed as its my missus. Designated driver. I was p1ssed when she fcuking kerbed it. Her car automatic. My car automatic. My car is only just 20cm wider. She has driven it before. No excuses.
  3. From the Guardian story on top 10 cracker jokes...
  4. Whats the difference between a genealogist and a gynecologist? A genealogist looks up the family tree whilst a gynecologist looks up the family bush.
  5. Gary Taylor Fletcher is thinking why not a few years earlier....
  6. There is a maccyds near Ewood Park. On matchdays its a walkthru.
  7. Saw this on a twitter feed about shite tv annuals they used to throw out. Clearly the source of someones jokes on here....
  8. Lorry driver on the A46 this morning not noticing a slow moving vehicle a) almost takes out the 4x4 in front of me as he pulls out without looking b) looked like he was going to jackknife it as he had to brake v sharply to avoid going into the back end of the vehicle in front. Oh and he had a load of paper folders etc on his dashboard..... i wonder what he was doing.
  9. You do make a valid point with that one, but in this case the road was empty and there was no need to stop. Similar annoyance is coming out of anstey onto a50. Cara wait with their indicator to cross three lanes of traffic before turning into their desired lane. Why not effing merge in lane one and move across as per a competent driver would do.
  10. Joining ring road towards Thurmaston at Red Hill roundabout. Road clear, empty excellent visibility. Twat stops his car to look and indicate instead of merging. Lorry hits brakes. Me glancing into wing mirror miss lorry initating braking sequence. My brakes work.
  11. Just sat at red lights on the A50 roundabout by County Hall. Car goes flying through the red lights pass me without their lights on. Ford Mokka so not exactly a twats car. Nicked?
  12. The name's Balmed. En Balmed The name's Balmed. En Balmed
  13. I was wondering why yoga wasn't helping me lose weight. Apparently it's not pronounced "pie lattes"
  14. Did you hear the joke about Sean Connerys brothers daughter? Its a little niche
  15. I asked her what age she thought they were. "Thats cruel, I am going to be kind and say a lot lower. One on the left 39. One on the right 35" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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