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  1. Conor Coady is turning into one of the most likeable players in the Premier League.
  2. Puel was able to beat the likes of Man City, yet when it came to teams we should be beating, that was his downfall. Rodgers is going the exact same way, back end of last season we couldn’t even beat Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth. When he looks like he could be turning a corner, he always fvcks up again, wrong formation against West Ham, negative approach tonight against Villa, it’s hard to defend clear and utter rubbish like that.
  3. That’s what happens when you have the worst back up strikers in the league, we could have played till Christmas and still wouldn’t have scored. Only positive today was Fofana. Football is just shit nowadays.
  4. Football is the worst sport in the World
  5. That half was worth about 14p not £14.95
  6. Rubbish line up, Slim should be starting. But it’s ok, he’ll come on second half and score the winner.
  7. Football is slowly dying more and more as the weeks pass. If it’s going to be like this, then keep stadiums closed forever.
  8. Pickford is that annoying erratic school kid, who’d want to go in goal every lunchtime and if you said no he’d go off crying and tell the teacher. We all had one.
  9. Wow, did he get his mates in WWE to file up this kind of video production
  10. Ridiculous incompetence again. This is just as bad as when they were only including Pillar 1 data to totals, instead of Pillar 2 as well. The British public have no idea where we stand now, it’s just a tiresome boring farce.
  11. Football is shit, far too unrealistic nowadays.
  12. I’ve counted 9 mate. Maguire is playing for Spurs today right?
  13. We thought Soyuncu’s performance was bad today, Maguire’s performance is making me feel better.
  14. Now he gives away a silly free kick, which then splits United apart
  15. Giving Soyuncu and Perez, two’s and three’s is being far too kind. Has to be 1/10 for both, shame there’s no zero or minus option though.
  16. His best performances for us have come in the 10 position; however when he starts to look shit even in that position, then we have a problem. I’ve never known a Leicester player to get subbed around 60 minutes as often as Perez does, that just goes to show that he offers very little in almost every game he plays. He’s had some rubbish performances for us, today though was by far his worst in a Leicester shirt.
  17. Typical Leicester, sublime one week, shit the next. We got so much wrong today, formation to start with was garbage, and for Rodgers not to change it at half time was stupidly stubborn. Our play in the final third was awful, we’ve seen it so many times before, when teams are defensively well organised we just can’t break them down. We played far too narrow today, trying to play in congested areas was stupidly thick. That performance just goes to show how much we missed Praet, we play far better football with him in the side. As for Soyuncu and Pere
  18. That sums up our day, finally turn into Peak Brazil and we get it taken away from us.
  19. You know you’ve played shit when you let Declan Rice run the majority of the pitch and almost let him score.
  20. I usually defend the guy when he’s played the 10 position, because his best performances for us have come when he’s played that role. Today though, possibly his worst performance in a Leicester shirt.
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