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  1. Thought he was fine considering it's his 3rd appearance all season.
  2. We've been shit since the Tories got voted in fears of deportations?
  3. 3s for everyone but Barnes 7, Ricky 6 and Vardy and Fuchs 2.
  4. Maybe Rodgers is facing the same problems Puel ran into
  5. Schmeichel Ricky evans Soy Chilwell Hamza Tielemans Perez Gray Nacho Barnes Fk it. Vardy doesnt seem 100%, his all round game has been below normal standards. Perez played well behind Nacho that one game where we made like 10 changes, he cant do the wing.
  6. We did well to make Burnley look something other than a rugby side. Need to get back on track on Wednesday. It just feels like there is a different air at the moment, we have gone from underdogs teaching teams a lesson to being the team everyone wants to beat, and we arent putting up a fight. Also got 3 of these lot in my fpl team ruining my weekend.
  7. Lol bloody Goober. 2 games in a row we have bottled 1 nil wins and looked totally crap.
  8. Useless willy pullers. Look solid for a top 4 finish and totally bottle it. What are they doing??
  9. Vardy is abaolutely ****ing my fpl week
  10. Concerned we are on our way to bottling top 4
  11. That was a horrific pen. Why is he sidefooting it
  12. What a shit goal to concede. 90% PL goalkeepers will be punching that.
  13. We'll end this game with 5 at the back.
  14. This playing out from the back is awful
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