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  1. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    From my experience, yeah. There are tons of apartment complexes where I live for older folks.
  2. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    The majority of cases here last time I looked was youngish people, but healthcare over here is insanely good which helps and the elderly usually live quite remote or in their own flats/houses, rather than with their families like the Italians so less chance of spread.
  3. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Jesus sounds like you have an absolute dickhead boss, would rather risk everyone getting sick and some maybe getting hospitalised by going into the office when the job can be done at home. I am in online marketing and I actually do more work in home office somehow.
  4. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

  5. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Yes if only more people were like convicted criminal Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.
  6. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Not in the UK, on lockdown in Germany where ppl seem to be finally understanding the virus' threat. My fam and friends in the UK seem to either be concerned and acting appropriately, or still thinking it is a simple sniffle. I am pretty worried the UK will end up way worse than Italy.
  7. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Due to all the selfish ***** that reckon theyre cool going out and laughing about coronavirus, Bavaria is going on lockdown for 2 weeks. Can only go out for essentials like work if you cant work at home, doctors, foodshopping, etc. Hope it helps to lower infections. Luckily we can still take walks alone or with someone/the dog else I think my mental health will go down the shitter
  8. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Had a friend going mad about this. I had to avoid having a go at him, people are seriously ill, the economy is crashing and demand is up as people are out of work or stuck at home, and they are moaning they cant watch netflix in 4k
  9. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Always thought that I was an indoors type and was complaining that I cant ever relax, been out like 2 times since Saturday and losing the plot this is awful
  10. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    Tories gonna tory
  11. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    One bloke at my nearest aldi had a trolley full of eggs, flatbread packets (probs at least 50 individual flatbreads) and still water bottles.
  12. Vote in a moron and get a moronic response to a pandemic unfortunately. Good news they have suspended football for the time being.
  13. lgfualol

    Corona Virus

    All about £££ for the UK, they dont care how many get sick or die as long as the £££ dont stop for the billionaire backers.
  14. For it to reach peak Leicester, this season will be cancelled while we are in the CL spots and we somehow get relegated next season
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