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  1. We'll be losing 1 nil at half time and Rodgers will bring off our attackers so Mendy, Hamza and Praet can help Ndidi and Tielemans.
  2. Bruno probably has more goal involvements since January than Maddison in the last year.
  3. Got my hopes up again... Pls dont **** this up Leicester... Won 3 games all year and still top 4, this league is nuts. Pls get it done next 2 games. I dont think I could handle it going to the final day of the season vs Utd.
  4. Ayozers is just one of the many players we pay a fat chunk for and play in a role they obviously don't fit into.. Slimani at CAM comes to mind. I think he has had an alright season, his best moments came from the middle and particularly links up well with Nacho. Very lightweight though, I am up for giving him another go next season as long as we buy a top class winger.
  5. I'm no longer angry, just disappointed. Need another break from football.
  6. Can we shave Soy's head and pretend he is someone else? Bennett and Wes scare me
  7. Don't see Maddison going anywhere until he has a consistent full season. Last goal January 1st, last assist early December is quite shocking. I can't imagine anybody paying he what we would want on him anyway. Chilwell might go though.
  8. Draw vs Spurs I reckon. Cant see wins against the other two.
  9. Nah only applies to the smaller clubs or those not owned by the state of Qatar, who dare spend more to try and compete.
  10. The positive news is that it is 4 days, it could be 3.
  11. Scrolling down is impossible on mobile. I just noticed I gave Albrighton an 8.
  12. Knew he would score, scored his 2nd and 3rd PL goal in 6 seasons against us if the game carried on I am convinced he'd be dribbling past our whole team and scoring with rainbow flicks. We may have given him the confidence boost he needed, he'll be starting in the Euros for England next year. Things to be positive about.
  13. Absolutely dreading this. They'll bully us.
  14. Watched until the end because I hate myself apparently
  15. I can only think that Rodgers was worried we would score another and win the game.
  16. He probably wants to. That kick out was frustration at how much of a mess we are making of the season I imagine. Lost his head.
  17. Also that bench sums up Brendan's approach. I know our squad is thin but jesus, 4 defensive midfielders who offer **** all going forward, 2 CBs, 1 goalkeeper and 2 attackers. Grim. Any other manager would pop a youth striker on the bench at least when we need a goal and we always need one currently.
  18. Actually dont want europe the way we are playing. That was actually pathetic. Does nobody at the club realise we are possibly 2/3 wins off the champions league? Rodgers' subs are also amazingly bad every time. He literally hands the game to the other team on a regular basis.
  19. I just dont see what he brings to the club and what his 'vision' is in terms of how we play. Doesnt seem to have a plan A and obviously cant get his message across. Weak mentality also. Happy for him to prove me wrong but think he can't unfortunately.
  20. This team lost 4-1 at home to bloody newcastle.
  21. Keep him I'd like to see him go head to head tactic wise with the local mailman who manages a team nobody has ever heard of in the Europa League. Would be a good battle. Should we get Europa anyway.
  22. Bennett reminds me of Huth a bit. Not as solid but Huth also toepoked the ball to the other team at every opportunity.
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