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  1. Hot in Germany. Luckily the sun doesn't reach my window until later so it's nice and cool.
  2. I'd like us to give him a chance but doubt we will, so I imagine we'll sell and Lawrence will go on to do good things.
  3. I could see him going abroad but wages might be an issue with some teams.
  4. Looks like he'll be staying after all. Nice.
  5. I think he's been injured for a season or something. We need to send a few of them out on loan to see what they can do imo
  6. Ben Hamer's inside information is less reliable than his hands.
  7. Gerrim in
  8. Club havent even mentioned the win on Instagram or Twitter
  9. He looks massive for his age. Hope at least one of these makes it to the first team one day.
  10. Can do better
  11. Hope Wenger gets his extension. Great job sending that diving **** Moses off.
  12. Will be gone by February
  13. Hm, May keeping Britain safe from terrorism is a popular opinion? Well let's hope she has changed her views from this Wasnt really scaremongering was it
  14. Bert must know something to say it's come from Ben Hamer. If he doesn't go to Man City I dont think he will move. We all rate him but not sure others do as much.