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  1. You’ve not got a Mrs. No man with a mrs has the Castagnes to type something like this and risk an absolute domestic riot.
  2. They’re in good form but we’re the better team, superior players.
  3. Excellent, this would make sense.
  4. Im sure one of the sky sports pundits just called our Barnes, Ashley Barnes?
  5. Ok Brendan, the job is done, get our key lads off and get them rested. Use those subs boss!
  6. Waheyyyyy! Get in, great goal! Dominant performance. Men Vs Boys. Really pleased how we look at the moment.
  7. That’s it then, let’s give it up, COVID wins and we’re going to live like hermits forever more. Nothing we can do now but sit and wait for the plague to claim us.
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