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  1. lgfualol

    Belgium v Panama match thread

    Rip Panama I hardly knew ye
  2. We still believe............ (we still believe) We still believe............. (we still believe) IT'S COMING HOME IT'S COMING HOME IT'S COMIN
  3. lgfualol

    James Maddison

    Morgan will deffo start vs Man U. I can feel it in my bones.
  4. lgfualol

    James Maddison

    Maddison should walk into the side. His competition is Iheanacho who only just started looking good in that position or Okazaki who needs moving on. All we need after Mahrez goes is to get a top class winger and we should be really strong. Pereira, Evans and Maddison are all great signings but it wont be great if we have Albrighton and Gray on the wings, both are ok but meh.
  5. lgfualol

    Exit Rumours

    I love Iborra would be sad if he left. No idea how we will sell the likes of Ulloa, Slim and Musa. Bloody Shakespeare, 2 year contract for Ulloa, what was the point
  6. Could do with an England win to keep face in an office full of Germans and a couple Russians.
  7. lgfualol

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    Benny replacement
  8. lgfualol

    James Maddison

    I watch every game on the sofa
  9. lgfualol

    James Maddison

    Just put in a 60m bid get it done
  10. lgfualol

    VAR yes or no ..... Discuss

    Why not. Dont care about having to wait a minute or two. Would take waiting a minute over a ref ****ing over Leicester or England.
  11. lgfualol

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    Why dont pEreira start
  12. lgfualol

    Egypt v Uruguay - Match thread.

    Gone 3-1 Uruguay in my work prediction comp. Suarez hattrick. Salah will be fouled and go missing holding his shoulder.
  13. lgfualol

    Adrien Silva - Galatasaray

    He's too good for that league
  14. lgfualol


    I'm convinced we will end up with Pardew at some point
  15. lgfualol


    Pereira hands in transfer request