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  1. Two lanes. Need to be in left lane 3/4 mile ahead. Its uphill. Car and trailer to our left and a car behind. Nothing in front. The driver of my car is her. She slows down from 40 to 20 to pull in behind the two vehicles in that lane. She has over 220bhp under her right foot...🤨
  2. "A friend" pays £60 for IPTV. A year.
  3. Water. Why? It's hot. In other news got 20 beers from Flavourly for £25 (inc delivery). If they are any good I will post.
  4. At a v conservative estimate it would be about £200 a year saved in fuel with a further 30+bhp with what I have seen online with the map for mine. With 3 years (i tend to keep cars a while and its a v low mileage - 66,000 for an 09 diesel) and with those costs (£450 with £60 a year insurance) comes to a grand outlay of £30. £30 for extra bhp plus better response/acceleration. It is certainly worth considering.
  5. Mapping - I have been thinking of doing this to my e320. From what I have seen of the options fuel economy will increase as well as the bhp (already at 224 0-60 7.3). What about insurers? Have you enquired or are you not telling them? Has anyone else mapped theirs and what was the increase in their insurance? Looking at whether it is cost effective. If the fuel saving covers the premium increase I would probably do it.
  6. It would be a backward step to go to United. They are struggling and will continue to do so.
  7. Slightly off topic - is there a good chinese in Anstey?
  8. In the late 90s his style of football worked. The game has moved on.
  9. Was on the M25 last friday at midday when I witnessed carnage ahead. Woman doing 50 in the second lane (of 4). Everyone was swerving around her (lorries and all). She was oblivious.
  10. When you pull out you I think you are supposed to match the speed of the vehicles in the lane you are joining.... .... never happens!
  11. I actually don't have a problem with that. Those vehicles are speed restricted and so cannot accelerate to speed up the overtaking procedure.
  12. Very straight piece of countryish road with clear visibility. Two cars about 100-150 yards in front of me. Car in distance coming opposite way. Car goes into opposite lane to overtake. Doesn't pick up speed. Very slowly draws alongside (original car is driving slowly). Overtaking car slams breaks on to dive behind car being overtaken to avoid a head on collision. I am in a wtf moment after realising the lack of speed would clearly result in evasive action/collision as the whole thing pans out in front of me in slow mo.
  13. Beat the bank wont see the 10f out. Miler. Will not be entered in the eclipse. Bangkok will though. Next obvious step.
  14. It was a very poor renewal of the derby. Japan was the eyecatcher. Possible St Leger candidate. Bangkok for the Eclipse at Sandown in a months time?
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