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  1. I’ve always thought Pereyra from Watford seemed to be a good player 🙂 Yarmolenko from West Ham would be an improvement I think 🤔
  2. Youri and Maddison need to get back in gear, they’ve only played half a season, I don’t accept they’re tired.
  3. This is nice to see, still confident in saying he’ll do good for us
  4. Wes runs the 100m in 23 seconds nowadays, how do you expect him to defend? Bit unfair of you really 😂
  5. I’d love Gray to prove us all wrong. I’ve been saying that for too long though. He had a couple of impact sub performances that began to change my opinion. He hasn’t developed enough to remain challenging for the starting 11 here, as many others haven’t. However, yes please Gray score two.
  6. Iheanacho earns it, he takes it in my book when there isn’t a designated PK taker in the squad. Gray can’t shoot for toffee
  7. We didn’t get one? The FT commentary really isn’t good! 😂
  8. We have only played half a season without European matches, why is our fat lazy squad this tired?
  9. It’s poppy cock. There’s a rumour Rodgers loses to the top 6 I hear. In reality the two teams we’ve just been beaten by are just better than us more consistently. On our day we can beat either though.
  10. If we’d have played Bayern Munich we’d have looked out of form too.
  11. Our wingers are our weakest points. It makes sense to discuss spending in January to address that, if the right one is available.
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