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  1. Think we all knew what peoples' preferences would be. Stream 100%. If there was something that shines the spotlight on the apparent disconnect between fans and the boards of Premier League clubs, this is it. I'd take using 15-20mins of my time trying to find a stream on my Firestick or phone, rather than forking out £15 for a game. Absolutely disgraceful, but serves another reason to be proud of our wonderful football club that has always had its community at heart.
  2. Think the signings after the 2015/16 season are a gallery by themselves.
  3. This is a precious reality check. Any hints of delusions of grandeur and expectations have been steamrollered. And when VAR stops us even getting a consolation, then that tops it all off. Played off the park, and back to the drawing board.
  4. Michail Antonio has ripped our backline to shreds all game. And the general play looks like the post-lockdown form. Hoping this is a one-off. Write this one off and move onto the next game.
  5. Perez is really not looking like a Starting XI player. Impact sub from now on.
  6. Crashing back down to Earth with a bump aren't we? They just don't look that interested today. Hammers cruising to three points.
  7. Excellent analysis Strider. Something that doesn't come very often around here.
  8. Rodri's attitude about us reminds me of Jan Vertonghen's smack-talk about us and we all know what happened that season. https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/football/127911/jan-vertonghen-slams-leicester-after-tottenham-defeat/ Just saying. *goes to put a tenner on Leicester to win the title*
  9. At his scintillating best today, barely put a foot wrong. Getting to take the penalty for the fifth was the very least he deserved. More of the same please Youri!
  10. Can we just sign Belgians from now on? This lad is an absolute gem. Clean sheets, goals, assists. What more can you ask from him after 3 games? Early shout for player of the season. No disrespect to JJ whatsoever, because he has been fab this season and is getting better, but Timothy Castagne and Ricardo Pereira as a pair of wing backs are stuff that dreams are made of.
  11. He sounds like he is more than happy to play the next game. It's something that he is more than aware of, and doesn't seem worried at all. There is no issue.
  12. I went from damage-limitation mentality after 25 minutes, to barely believing what I've just witnessed. From thinking that we were merely set up to contain which got ruined after 5 minutes, to thinking it was a Brendan Rodgers tactical masterclass.
  13. There's been much worse games than this.
  14. 5 at the back. What did we really expect? Not going 1-0 down inside five minutes to a belter from Riyad stinkin' Mahrez. Going to be a long game I'm afraid when we are set up like this, contain and counter when we actually get the ball. Damage limitation exercise.
  15. We have at least 4 to 5 players who are either fringe players at best, or their futures lie away from the King Power Stadium. We could even see a couple more leave before the transfer window closes, and I fear that the likes of Slimani, Silva, Ghezzal and Diabate will be here until the end of their contracts, purely because no-one wants them. For some reason, we always seem to take our sweet time looking around whilst our rivals strengthen by the week. If it was not for the signing of Timothy Castagne, I would have predicted us to finish in the bottom half, around 11th-12th because
  16. He is only as good as the service he was provided with, and that service was shocking. That was not Kelechi's fault. Vardy would have struggled under the same conditions.
  17. All things considered, he's doing an alright job in Pereira's absence. Yes, we all know that Ricardo will take that spot back when back to full fitness, but it's good knowing that JJ has stepped up and made that backup slot to right back his. Whether he was fouled or not, he will need to toughen up a little bit against the teams that will try to bully us, like Burnley. But he has needed to learn fast since his transfer from LUTON TOWN, so I can't really complain with his overall contribution, considering he has had ridiculously big boots to fill. Keep going JJ, you're doing just fi
  18. 7th-10th and Quarter Finals. If we hadn't signed Timothy Castagne, I'd have put us on for mid-table mediocrity.
  19. Club is still moving forward I see. Nothing more than a squad player to step in when Ndidi is injured. Because it's as clear as day that he cannot play alongside them.
  20. Mills? Ugh, the game that springs to mind is the home defeat at Reading, mere weeks after we splashed out millions for him. He had a shocker. Cue the Reading taunts of "What a waste of money!". Quite right Royals, quite right. Glad Pearson came and kicked his overpriced ass to the kerb. Hail King Nigel.
  21. Current squad with no new signings, then I'd say probably 9th or 10th. If a few new faces are brought in, with some desperately needed quality on the wings and upfront with Jamie Vardy, then European places are definitely within our grasp. Our collapse from December was alarming, and showed the mental fragility of our young, and small team, as well as the absolute lack of strength in depth when backs were against the wall. That being said, the squad doesn't need much towards being an established top-10 team. If someone told us that we would be in this position now, in European comp
  22. Just sell him. It's not worked out. Obviously not getting back what we paid but the money we do get back can go towards someone much better.
  23. 1 Draw against Sheffield United. Lose the other two.
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