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  1. Some outfit from Justin Thomas
  2. Favourite sporting time of year, Wimbledon followed by The Open, three weeks of sporting bliss. Another wide open major but gone for E/W on Leishman, Pieters & Cabrera-Bello all of which are around 50/1.
  3. We're gonna win Asia Trophy Massive!
  4. King & Drinky have looked pretty poor.
  5. Matty James So good to see him back in a Leicester shirt.
  6. £50 million for him now please.
  7. Jakupovic would of saved that.
  8. Getting hammered by nearly every School football team we played, losing 13-0 to Fullhurst was the main highlight. Got a stone chucked at my head after my mate ducked, next day in assembly headteacher told everyone to stop having stone fights after someone "nearly died" yesterday, bit extreme.
  9. Cilic absolutely piss poor so far especially on the big points.
  10. Muguruza should stick with Martinez throughout the US Open season, might as well fire Sumyk, partnership hasn't worked for months. Will be interesting to see where she goes from here, she became a mess after winning the French.
  11. An unexpected total collapse. Solid again from Muguruza, two grand slams, Williams sisters downed in both
  12. Venus has become an unforced error machine in this set, pushing too hard and has no answers, Muguruza like throughout the tournament playing solid Tennis when it matters.