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  1. The three players are an absolute disgrace, and an insult to all of us that have sacrificed so much in the last 12 months. No football player is above the club, or the fans that support them all the way. Brendan Rodgers has played this situation perfectly, but will have, not doubt, been in the minds of the players that took to the pitch yesterday. It certainly looked like it for the first hour, the entire team was woeful until Albrighton's introduction. There will no doubt be an element of resentment and among fans and players now towards Maddison, Perez and Hamza, and
  2. Wolves not doing us a favour has made this a massive, and season-defining game for both sides. After witnessing us being dominated for 90mins by Manchester City, its taken the fragile belief out of my sails. Should be so confident to get a result but the demons of last season linger on, and I cannot shake that off. Just cannot see anything but a defeat and another collapse.
  3. Anyone pinning the blame solely on Taylor needs to have a word with themselves. We have been awful today from start to finish, I count my lucky stars that we are not losing by more.
  4. This. And I won't even get to see them at Wembley. But we now have a BIG chance to go our first FA Cup Final since 1969 (52 years), what a time to follow the Foxes.
  5. What a player. The club should do whatever they can to wrap up that contract extension. Proud to call him ours.
  6. A man reborn. A humble man with the right values, and a new-found scoring touch. Long may it continue, and consider the doubters silenced. *interview ends* COME ON!
  7. Absolute monster. Yet again. Outstanding.
  9. It's just like watching Brazil... It's just like watching Brazil... BRAZIL.
  10. Considering we're getting so little from the officials, this has been an amazing performance, Ndidi once again an absolute monster. And if this is the last time I hear Jermaine Jenus commenting on a Leicester City match, I won't be losing any sleep over it. Awful commentator.
  11. Looking a bit tired in the middle of the park with some really loose passes and not much forward momentum. Might be an uncomfortable 13 minutes ahead.
  12. Leicester showing some shithousery of their own with Perez getting McTominay a yellow card!
  13. This is still a contact sport right? Bit of diving and soft free kicks starting to go United's way.
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