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  1. They're long overdue a beating from us. Now is the time to do it. 3-1 to Leicester! Must be long odds on an Ndidi screamer though!
  2. Not for the first time this season, have given players higher/lower ratings than I was intended (gave Demarai Gray a 9 instead of a 5 yesterday...). Is there an option to edit your ratings in the poll or is that functionality not available?
  3. Got to admire your ambition.
  4. Reminds me of us from 2015-16. I mean the team on the right, of course. Fair play Wolves.
  5. Never mind the ones leaving early, it's the ones who arrive late that get my back up. Some ignoramus thought it was good idea to arrive 10 minutes late. Shuffled back to let him through, and he stopped right in front of me to watch an attack develop. Don't pay hard-earned cash to watch the back of his head. Rant over. PS. Always have stayed to the end unless there is somewhere I'd have to be right after the game and don't particular fancy waiting 20-25 minutes to get out the stadium after the players and manager have been applauded off the pitch. And trust me, losing 4-1 to Palace was difficult staying for.
  6. Probably a case of too little, too late. But that's not saying we can't push the likes of Watford and Wolves all the way. Who knows what could happen. For some added perspective, if Puel was still here, I would just be happy to avoid a relegation scrap which we were getting pulled into. Amazing how things change.
  7. Where do you think the "We Never Score From A Corner" chant comes from? Hear it every time we have, you guessed it, a corner.
  8. Think it is just his distribution that opens him up for criticism. One of his clearances led to a corner within the first couple of minutes, and things like that really take the shine off his better qualities. Because as a shot-stopper, he is right up there with the very best. People are used to better from Kasper because yet again, we go back to the title winning season where everything fell into place. And that included Kasper Schmeichel's distribution, which was always executed to perfection. Maybe with Puel gone and the constant passing sideways and backwards gone with it, the pressure on Kasper may ease and the mistakes will disappear. We shall have to wait and see what magic Brendan Rodgers can do.
  9. I know this was against poor opposition yesterday, but he got back to doing what he does best. Breaks up the play, does the simple pass and let's the attacking players do the rest. Mind you, I did find it amusing that whenever he got within 25 yards of the goal, there were fans around me saying DON'T shoot. You could feel the relief when he decided to pass it on to keep the attack going! You're back on the right road now Wilf, you just keep going!
  10. When he gets that first goal, he will be a brilliant player. He won't have many easier defences than this to play against, but showed some really good touches and skill, plus his work for Vardy's second was excellent. Puel may not have been popular, but recalling Barnes was one of his best decisions.
  11. The substitutions swung the game back towards Leicester City, and that definitely includes Okazaki. Could even have bagged a goal himself but scared the daylights out of Fulham's defence when he came on. Good lad, Shinjinho.
  12. Attacking-wise, best I have seen for many months. PS. Accidentally gave Demarai Gray a 9, was supposed to be 5, it just wasn't his day but thankfully it was enough of a good performance from the whole team overall. Heard Rodgers' name chanted from the stands today, that's one more time than Puel. Says it all!
  13. What a player. Clearly still has what it takes to be rubbing shoulders with the best that Premier League has to offer. A Leicester City legend, written in folklore.
  14. Ward Pereira Evans Maguire Chilwell Choudhury Gray Tielemans Barnes Vardy
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