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  1. Doesn’t sound great when it’s sung imo
  2. I think the coaches at La Masia probably know a thing or too about coaching and they got rid. He's the Spanish Justin Gatlin that can dribble a bit.
  3. Based on 15 minutes? Have a day off fella
  4. Wilder is a better coach, absolutely love Nige but his strengths aren't really tactical coaching. They both get the absolute best out of their players though, the comparisons to Cardiff that I've seen are a bit unfair because Sheff United play much better football.
  5. We can’t start with Albrighton/Maddison on one side and Perez on the other, not enough verticality with those lot. Barnes makes us a lot more dangerous because he stretches defences.
  6. Didn’t contribute too much for this tifo but couldn’t be prouder to be involved with UFS and I’d encourage anybody that can to get stuck in. Excellent song choice even if I do say so myself
  7. Seen the them twice over the last two years but I wish DMAs were touring again. Looks as though they’re doing a new album so fingers crossed
  8. It’s so ****ing tired now though that even if he was taking the piss (which I don’t think he is) it’s boring. Ronaldo is weird, weird bloke and a real life Patrick Bateman but he’s fairly quiet off the pitch. Megan Rapinoe damages the causes she fights for because she’s insufferable, she acts like a c unt and her supporters say her detractors hate her because she’s a woman. There’s definitely some men out there that dislike her because she’s an opinionated woman but none of the US woman’s side are annoying as her. Ronaldo is an egomaniac on the pitch, Rapinoe is off of it.
  9. He’s a legend. I love the bloke but at the same time I think he’s not been good enough for us for 5 years at least. 379 appearances, 62 goals, League 1 winner, Championship winner and a Premier League winner. It is actually an unpopular opinion I’ll give you that
  10. Possibly in the developed world, but it’s not as if the Chinese working classes are really enlightened and that they enjoy living in an authoritarian dictatorship.
  11. If Waghorn can get a hatful in Scotland King definitely can
  12. Only £5 received on donations so far. They’re surprisingly expensive to produce and there’s so many hours that go into them too. Any donations big or small are gratefully received
  13. It was the session lager they had on, not tried the Keller
  14. I'm sure she'd beg, borrow and steal to go on a date with you
  15. Had a couple of pints of Braybrooke session lager in The Two Tailed Lion and they were excellent. Brewed in Harborough too. Also went to the castle inn in castle garden's/DMU's business school campus they only have two beers on tap, both framework. Bitter was shit, Planet Galenta Smash was nice.
  16. I've never done a lads holiday and I don't have a desperate desire to go on one but wouldn't rule it out completely, where's best these days? Would like to go to the German part of Maga though
  17. Not that Birmingham is often a destination but I think it's disappointing for the second city. Manchester feels like the true second city to me.
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