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  1. This is correct. He’s generally quite uncomfortable at receiving the ball but he’s actually quite good at playing medium length passes between the lines. Peculiar set of skills tbh
  2. “My wife blah blah blah” Don’t think any millionaire twenty somethings are going to want your 44 year old zafira driving wives tbh
  3. I’m a huge Iheanacho fan (and did speak in favour of him even before his recent run of form) but he just isn’t really suited to being a lone striker with the make up of our current squad. Perhaps, if we had another winger like Barnes then maybe but it’s clear he’s at his best finding space in between the opposition defence and midfield. If he plays up top alone he doesn’t have anybody occupying the opposition the centrehalves. Alone he drops too deep and doesn’t have the searing pace to then take advantage of a line that’s pushed up. Him and Vardy work so well b
  4. Not really watched many films of late but caught two this week. Master and Commander was the first I watched. Amazing film, the writing, performances and casting were all spot on. Surprised that it gets so little fanfare for how good it is. It feels like it’s the antithesis of contemporary Hollywood, maybe that’s why. The Equaliser was the other. Entertaining but really predictable. Denzel Washington plays his one role really well.
  5. I was fuming when Rodgers played played Perez instead of Iheanacho in those games. Iheanacho isn’t a great lone striker but he’s leagues ahead of Perez - he can actually hold the ball up which Perez just can’t at all. Iheanacho has actually been quite unlucky in his time with us, he’s rarely had consistent runs in the team and whenever he has, he’s usually been quite impressive, only then to fall out of favour too quickly again.
  6. He’s just not very bright, is he?
  7. Should be looking at Takehiro Tomiyasu, 6’2 22 year old Japanese defender who has played LB, RB and CB this season. https://fbref.com/en/players/b3af9be1/Takehiro-Tomiyasu https://www.whoscored.com/Players/377283/Show/Takehiro-Tomiyasu
  8. Iheanacho obviously isn’t a lone striker but neither is Vardy to be totally honest. Vardy’s best form has usually been alongside another striker whether it be Iheanacho, Okazaki, Ulloa or even Nugent. When he plays with another striker he can play in wider areas than he could otherwise which suits him, because he can both find more space between central defenders & fullback and he’s at his best creating when cutting the ball back into the box - rather than holding it up centrally. He’s at least getting chances and is underperforming his xG which is a rarity, he’ll r
  9. Bertrand would be a silly signing and I doubt he’d want to come here and not play very often at all.
  10. We need urgent planning reform. Most UK issues are downstream of the lack of housing.
  11. His partnership with Vardy post restart last season was good even when the rest of the side were toss. Condemning him on the back of the Palace game was daft. Iheanacho’s stats have always been pretty good so when he’s only had a few games here and there we’ve not seen the best of him. Give him a run of games like winter 2019 and 2021 onwards he’s looked dangerous. He’s not really cut out to be a lone striker but he’s made Vardy more dangerous (despite not scoring) too at the moment.
  12. Argie football has such a distinctive look
  13. Other nations have unlikeable players too. We’ve had (at least) 6 players play for England over the last 5 years, including two academy graduates. There’s a decent chance Justin, Thomas and KDH get caps over the coming years too - Leicester are getting players into England squads which is exciting. Each to their own but I find that the active dislike a bit odd, being disenfranchised I get but surely your connection to your country goes deeper than Maguire being a dick. I don’t bother watching England against the likes of San Marino because it’s a procession but like with club foot
  14. I can understand being disillusioned with England but nobody seriously ‘supports’ Belgium because we have three players in their squad. International football has become increasingly dull and that gets taken out on the national team. It doesn’t help the FA are ambitionless and Southgate is as engaging as dial up but given the atmosphere in 2018 imagine what actually winning a World Cup would feel like? If it was a choice between Leicester winning the league cup vs England winning the World Cup, I’d pick England every time. The league, the FA cup or a European trophy I t
  15. 5-3 vs Man Utd. Unrivalled drama. 2-0 vs Sevilla, loudest it’s been at home I think. 1-0 vs Middlesbrough, the snow game. The fans that went had a bit between their teeth that day, great atmosphere. 1-0 vs Bolton, Dyer thunderbolt to finally send us up as champions. 2-1 vs Sheff United last season, unreal weekend.
  16. I’m 3 or 4 episodes in, yeah it’s a departure from the other seasons so far. Feels as though they lacked inspiration a touch
  17. Vardy, Iheanacho & Edouard would arguably be the strongest strike force depth on the planet at Leicester City
  18. With those two signings though it was obvious at the time that were frivolous and probably were the wrong signings, it’s not as if it’s the wisdom of hindsight. Ghezzal’s stats and the reaction of Monaco fans said it all. Ward, decent enough keeper but £12m on a backup was always far too much. I think you could level the same criticism as the Perez signing - some of the reaction on here warned that it seemed a strange signing. No transfer is a guaranteed success but some are more dubious from the very beginning.
  19. I was looking at transfers in 18/19 the other week, we spent £24m on Ward and Ghezzal the summer after Raphinia had scored 15 goals for Guimares - he moved to Sporting for about £5m
  20. I’m going to contradict myself a bit here but I often think there’s attributes players either have or they don’t and they rarely improve. Work rate and aggression are normally traits that seem to be down to the individual and their personality - take Albrighton and Vardy as examples, they’re just innately grafters. Where Iheanacho’s improvement is surprising (which started last season) is that he just looks far more with it now, under Puel he looked clueless. It was like was lazy or indifferent but now he really puts a shift in and seems more disciplined. Credit to Iheanacho and Ro
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