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  1. adam1

    Jarrod Bowen

    Is he the standard to get us to the Champs League final? Might seem a daft question - but we need to be aiming high in order to push the club forwards.
  2. Past WC when we had them: Cambiasso Mancini WC with us: Banks Shilton Lineker Kante Mahrez (when he wanted to be) Vardy Ricardo Heskey (controversial) Will be WC Tielemans Ndidi Maddison Now to throw in a curve ball who could have easily played for a bigger team and thus potentially be wc.... Gareth McAuley
  3. If we get enough of these types we could get our very own Leicester Fans TV....
  4. Apparently Labour are not considering to implement capital gains tax on people selling their homes. The press regulator IPSO has imposed a major sanction against the Mail on Sunday regarding this fake story. But will not be publushing it until after the election...
  5. Thread off twitter looking at the claims that the story was faked. "2/ Firstly, the bots and sock puppet accounts are on the case on Twitter. As you can see, an identical tweet claiming the mother staged the photo was circulated on Twitter. It's literally copied and pasted, and the accounts are targeting it at various influencers https://t.co/OtdfBnRKnw" Literally copy and paste "I know a senior nurse at Leeds Hospital". Hundreds of accounts. How many friends does she have?
  6. 1) On the M1 and tw@ts in front of me decide to emergency brake with stationary traffic in front of them as they were not paying attention. Fault possibly with the discovery driver at the front of the two because he appeared not to be paying attention later on. I had left sufficient space. 2) tw@t behind me on a50 up my arse at the speed limit in a line of traffic with me giving the appropriate stopping distance in front. They stop I stop, I have to stop braking to go closer to the car in front to prevent tw@t rear ending me. 3)biggest tw@t (this is a cracker) on a50 heading towards m1. At roundabout after uttox with a bus stop just after. Pulls in to bus stop without indicating and then stops. Then pulls out whilst indicating thinking he has right of way forcing me to take evasive action.
  7. Liverpool were 7pts clear last season and the blew it.... Once bottlers.... always bottlers.
  8. I went down there once. Thought fck this there is no one around - straight onto the pavement for the rest of the road.
  9. Without having read this entire thread.... my take. We dropped points in the first couple of games this season. That was our dip in form. Liverpool look like they could drop points at any given time (Palace disallowed goal, conceding two against Everton (yes I know the score)). We could easily go into the Liverpool game 5 points behind with good old nige doing us a favour. Remember Liv have Champs league and club world cup during a congested period. Yes the West Ham game has been postponed - but that will be a midweek game at some point. They will not last.
  10. Well he is a jeb end. I didn't say to go through all red lights. I only go through when its clear or go through and sit in front of the white line.
  11. Too many plebs who cannot afford motors with auto lights.
  12. Try cycling. You might learn something.
  13. With regards to cyclists and running reds - yes I have in the past. And I would continue to do so. Why? Safer. If I cross an empty junction on a red I know I am ok. If I cross a junction when it is green for my direction, I know that I am likely to get wiped out by some d1ck turning left. Unfortunately some cyclists do take the p1ss, however in the main you need to be on the 'attack' to remain safe. This means skipping reds occaisionally. EDIT: I also believe that I am a better driver because I have commuted on a bike.
  14. Didnt go in the end. 6pints before midday (rugby) after being out till 5am put an end to any plans! However did come across this in a loo of a bar...
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