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  1. Final sessions of Ding vs Liang and Allen vs Higgins are must watch, best matches of the tournament so far.
  2. Eurosport on Tv, BBC Sport on Tablet, simple.
  3. Good standard being played on both tables tonight.
  4. We should of signed him instead of Mendy in the summer. Can see why we signed Mendy though purely off defensive purposes, despite not playing much I haven't been impressed with him when he has, just doesn't fit our system, we've now got Ndidi who does the job we required from Mendy so tbh there's no need for him. Seri of course played with Mendy in a midfield three, but as stats show he is far more forward thinking and quite frankly we're missing a forward thinking midfielder, Drinkwater can do a job but he just doesn't create enough, Seri has created 50 more chances than Drinky this season.
  5. Linked with Jean Seri from Nice, we should of signed him in the summer instead of Mendy.
  6. Murphy vs Ronnie starting tonight, so many interesting second round matches, quite a few could be close, not known it to be this strong for a while.
  7. Rory McLeod actually lives in Leicester, potential final with Selby on the cards
  8. Went yesterday, Trump didn't look right after he came back from mid session, same problem has moved into today. Rory has been all over him with good calculated snooker, surprisingly watching him live yesterday he wasn't slow at all, you can tell he is more of a thinker than most players but pace wise he was alright.
  9. Forget England's number nine, we have England's number two.
  10. So proud of the lads tonight, couldn't of asked for anything more in terms of effort, we were the better team tonight and if it wasn't for some unlucky moments we could of well won that tbh. First half I thought was pretty even but Atletico looked a class above defensively, was very difficult to break their shape down. Second half we pummelled them, had our chances and played with incredible effort. Chilwell was excellent bombing up and down that left flank, the defence pretty much cut everything out in terms of attacks, I'd probably give Simpson MOTM, so solid yet again. Great effort, great atmosphere, great memories.
  11. Just needed that bit of motivation from his number one fan.
  12. Dreadful stuff from Marco Fu so far tonight, joy to watch all season up until now. Meanwhile Ronnie vs Wilson best match so far, enjoyable throughout.
  13. Yes but not when you throw away a two goal lead.
  14. Palace been in decent form but can't help but feel disappointed after that.