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  1. Is bringing on Grandpa Morgan an insurance sub given he is a red card magnet
  2. Schmeichel is a nightmare coming out for crosses
  3. Christ. We are no better than sheff utd. That is a bit depressing.
  4. No Barnes. No win. Looking forward to seeing more of Praet.
  5. If we rest key players we will lose. **** that.
  6. Leicester legend in the making
  7. He is ridiculously good. When he inevitably leaves we should just fold the club.
  8. I read Vardy has had 3 shots in his last 6 hours of football so we need to bin off 2 cdms and give him the bastard ball.
  9. Nervy 1 nil win. Sheffield have their newly promoted bounce so will cause us problems.
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