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  1. I’d very much like Shaqiri here, I’ve always liked him Although I don’t feel he’s enough alone. We’ll need to change our setup and approach, the assists will likely come as a collective effort because of a better system. We won’t have that system without numerous attacking signings though. Oh and no more wes ffs. Iheanacho will be like a new signing for us next year I think too.
  2. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    For me it depends what the total budget is for this window if it’s £150m including the Mahrez money then I’d say you’d have it spot on, 10-15% overall budget
  3. SheppyFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    It’s a big loss but if we get the window right it doesn’t matter so important we buy properly this window 👍🏻
  4. SheppyFox

    England world cup poll.

    I think one of two things will happen. 1. We go out in the group stages 2. We smash someone good in the last 16, whole nation rises up in belief together, then lose in a quarter final 1-0 without a shot on target to a team we should have beaten comfortably.
  5. SheppyFox

    England Squad Announced

    Too many Tottenham players involved, they’re so used to cocking up it’s just not good policy.
  6. SheppyFox

    Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    Made a nice profit on him, let someone else make the mistake of buying him. Can’t forgive that shit ‘come on Chelsea’ video he did either, Kante flattered him like so many others.
  7. SheppyFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    If we get this window wrong we’re in contention for relegation. We’ll lose Mahrez who frankly has been carrying us creatively. Once that happens the team has to be reshaped accordingly, we can’t risk going backwards now, spend as much as is legal for us to under FFP rules and make it work.
  8. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    We’re losing guaranteed goals and assists this window, we have all the potential we need in the youth players we have, would much rather see players come in we know have previously and consistently performed at the level we need. We don’t have next season to spend time developing players, we’ll be developing them in the championship if we don’t reshape this squad properly and get this transfer window bang on.
  9. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    I asked if you’d only like to see us linked with those players this window, unknowns.
  10. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    Need more, windows been open ages now
  11. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    Yeh it is a good idea to have those transfers, don’t want those alone though do we. Vardy wasn’t any good immediately, took time. Drinkwater has had one good season in his whole career. Maguire was never a risk and was an immediate defensive improvement. Mahrez well, that’s Mahrez isn’t it Championship kids/unkowns from crap leagues aren’t all you’d like us to be linked with surely? Sell on value I don’t worry about
  12. SheppyFox

    Jack Grealish

    Why aren’t we being linked with proven players not just kids that might work out well? Hurry the **** up and get spending on players that will absolutely improve the starting 11.
  13. SheppyFox

    Bassem Srarfi

    If we don’t start announcing new players soon I’m going to begin getting angry not kids with potential either, first team improvements! 😀
  14. SheppyFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    We should be able to spend (legally) £150m Would you say? Only a rough guess ofcourse including the Mahrez fee to address the problem & reshape the squad definitely agree with you it’s got to be fixed
  15. SheppyFox

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Individually he won’t be easy to replace but that’s because he’s been carrying us creatively. Fix the team with the right players and play as we should and we won’t miss him half as much as people think