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  1. Me neither, nobody would have expected it hitting 0.10 coming down a bit now though. Suspect Litecoin will be a better shout in the long run. I am hedging my bets on Vechain as an alternative based on my amateur research and FOMO, but will look into Litecoin.
  2. Anyone hold on to their Dogecoin from a couple months ago? Went up like mad yesterday along with many other cryptocurrencies.
  3. We just need to bring him off the bench one gams so he can do that trick against a defender and be instantly worth £50M
  4. I am concerned southampton will be more fired up for this than we will be. Hoping we can start on the front foot and get an early goal, else it'll be tense. No idea on team but just feed Kel and we will score and hopefully win. Happy for Albrighton or Thomas to come in for Ricardo and/or Castagne who both are not that effective on the left. I miss Justin at LWB.
  5. Amartey would have scored that fofana chance, why take off the only guy who can score from a set piece..
  6. Dont think he was bad, I think he needs players willing to link up and play 1-2s. It is difficult linking up with some of our players, either most are jogging to join counter attacks or stay miles behind the play, or they just stand inbetween defenders.
  7. I'm just glad we have Nacho, else we would never score again. Albrighton really helped us pick up the tempo so hope to see him start next game. Everyone else = shite. Isnt much point playing Vardy sadly at the moment.
  8. We're desperate for goals and only one in the ****ing box for Vardy's cross aaaaah
  9. Albrighton looked up and still crossed it in to a cowering vardy and nacho
  10. 30 mins left, christ. That Wilf shot almost made me close my laptop but I will keep watching because I hate myself.
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