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  1. Hope Soy is only showing him around the areas that don't look horrendous
  2. That's a lot of moolah but I'm sure he will be one of the best in the world within 1-12 months.
  3. Gerrim in. Evans always has little injuries, Benkovic is always injured and Morgan takes 20 minutes to turn around.
  4. Schmickles Castagne Evans (if fit) Soy Justin Mendy Madders Tielers Ünder Vardy Barnes If Evans is injured then I dunno what we do.
  5. Oh god he is going to keep us top 4 until Frank Lampard gets sacked and will **** off, won't he? Lol
  6. Ricardo and Castagne on the pitch together will be deadly. 20M for castagne is looking like an absolute bargain.
  7. Noticed he pushed high up the pitch to win headers and won pretty much all of them which lead to attacks. Thought he was solid today. Very pleased to see he chopped off that random bit of long hair that was flying around vs Arsenal too.
  8. Love it. Kudos to the club for sticking with him and kudos to Mendy for stepping up and doing his best after a turbulent few years.
  9. I hold my hands up, thought Rodgers proper bottled this game. I am happy to be made a mug. ****ing brilliant. Shout out to Mendy and Amartey, from outcasts to this, excellent.
  10. We are literally the best team on the planet
  11. Barnes would get an england call up if that went in
  12. Why we keeping Vardy on? He doesnt look comfortable at all. Hope Praet wont miss any games.
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