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  1. I think we all know you did.
  2. If he’s a right back is there a chance riccy p will be our new right winger?
  3. Hmm. Aslong as it means we can buy plenty of new players I'm ok with it.
  4. If anything I’d say Celtic are a bigger club than us, their following is massive.
  5. It’s true I may not survive this, but know if the worst should happen that I went down swinging. 5 signings and I’m safe.
  6. Help me @Abrasive fox
  7. I just want a minimum of 5 new players per window, it really isn’t too much to ask for.
  8. It could be worse, you could be stuck in Mexico with E. coli like me, stupid youri recruitment mission has failed spectacularly.
  9. He isn’t here..🤔
  10. In the departure lounge.
  11. I have reason to believe he’s staying at the Moon Palace hotel in Mexico. I’ve continuously called their reception but they won’t give me names or room numbers. Looking for cheap flights as we speak. I’ve had enough jibber jabber, time to force this deal through.
  12. I will find him and I will make him sign.
  13. I’ve kept my cool long enough. Get off your bloody holiday and take this seriously, sign now before I find you. I have a particular set of skills.
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