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  1. If he's gone Leeds it just means we were never interested
  2. He'll probably come good, for a man with such a pea head though he's a right big head
  3. The government don't give a shit, noble cause or not.
  4. I know, we're a rollercoaster though aren't we. One minute we can't be beaten, the next we're horrid, the next we're back on track. We've been hugely successful, ahead of wba and stoke and we do have more money, maybe I'm wrong
  5. Yeah.. other than a few 10s of millions maybe that we've won, it's a bit bias to say we're much ahead of them in terms of attraction I think personally. Sure money talks, but it's not like we have Man City money..
  6. I guess so, everyone has a lot now though surely? How much more would you estimate we earnt? For now we are, not so sure we would be a more favourable destination though? How much more money do we have?
  7. Will we though?
  8. It is silly to consider us anymore attractive than stoke or West Brom imo.
  9. Yeah, I'd let Ulloa go too personally
  11. I'd imagine it's his decision over the fee, he was livid when he got re called to mostly sit on the bench plus he's settled in Bournemouth
  12. Was wondering the same, if we're letting musa go maybe we'll go for both though?
  13. more reliable source?
  14. I don't believe it, I read that somewhere earlier in the thread.