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  1. Any player name followed by lcfc on google will provide you with a working link.
  2. Mendy looked sharp against Brighton. Would keep him. Carvalho a done deal apparantly.
  3. I think Youri has looked a little of the pace this season. Fitness perhaps?
  4. Can we sign Joelinton?
  5. Liked him. Always gave 100% when he played.
  6. adam1


    Ah. I know of a place in Quorn which does that kind of stuff.
  7. adam1


    Where in the county do you live?
  8. Has anyone ordered from Anstey Balti House before? Any good?
  9. Will FFP be scrapped for the next couple of seasons because of Corona? We could be a bit naughty and smash it to pieces...
  10. I meant challenging in January as in we still had a chance in January (rather than falling away in December, we last a bit longer).
  11. If he costs £60m and we have him for 5 seasons and get nowt for him it works out at £12m a season. He is literally the difference between us and challenging for the title come January (not saying we will win it - we will just be a bit closer 😎)
  12. adam1

    Corona Virus

    I thought this is over 70% increase? Wasn't it 3605 for uk on 3rd April? Or are counting from the 4th when the figures are updated (4313)? At which its over 40%.
  13. adam1

    Corona Virus

    Correct. It is called common sense!
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