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  1. What a slut. We saved him from turning into Ozil #2. Going to Arsenal would have killed his career. Still love him tho come back Ri
  2. Gray cant start a game, when he does he plays like shit. Currently he is the ideal impact sub and playing great that way.
  3. We are breathtakingly good. Cant say anything else really. Gray's sub was brilliant and Gray himself has been working hard on his final ball. Very pleased.
  4. Remember when sunderland fans thought our 15/16 teams were on par? Now our children are beating them.
  5. This isnt suspicious at all.. Good job this isn't Corbyn otherwise he would be absolutely slaughtered. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/04/no-10-blocks-russia-eu-referendum-report-until-after-election
  6. Only concerned if they play ozil, auba, laca and pepe. But doubt they will because Emery is useless. Their defence is useless so we should be scoring.
  7. Did they get a team talk by tottenham
  8. He is ****ing well good and we are lucky to have him. Once he twats one in from 35 yards pundits whom have no clue will be lining up to say he is amazing and x top 6 should sign him for 200m
  9. Yeah why not, some of them are genuinely interested as it affects their lives.
  10. Pissin hell that 2nd was amazing. Gerrim out on loan in Jan and around the first team in the Summer.
  11. Hate playing these lot. A draw would be decent. Same team as vs Southampton.
  12. Can see Labour getting dicked unless Corbyn is binned off at some point before. Would be a laugh to see the state of the country after another 4 years of this government though, the last 4 years have been pretty impressively chaotic.
  13. ****ing hell Barnes cant just put it in the net can he
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