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  1. Today result will make this hit a hundreds time worse for them. If we had won today this would have been easier to keep low key. But if this carries on they will be hung out to dry . Feel let down
  2. The reason an engineer as to install the service is down the contracted minimum speed of 100mbps . This speed needs to be proven from the customer end before they can sign off the order . Hope that make more sense .
  3. Back 5 with Justin cb or back 4 with Kevin at rw ?
  4. Well rumour as it he kept turning up at West Brom’s training ground, wearing the West Brom kit and taking West Brom’s money in wages. So in the end West Ham said enough is enough your taking the piss son! The next day they released him . True story
  5. So now qualifying for Europe will be based on prestige rather than achievement. So these founding clubs won’t need to perform at all in the premier league and can in effect field a youth team with no worry about how the results effects their European status . As long as they survive in the premiership the money for Europe a given
  6. Why do we need 2 keepers on the bench ? Surely better to have a extra outfield player, not just Barnes but any outfield player would make more sense
  7. Netflix on last count had around 190 million subscribers. EPL would get at least 100million around the world surly. At 9.99 per month that’s 999 million a month Even at half of that it would soon. Eclipse the current 1.7bn deal
  8. EPL need to set up own Netflix style streaming service would make so much more money from it too
  9. Think they will get the ban reduced to one year that way both sides come outta it with something. Don’t think it will get overturned totally
  10. Yea chilwell was given no help but why stop and throw your arms up while the ball is still in play? He could have still closed that cross down - remonstrate with ur team mates when the ball is safe ffs
  11. Overdosing man phones in, 19 December 2018 – Iain Lee, talkRADIO gets my vote.
  12. The poorest performance of the seasonby fair, so many loose balls and missplaced passes and Soton showed so mush more fight than us. Playing all 9 goals against them on the big screens while they were warming up was not the best idea.Gave team all the pre match motivation needed and was alittle classless imo. Big week on the training ground needed now and then push on maintain the great postion we are still in .
  13. Wolves mk2 that goal at the end . Stop ****ing about with it at the back trying to be clever ***** . Negativity loses the game . We were well on top all we needed to do was go forward into their box . What the point of getting a free kick on the half way line going back to you keeper just so he can play a 50/50 ball back to the spot you had the safe free kick . Brain dead way to lose a game
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