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  1. In December last season we actually looked better with Slim up top than we did with Vardy at the time.
  2. The club are weird sometimes
  3. Can he pass back as effectively as King or Drinkwater though?? Not spending the money until during an attack the ball goes back to Kasper.
  4. We should go for Maffeo from Man City. Not sure about his loan thing atm, but he is very highly rated and might be keen now Man City have spent 1 billion on rightbacks.
  5. Thought he has looked good and linked up well on many occasions with Vardy. Not expecting Slim to be able to link up with Okazaki or Ulloa, both are poor. Shinj barely links up with Vardy really, we usually bypass him as within 2 seconds of him getting the ball we have lost it again. I really wanna see a fully fit Slim for a whole season, he'll be great.
  6. Not really. Need Iheanacho, winger (god forbid if Mahrez goes), RB and CB imo. Loan out Moore and Barnes. Sell Benny, Ulloa, King and Okazaki.
  7. Shakespeare wont use him next season. Loan him out.
  8. I made that comment cus I saw Inler's name pop up I cant see him in a midfield 2 either. But I think he probably will be someone to bring off the bench instead of King hopefully.
  9. Too early to judge Iborra. He looks like he hasnt caught to up the average Leicester players' fitness levels and just needs time.
  10. We should have just let him play 90 mins for the u23s. I think he'll go out on loan.
  11. Ulloa leading the line supported by King. Let's get Ihenacho done asap
  12. Have we not got any other right wingers?
  13. Cant see Shakespeare dropping any of Drinkwater, King or James.