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  1. Slightly surprised but his form in the first three games of the season has been good. Hopefully this call up gives him more confidence to kick on, after a very inconsistent 19/20 season. The early signs are there that improvements are starting to show.
  2. Shouldn’t this thread be in the Music section?
  3. Neither player could hold serve towards the end of the match, until Bertens held at 7-7. The reason Errani didn’t win because she has the worst serve on the WTA tour, so much so, she was serving underarm at times
  4. And to finish things off, she shouted fvck off in Italian when leaving the court
  5. We thought Nick Kyrgios was bad...Sara Errani ladies and gentlemen...
  6. It was a highly astute tactical change from tactical genius Brendan, it deserved it’s own section More praise for Big Dan the better, as it may lead to Col finally realising that he is actually decent
  7. Here we go again, the best poster on Foxestalk @StriderHiryu dishing out his tactical analysis. However I’m disappointed that you left out the game plan of Kasper aiming for Amartey to win headers in the second half, that was a clear tactical change. But I can’t be too disappointed, you’ve posted gifs of Youri’s sexy pass to Timmy and James Maddison’s unbelievable strike. I’ll have to get the lube out now...
  8. How dare you remind me of such monstrosities. Bloody Jana Fett
  9. Fvcking finally but I can see him leaving after a season. I have it on good authority that Claude has bought him a house in Highfields as a thank you for his services.
  10. Well after seeing Tauson today, her game is actually watchable
  11. Good win for Clara Tauson @Facecloth
  12. Operation Hide Big Dan is underway @Col city fan
  13. I’ll take that as a no then. But I think you can let me off tonight Col, we won 5-2 for christ sake and Tielemans & Mendy put in the kind of performances that make straight men giddy down below.
  14. Good to see Jenas pick out Mendy and Tielemans as the key men today. Obviously he went on Foxestalk before the show and saw my post praising them.
  15. Lighten up Col. No doubt you’ll be having one over Amartey’s highlights of today
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