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  1. Carabou Cup Final

    Ty, the most deluded football fan on YouTube. Here he is arguing with a 12 year old and the West Ham mascot...
  2. Carabou Cup Final

    Go on Claude!!!
  3. Carabou Cup Final

    Well we now know why so many Arsenal fans slate Granit Xhaka, what a diabolical footballer. The midfield gives the defence no protection and it doesn't help matters that the defence itself is shit too. Meanwhile I like Kelly Cates
  4. A defence of Matty James

    Finally someone with a bit of common sense. James for me is in the side because he keeps the ball better than the likes of Iborra, it's as simple as that. You can bang on about him not creating enough, but yesterday I think he was the only player to actually play through Vardy with a forward pass. He started quite a few moves yesterday by winning a header or making a pass, not his fault that the players in front of him then fvcked up every attacking move. If that header had gone in I'm sure many wouldn't of been bashing him like they have, first half he did alright, second half he had a spell where he wasn't contesting any second balls; however that was the case for the whole side. Its alright saying the likes of James, Morgan and Chilwell aren't good enough anymore but our main players haven't been cutting it either, it's not certain players to blame it's the whole bloody team.
  5. Schmeichel(4) - Sort your kicking out you plank. Simpson(4) - Hoof ball merchant. Morgan(6) - Didn't do anything wrong, pretty solid. Maguire(6) - Same as Wes, those two were the best of a bad bunch. Chilwell(5) - Didn't think he was as bad as others but overall he was bang average...again. Mahrez(5) - A few moments of brilliance but kept giving the ball away and should've scored. Ndidi(4) - Extremely disappointing, kept passing sideways, didn't stand out defensively either. James(4) - Didn't think he was too bad first half, second half though he was abysmal, kept losing second balls. Albrighton(4) - Huffed and puffed as usual, got a lucky assist but 99% of his crosses were fvcking awful. Gray(2) - Did fvck all. Vardy(2) - May have been isolated but he put in zero work, looked surprisingly lazy.
  6. Adrien Silva

    Made some nice forward passes in the first half yesterday, was willing to burst forward into the box at times too, something we don't see often from James. James is good in tight areas too, Iborra less so. Ndidi was the same yesterday though because their were a lack of options in front, the likes of Albrighton and Mahrez were happy to just stand wide so the only option to them was a sideways ball.
  7. Championship 2017/18

    Well this has become popular for two big reasons
  8. Attacking football - what happened?

    We'll sell Iborra and get in Cattermole to partner Papy Mendy.
  9. Attacking football - what happened?

    Boring Puel happened. This reminds me of the Matt Mills situation, Reading fans said he was shit yet we didn't believe them, they ended up being right. Southampton fans said Puel was shit and boring, we thought he can't be that bad, way we're playing right now they are exactly right.
  10. Stoke post match 1-1

    He started more attacks by winning the ball than Ndidi did today. Certain players getting singled out when the whole team was shit is ludicrous. Vardy, Mahrez and Albrighton were just as bad as the likes of Morgan, Chilwell and James today if not worse. You talk about Simpson not being able to play football yet that's exactly why James is in the side, because he keeps the ball and rarely gives it away, Iborra for example doesn't do that, he's shown that he can be wasteful in that type of situation. Gray is being played their at times because we have nobody else. Diabate is a winger, Iheanacho's been just as bad as Gray. We've made a slight improvement under Puel but he's basically turned us from a shit side into a bang average one, I've not been impressed in the slightest by his leadership.
  11. Why is Gray Starting

    I wasn't surprised to see him starting today, his performance against Sheffield Utd was decent in parts, on that basis he warranted his start today; however yet again he failed to put in a performance in a league game. Do we have better right now though? Iheanacho has been just as bad, Diabate has promise but like Gray he isn't the finished article. We're missing
  12. Stoke post match 1-1

    As I've said many times choosing between Morgan and Dragovic isn't as straightforward as some make out, both have done well this season, both warrant their place. Simpson on the other hand is of course a better defender than Amartey but he offers nothing going forward, hoof it and lose it. Everything you pretty much say has been the case for weeks. Schmeichel and his kicking, poor service from our attacking players. James didn't do too bad in the first half in my opinion, he made a few nice tackles, won a few headers, can't recall him giving the ball away; however it's been evident all season that he struggles to play a full 90. In that spell Stoke had in the second half until we got an undeserved goal the midfield was woeful, they couldn't win a second ball. Amartey, Fuchs and Silva need to start against Bournemouth, if not then more fans will be getting on Claude's back and deservingly so.
  13. Puel-come to the future

    Bang on from the first sentence, we get in good enough areas but it's our final ball, it's been shit far too often recently. We've been a team who's always liked to use the wings, yet our quality of delivery hasn't been good enough. Yes Albrighton got the assist today but the majority of his crosses were wack, Mahrez the same. I said the other week on here, we're nothing more than a team that belongs in the 7th-10th bracket, will be good for some weeks, will be shit for some weeks and it's been exactly like that recently. Is it all down to Ndidi and James though in terms of movement, if there is zero movement and zero options in front of you then the only option is to go backwards and sideways. I thought in the first half James and Wilf made some nice passes forward, especially towards the wide areas but then our final ball would let us down. The only options on were a pass to Chilwell, Simpson, Albrighton or Mahrez in the wide areas, in front Gray and Vardy were doing fvck all. All our games from now till the end of the season barring probably Spurs away are all winnable, I said on here yesterday, the next two and a bit months will show how good Puel really is, at the minute though it's looking bang average.
  14. Adrien Silva

    Did you miss his World Class cross field ball in the first half, I don't see Silva and Iborra pinging balls like that. Maybe him playing backwards at times is down to the lack of movement in front, Ndidi was the same today, nothing on in front so the only option was to pass wide.
  15. Puel-come to the future

    Boring was the word being used when he came in and it's been exactly like that recently. There were two fans sitting behind me today saying it's the most boring we've looked for some time, unfortunately I had to agree. Draws at home to Swansea and Stoke, about 2 wins in 10 league games, simply not good enough. Give him time but all I see is a bang average manager.