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  1. Matt Prio or Matt Elliott as Co-Commentators?

    Matt Prior over Matt Elliott any day of the week.
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Jon may have helped sign some gems in the past, but seems to be doing his hardest to destroy all that as well. His card has been marked from the moment we signed six players who were bang-average at best when we had the opportunity to push on from being Champions. And it is moments like these where you seriously have to question why he took so long in getting this one moving AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE. We have had some cock-ups on deadline days, such as the Molla Wague loan which truly stank of desperation. But the idea that we were trying an international transfer with mere hours left was ill-planned, audacious and downright stupid. What an embarrassment. Considering the transfer of Danny Drinkwater was largely dependant on this one happening for both transfers to go through, only for us to be essentially one player-down until January at the very least, it just adds another reason for Jon Rudkin to be taken off recruitment at the very least. Someone needs to be held accountable for this absolute shambles of a transfer.
  3. Iborra Signs

    I'm tentatively cautious because of previous names that failed to make an impression, such as Gokhan Inler. But there are ones that shone like Esteban Cambiasso. But I'd like to think our somewhat-depleted scouting system (and Jon Rudkin) still manage to find the gems in the transfer market. Welcome to Leicester, Vicente. Suddenly our midfield looks a lot more promising.
  4. Kasper Schmeichel 7 Danny Simpson 7 Robert Huth 6 Wes Morgan 6 Christian Fuchs 8 Riyad Mahrez 6 Danny Drinkwater 8 Wilfred Ndidi 9 Marc Albrighton 8 Shinji Okazaki 7 Jamie Vardy 9 Subs: Daniel Amartey 6 Demarai Gray 6 Ben Chilwell N/A, too late to assess. Craig Shakespeare 8 (If he repeats this performance against Hull, then keep him on until the end of the season.) Liverpool FC 5 Michael Oliver 7
  5. Thank you for the sarcasm, its certainly appreciated, sadly you didn't spot mine. Not that it changes my opinion in any shape or form. Everyone will interpret things differently, accept it. I give 1 to the guy in question, because he did not look interested. He slumps around the pitch looking like he is either dreaming of a not-so-big money move or a nice holiday. Least the defence shows slightly more enthusiasm, and the fact we can't even score is a reflection on his failure to provide sufficient adequate chances. Don't know what game you watched, but in situations where he would have took the opposition on with his trickery, he just stands still and waits for the over-lap, followed by an under/over-hit pass. You simply cannot deny his confidence is shot, and that is a reflection in his belief and approach on the pitch. There is a laziness that dominates his play, and it is infuriating. But maybe you just just watched a different game.
  6. I judge it based on what I see, be it via my live-stream but thank you for your constructive criticism.
  7. Kasper Schmeichel 4 - Could do nothing about Mawson's thunderous volley from close range, and continues to be horrendously exposed by a static and virtually non-existent back-line. At fault for the second goal on two counts, poor throw out and could have gotten behind Olsson's shot regardless of how well it was hit. Questionable distribution too. Danny Simpson 3 - Same old story. Caught out of position for the second goal, and his distribution continues to be absolutely terrible. Don't recall a single pass finding their mark. Wes Morgan 3 - Also known as the proverbial statue from last week, and not much has changed. Whether he should have been penalised for handball may split opinion, but his increasing lack of awareness in his own box is very alarming. Robert Huth 3 - Should consider him slightly fortunate not to be dismissed for a reckless two-footed challenge, and his frustration almost boiled over when the match was over. Least it showed he still cares a little. Poor. Christian Fuchs 4 - The best of the bad bunch of a back-line. But surely now must be looking over his shoulder as Ben Chilwell continues to improve and challenge for his place, and at times, has looked twice the player that Fuchs is. Riyad Mahrez 1 - Did not look remotely interested, like he has already decided he is leaving in the Summer. For all we know, we sold him last year and brought in his lesser-talented twin, if he has one. Sloppy, lazy and really did not seem bothered. Danny Drinkwater 2 - Utterly ineffective and incapable of passing to players in front to him to kick-start any meaningful forward momentum to trouble Swansea. With all the sideways/backwards passing we do, its little wonder we have not scored in 2017 yet. Wilfred Ndidi 5 - Feel so sorry for this lad, he has walked into a right mess. Certainly tries when the pass