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  1. Shame I feel I need to watch as Dier and Henderson make football unenjoyable
  2. Put a pillory or two up there so we can throw rotten fruit at players when they play bad
  3. If reports end up being right, it would be mental to get a combined 140m for Maguire and Chilwell
  4. If he doesn't join us I will hate him
  5. Can one of yall PM me a stream
  6. I was going to moan about no Barnes or Gray but the u21 team is ****ing stacked
  7. It arrived in my mail about 45 minutes after signing up. Wont do shit but oh well
  8. I got onto the website and signed up. I haven't received my confirmation email though.. #conspiracy
  9. Kapustka to two-foot Maddison in an attempt to be recalled from Leuven and play for us.
  10. Started this last night. Didn't expect to go on such a feels trip.
  11. Is Conor Tee injured or just not being included
  12. The hate for him is really weird. Cant help but think the negative comments come from insecure blokes that cant handle a young player having confidence in their abilities and appearance. We are lucky to have him.
  13. We have some good young players coming through the u18s it seems. Let's hope we let them skip their hoofball training in the u23s and get involved in the first team.
  14. Good news if you are not Benkovic or Soyuncu.
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