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  1. Excellent first half. Been the better of the two teams and considering they’re our nearest competitors for 6th we’re looking good.
  2. No gray is good I think, he needs to improve and be told so.
  3. Good he’s awful. Teach him some humility.
  4. Careful mate, humour isn’t welcome in Britain anymore.
  5. In light of Praet signing I think we need to see our intended formation before we can say if we’ve made much progress. If it’s 442 with wingers then no we haven’t really made much progress. We’ve had a good window, but our competitors have too. Of course we’ve signed Tielemans but we had him on loan anyway so signing him only guaranteed we didn’t regress. Perez is definitely progress from Shinji.
  6. I’ve done some extensive sheppy style research and I’ve concluded that Praet does the dirty work. He starts the moves and controls the tempo, he’ll be the assist to the assist. He works hard, quick feet and a good passer of the ball.
  7. If we’d had bought a good winger in I’d have had more confidence, I think we’ll beat each other once this season as it stands 🙂 I’ll cheer any mid team to break into the top 6 though. Big guns are boring.
  8. We’re very close, there isn’t much to separate us in terms of quality.
  9. It is luck, hopefully it’s enough. Man City Liverpool Spurs Arsenal Chelsea Man Utd Wolves (debatable)
  10. He’s good. People should praise the genuine good intentions some have with info sharing
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