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  1. It's absolute torture to watch England. What a waste of time.
  2. Rashford the perfect replacement for Kane, another player who isnt fit and riddled with injuries from playing too much.
  3. Jesus christ a positive sub I might not fall asleep after all
  4. Dropping off already, get Grealish or someone not crap on.
  5. Dont know anything about him but know he is world class
  6. Inb4 Daka and Nacho at AFCON and Vardy gets injured in Jan and we have Perez up top for a whole month.
  7. This guy just a striker or can he fit on the wing? 4 strikers seems overkill but at the same time, if we sign Daka, and both Zambia and Nigeria are at AFCON in January, we will be down to only two strikers for 1 month at least.
  8. lgfualol


    No way this happens, we'll ask too much and it is a step backwards at this point in time. Nobody who has moved to Arsenal in the last few years has actually improved so he'd be mental to go there anyway. Their best players are from the academy.
  9. Nominated for golden boy I think
  10. Fell asleep around the 70 min mark. Christ, forgotten how easy England matches make me drift off. Nice win though.
  11. Surely we wouldnt be looking to cash in on Nacho, that is a needless risk given his form and the form of Vardy + two new guys coming from weak leagues.
  12. Tim out for the rest of the tournament
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