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  1. Sounds like a loader crap
  2. Spend 80m on someone ****ing good
  3. Is that site any good? The official kits are on there, or knockoffs? Also, loving those kits actually. Thought they would be shit.
  4. Would be pretty annoyed if we loan him out again, I think he will be a beast in the Prem.
  5. If we sign Tielemans and the players are fired up all season then top 6 is a possibility. Knowing Leicester though there will be some drama and we'll **** it up.
  6. Yeah but before Rodgers came half of those were barely if not ever involved in u23s. Someone obviously got told to promote the likes of Tavares, Pennant etc and most of them have under 5 appearances over the season. I doubt the club are quivering in their boots about Beaglehole taking them to court for getting sacked.
  7. His bald head irritates me so not keen. Would rather buy a different class winger who is like 15 years younger because Robben will be out injured and we'll just end up back with Gray and Albrighton.
  8. How Stoke have fallen, they are now just lil opponents for Premier League teams for pre-season.
  9. I don't think Nathan Huyuk has been paying attention..
  10. I am good with how it ended but I didn't like how fast it went from kings landing getting spanked to everything being good in the world. Time jump wasn't ideal.
  11. Got flopping at west ham written all over him.
  12. Just sign someone ffs
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