actually gets passed to him, but sadly can't do it all on his own. Will get better, but hopefully in the PL rather than the Championship. Marc Albrighton 2 - Completely lost his marker for goal number two, though I will question why he was substituted considering Slimani was brought on at the same time. Seems to be less effective as of late, like the rest of his team. Demarai Gray 4 - Huffed and puffed with very little progress, doesn't seem that much of a team player either. But this is a steep learning curve at such a young age and he will get better. Jamie Vardy 3 - Lack of service once again an issue, but can't say he made the most of chances that came his way. Should have passed on one occasion rather than going it alone, and a poor first tough followed by a wayward shot another chance go begging. Islam Slimani 4 - Spurned a big chance when put through by Mahrez, and almost seemed to keep his head ducked down with a cross that seemed destined for him from six yards out. An improved threat but enough to trouble Fabianski. Ben Chilwell 3 - Brought on when Leicester are again chasing the game to no avail, but why he was on the bench is anyone's guess. Committed two needless fouls to showcase his frustration, and despite Jon Moss' warning, picked up a booking as a result. Daniel Amartey N/A - Came on too late to make any real impression on the game. The match was lost and it would be unfair to critique his performance based on mere minutes of playing time. Claudio Ranieri 2 - Got it completely wrong today, and obviously learned very little from the performance against Derby earlier in the week. Coupled with a couple of tactical errors during substitutions, I find it hard to see how he can save the club from relegation. Jonathan Moss 6 - A decent game from the official who is understandably remembered for Vardy's sending off last season. Got most decisions correct but could have let the game flow a bit more, but we have had a lot worse refereeing shows this season. Swansea City 6 - Hardly spectacular, but we made them look better than they were. Two very well-taken goals, but defensive frailties made them possible. Saw out the game with no real difficulty, and it was the ease of the victory that will bring the most worry. As a side-note, the eagle-eyed fans who watched Sky Sports 1 will see the chairman shaking his head on more than one occasion, that does not bode well for Ranieri. Don't be too surprised if we see immediate radical changes, both on and off the pitch.
  8. Ron-Robert Zieler 6 - A few moments when he should have caught the ball rather than punched, or not communicating with the back-line but no chance with the deflection for Derby's goal. Daniel Amartey 6 - Quietly effective, with no real problems to report as Derby struggled to muster any real sustained attacking threat. Wont have many easier games. Marcin Wasilewski 6 - Had his hands full with the lively Anya, but relatively untroubled, although one mis-cued clearance nearly caused problems. Yohann Benalouane 7 - Looked rusty at first but good showing from someone with very little game time, often putting himself literally in harm's way to break-up Derby's attacks. Ben Chilwell 7 - Did himself no harm tonight, with some dogged defending, coupled with some good touches further up the pitch. Unlucky not to win a penalty after getting a shove from Richard Keogh. Nampalys Mendy 7 - Was essentially playing the Kante role, and didn't disappoint with Derby having to resort to the flanks to create their attacks, but will hVe tougher challenges awaiting in the Premier League. Andy King 7 - Quietly went about his business, with a little more intensity than what we are used to. Right place at the right time to nod in the opener to cap off a fine performance. Marc Albrighton 8 - A persistent threat on the wing, with plenty of teasing crosses that Derby struggled to cope with, but most of them landed in the ideal place with no Leicester player in sight. A must for the Starting XI against Swansea. Bartosz Kaputska 8 - Gave a performance that will have most, if not all, Leicester City fans asking why he is persistently left out the side. Some fine touches and passing movements gave Derby constant problems before tiring in the second half. Demarai Gray 9 - Cometh the hour, cometh Demarai Gray. A wonderful solo goal to cap off an excellent night's work, plenty of direct attacking and crossing, which contributed to King's opener. Tonight, the boy could do no wrong. Another strong candidate to start against Swansea. Ahmed Musa 5 - Largely a peripheral figure in the first half, with mere inches denying him the opener with the goal at his mercy. Can consider himself unlucky to be booked for a blatant handball outside the area by Jonathan Mitchell, but at times ineffective. Subs: Wilfred Ndidi 8 - Talk about an instant impact. Beautifully taken goal from distance that Mitchell could only get fingertips too at full stretch, and kept things ticking over