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  1. What time will we begin to tell who’s won?
  2. Sincere question for Labour Voters; What has Corbyn promised that you like the sound of?
  3. I’d leave Morgan out and in an unlikely worst case, move Ndidi to CB
  4. Could he fit into our usual system in place of Perez? Cutting inside left foot and so on?
  5. All exciting stuff, coupled with the new training facility etc.
  6. I can see why you would, to be fair, it does sound silly saying but I think we do have a stronger starting 11, even with Robertson in its 6 LCFC to 5 LFC 😱
  7. You are of course right, they aren’t really crap but my main point is looking at a combined 11 I’d say we have a majority and Klopp is getting a lot more out of that squad than he should be. In theory it’s Klopp getting the results, not their players.
  8. Loves to hear the chants for him, that’ll help having his own song
  9. Liverpool are crap, they only have 4 players that get into our starting 11. VVD, Mane, Salah & Alice the goalkeeper. I still cannot figure out how that German wizard is squeezing these performances out of the rest of their rubbish players. No reason to expect them to continue grinding out results, they’ll falter and we’ll be waiting. I know it sounds crazy but pick your combined 11 and it’ll be majority LCFC id bet. Alison Chilwell Soyuncu VVD Ricardo Ndidi Maddison Tielemans Mane Vardy Salah
  10. Need to be negotiating pay rises for most of the starting 11 soon. Iheanacho too, especially if he continues the way he is and Manchester City decide to try taking him back.
  11. I do try, usually get e bullied for it mind. 😱
  12. Rodgers knows more about it than we do, he’ll have seen something in Villa that this system will work against, it’ll be fine.
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