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  1. Man alive, this is an overreaction and a half. Unless any players from Leicester or Watford have had contact with Evangelos Marinakis, the game will be going ahead. Case closed, wash your hands, move on.
  2. You have opened the floodgates, and for that we are very grateful. Feel free to ask that tool if he has any more transfer rumours that we can take with a pinch of salt.
  3. When was the last time that a team beat both Birmingham City and Aston Villa, at home, within 7 days of each other?
  4. Barnes and JJ seem to work together really well. Don't be surprised if we see that combination again on Saturday lunchtime.
  5. Given the current rate, you are looking around the £40m mark. With Fuchs deputising with aplomb when Chilwell was injured previously, and JJ putting in the good performances (starting or not), you can't help but wonder if Ben's Starting XI place is under serious threat. Needs to up his game, and fast. And we have seen the best of him before, so we all know he is capable of it.
  6. Understated and quite frankly, undroppable. Him and N'didi combined are sign-on impenetrable. One of the few players to come out of the slump with credit, and rightly so. Looks to be another solid tick for the recruitment team.
  7. Home Premier League debuts in front of 32,000 is a lot for a young full back, but JJ took it in his stride. A top performance and barely put a foot wrong. Ben Chilwell would do very well to up his game, as based on this performance alone, Justin will be breathing down his neck.
  8. Evans. An absolute rock at the back and has taken Soyuncu under his wing.
  9. STAT ATTACK: Leicester have won three consecutive FA Cup games without conceding a goal for the first time since March 1969 - the last season in which they reached the FA Cup final. QUE SERA, SERA... WHATEVER WILL BE, WILL BE..
  10. I've had a brief moan about today's performance so I'm no exception to criticising the team, but equally, a bit of perspective is still needed. As this may have been turgid at best, we still beat what was in front of us. We have reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup and, despite our stinker of a run, still third in the Premier League. All things considered, it can be considered an excellent season from an outsiders perspective, and could be even better if and when we turn that corner and improve our current form.
  11. The real question is... Who's going to speak to Bournemouth about possibly re-offering that £25 million?
  12. Leicester vs Chelsea at home! With an added quip of losing all four quarter finals this century. Mark Chapman could really have picked a nicer stat for us surely...?
  13. Couldn't give more than a 6 to anyone. Almost feel like that will be Demarai Gray's last start for the club, at least for this season anyway. Really didn't show his former club what they were missing.
  14. Suck on that one Birtles, you utter turd. Bang-average at best performance but credit to them for edging out Birmingham, so onto the quarter-finals! Almost tempting fate here, but a question for you stattos out there: When is the last time a club beat both Aston Villa and Birmingham City at home in the same week?
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