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  1. Maybe so but it's still not a good look on Adidas's part is it. Home kits fine, one of the best we've had in years imo. Away shirts are nice too but when I see both are templates again, the fact that numerous clubs will probably have the same, it just reeks of laziness. Piss poor from Adidas.
  2. If you want to waste £55 when you can basically get it for £16 go ahead mate No doubt someone like Accrington Stanley will have the same template for their away shirt.
  3. You sure you want to do that mate?
  4. Same as last year though, a total money grab that many fans will unfortunately fall for. When it comes to clubs away shirts, Adidas have proved to be lazy.
  5. Adidas are a bunch of lazy fvckers.
  6. One of my favourite players growing up, if we can get Cambiasso then we can get Arjen Robben. If we somehow get him and he only joins for a year, he'll still be going on the back of my shirt.
  7. Joe Allen it is then.
  8. WOW DJ what a fvcking mess
  9. What a let off for Brooks. DJ chokes.
  10. In the space of three holes this has turned pretty interesting.
  11. Well Watford fans have been saying that they need a new defence
  12. Pissed off, she's a Watford fan. She's had enough and walked out the room.
  13. Cheers Watford mum's pissed, nice one.
  14. De Bruyne proves in five minutes that his end product is far better than Riyad's.
  15. Knowing Rodgers he's probably turned his attention to Joe Allen.
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