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  1. Bezzanator89

    Lack luster transfer window (and no big name signings)

    He's played Morgan quite a lot in pre-season... That makes me nervous.
  2. Bezzanator89

    Danny Ings.

    That's assuming he ever had one. We don't need another youngster with a stroppy attitude. We already have that in Demarai Gray.
  3. Bezzanator89

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    “After the saving the club we tried to play for seventh place in the table, and with different problems we didn’t succeed. I have no regrets about this. “Perhaps we weren’t ready for this. “For the next season we have to strengthen the team and also in our character and desire. We must be consistent.” Hmm. Always easier to say in hindsight, eh Claude? I really want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, and I do strongly believe that some of the players let him and the club down, and should be moved on, but I can't help but wonder if he wasn't really planning for City to play in Europe next season. Where's the ambition?
  4. Bezzanator89

    I've waited 24 years to say this.

    Had been coming over the past couple of years. Unlucky to lose 2-1 at the Emirates during the title-winning season, again unlucky to lose 4-3 at the Emirates on the opening day of the season. Rather fitting that he loses his final match against us as an Arsenal manager, only managed to do it at the 21st time of asking!
  5. Bezzanator89

    Hamza Choudhury

    Given more game time, he will get better and better. Barely put a foot wrong today. Keep it up Hamza.
  6. Bezzanator89

    Puel - what about now

    Still out. This was a good performance against a 10-man Arsenal side, who knows what it could have been if they had 11 on the pitch. This papers over the cracks as far as I am concerned.
  7. Bezzanator89

    Name an option you would not replace Puel with

    Iain Dowie
  8. Bezzanator89

    Rating our managerial appointments

    Sousa 2 (Sexy football doesn't suit us, sorry Paulo. Won't forget that 6-1 away drubbing to Portsmouth in a hurry. Wrong man for the job.) Sven 4 (Spent a fortune, but transfers were more misses than hits. Was never a dull moment though.) Pearson 10 (Set the foundations for the fairytale, and always had the backing of the dressing room. Would have him back!) Ranieri 9 (Carried on from where Nigel left off and the rest is history. But the more he tweaked in the following season, the worse it got. Remember the happier times Claudio, we still are.) Shakespeare 5 (Got us out of a potentially dire situation, Nigel would have been proud. Somewhat undone by a harsh fixture list and don't think he had much of a say on our transfer policy. Was never going to be a long-term replacement though.) Puel 4 (His time is running out, dare I say, run out. He is almost Paulo Sousa MkII, with the same problem this time around. The wrong players for the wrong system. But equally, his tactics, selections and substitutions are bizarre at best. Flew out the blocks, but a few tickers later, the system fell apart. And we are only 9th because teams around us are just as inconsistent as we are.)
  9. Bezzanator89

    What was our

    We STILL had no better option.
  10. Bezzanator89

    Are we (the Fans) on the beach?

    Will be missing the West Ham home match for family commitments but probably just as well given the recent performances. May as well go to the rearranged Arsenal fixture though.
  11. Bezzanator89

    I'm sorry

    Doubt it. That tweet was made when the full-time whistle was blown.
  12. Bezzanator89

    Changes needed from the top down

    Rudkin is sadly untouchable. That said, would love to see his sorry backside getting kicked to the kerb with Macia right behind him.
  13. Bezzanator89

    I'm sorry

    The club should reimburse those fans who went down to the game too. Sometimes, words aren't enough. His resignation should suffice too.
  14. Bezzanator89

    When does Puel go? - A simple Poll Mk 3

    After this game... Even if he stays until the end of the season, we have nothing to gain apart from any kind of pride that we abjectly surrendered today. Home attendances and atmospheres could well decide his fate, although I think today has confirmed it. Bring back Pearson. There, I said it.
  15. No player gets more than a 4. And I am being generous. Record low in manager confidence coming right up.