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  1. Yeah it’s just like the flu, ignore it, it’ll be gone by June 2020.
  2. Ndidi comes flying out into that tackle and everyone’s just looking like they can’t be arsed. Something has definitely just happened in the changing room.
  3. Massive half time dressing room meltdown has just occurred.
  4. And another thing James, this football clubs current league performance and standing is a shining light for a lot of people in Leicestershire at the moment when frankly mental health is abysmal in general, so well done for sabotaging that candle of positivity for everybody, for the sake of a little party with yours pals, you’re not 17 anymore, grow up and I hope we can rip United off in the summer and bin you off.
  5. If you’re reading this Maddison & Perez, we blame you for finishing sixth. You absolute pair of selfish over paid tossers, if it were up to me neither of you would play for this club again. An example needs to be made, dump them both in the reserves for the remainder of their contracts and ruin their careers.
  6. You have to question how Brendan maintains a small squad is wise.
  7. Threadbare squad, we’re bound to lose champions league again. Not sure why it’s not sinking in really to expand the team, even if we do achieve top four, that bench ffs.
  8. Why didn’t Ronaldo start? Not even on the bench, they’ve got no chance at the Euros playing like this.
  9. Not worried, we’re their bogey team even when we’re crap, which currently we aren’t.
  10. Does he only have a year left on his contract?
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