nicely in the middle of the park to kickstart Leicester's attacks in Extra Time. Islam Slimani 5 - Will be mystified how he let the ball pass through his legs with the goal gaping, if that is what £30 million buys you then I worry for the transfer market. Mostly served as an intimidating presence on the front-line, sort of. Riyad Mahrez 7 - A brief cameo by his standards, but some good passing movements to torture Derby's backline as their legs started to tire. Was happy to play second fiddle to Demarai Gray, but surely he will need to bring his A-game against Swansea this weekend. Claudio Ranieri 8 - Needed a win (and some goals) to calm the dissidents and he got one, with most of his changes paying off in style. Wish him luck picking his next team against Swansea. Derby County 5 - Some brief attacking threats which largely came to nothing. Lady Luck may have smiled on them for the majority of the game with their deflected equaliser, debatable decisions and a goalkeeper that somehow did not get sent off, but the best team won on the night. And if anything, the margin of defeat should have been more. Referee Mike Jones 4 - Despite the deserved win, Leicester's unlucky run with the officials looks set to break the record books, with questionable decisions a-plenty, with the failure to send off Jonathan Mitchell for a handball outside the area to stop Musa in his tracks.
  9. Kasper Schmeichel 5 - Persistently exposed by a increasingly porous backline, but still made a few decent stops to prevent a cricket score, actually shows a bit a passion and and refreshing honesty in the interviews. Danny Simpson 3 - Will be seeing double after 90 minutes of being turned inside out, and his distribution either found a Reds head or went straight out of play. Wes Morgan 3 - Will be wanting to drink some Captain Morgan after that, with all three goals being preventable, whilst he was stood around like a proverbial statue. Yes, he was that slow. Robert Huth 3 - For all his pre-match talk ahead of this match, he was virtually the spitting image of Morgan in terms of defending ability, positioning and speed. Very poor again. Christian Fuchs 3 - Remember last season when barely anything got past him and his distribution was pin-point accurate? Quite the opposite now, with his decision-making ability in free-fall. Riyad Mahrez 4 - Looked completely disinterested at times, and at times, anonymous. The one chance he did have was unlucky to fall the wrong side of the post from a free-kick. Wilfred Ndidi 7 - The only starting player to show real drive in the middle of the park, with constant endeavour and one particular bursting solo-run when no other options were available. Watch this one. Danny Drinkwater 4 - No questioning that his heart is in the right, but has a tendency to get overly-frustrated, which affects the rest of his play. Progressively became a bystander as the Manchester United onslaught ran the show. Ahmed Musa 4 - Low confidence continues to hinder his game, with one particular first-half chance that should have taken first time. A moment of hesitancy later, the chance was gone. Otherwise ineffective. Shinji Okazaki 3 - Boundless energy as always, coupled with the balance of a three-legged donkey. Simply cannot stay on his feet, so you will always find him on the floor, with nothing to show for all his tireless huffing and puffing. Jamie Vardy 4 - Until the midfield service improves, you can expect his goal drought to continue. Lots of running around, rarely with an end product as he was well-marshalled by United's defence. Did create a golden chance for Musa that should have been taken more clinically. Substitutes: Andy King 3 - Don't get why he was brought on. Is not a player that you need when you are losing with your backs against the wall. Attacking player, he is not. When you throw on a defensive midfielder when losing, you may as well be surrendering the match. Gray 5 - Showed plenty of endeavour like Ndidi, but the quality of the corner set-pieces were poor, with most not beating the first man. Should have probably started when the game was more open, rather than being brought on the game was near-enough won, would have had more of an effect this way. Claudio Ranieri 4 - Running out of ideas in his tinkering handbook? Maybe. Starting to run out of time? Sadly, maybe. But is being constantly let-down by the players, although you have to question the substitutions made when we were once again chasing the game. Anthony Taylor (Referee) 5 - Struggled to keep a lid on things in the first half, with one substantial incorrect decision not to send off Juan Mata for his dangerous challenge on Jamie Vardy, plus a few other minor wrong calls as well. Manchester United 7 - Against tougher opposition, this 3-0 victory would not have been as straight-forward. Kept at arms-length for 42 minutes, but from then on, it was virtually one-way traffic, with United cruising to a deserved win.
  10. New chants and songs

