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  1. Cags ‘come to bed for a bloody good rogering’ face on that.
  2. Some people pay good money to see them, depending on your persuasion
  3. Michael Jackon - Dirty Fofana (Diana) Prepare thy chant!
  4. It’s true he’s spotted and developed some of the finest players in the world.
  5. He may well have a higher ceiling than Cags 😱😱😱😱😱
  6. For the right price etc.
  7. Enjoying savaging any ManC fans I know today.
  8. Justin was at fault for two goals last Sunday.. the sooner chestnuts gets to LB and Riccy P gets fit the better, JJ simply isn’t good enough, not to say he won’t become good enough ofcourse.
  9. Maddison was bad against Arsenal, no? What’s the rush to bin an in form Praet off for him? If I were James I’d be concerned for my short term position in the 11.
  10. I hate Spurs but that isn’t good for football.
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