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  1. Especially the joggers down the Great Central way
  2. Plenty of places in about a 20 min radius from Bramall Lane to City Centre 👍
  3. Cremorne or RS Bar are two which are close to Bramall Lane. How you getting there?
  4. Drinky needs competition so... Oğuzhan Özyakup or Alan Dzagoev
  5. Season only finished yesterday and Bournemouth are already close to signing Begovic and Defoe. Good stuff
  6. If it's not to be Shakey then it has to be Wagner if Huddersfield don't go up.
  7. One of those players you instantly fell in love with. Gave his all, gave us some great memories and was a beast of a player. Hopefully Anderlecht give him a year or so and he finishes his career there.
  8. What a rollercoaster of a season. First things first, Wasyl As for the match it was a game of two halves. First half we were fvcking woeful, as bad as we were against Spurs, couldn't keep the ball and our shape was all over the place. Second half was a different story, we showed effort, fight and we pressed more. Everyone picked up their game especially the midfield and Slimani. King and Ndidi looked like passengers in the first half, second half they were everywhere. As for MOTM I'd say Chilwell again, definitely our biggest positive from the last three games, brilliant defensively, brilliant going forward and a perfect cross that led to the goal. Roll on next season, big summer ahead especially recruitment wise.
  9. Deserves more playing time but he won't get it at Liverpool. His attitude though is that of a mardy impatient child. Don't know if anyone else saw it but even on Thursday night, when they were warming up at half time the subs were doing kick ups in a circle, Wasyl and Musa started messing about with the ball, Gray started to wave his arms about, got fed up, stormed off and decided to do kick ups by himself
  10. Davis' left hand is dynamite.
  11. On his day he is our best player but how often has he showed it this season? About 1 in every 5 games. We accomdate him just fine, we accommodated him last season in the same position and same formation, we lost 5-2 to Arsenal then he got dropped because he was lazy, Ranieri started playing him again, he bucked up his ideas and on he defensive side of things he dramatically improved. Yes this season has been a different story in terms of having to defend more but where's the effort he showed from last season, for the majority of this season he has been incredibly lazy. As for going forward Riyad gives the ball away just as much as others, he creates his own space but most of the time he runs into a cul-de-sac and loses the ball. He tries to do too much, that's why fans get frustrated. If he showed laziness in a team like Spurs or Man City he'd get dropped in an instant.
  12. He's been more frustrating than good this season though. He's probably played well in what, 1 in every 5 games or something along those lines. Apart from last season he's never been a consistent player, this season though some of his performances have took the piss. For a guy who could be on the brink of a move to a Champions League side, he is currently playing like the new Remy Cabella.
  13. Looks pretty bland, Goalkeeper shirt looks better.
  14. Any two from... Maguire Mbodji Ake Zouma Diop
  15. It's like just because he scored 17 goals and got 11 assists last season you can't criticise him. Anybody who's played as bad as he has this season deserves criticism, 6 goals this season and only 2 assists, for a guy who wants regular Champions League football that is fvcking shocking. As you said Col, Player of the Season last season, this season he looks like one of those French rejects Newcastle tend to buy.