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  1. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Yesterday. Joining A50 from j23. On first part of A50 going past hilton. Overtaking a DPD driver who crosses into my lane forcing me to brake horn. Twat was on his phone and continued to type his text as i completed the manouvre. Some people.
  2. Boxing

    Anyone know of any pubs showing the fight around kirby/ratby/glenfield?
  3. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Problematic slip roads? Drive a car with a bigger engine... Junction 22 northbound is steeper. I had a crack once and got up to 100 on it though due to the length. Wouldn't do it again mind. One of those where you think could I get to that speed?
  4. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Rear screenwash? You tart. I think my car has a rear screenwash. Never bothered with it.
  5. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I thought it was a woman until I looked...
  6. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Today I was mesmerised by the worst piece of driving I have seen in a long time. Joining the M1 from the M69 and there is a Zafira ahead of me in the adjacent slip lane from J21... As I come round the bend from the M69 I see the Zafira I observe that it is slowing down. Lane 1 which it is to join is empty. There are sporadic cars in lanes 2 and 3. I carry on watching as they then stopped right at the end of the slip road. At the point when it is less than a cars width and their car was edged slightly into lane 1. They then indicated whilst looking intently into their wing mirror to see if it was safe to pull out. The lane was f###ing empty. I drove past. Looked in disbelief. Then watched in my rear view as they became a stationary speck as I drove away.
  7. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I do this a lot. Especially at roundabouts. I cannot see a problem with it tbf. Has anyone here completed a lap of honour? A minute or two queue to go straight on. Turn right no queue. Take the turn right option and do a lap of the roundabout whilst fist pumping like you've won a grand prix???
  8. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Joining the M1 from the M69 this evening. Doing about 35-40mph in a long line of traffic. I admittedly may have jumped over 1ft of chevrons onto the j21 slip road as it is empty. I then pull away at about 60mph. The slip from the M69 turns into lane 1. Then there are 3 other m1 lanes. The person was causing the congestion on the slip road/lane 1 was in front of about 10 vehicles as I over took them. He was still doing 35-40mph as I pulled well clear (at only 60mph) when I saw in my rear view that he had decided to go into lane 2... at 35/40mph with lorries/vehicles flying up behind them. Seriously how f#cking r3t#rded can you get? p.s. I shouldn't have gone over the chevron. I often do this when I am concerned about the speed of the vehicle in front (dangerously slow) when joining a motorway and it is safe for me to do so. In this instance I needn't have as the lane I was in becomes lane 1 thus not technically merging into another lane. I forgot that this was the case at that junction.
  9. Any Landlords on here

    I've helped a friend rent a few of his out. No agents. However you want the least amount of hassle long term. So this is our 4 step plan... 1) Use openrent. 2) Put in no agency fees in body of text (when it is listed on Zoopla and Rightmove this will atrract prospective tenants) 3) Put it bang on or fractionally under the market value 4) When showing them around ask them questions. Ask them about the property. See if they spot any defects etc. With regards to point 3. The more applicants the better choice for you. It is worth receiving ever so slightly less. You might think well that you might as well use a letting agent - the problem is that they will let anybody take the tenancy. You need long term and reliable. Would you have 2 people interested at market rate or 15 at £300 less a year (about £20 a month cheaper)? I'd take the 15... When I mentioned to see if they spotted defects - you want someone who will report a water leak or do something about it. You do not want a tenant who by doing nothing or not spotting anything going wrong will run your property into the ground thus leaving more 'dead time' (and expense) inbetween tenancies. There are a lot of idiots out there and you don't want one in your property... basically grill the f#ckers job interview style. Long term and reliable tenants equates to a nice healthy return with less work. You have to remember that when a tenant leaves you will get a period of £0 returns plus you may need to do some work. Therefore putting fractionally under or bang on will actually benefit you long term. Less dead time between tenants and less work for you.
  10. Would you Date a Muslim?

    Sort of did at Uni. She was engaged in a pre arranged jobby and fit as. As she was a few thousand miles from home she couldn't help herself Anyway religion is irrelevant.
  11. What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    M1 motorway in Derbyshire. Speed cameras are permanently turned on. Would like to know the number of accidents caused by a car going 80-90mph on that stretch compared to other accidents caused by vehicles going at slower speeds.
  12. Standing on a proper terrace

    May I present a small Chub..
  13. Standing on a proper terrace

    I will raise you a Perch.
  14. Standing on a proper terrace

    That might be why me and my mates ticket didnt work. They couldnt let us through the turnstiles. I had a rant at them telling them the club will be paying for my expenses etc. They then told us to walk onto the pitch via the corner (gap in the stands) and to climb over the hoardings into the stand when we wanted to...
  15. Standing on a proper terrace

    Peterborough away. Carp game but brilliant when we scored (Kingy?). People went everywhere. The stand had 3-4k in it, 4 urinals and a sink. I made the sink number 5 😂. Shit facilities! I dont think they wanted to spend any money on portaloos which they should have done. Glad I went though. One of the better decisions I have made.