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  1. Excellent analysis Strider. Something that doesn't come very often around here.
  2. They call Demarai Gray an attacking ace. This can't be a reliable source...
  3. It's all rumour mill fodder, hoping to generate to some late transfer window drama. We shouldn't be giving it the time of day. Not happening, move on. Panic over.
  4. Oh this would be the icing on the cake.
  5. Fofana for Benkovic. Straight-swap. Sounds fair to me, Claude.
  6. Lots of positive looking statistics for Fofana. Really looking forward to seeing this prospect in action. Rodgers will want to improve his on-the-ball technique.
  7. https://breakingthelines.com/scouting-report/scouting-report-wesley-fofana/
  8. I am surprised that offer was rejected. I suspect it probably take another few million Euros in the obligation to buy offer to convince Bayer Leverkusen to loan us to him. But now that the Wesley Fofana deal seems to have had a breakthrough today, that may put paid to the Jonathan Tah pursuit. With Evans, Soyuncu, Benkovic, Amartey, Morgan and soon-to-be Fofana, that is more than enough CB cover when all are fit and able.
  9. Rodri's attitude about us reminds me of Jan Vertonghen's smack-talk about us and we all know what happened that season. https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/football/127911/jan-vertonghen-slams-leicester-after-tottenham-defeat/ Just saying. *goes to put a tenner on Leicester to win the title*
  10. Found the right thread then? It's a no from me as well.
  11. Saint-Etienne undoubtedly have their price. Too high? Probably. These are a lot of posts for something that might not even happen. I prefer Fofana over Tarkowski, but Jonathan Tah is probably our most realistic option.
  12. Think if the club decided whether to spend £40m on James Tarkowski or Wesley Fofana, I would definitely choose the latter. Bottom line, Burnley are asking for too much yet again and if JT is indeed faking that toe injury and wants to leave, then maybe he should try to force a move on his side (more than he is) so Burnley accept a lower offer. If it was me, I'd say move on. There are players with better value for money elsewhere.
  13. At his scintillating best today, barely put a foot wrong. Getting to take the penalty for the fifth was the very least he deserved. More of the same please Youri!
  14. Can we just sign Belgians from now on? This lad is an absolute gem. Clean sheets, goals, assists. What more can you ask from him after 3 games? Early shout for player of the season. No disrespect to JJ whatsoever, because he has been fab this season and is getting better, but Timothy Castagne and Ricardo Pereira as a pair of wing backs are stuff that dreams are made of.
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