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  1. kingfox

    Yannic bolasie

    His best days are behind him, no thanks
  2. @Col city fan my god, do you take him out for a KFC every night?
  3. kingfox

    Coronation Street

  4. kingfox

    Mahrez replacements

    Malcom Jahanbakhsh Sarr Those are the three we should be looking at, fvck Andros Townsend, fvck Bertrand Traore.
  5. kingfox

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    I'd be absolutely gutted if Kasper left, one of the most likeable players we've ever had, one of the best goalkeepers we've ever had, and the journey he's been on with us all started in the Sven era He was average last season but regardless, he is one of the best shot stoppers in the business. If we got in Butland or Heaton as his replacement then I'd be happy with that, anybody else would be a step down.
  6. He tailed off a bit last season but at the start of the season in particular he was ripping it up, first 2-3 months of the season he was by far one of the most impressive players in Ligue 1, the lad has talent. It's just frustrating to see these teams who we should be on par with, signing players who could do a job for us. Maybe it will be Jahanbakhsh but I have to say I would've preferred Felipe Anderson over him, I would prefer Malcom over him, the Eredivisie gets shit on for a reason. We should be competing with teams like Everton and West Ham who have aspirations for top six, I just think our squad looks a bit on the average side atm.
  7. Bloody Everton, we should be on this. Southampton take Elyounoussi, Everton could take Malcom, we're probably going to end up with Andros Townsend.
  8. 3-0 win for Notts County, Jon Stead will fvck us up and score a hat-trick.
  9. kingfox


    Wimbledon final was poor World Cup final was spoilt by a shit ref Need The Open to pick my sporting spirits up, then again Mickelson will probably win it and I'll be left slashing my wrists.
  10. kingfox

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    How can he know anything about it in real time when Matuidi is in the way of him? If Matuidi wasn't there then yes it's blatant; however Matuidi blocks his view, ducks and the ball unintentionally hits his hand.
  11. kingfox

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    that decision becomes more laughable everytime I see it. Matuidi ducks and the ball hits Perisic unintentionally, nothing deliberate in that at all.
  12. kingfox

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    What a fvcking farce, how on earth is that deliberate, trust VAR to spoil the final.
  13. kingfox


    Likeable person with a likeable game, yes she's defensive but she's not a defensive bore like *cough* Wozniacki, *cough* Svitolina, she turns defense into attack better than anyone. Always going to happen as it's Serena, today though just exposed her as being not ready, people getting wet because she made a Grand Slam final on fourth tournament back, her draw was made for her to have a good run; however as soon as a good player comes up against her who can defend...that happens. Kim Clijsters did similar back in 09 and won the US Open on third tournament back, far more impressive.
  14. kingfox


    Serena was shit but Angie did everything right today, perfect performance from her, fully deserved and a likeable winner.
  15. kingfox


    This is ridiculous