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  1. Vardy’s crossing is normally really good
  2. 43 goals in 215 La Liga games Playing as a striker, he's got 24 goals in 93. He's 26 as well so not like he's a kid.
  3. I'd be very conflicted if Pearson ended up at Newcastle (again). I sympathise with Newcastle fans to an extent but in my experience they're mostly quite thick
  4. I’d see it as being in the same vein as the Evans signing. Would add some experience, guile and height which we’re lacking.
  5. We've been linked with Franco Vazquez in the past. Looked at his stats and he profiles far better than I thought, his contract expires in the summer.
  6. https://fbref.com/en/players/28b1f3ce/all_comps/Otavio-Stats---All-Competitions His defensive stats are impressive for a predominantly wide player. Marco Albrilhante
  7. Overrated/underrated player discussions are boring but Gundogan is one of those you forget how good he is until you watch him play.
  8. It’s so performative. Footballers are tested regularly, are in some sort of bubble and have access to incredible healthcare. Celebrating footballers have absolutely 0% impact on transmission. It’s a result of moronic news coverage, a crank somewhere complains about the celebrations then it filters through to news coverage via headlines like, “There have been calls for footballers to stop celebrating due to Covid risk” which then disseminates as if it’s a serious issue.
  9. He’s regularly shown some of his ability in games but he’s never really brought it all together very often. Today he was a constant menace and provided end product. Two of the passes he played to Vardy were sublime due to the difficulty involved. He could potentially get 20 in all competitions, it’s unlikely but we’ve got 20 league games left and you’d hope at least 10 games left in the cups.
  10. Interesting blog on population data and proximity to football clubs We have a huge catchment area, particularly to the south of Leicestershire
  11. I suppose we might see a more clearly defined 4231 a bit more often with Perez or Iheanacho as the 10 as rotation options with Maddison from now on.
  12. I sincerely hope we get somebody in then. Tielemans and Maddison can't start every game nor can we play with two of Mendy, Ndidi and Choudhury together (for a significant amount of time).
  13. I watched The Sopranos last year and it'll take a while to get through The Wire. Whatever I watch after those two will be a step down and a half
  14. Started watching The Wire. HBO knocked it out the park in the 2000s
  15. Rodgers’ commitment to the cups deserves praise. Would have been easy for him to have played a weaker team today
  16. Finally, someone said it.
  17. I was slightly facetious tbf apologies (Tom is it? are you a relative? ) I'll post on the fm research forum as well
  18. Iheanacho has 0.45 goal per 90 minutes for us (plus 0.25 assists p90)
  19. Gray hasn't kicked on but he's not been a bad signing by any stretch. £3m or whatever it was was clearly very shrewd at the time so it was as close to as a risk free signing as we can make as a club. I agree we should probably look to other divisions in England more often but it doesn't change the fact we've been successful buying from the Championship. We'd maybe buy from the lower divisions more often if we didn't have a good amount of academy talent in the team - you don't look for talented homegrown youngster elsewhere if we already have half a dozen.
  20. In the last 5 years we've signed Maddison, Justin and Gray which is a good hit rate.
  21. The unarchiver is the unzip tool but I can’t find the files when trying to extract them. I can find the files via the method you’ve quoted but drop downs aren’t the same with the unarchiver. I’ll have to post it on the forums
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