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  1. Yes he did but we knew going into this year, that his overall form wasn't great and Perry was always going to be a tough opponent. Will be more intriguing if Ronnie was to get knocked out
  2. Went yesterday for the tenth year straight to see Brecel vs Walden. Walden starting off with a century was as good as it got, from then on it became a tense battle, a lovely 45 minute frame in there too, was like watching a half of Leicester...boring. Luca still has a lot to learn after yesterday though, so impatient at times, definitely a guy lacking confidence.
  3. Your comments are getting more and more boring Fair play for being psychic though.
  4. Jones downs Murphy again. Shaun will be off to take some naked pics of himself to send to his Thai friends after that, he'll need a shoulder to cry on.
  5. I guess Maguire isn't a morning person then, his temperament lost him that, headcase.
  6. Classy performance from Perry, poor from the get go from Selby. That's made the tournament more exciting for this year anyway
  7. Maybe a lack of focus again? He's had a great season overall but from January there's been matches where he's looked disinterested. Against Allen at the Masters but he was supposedly ill that day, Higgins twice but most recently at the Welsh and against Slessor at the China Open.
  8. Wow, what an interesting first session. Selby's safety game in particular has been way off, when that doesn't go right you fully expect him to struggle. Not surprised to see Haotian leading Fu on the other table, scoring well like he did in qualifying.
  9. Bloody hell this is getting even worse for Mark, some shocking misses.
  10. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Alright Lee, nice to see you emerge again when things aren't going well Majority of those players you mentioned will likely leave but most are already fringe players, only 2-3 of those can be classed as starters. It's our starting 11 and the way they are playing under him which is the worrying factor, they just don't suit his methods. Mahrez has become inconsistent again and Vardy looks isolated more than normal.
  11. The hype has finally kicked in, my favourite two weeks of the year start tomorrow, few quick thoughts, will try keep it shortish or the usual fvcks will start moaning... Really can't see past Selby again, his overall form this season hasn't been great but he's hit form at the right time. He isn't in an easy section though, Perry could well be a tough opener, Mark Allen has been playing well in patches as has Kyren Wilson who pushed him extremely close at the China Open. Second quarter I'll have to favour Higgins, Trump's in there but I don't think he's playing well enough to mount a challenge, I expect him to do better than last year though. Lisowski the darkhorse of that section, in form, has finally started to show his talent consistently this season, surely has to do better than he did on his debut back in 2013. Bottom half, in the third section it's a real toss up between Ding and Hawkins for me to make the Semis. Ryan Day has been playing well recently, I can see him beating McGill but I don't expect him to go beyond that. Marco Fu's eyes are fvcked so I don't expect him to do anything. Last quarter has two real in form players from this season, Ronnie and Mark Williams, I really hope they meet in the Quarters. I'll go with a Selby vs Ding/Hawkins final. Darkhorse would have to be Mark Allen or Kyren Wilson.
  12. Championship 2017/18

    Knew we should've gone for Jokanovic when Shakespeare got sacked, most underrated manager in the top four divisions.
  13. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Not just that mate, after the game last night he said he was happy with the performance. WTF was he watching? Puel is clearly a delusional person.
  14. **New** Puel In or Out - A simple Poll Mk 2

    Out Not because I dislike him as a person, I just dislike his footballing methods. Not one of our players suit his style of football, the last five home games in particular have proved that. We have a very decent squad and drastic changes don't have to be made, yet some fans seem to think we need a clear out when Puel is the one that has turned them into negative boring rubbish. The position we are in is acceptable, the football we are seeing isn't, I want to see a bit of excitement again, with Puel in charge I can't see that happening.
  15. Favourite type of dog

    Interesting name for a dog