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  1. A good old fashioned reliable utility player. A bit like ronseal - does exactly what it says on the tin.
  2. He was also a pointless answer on pointless.... (name players from the England and Croatia 2018 world cup squads)
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/54323453 His first goal (and Hoffenheims third) is very tidy.
  4. Yeah but remember who we are. We sell Maguires for 85m and Chilwells for 50m...
  5. Out of that team. Thomas - too many simple mistakes. Saw this last season post lockdown. Needs to improve massively. Amartey - hasn't played for 2 years. Looked competent and so I would think he would be a good utility player to "do a job". Nowt special but fills in. Gray - no. Hasn't improved lets get 25m for him. Dewsbury Hall - haven't seen enough so far (only seen two games with him in) Choudhary - will do a job in the middle if asked. Iheanacho - I am very patient with players and I don't like to be flippant. When we
  6. Me again. By Tigers ground this weekend lane filter (everyone filters to the lane to their left) as a lane was closed. Big signs and big signs saying bus lane suspended. Yet people were still merging into one lane. Effing clueless.
  7. Chances are Mendy will feature a lot in the Europa League. I thought he looked good first two games, was impressed with him in one of the pre season friendlies as well. Either way - we have depth to our squad in that position
  8. Wasn't this last years bs transfer story?
  9. Red suzuki car or something similar. A46 junction at 21a joining a46. In the wrong lane and swerves across van who in turn has to swerve across me (I foresaw it and had already given space). Then after joining the A46 pulls out into the central lane without indicating causing the car in front of me to hit the brakes. Again I had identified what might happen so gave distance. Ironically I had gotten into the central lane pronto so I could get past them as they were clearly a liability. Seriously.
  10. Junction of A47 and Fosse Road by the dentists is known for that! Right turners towards dentist going on a red...
  11. Page 69 (giggiggity) So its been confirmed, signed and starting against Burnley next week?
  12. I think there has been a couple of accidents near the peckleton junction?
  13. Reading all of this and with what has happened are any leave voters now thinking that leaving is just a load of boll0x?
  14. Milad Mohammadi. Fastest milkman in Gent so the song goes.
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