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  1. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    Great Central way is like the Tour de France today, ridiculous. Then I passed a group of five students, guess social distancing doesn’t apply to them.
  2. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    FFS That’s another year where Jerzy Janowicz won’t win the trophy.
  3. I had some Mark De Vries one’s As a kid they looked cool, now looking back I agree, worst piece of football memorabilia ever.
  4. Ryan McGivern, Josh Low and Junior Lewis should get a spot in everybody’s 11. I’ll always remember the night that Ryan McGivern had his soul stolen from Ivan Sproule of Bristol City.
  5. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    Updated numbers, Dashboard seems to be functionally working properly nowadays. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/f94c3c90da5b4e9f9a0b19484dd4bb14 8 more in Leicester, 15 in Leicestershire. Birmingham now second highest in the country
  6. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    When you nip Co-Op and the woman who serves you starts coughing
  7. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    Just took the Dog down the Great Central Way, what a weird feeling, yes the sun’s out but it feels like you’re walking in a holiday camp, three people wearing masks too, this is going to be the norm for a good while.
  8. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    He did exactly the same regarding Mass Gatherings and Schools, he let things sit for a bit when he could have brought them forward, then he only reacts when others do or when the public get highly vocal. Weak leadership and his lack of strictness could prove fatal.
  9. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    We’ll be worse than Italy because of situations and idiots like this.
  10. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    Don’t visit your Mothers on Mothers Day. My family friend three doors up from me clearly didn’t get the memo, she has her son and kids round
  11. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    The youth of today
  12. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    London especially should be locked down. UK government should have got stricter sooner, yet despite with certain measures you’re getting scenes like that, idiots like that are putting their lives and others at risk just for a nine packet of toilet roll
  13. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    New Malden in London, 6am this morning.
  14. kingfox

    Corona Virus

    Fvcking ridiculous
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