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  1. I think he wanted to leave a lil something on Mustafi, but didn't mean to catch his face.
  2. Difficult one teamwise as our wing options are poo but I also want 2 up top so I'd try 3 at the back but this time: Schmeichel Evans Soy Fuchs Albrighton Praet Ndidi Chilwell (if fit) Tielemans Nacho Vardy If Maddison is fit then he can go CAM, Tielemans instead of Praet.
  3. Need better if we get Europe and need depth. As mentioned in the match thread he'd be fine back in the hoofing and shithouse days where Morgan and Huth just toe poked the ball forward anywhere no matter what. Looked a bit out of place.
  4. Good point considering the first half was 90% arsenal. Last 10 minutes drove me mental though, ****ing get it in the box!!!! Stop passing sideways and backwards we could easily get a ****j g winner!!!!
  5. If that isnt a red it is a joke. Wild with studs up.
  6. Not sure about Bennett. Seems like a CB that would have fit our team when we were hoofing only. He doesnt seem a strong passer.
  7. This formation works against shit teams but clearly is crap when the other team attack in numbers. Albrighton and Justin dont offer enough creativity so we are relying on Perez who isnt the man you need. Get barnes on in that position.
  8. Would flourish in the number 10 role if we keep the 352 and he has free roam. He'll only get better.
  9. ****ing finally. Half time changes won that for us, 3 at the back is king. Happy for Vardy, he has looked pony last few games but got his mojo back finally.
  10. Someone should not allow Maddison and Ricardo to come watch the games from the stands, watching this will make them leave.
  11. Vardy did nothing but sit on the sofa and get pissed during the break it seems.
  12. Can definitely see him starting with Zaha on that side vs Justin unfortunately. We should just bin off wingers tbh, our wing play is indescribably shite.
  13. People moan but he very rarely has any option other than cross or pass backwards. Counted multiple times he was on the left by himself while everyone stood watching like morons.
  14. Nacho's time to shine up top on his own. Vardy looks like he is going through something, maybe being benched for a bit will snap him out of it and if his legs are going bringing him on vs tired defences would probably work better.
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