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  1. kingfox

    The Apprentice 2018

    Sugar not basing the firing on the task Failure was down to Tom, poor Kayode.
  2. Officials worse than usual this weekend. Mitrovic level with Robertson there.
  3. kingfox


    Neil Danns sighting, what a legend.
  4. Emotional day, proud of everyone today. As for the game it was a frustrating one, we had numerous chances, hit the bar, two off the line, few good saves from Hart, just one of those days where it wouldn't go in. Evans MOTM for me, absolutely magnificent, the perfect defensive display from him.
  5. kingfox

    The Apprentice 2018

    One of the worst tasks I've ever seen, thank god that cvnt is gone though, one if not the worst contestant ever. As for a winner I'll go with Sian, the only one who seems to have her head screwed on.
  6. kingfox

    Burnley (home)

    Maddison so far has been a 50-60 minute player, he hasn't been able to sustain a quality level for 90 minutes. He's been one of our best players so far this season though, by far our best signing but he plays well for a certain amount of time but then by 50-60 minutes he seems to tire and becomes ineffective. I've been impressed with his capabilities of making space for himself, he does make himself available in the right spaces, good with the ball at feet, quick on the turn and has to be one of the most fouled players in the league. He is still finding his feet but overall I've been impressed, I much prefer him behind Vardy than Iheanacho.
  7. Exactly. Back end of last season you might as well of took a pillow and sleeping bag with you, so far this season I haven't felt that way, I haven't felt bored when watching us, that's because we've looked better when going forward and that's down to the performances of certain players. Puel has tinkered a bit, sometimes not for the better, sometimes he's had no choice. The right side of defence situation has been a total mess for many reasons, Wes getting suspended twice, Ricardo not looking good enough defensively and now Amartey is injured. Playing Iheanacho and Maddison together doesn't work for me, I think Puel has now identified this by starting Gray instead against Cardiff. As I said above certain players have made a difference this season, Chilwell has made serious improvements, Ricardo when going forward can be a difference maker, we finally have a quality number 10 in Maddison and Mendy feels like a new signing. The league will probably be split into four sections this season, top six, Europa league spot challengers, middle of the road teams like Palace and Brighton then the relegation battlers. Right now we're in the Europa League challenger spot, I'd put us on par with Bournemouth, Watford, Everton, Wolves and West Ham, I expect us to flip-flop between those five teams as the season goes on. As I said earlier we're a work in progress, we're going to see some good and some bad from us, few things still need fixing, right side of defence mostly, another RB in January is a must and we need to start getting the best out of Vardy, we could do with a player who can take the pressure off him, Iheanacho isn't that guy imo. When we start losing to the relegation fodder teams then we should start worrying, right now I'm happy enough.
  8. We're a work in progress and maybe some people want more out of him; however we're nothing more than an inconsistent mid table team right now. Since last season I can see improvements, the football we've played has been much better in my opinion, we've scored in every game this season, at the back end of last season in some games we were having no shots on target, this season we're actually creating chances and in the majority of games we've looked decent going forward. Our performances have been patchy, some good, some bad; however the bad performances came solely because of the defence, that's been our weakness this season, if Puel can patch that up then we have a good team on our hands, a team more than capable of finishing 7th. We've had positive performances against Man Utd, Liverpool and for 40 minutes against Arsenal. We've beaten the teams we should be beating. In terms of bad the Bournemouth defeat was by far the worst and the Everton loss was Morgan's fault. We have a young side slowly maturing and it will take time, right now I'm seeing progress, he should remain.
  9. kingfox

    Cardiff Away post match 1-0

    Happy, proud, emotional, well played lads Chilwell MOTM
  10. kingfox

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Good play, good goal. Gray Get in!
  11. kingfox

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Bloody robbed again Slow start but we've been the better team for the last 10, Mendy our best player imo.
  12. kingfox

    The Apprentice 2018

    One bellend binned, one to go.
  13. I'm in tears after watching that, of the things posted that's the most heartbreaking and emotional.
  14. I'm in tears. He did so much for us, it was the little things that made him so great. RIP Vichai