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  1. Good news for him and hope he can smash this job. Based on the last couple jobs he has done though Watford are getting spanked all the way down to the Championship.
  2. Excellent news and very proactive by the club to keep us moving forwards at rapid speeds as a club. Just hope we haven't jinxed our good run of form with this
  3. Tories Corbyn gets smeared 15024120 times = we sleep Boris gets smeared once = OMG THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BIAS
  4. Boris is definitely a massive lying twat, but he didnt say colour and even if he is a massive donkey brained nonce, he isnt stupid enough to even consider saying that either.
  5. Wouldnt start Gray, he is at his best off the bench and absolutely toilet when he starts. I'd go: Schmich Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ndidi Praet Maddison Barnes (free role) Nacho Vardy Think he will play the same side again though. Maybe Albrighton on the right.
  6. Arent Watford rivals with Luton? Assist on his Prem debut must be feeling pretty good for Justin right now. Great sub by Brenders. Justin can be useful off the bench in games like this, as soon as he was subbed on Watford's attack play down that flank really died off.
  7. He overthinks everything, probably because he is desperate for a goal. Just needs to twat the ball really hard all the time like he did at West Brom. Apart from that I really like him and wouldnt think about dropping him.
  8. Albrighton on for Barnes I reckon. Either that or finish them off with Nacho.
  9. Cus Morgan isn't playing and Hamza got benched
  10. https://www.buzzfeed.com/markdistefano/johnson-schofield-neil-willoughby-interview "Boris Johnson Will Face A Live TV Grilling From Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby" Lol
  11. Basically says we are on a run and Leicester fans can dream big again. Then says something along the lines of things not running very well after we won the title and this season we are back playing at the top.
  12. Gets in the starting lineup for next game for me purely on those sick flicks he was doing. Goal wasn't bad either..
  13. He thinks the UK is full of thick plebs, so doesnt even bother trying to tone down on the blatant lies.
  14. Depends if we play Nacho or not. In all seriousness I think we will finish 3rd. I think we will keep up this consistency but maybe flirt with 4th.
  15. Watford have a back 5 I think. So... Schmeichel Ricko Evans Soy Chilwell Ndidi Tiele Praet Maddison Vardy Nacho This formation worked against Everton's back 5 and Watford are even shitter.
  16. He already wants out. What a twat. Edit. I realise I may have overreacted..
  17. Start him next game. The Nacho redemption chapter has begun.
  18. Brilliant sub. MOTM. Deserved the win after a crap first half.
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