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  1. Well it was a nice season while it lasted.
  2. Zidane don't want him working with a superior manager
  3. Have we signed this pr1ck yet
  4. Wardy Ricky Amartey Soy Thomas Mendy Tielemans (hooked after 60 mins) Ünder Perez Gray Nacho Agree with others that Praet injury is tricky. Not sure who in the kids teams can make the step but would like to see 1-2 on the bench at least.
  5. I gotta say, previously when I saw Albrighton in the team I groaned but he is shit hot right now, playing brilliantly.
  6. Love Maddison what lad cant stop scoring
  7. Love big Jim, would love if he got an england call up. Will be unplayable in a couple years.
  8. Can deffo see 5 at the back, it is too difficult to decide which CB sits on the bench. Ünder vs Chilwell might be fun.
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