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  1. Feel like I should take some sort of responsibility here...
  2. Wheels are certainly wobbling on the Leicester bandwagon. At what point do we start looking over our shoulders at 5th and 6th?
  3. There are no words that will justify how much I enjoyed that goal. Might keep boo boys quiet for about 10 minutes. More of that Mr Barnes!
  4. All this Barnes hating isn't helping. Its embarrassing. Hope he scores to shut them all up.
  5. Some very Chilwell-like criticism of this young lad. Does he need taking out of the firing line as well so people get off his back too?!?
  6. Currently? No. End of the day, we are currently in the SEMI-FINALS of the League Cup, for which I really don't see the point in two legs, plus the prize money is pathetic for what is supposed to be a major accolade in English football. But still it is silverware and very welcome in our trophy cabinet. We have progressed to the Fourth Round of the FA Cup, and BR seems to take cup runs seriously, unlike his predecessor, so we will want to progress there as well. So there's some further workload piled on. We all agree that the fixture schedule for December/January is ridiculous and should have been spread out. But that is without the Champions League, an extra 6 games MINIMUM. So the demand on our players could only get worse, but that ties in with aspirations of the club. Can't have one without the other. Undeniably, the current squad is good, but can be improved in certain areas like CB cover, both wings need looking at, plus there is bit of deadwood to be moved on. Therefore, some more experienced personnel will be required, and to clarify, I am all for youth player development. The demands of the current schedule, hypotheses and conspiracies aside, is taking its toll, that's plain for everyone to see in terms of fitness and confidence. Investment in more senior, experienced figures is a must, to keep those young heads from dropping and maintain good form and performances.
  7. It would say a lot about BR if he allowed a link to another club change the way he currently manages ours. He signed a new contract, and yet the conspiracies continue. Yes, our form of late is nowhere near the standard where we made the record breaking winning run. A good proportion of our squad, which is relatively young and inexperienced at the top level, are either tired or out of form. Call me a doom-monger but this was going to happen eventually. The festive season takes a toll on all teams, especially when ours are still in ALL available cup competitions and still second in the league (maybe third later, do us a favour today please Aston Villa). The best that we, as fans, can do is not overreact and hypothesise, or question the commitment and mentality of the players, and our management. It's a tricky patch, we will get out of it. More to the point, am surprised this topic is still open. Any topic that calls BR's integrity into question, is one worth closing.
  8. Someone get that "Ever Obliging Leicester City" topic fired up. Who knows what could happen.
  9. Could not give any player more than a 6. That sums up today.
  10. Summary of all these posts: A player badly out of form and short of confidence, and it showed with arguably his worst performance in LCFC colours. Clearly on a downward spiral and needs dropping for a couple of games to get his head straight and understand what BR wants from him, as his form has been patchy at best for the whole season. Fuchs or Justin can take his place for the time being. He is not a poor player by any means, we have all seen his capabilities, but based on current form, he is not worthy of a starting XI spot. The mindless jeering and booing, and the constant ridicule will only knock his ailing confidence back further. So, take him out of the firing line and hopefully he will come back stronger.
  11. Chilwell needs dropping. Not an overreaction. Should be credited with starting the move for the Saints' goal.
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