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  2. kingfox


    Incredible scenes. It's like I'm watching Happy Gilmore.
  3. kingfox


    He is the best passer we have, yes he misplaced some yesterday but 9 times out of 10 his accuracy is spot on, yes he likes to keep it simple but he also likes to get forward and break the lines, he played some brilliant passes into the likes of Maddison and Iheanacho in very good areas yesterday. Not only that he can defend, he might not be on Kante level or even Wilf level but he knows how to intercept and tackle. He's been our most consistent player over the past few weeks, hopefully his form continues.
  4. Have nothing against him, I thought he was alright yesterday but I thought the formation hurt him. There was absolutely no width or support on the left side, he had to do the work all by himself which led to him being doubled up on, all he could do was pass and run sideways because he had no help. Second half he had more joy but overall he was average.
  5. We have Ben Chilwell He runs down the wing Then passes sideways Because he's a negative bitch
  6. 9 - Iheanacho 8 - Maddison, Vardy 7 - Amartey, Maguire, Mendy 6 - Schmeichel, Evans, Chilwell, Ndidi 5 - Ghezzal The front three when they clicked were class today
  7. Any moaners today? Good win, good performance overall, job done. Defensively we looked better balanced today, fair play to Big Dan Amartey, he was excellent. Maguire was back to his best, great defending to deny Depoitre in the second half. Going forward when we click we're a very good side, at times I thought it was all a bit too centrally, we lacked width especially on the left, we tried to play through the middle far too many times but the final ball wasn't on. Plenty of positives though, as I already said Amartey was excellent, Maddison when he was able to pick the ball up in space was class, MOTM though today was clearly Iheanacho, one of his best performances for us. We got the balance right today especially defensively, we must do this against better teams though. Roll on Newcastle.
  8. kingfox

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Don't know why he just can't push Ricardo further forward as the winger, he's got like 2-3 assists this season. Van La Parra vs Amartey will be the key battle today. If Maddison or Iheanacho are on the wing then that's an absolute waste.
  9. kingfox

    What to do about the defense?

    With the players we have I feel we are best suited to a 3-5-2 formation, if we're going to stick with 4-4-2 though then it's Soyuncu or bust unless we change the RB situation. The right side of defence is the problem, if you're going to persist with Ricardo at RB then you can't play Morgan or Evans because they are far too slow, as we saw against Wolves, Ricardo constantly left Evans exposed, Evans gets the ball knocked past him and Wolves went on to create numerous goalscoring opportunities. Morgan for me is a better option than Evans, he has more pace for starters but still, he's not good enough anymore to cope in one on one situations when he's left exposed. If you're going to persist with Morgan or play Evans in a back four, then Ricardo has to be pushed further forward as the winger and Amartey or Simmo have to come in as the RB. As for the left-side right now I see no problem with it, Chilwell has showed improvements defensively and offensively. Maguire had his worst game for us against Bournemouth, we know full well he isn't going to play like that week in week out. The problem lies with the right side of defence, later today I hope to see a combination of Ricardo - Soyuncu or Amartey/Simmo - Evans/Soyuncu with Ricardo on the wing.
  10. kingfox

    UFC ...

    Watching this mess of a press conference now. It seems McGregor has been mixing whiskey and cocaine.
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  12. kingfox

    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Must win. A formation change would be ideal but can't see it happening. Play the same formation then of course we need a few adjustments. Schmeichel Amartey/Simmo - Soyuncu - Maguire - Chilwell Ricardo - Ndidi - Mendy - Albrighton Maddison Vardy Subs - Ward, Evans, Fuchs, Silva, Ghezzal, Gray, Iheanacho
  13. Where's that West Ham been? Their midfield made all the difference today, Rice and Obiang were class.
  14. kingfox

    Ricardo Pereira

    Spot on. Time for us to change formation or play him as a winger. He is incredible going forward, so bad defensively.
  15. A spirited loss there from Watford. Entertaining game.