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  1. Watch with caution, may cause permanent boner.
  2. Cheers Watford, Mum’s buzzing, nice one. legends.
  3. Just let them have a free shot again. Fvcking terrible defending from Villa.
  4. A LCB is definitely a must, I know you like mentioning Malang Sarr a lot but it’s definitely a signing that would make sense. If not him then I’d rather get someone with Premier League experience, O’Connell has been class and if his form continues I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes the England squad. Depending who gets relegated, the likes of Ake, Godfrey and Mings will be mentioned, Ake would make the most sense though. A back up for Ndidi is a must, especially if Mendy goes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lallana is our first signing of the transfer window, will give us more experience and he’ll be a decent back up for Maddison. As for forwards I’d just get a better upgrade on Gray. It all depends what we do going forward though, if we go back to 4-2-3-1 then an out and out winger is a must, I’d happily take David Brooks. If 3-5-2 is the way forward then there’s no point signing an out and out winger, get someone in who is flexible like Perez but will be more of a goal threat. If we want to stay in and around the top 5 we have to show ambition, getting in a winger/forward who will get 10-15 goals could prove crucial in terms of challenging for a European place.
  5. Quality over quantity. The depth is already there, it’s just a case of getting some deadwood out and making it stronger. Overloading the team with relegated players isn’t necessary. The likes of Brooks, Buendia and Cantwell are all decent talents, but are they the type of players who will bring you 10-15 goals a season? Doubtful. Cantwell for instance, we have Maddison, we don’t need Cantwell too. We need about four signings, a bit more strength down the spine of our team. LCB, DM/CM and two attacking players of some kind. If 3-5-2 becomes a persistent thing though, do we really need an out and out winger? I’d rather get another player who is flexible, can play wide, can play upfront and will guarantee you 10-15 goals. The likes of Brooks, Sarr, Buendia and McNeil probably won’t give you that. LCB - Malang Sarr, Jack O’Connell or Nathan Ake DM/CM - William Carvalho, Ibrahima Diallo or Baptiste Santamaria(Linked before) CAM - Adam Lallana(Free transfer) WG/ST - Kevin Volland or Gerard Moreno(We need to show ambition)
  6. @Ric Flair right now Jokes aside as @GingerrrFox has said, if 3 at the back becomes a frequent thing, then he’d be perfect as our LCB, plus he can also step in at LB. If this signing doesn’t come about then I’d like to see us go for Jack O’Connell or Nathan Ake.
  7. You trying to throw me under a bus After what we produced at the weekend I thought that line up was justified, we finally got ourselves a win, Rodgers finally had the balls to change it, why change a winning team? Many elements of that though failed to work last night, especially in the first half but what was another solution? Go back to 4-2-3-1? That formation recently has stopped working, do we go back to that again and pray that it works again? Our wingers have offered very little in a lot of games this season, Vardy started to become isolated, something definitely needed to change. Yet again last night you saw that our wingers have a better impact coming off the bench, Barnes did the trick against Palace, Gray did the trick last night against Arsenal. Would I start them against Bournemouth, personally no because we’ve seen so many times before, that when we do start them they don’t deliver, especially Gray. I’d like to see us stick with 3-5-2 because I feel that we’re best off with two up front, Nacho has been playing well and deserves to be starting. We could go 4-4-2 but you don’t really see that formation nowadays unless you’re Burnley.
  8. Our easiest game left but knowing us we’ll probably fvck it up somehow. 3-0 loss, Solanke hat-trick.
  9. The two worst creations in the history of the World tonight became the best. Thank you Chris Kavanagh Thank you VAR
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