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  1. Ndidi needs to be more productive with the ball. Just passing to either CB is not good enough
  2. I actually hate myself for not betting on leicester to not score in the first half. Its inevitable nowadays
  3. Least we can full focus on fvcking up top 4
  4. This is horrendously bad. We look shocking
  5. We must have one of the least inspiring benches in the league
  6. The league 2 play off last night had higher qualiTy than this
  7. This is great news. Means the congestion won't be as bad for us and we get to see Tottenham bottle something else
  8. In 4mins for those who may have forgotten!
  9. Messi and Suarez from rewards. Why couldn't this happen 2 weeks ago
  10. 100% worst WL of the year in terms of gameplay. Seems every game there is a different issue defending is just a lottery at this point
  11. ter stegen and Perez from Picks. Oblak and Carvajal from Gold 1 rewards ill take it!
  12. Mahrez and Trent from picks. Got Richarlison in the guaranteed yesterday. Team coming together nicely
  13. Hi all, Think I attempted a tournament 3yrs ago but things got in the way and it never got completed! Reckon, it may be easier to do this time round seeing how we are all in lockdown, Appreciate that TOTS is currently kicking off in UT, but the tournament will probably only be a few games a week, so shouldn't take too much time! ( may also delay the tournament is high number of interest but dont want to play for a while|) So if you're interested in the tournament (match day squads to keep it fair) just pop a post in this topic and include your psn. Once I have the amount of people interested I can start working out the logistics. (Ill sort out the league tables and formatting) Swarles
  14. Been watching Money Heist on Netlfix and got obsessed with the song from S1 Finale Reckon the chorus would be a nice song for Harvey Complete work in Progress.... His Feet are Magic Hes fvcking Rapid Harvey Barnes, Harvey Barnes, Harvey Barnes Barnes Barnes Cuz once hes past you No you cant stop him He's the lad that we adore and repeat...
  15. Loooool, imagine being in position where you could pick literally any previous TOTW and they pick that
  16. Lost the last 4. brb, just gonna go punch a wall several times
  17. 19-7 now. Feel I shouldve easily hit elite this time, at least 3 games I got completely screwed over (Tbf 1 game I defo shouldve lost)
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