    Stamford Bridge, are you listenin'? Keep the trophy a-glistenin', We'll be over in May, To take it away, Sh*tting on the Chelsea as we go-o-O!
  11. City Player ratings v Trees

    Schmeichel 6 - Let down by his defence and didn't have to do much apart from pick the ball out of his own net. Moore 6 - Decent performance, needs to work on those long throws though, find's an opposition head every time. Morgan 6 - Not his usual commanding self, yet relatively solid. Wasilewski 5 - Lucky to stay on the pitch during the crazy first 10 minutes, Simon Cox ran circles round him at times. Konchesky 5 - Still hasn't convinced me to this day, Jamie Mackie gave him a bit of a hard time. Knockaert 7 - A constant threat to the Forest, with the odd glimmer of individual brilliance. The star of the midfield, but no need for the card-waving, so deservedly booked. King 5 - Seems to get lost in the more physical midfield battles in the Championship, scrappy games do not suit him. Needs to be stronger in midfield or risk being over-run every time. Drinkwater 6 - Like King, had a bit of trouble winning the battle in midfield that was eventually lost, but did display a bit more urgency than his midfield partner. Won the penalty that was missed. Dyer 5 - A couple of early runs but Forest had obviously done their research on him, and was suffocated out of the game. Ineffective. Schlupp 5 - Was left to feed on scraps as the midfield battle was eventually lost, but when he did get the ball, he didn't do much with it. Left wing would be better really. Nugent 3 - Looked tired, and somewhat disinterested. Frustrated by his missed chances and it showed in the second half, summed up by his poor penalty. Needs to bounce back and quick. Subs: Vardy 4 - Surprised to see him on the bench given his hamstring injury. Not enough time to make an impact, coming on with Leicester making no real progress up front. Taylor-Fletcher 4 - No impact like Vardy, but if anything, he doesn't look up to full fitness. The international break will do him good to sweat it out on the training ground. Hammond 4 - Again, no real impact. Not really seen him with an attacking mindset yet, so not the ideal substitution when we are losing by more than one goal. Referee: Some very debatable decisions. Eventually sought control of the game when it threatened to boil over in the first 10-15 minutes. Probably should have sent off Wasilewski for his two-footed challenge, and penalty was a little soft. Not commanding enough for a match of this kind of intensity, though his linesmen didn't really help either. Overall: A mixture of both a tactical Forest victory masterminded by Billy Davies, and the fact that they took their chances and we didn't before shutting the game out. Still elements of not being clinical enough in front of goal, that goes for all of our strikers. A deserved 3 points for our East Midlands rivals, with the International Break again arriving in time for our tired looking squad. Finally, given the occasion of the Remembrance Weekend and the East Midlands Derby, the minute's silence/Last Post was beautifully observed by both sets of fans, showing recent Remembrance Weekend opponents like Derby and Leeds, how it should be observed and respected. Well done to all. Onto the next game!
  12. Ben Marshall being booed & apologises

    Define a couple...?
  13. Odds on Pearsons replacement.

    I nearly choked on my own spit when I saw Dennis Wise.
  14. Our Fans

    My thoughts entirely. Well said both of you. Shame we now live in a keyboard-ego world, where half of these neanderthals probably don't even attend the home games. For shame. For shame. I feel sorry for their contempt for someone who has no doubt been a flicker of light in the past dark, dark decade. Gratitude is a hard thing to find these days, fickleness is not so.
  15. Pearson to be Sacked.

    Linky link? Getting hopes up only to dash them isn't the way to go... Besides, there is a risk of there becoming several Pearson-sacked related threads. Surely this one could have been merged elsewhere? And besides, the media is bound to have this one in a stranglehold given the Foxes' alarming fall from grace. Leicester Mercury or Jason Bourne are my only sources.