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  1. Beating Cheltenham 4-0 in league one, March if I remember right. Me and some friends had a brilliant day out, back when you couldn’t give your tickets away and home attendance sometimes on occasion wasn’t even 15000
  2. You’re a spy for forest, you have to be.
  3. We are Great Britain, our NHS should be given a blank cheque to deal with this. We are a leading light in the world for doing things the correct way, the tip of the spear if you will. Boris out, political reform required!
  4. Finish it as it is there’s only a handful of games left anyway.
  5. I’d be very upset about it. You’re more than likely right, I’m just panicking 😱
  6. Hope we don’t end up getting shafted out of UCL.
  7. To be fair, footballers look like they’ve been stabbed in the stomach when they get a clip on the ankle. They’re bound to over exaggerate a cold.
  8. Italy is about to order the immediate halt of care for the elderly, so I hear.
  9. I literally could not care any less about football when it comes to this thing. We’ll be in worldwide economic ruin if things keep going at the rate they are.
  10. We can cash in on Ben with confidence this summer.
  11. A lot will die from this in the UK, there is no doubt about that. I’d say we’ll fair better than most nations though because all British citizens have high level medical access. I’m of course concerned about old people, I have old and medically vulnerable people in my family like most. Sensationalism in the media is to blame however for the joke we’re seeing in our supermarkets and the obvious fear people are feeling when in reality you’re very very unlikely to even contract this virus, never mind die from it. Economically we’ll suffer, the whole world will.
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