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Fifa 19 PS4 Pro Club team - FoxesTalk FC

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I’m going to make a PS4 Pro Club team on Fifa 19 if anyone is interested? We had some good numbers on last years game, managing to get into Division 1.


I know a few of the regulars from last year are interested but new faces are welcome, the more the merrier


Once we have the numbers I’ll make a PS4 messenger group so we can all sort it from there.



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1 hour ago, deejdeej said:

I'll go back to cm this year, was deadly as a striker on fifa 18 but have a dire record this time around :mellow:

Mate I’ve had the same problem, spoke to Fraser earlier too and even he said he’s struggling with playing up front this year. I don’t mind playing up top for now but wouldn’t mind sitting in the CAM role.

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1 hour ago, Swarles Barkley said:

I might make my comeback guys. I typically play any/ST with my mates 


would be good to start using headset, dunno how we managed dn fifa 17!

I figured we weren't using headsets since we always played late(for you guys).


Mines busted atm, but if we are going to use them I'll grab a new one.

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40 minutes ago, deejdeej said:

Can play from half 9 onwards tonight 

Create the team if you want deej? I won’t get on until about 10 onwards if anyone else fancies it? Could do with atleast 3 people to make it worthwhile.

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