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  1. adam1


    I think there are confidence issues with him at Leicester. I think its a squad issue and relates to the player problem with Ranieri. Musa wrong place wrong time. I would give him another chance.
  2. adam1

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    4x4 Rant time. 1) Joining M1 from M69. I am in what will be lane 1. I am accelerating upto and beyond 60. The adjacent slip lane from J21 merges with what will be lane 2. There are solid white lines with hatches between my lane and the other lane. Stupid woman (in a 4x4) in the other slip lane crosses into mine (crossing the solid line and hatches) whilst doing about 40 forcing me to hit the brakes. There is no one in front of her and she is not near the end of the slip lane. I flash her and she gives me the finger!!!! She continues to drive albeit now just under 50. I over take and she remains at the same speed as she disapears from view in my rear view. She clearly has an issue with driving at motorway speeds and has no confidence in merging with motorway traffic. Her licence needs to be revoked. 2) A1 northbound today. Open road ahead. 4x4 in lane 1. I am cruising up in lane 2. He indicates and goes into lane 2. He is doing 60. I quickly come up behind him. He doesnt move back. I flash he doesnt move. The road is still clear in front. I undertake and he has the cheek to beep me!!! Wtf???? Another tosspot who needs their licence revoked. 3) Woman in a 4x4 doing 50 on M69 everyone swerving around her. She wants to come off at the A5 junction. She indicates at the 1/2 mile sign and continues to do so until she exits the motorway. Words fail me.
  3. adam1

    Grand national 2018

    Vicente and Minello Rocco not running. The two reserves Delusionofgrandeur and Thunder and Roses replace them.
  4. Would have helped if I had selected horses for todays racing...
  5. adam1

    Grand national 2018

    Bet365 for existing customers (those whose accounts were opened before 23.59 on 11/04) are giving half your stake back on ew bets on the national up to £125. So if you wanted to stake £20 (£10ew) you can have £19 odd ew for the same cost. Or spend less. As for my selections it has always been Raz Du Maree (backed last year as well). I am happy that the ground will be soft on the day. Only 1lb higher than last year. 13yrs old stat might be argued - but stats are there to be broken and this is one who can break it. My second candidate is Blaklion who I always thought was a national horse. He has had a windop as well.
  6. I have. Looks like its a 2 horse race... i'll get my coat
  7. 1. Webbo. 2. Matter 3. Walkers 4. Suzie 5. StanSP 6. scouse 7. Facecloth 8. pSinatra 9. Otis 10. Tuna 11.lestajigs 12 Mike Oxlong 13. Stripey 14. One F in Fox 15. Jammie82uk 16. Osavo 17. Izzy 18. Ian Nacho 19. Adam1
  8. adam1

    What did we learn today?

    Odds on two Puel teams being relegated the following season? Might be worth a request a bet. Southampton 17/18 and Leicester 18/19 to be relegated.
  9. adam1

    What did we learn today?

    1) We need to start with a second striker - Okazaki. 2) Mahrez needs to be left on the bench. With regards to Mahrez I am not his biggest fan. He consistently frustrates me and fails to make the correct decision. - From the other week against Chelsea losing the ball when there was no need resulting in a goal (a common frustration when he fails to release the ball and instead runs into trouble or just loses it). - When he is in a potential goal scoring position or where a chance can be created but he throws himself to the ground. Yesterday was not a penalty. The ref got it spot on. Mahrez must be top of the list in Prem players who have gone down in or around the 18 yard box and not got the decision. His ability to con refs is about as decent as his hair style. - Throwing a strop when he isnt sold. I thought his perfomances peaked just before the January transfer window. Having said that he might play well for the last few games of the season. Its lucky Algeria didnt reach the world cup finals otherwise he would be saving himself for the tournament in order to move on. Someone once said to me after we had won the title that they would rather lose Mahrez in the summer than Kante. They were right.
  10. Sheffield Wednesday can still catch us - I say this as I have had a bet with a friend - which team finishes higher in their respective league. They can get a maximum of 65 points. 8th place currently has 61 points....
  11. adam1


    Legs feel it afterwards but the rest of my body feels fine. Technique is something which I spent a while focusing on.
  12. adam1


    Ive started going this year. Twice a week 30mins rowing 6500-7000m (damper on max cos i am a muppet) and recumbent for 30mins 10miles. I only go for the exercise, and I wasn't particularly bothered about weights/muscle building etc. However I am now looking at expanding into other bits of equipment. What is good for upper body and chest?
  13. adam1


    You need the following ingredients: 1) Copious amounts of alcoholic beverages 2) Snack food 3) Comfortable seat 4) Open Window 5) Air Rifle 6) Dog food on lawn
  14. adam1

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    I think there is. Im sure I have read it somewhere - foi request. It may be about 30 seconds to a minute. They may automatically flash and take the picture but they are not processed. I think there is a human element before they send the NIP. If you do not receive one within 17/18 days you are clear. I say 17/18 even though its 14 - add a few days on in case they argue bank holiday/weekends etc. 14 may not be a cut and paste got off.
  15. adam1

    Italian destinations to visit

    Went to Italy twice last year. Did a very cheap long weekend in Verona in November. Flights were from Birmingham and we paid about £91 return in total for two people. The airport to the city isnt too expensive by taxi either. Really nice city. It feels safe as well (completely the opposite to Naples). Caught the train to Vicenza one day as well. Not as nice but there are a number of nice buildings. The second trip was to Sorrento. Very nice town reccomended. Went to Positano which is very beautiful and also did Vesuvius on a clear day. Drawback - dont really fancy Napoli airport in the summer though. We went just before the start of the season and it was v slow to get through.