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  1. Chilwell vs Schlupp

    Was bouncing off the walls when we sold Schlupp, and not just because it was for £12m, which all things considered, was the deal of the century, but also because like Chilwell, he had zero end product. 99% of his shots either ballooned over the bar or was closer to the corner flag. Had raw pace and power but no skill when he needed it most. Chilwell has potential, absolutely bags of it, and he is my pick of the two. Ben has had flashes of brilliance but they are all too far between. Needs some time out on loan at a lower level so he can raise his game. Worked for the likes of Vardy, it could work for him.
  2. Why is Gray Starting

    Know that putting Gray back on the bench will give him reason to throw his toys out the pram again, but when Diabaté does more in 30mins than Demarai did in double that, you'd think that Claude needs to shake things up. His selfishness on the ball has always rubbed me up the wrong way. Maybe some time as an impact sub may do him some good to get his confidence back up
  3. Least amount of supporters standing?

    I'm all up-"standing" for more noise and louder atmosphere. But being someone who is vertically-challenged (5'5"), I wouldn't exactly be able to see if we were all literally standing. Don't really pay season-ticket prices to stare at the back of someone's head. 😅
  4. 4s for Schmeichel, James and Gray. 5s for Simpson, Chilwell, Ndidi and Vardy. 6s for Mahrez, Albrighton, Morgan and Maguire. If anyone other than the Leicester Mercury gives a 7 to any of these players I would be shocked. Picked Stay for Claude, as it's easy to get swept along with the current poor league run we are on, but unless relegation becomes an unlikely possibility, I'd say just give him until the start of next season and see what happens. Has some serious work to do though all over the pitch, where confusion reigned for 80mins yesterday.
  5. Morgan and Simpson

    Feel for Dragovic and Amartey. Admittedly not the latter's biggest fan but they must have been doing the business when we had five consecutive clean-sheets whilst those two were out with hamstring injuries.
  6. Kasper Schmeichel

    Schmeichel, like many others (e.g. Simpson and Drinkwater), had their best season when we won the Premier League. And like them, his overall game-play has failed to reach those heights since. His distribution has been average at best this season, but performances of late show he is struggling to pick out the players like he used to. And his decision making, especially today which nearly put us 2-0 down if Shaqiri had his shooting boots on, has been poor. Not to mention his positioning at free-kick set-pieces is usually questionable as well. No doubt he is still one of the best shot-stoppers in the Premier League, but there are other qualities that need some work.
  7. Short corners

    Tell that to Ben Marshall.
  8. Short corners

    Short corners have their positives, but we just can't execute them. Most we have ever got out of them was a yellow card for Marc Albrighton. Save them for the training ground.
  9. GK: Schmeichel DEF: Amartey, Dragovic, Maguire, Chilwell MID: Mahrez, Ndidi, Silva, Albrighton ATT: Okazaki, Vardy SUBS: Jakupovic, Fuchs, Morgan, Iborra, Gray, Diabaté, Iheanacho.
  10. Matt Prio or Matt Elliott as Co-Commentators?

    Matt Prior over Matt Elliott any day of the week.
  11. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Jon may have helped sign some gems in the past, but seems to be doing his hardest to destroy all that as well. His card has been marked from the moment we signed six players who were bang-average at best when we had the opportunity to push on from being Champions. And it is moments like these where you seriously have to question why he took so long in getting this one moving AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE. We have had some cock-ups on deadline days, such as the Molla Wague loan which truly stank of desperation. But the idea that we were trying an international transfer with mere hours left was ill-planned, audacious and downright stupid. What an embarrassment. Considering the transfer of Danny Drinkwater was largely dependant on this one happening for both transfers to go through, only for us to be essentially one player-down until January at the very least, it just adds another reason for Jon Rudkin to be taken off recruitment at the very least. Someone needs to be held accountable for this absolute shambles of a transfer.
  12. Iborra Signs

    I'm tentatively cautious because of previous names that failed to make an impression, such as Gokhan Inler. But there are ones that shone like Esteban Cambiasso. But I'd like to think our somewhat-depleted scouting system (and Jon Rudkin) still manage to find the gems in the transfer market. Welcome to Leicester, Vicente. Suddenly our midfield looks a lot more promising.
  13. Kasper Schmeichel 7 Danny Simpson 7 Robert Huth 6 Wes Morgan 6 Christian Fuchs 8 Riyad Mahrez 6 Danny Drinkwater 8 Wilfred Ndidi 9 Marc Albrighton 8 Shinji Okazaki 7 Jamie Vardy 9 Subs: Daniel Amartey 6 Demarai Gray 6 Ben Chilwell N/A, too late to assess. Craig Shakespeare 8 (If he repeats this performance against Hull, then keep him on until the end of the season.) Liverpool FC 5 Michael Oliver 7
  14. Thank you for the sarcasm, its certainly appreciated, sadly you didn't spot mine. Not that it changes my opinion in any shape or form. Everyone will interpret things differently, accept it. I give 1 to the guy in question, because he did not look interested. He slumps around the pitch looking like he is either dreaming of a not-so-big money move or a nice holiday. Least the defence shows slightly more enthusiasm, and the fact we can't even score is a reflection on his failure to provide sufficient adequate chances. Don't know what game you watched, but in situations where he would have took the opposition on with his trickery, he just stands still and waits for the over-lap, followed by an under/over-hit pass. You simply cannot deny his confidence is shot, and that is a reflection in his belief and approach on the pitch. There is a laziness that dominates his play, and it is infuriating. But maybe you just just watched a different game.
  15. I judge it based on what I see, be it via my live-stream but thank you for your constructive criticism.