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  1. I can’t believe you’ve said that, what a completely outrageous and truly unpopular opinion
  2. If my working out was correct the odds of all 4 sides losing was 196/1
  3. I don’t think you can predict it, I wonder what the odds would have been for all four sides to lose this weekend?
  4. Izzy replied in How was your day? 18:41 12th August 2021 Finally divorced the wife
  5. Not that I’ve been but Italy doesn’t strike me as a family beach holiday destination. Spain (and it’s islands), Greece or Cyprus are probably more suitable
  6. I've not booked any of it, I don't even know what day I get back home
  7. I've eaten and drank absolute shite for the past week, good job I'm off on an all inclusive holiday to Egypt
  8. I hate Liverpool so much because there were more Liverpool fans in my school year than Leicester. The school was 6 miles away from the city centre ffs.
  9. You can’t count trophies of divisions that Spurs haven’t played in in that time. Still, we’ve won three major honours to their two in Kane’s lifetime
  10. At some point or other I’ve thought a lot of people on here are pseudo-intellectuals, yourself and I included
  11. Bochum as a club are seemingly much more accommodating of it, hope it happens soon. Hopefully no 10 german bombers singing c unts bother though
  12. It's the ;ac of self-awareness which is one of the most frustrating things, you can eventually get most plastic Man United fans to admit it, plastic Liverpool fans think their tour of Anfield in 2011 justifies picking them because at some point they won trophies. C unt players, c unt fans, c unty arrogance and paranoia.
  13. I don't think I've ever seen you make a positive post about your wife
  14. Andy King replied in The many faces of Andy King
  15. Here’s hoping Man United lay down for Manchester City
  16. Chilwell had a good first half of the season, Pereira has been the most consistent but because of recency bias I’m going with Vardy
  17. His strength is his pace and dribbling, baffling that spends his time in the centre of the pitch slowing the play down thinking he’s got the ability to be a playmaker. Under Pep, Sterling and Sane play to their strengths by staying wide and using their pace and they eventually move narrower to get in scoring positions. He slows the play down and usually goes backwards when pressured.
  18. Brighton are shit, hopefully they go down soon.
  19. Crouch’s podcast is back and it’s superb again
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