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Match Ratings: Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City - Vote Now

Chelsea 1-1 Leicester City

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  1. 6.5

    Total Average Rating

    117 votes
  2. Highest Rated Player

    Çağlar Söyüncü 7.5
  3. Lowest Rated Player

    Ayoze Pérez 5.4
  4. Manager Confidence 98% +1%

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Season: 2019/20
Voting Starts: 18/08/19
Voting Ends: 23/08/19

  1. Kasper Schmeichel
  2. Ricardo Pereira
  3. Jonny Evans
  4. Caglar Soyuncu
  5. Christian Fuchs
  6. Wilfred Ndidi
  7. Ayoze Pérez
  8. Youri Tielemans
  9. Hamza Choudhury
  10. James Maddison
  11. Jamie Vardy
  12. Dennis Praet (sub)
  13. Marc Albrighton (sub)

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  1. Kasper Schmeichel   6
  2. Ricardo Pereira   7
  3. Jonny Evans   7
  4. Caglar Soyuncu   7
  5. Christian Fuchs   6
  6. Wilfred Ndidi   6
  7. Ayoze Pérez   5
  8. Youri Tielemans   5
  9. Hamza Choudhury   6
  10. James Maddison   6
  11. Jamie Vardy   6
  12. Dennis Praet (sub)   6
  13. Marc Albrighton (sub)   5

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8 - Ricardo, Soyuncu

7 - Evans, Fuchs, Ndidi, Maddison

6 - Schmeichel, Tielemans, Choudhury, Vardy

5 - Perez

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Kasper 7 Some god saves early on to keep us in it 


Ricardo 6 Fantastic going forward but still not 100% confident in him defensively. Sometimes he lets crosses go in far too easily. 


Soyuncu 8 Strong in the air and seems to have real finesse on the ball. Another brilliant game 


Evans 8 Solid again 


Fuchs 7 Couple of nervy moments in the first half but grew into the game 


Ndidi 7 Bar the mistake a decent game 


Choudhury 6 Thought he did his job without being spectacular 


Maddison 8 Effort, desire, skill, vision. Ran the game second half. Wasted on the left! Needs to be central 


Perez 5 Struggled to get into the game but the effort was there 


Tielemans 5 As above really. Another (like Maddison) who seems to be playing slightly out of position and it’s affecting his game 


Vardy 6 Thought he struggled tbh





Praet 7 - He looked really classy and I can see him starting next weekend 


Albrighton 6 Did ok 

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Schmeichel - 7 (couldn't really fault him for anything)

Pereira - 6 (5 for first half, 7 for second)

Evans - 7 (as solid as ever, just got caught out by pace a couple of times)

Soyuncu - 8 (overall MotM, Harry who ?)

Fuchs - 7 (6 for his first half, 8 for his second)

Ndidi - 6 (5 for first half, 7 for second)

Perez - 6 (5 for his performance as a right winger, 7 for those moments when he played where he should, in the middle)

Tielemans - 6 (not yet the player of last season)

Choudhury - 7 (8 for his first half, when he was our most effective midfielder - especially going forward, 6 for his second)

Maddison - 7 (5 for first half, 9 for second)

Vardy - 6 (if only he had some support - and people passed to him when they should have done)

Praet - 7 (looked very good when he came on, far more robust than Tielemans)

Albrighton - 6 (he always makes a difference, but wasn't on long enough)

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Enjoyed the match, although again a very slow start nearly cost us. We could easily have been 3 or 4 down after 25 minutes. Again, I thought BR set us up poorly, with players not sure of their role or positioning, and our tempo at the start was not good enough (so similar to the Puel era). Second half we were great. We should have won but for poor finishing. I'm not so sure we would have been as good as that if Chelsea had a bigger lead, so a draw seemed fair.


Kasper -7- Thought he made a couple of decent saves at critical times.


Ricardo -7- Defense wise, he was a little shaky, but exciting going forward.

Evans -7- Thought he looked solid.

Soyuncu -7- Nearly my MOTM. Great to see some pace in our defense.

Fuchs -7- That tackle alone on Kante was worth a 7 and made one or two decent runs. Still has a classy left foot.


N'didi -8- I gave him MOTM, not for his goal but for the fact he didn't hide after his horrendous error.

Choudhury -6- Lots of energy and some decent challenges.


Perez -6- I really don't think he knows what Rodgers wants him to do. Tried though.

Tielemans -6- Some nice touches and could/should have scored.

Maddison -7- Another contender for MOTM for his second half performance. Another who I feel isn't quite sure where Rodgers wants him to play.


Vardy -6- Again, not quite as sharp as the end of last season. Another day he could have scored a couple. Still making great runs.



Praet -7- I thought he looked class in his short cameo.

Albrighton -6- His usual running and hard work in his short stint.


Rodgers -6- Sorted the team out after half time, but lucky to get that chance as Chelsea should have been out of sight by then. Another slow start is concerning. I also feel some of the players are unsure of their role in the team, especially the midfield. I still don't like us setting up without a proper winger, and if BR wants to play this way he should go for a back 3 with Ricardo and Chilwell (Fuchs) as wing backs. I'm still unsure why we need the defensive two midfielders.


Chelsea -6- Would have been 8 if they could have kept up that early momentum. Poor second half from them. I still think they will be very lucky to finish top half.


Chelsea fans -3- 'Super Frank' banners only 4 years after calling him 'a traitor' after moving to Man City!


Officials - 6- Didn't see much wrong in their performance. So pleased VAR wasn't involved.


Sheff Utd next. In my opinion a must win match. But it's going to be a very tough match and we've got to be a lot sharper straight from kick off.




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