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  1. darko2k7

    Bt email address

    I work for BT all be it in the business sector but i know she can keep her email address with BT if she signs up for premium mail. it will cost i think £4 a month for the pleasure but it can be done.
  2. darko2k7

    Powerline adapters

    Just be prepared to lose around 20mbps when using a power line adaptor base on a standard 80mbp line , Access points are the way forward but can be more expensive.
  3. darko2k7

    Tottenham Hotspur (H) Match Thread

    foul throw at last
  4. darko2k7

    Tottenham Hotspur (H) Match Thread

    pm me if u want a hd stream !
  5. darko2k7

    Watch this space...

    Page one > Post one
  6. darko2k7

    Scouts at Porto/Estoril

    Andre Andre please, so good they named him twice
  7. darko2k7

    Matty James to ......?

    Really impressed with him tonight. Its like we have a new signing having him back
  8. darko2k7

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    True that, if you can't beat them and all that
  9. darko2k7

    Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Good old Fifa formation 4-3-2-1 with RF and LF kasper Simpson --Maguire--Huth--Chilwell Niddi--Iborra--Drinkwater iheanacho----Sigurdsson Vardy
  10. darko2k7

    Who do you want Summer 2017

    Wouldn't mind Matteo Darmiam from utd at RB
  11. darko2k7

    FIFA 17

    Finally, finally, finally qualified for weekend league for the first time. In the end it was a breeze through to the final and came up against a ridiculous full TOTS team and made him rage quit after 40 minutes after i went 4-0 up. Knew if i left it long enough and kept trying i all the good players would have won it by now and i would stand a chance Got 91 rated Giuliano in the pack , really nice looking card but Russian league so wont use . goes for 150k tho so cashing in and re investing . Also got to say 85 rated canderva as a RF is ridiculous scores me so many goals
  12. darko2k7

    FIFA 17

    Just packed TOTS Robben GTFI gonna used him for a bit then sell i reckon
  13. darko2k7

    New router needed

    Have they determined it's your router that is the problem then ? If you are pinging your router with a wireless connection you will get packet loss no matter which router you use as your wireless signal can get effected by anything and every thing, could just be a case of needing to change the router location in your house . It could possibly be a wholesale fault within the broadband network it's self . Best way to find that out is to ping www.google.com directly from your hub it's self. if you get packet loss there it's their issue to fix. You could also try changing you wireless channel within your hub as it may be the case that your neighbours are using the same channel in their hub as yours and the signal is getting confused. Then there is also the option to (if you have a dual band hub ) to spilt the 2.4mhz and 5 mhz into two separate networks. the 2.4 channel is slower but better at sending signal at distance then the 5 is faster at short distances. this way you can split you devices over the two frequencies to get a more reliable connection . Hope some of that info helps
  14. darko2k7

    Jan Hurtado

    yea your right that's the one he was class. no idea who this is then
  15. darko2k7

    Jan Hurtado

    If this is the guy i remember from the game who came on as a sub second half ?? then he was different level to everyone else on that pitch. Nearly single handily changed the game in Venezuela's favour from it being completely in England's control . Reminded me of Shaqiri