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  1. SheppyFox

    Danny Drinkwater

    Old out of shape injured ruin, no thanks Danny, you’ve made your bed
  2. SheppyFox

    Available Managers should Puel get the sack

    He’s safe, doesn’t matter how much the fans moan.
  3. We’re Man City’s bogey team, 4-3 crazy win!
  4. SheppyFox

    Time for Puel to go

    He stays, you’ll all be grateful of him if he’s given time 🙂
  5. SheppyFox

    What are the Players doing wrong?

    Not trying, like they always do when they want a manager change.
  6. SheppyFox

    Crystal Palace (A) 15 Dec Pre Match Thread

    We specialise in being the springboard for out of form teams, 4-0 loss, Palace go unbeaten for the remainder of the season
  7. SheppyFox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    If he’s not got the squad fixed by then yes I’d advise we sack him.
  8. SheppyFox

    Puel’s arrogance (or blindness).

    You’re being short sighted, a lot of the FT faithful are. I can’t stress enough the time it will take to repair the damage done in the windows after winning the league. Our squad is a mess, it will take more than the time Puel has spent here to fix it, he needs another 3 windows.
  9. SheppyFox

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Dare not question the French genius.
  10. SheppyFox

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    6-2 hammering
  11. SheppyFox

    Watford post-match 2-0 Puel out chit-chat

    Puelthaboss 😎😎😎😎
  12. SheppyFox

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    I’ve said it before, but albrighton is the best crosser of the ball since beckham.
  13. SheppyFox

    Watford (H) Match Thread

    Gray to score first 3-1 win £5 on, £455 return.
  14. Flatter themselves don’t they, these old fat, middle aged bald men (our fans)
  15. Wondering which Leicester squad player you are.. your cover is soon to be blown 😀