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  1. Absolutely this! Its not just the fact that hes releasing the team, it`s also that Rodgers changes the formation of the team on occasions too, and the make up of the team can often give a good idea of how we are going to set up, and that is something that is certainly helpfull to an opposition manager.
  2. Indeed, even after all these years, we still hear it, and yet they are basically coming out with stuff that they have no idea about in terms of what happened. It`s often said that we went into administration to avoid paying our debts, and yet the truth is, we were trying everything we could to stay out of administration, and had struck deals with alll of the people we owed money too, except one, a football agent of a former player, who we had sacked for breaking the jaw of one of our other players during a pre saeson trip. His agent refused to accept the offer we were putting to him, which of course he was entitled to do, but then threatened us with a winding up order, which then meant that we had to go into administration to protect the club. The thing is, that 6 months later Ipswich Town went into administration, voluntarily or forced into it, they will know, i don`t, and still no points deductions in force at that time, and yet they never seem to get mentioned by other fans. Another myth of the time, was and still is, that we kept all our best players, when we should have sold them to help pay off the debts, but the truth is, we actually sold Robbie Savage, Gary Rowett, and also against what he wanted, Matt Piper. All our players were up for transfer, Muzzy Izzett for instance had talks with Villa, but chose to stay here. We were actually trying to offload players! We could only sell if a club came in with an offer and the player chose to leave. As you have stated, we certainly did not pay 2p in the pound on the stadium, i`ve even heard fans of other clubs saying that we got the ground for nothing, when actually we paid a significant rent on the stadium for a number of years before the owners bought it, for alot more than what it would have cost us. Neil Warnock, who was with Sheffield United, one of our promotion rivals that season, was constantly coming out with nonsense about us having an unfair advantage, and stuff like that all season long, and i think some of these myths are actually what people were hearing and believing from him! He was one of those who said that the least we should have got was a points deduction, but as the points deduction when they brought it in was 10 points, we would still have been promoted anyway. Finally and ironically, given the state of them now, the Bolton Chairman of the time Phil Gartside,who`s Bolton sat happily in the money trough that is the premier league at the time, said Leicesterr should have been chucked out of the football league altogether for the financial mismanagement, and then a few years later, was suddenly all for a premier league 2, because of the pitfalls of getting relegated from the premier league with players still on premier league money, and not being able to get rid of them, and the financial pressure it put on the relegated clubs. He obviously seen it from the other side once it was his club that was having to deal with it!
  3. Praet just hasn`t had enough of a run in the team to really make a definite judgement. I think he has done ok when he`s had a chance, and can certainly feel a little unfortunate to have been subbed ahead of Tielemens the other night against Villa. I`m a little concerned with Tielemans, we all know the class he has when he`s on it, but for a while now he just seems to be struggling a bit with his form. At some point though, i expect him to play himself back into the player we know he is, and the sooner the better.
  4. It`s not so much the fact he gave a penalty that annoyed me, it`s as i said in an earlier post, the same referee, who didn`t give a penalty in the Liverpool v Man City game, when Alexander Arnold had his arms out stretched when the ball hit his arm, and Liverpool went up the end and scored from it. If it had been a different Ref you could have said, different ref, different interpretation, but when it`s the same ref and he gives a completely different decisions for the same offence, and in fact arguably, the Alexander Arnold one was more clear cut, because his arm was outstretched, then it is a tad annoying.
  5. We certainly wouldn`t have lost in the manner that we did. Rodgers could do worse than look at the video from our games at Chelsea and home to Man City from last christmas, and even from our draw at Anfield last season, to look at a different way of approaching games against the better sides. You don`t always have to have the better players to get results against those teams, but you do have to be organised, play with high intensity both with and without the ball, and get in their faces, and play with a bit of fire in the belly. Look at how Sheff Utd played against Liverpool earlier in the season, they lost due to a goalkeeper error in a game where Liverpool could and arguably should have lost, and that wasn`t because Sheff Utd have better players, it`s because they made it the kind of game Liverpool don`t want to play, got in their faces and refused to just roll over for them. In both the Man City and Liverpool games, we have been passive, both with and without the ball, and have probably given both Man City and Liverpool one of their most comfortable games of the season. Even Watford gave Liverpool a far better game than we did. Rodgers really does need to have a rethink on his strategy against the top sides.
  6. Well to be fair to him, VAR didnt overturn his decision in the Man City v Liverpool game, so he would have been well within his rights, if he had been chastised for that error, to turn round and ask "if i got it wrong, how come VAR didnt overturn my decision".
  7. Although they are certainly getting their fair share of decisions going there way. If you take tonights penalty as an example, Soyuncu has his arm down by his side and clearly tries to unsuccessfully get the arm out the way, so the ball hits the arm, and its a Penalty in todays game, no problem with that, but then go back to the start of the Liverpool v Man City game at 0-0, the ball hits Alexander Arnolds out stretched arm, and no penalty given, Liverpool go up the other end and score, and the game has turned in an instant. Normally i would say, thats just how different referees interpret the hand ball call, but in the case of tonight and the Man City v Liverpoool game, it is the same referee. Step forward Michael Oliver, well done for being so inconsistant with how you interpret the same decision!
  8. The Labour remainer mps blaming it all on Corbyn are deluded, and just trying to deflect the blame from themselves. Yes he hasn`t helped, because he is a liability as a leader, but the truth is, the real blame for the Labour defeat is mainly down to the remainer mps that have steered the Labour policy from implementing the result of the eu referendum, to a lets have another peoples vote policy, and so completely ignoring so many of their core voters.
  9. While it would be amazing to win the league again, the holy grail for me, being of a certain age, is the FA Cup, i want us to win it while i`m here to see it, oh and the Champions league would be quite nice too!
  10. Liverpool fans are, and have always been arrogant and cocky, with a sense of entitlement for as long as i`ve been going down the City, and that goes back to 1974. Added to that, despite being lorded by the media for much of that time, they have also been some of the nastiest fans you could have the displeasure of meeting. The media couldn`t make excuses for them after Heysel, but fans of other clubs already knew what their fans were capable of. The horrendous and sad events of Hilsborough, rightly gained the sympathy of everyone, and is rightly remembered and and commemerated every year, but when do you ever hear of Heysel now, it is almost like Heysel never happened. As the time has gone on, they have become the media darlings again. The media really can`t understand why fans of other clubs don`t want them to win the league, but it`s because most fans of other clubs know Liverpool fans for what they really are. If Liverpool win the league, and i expect they will, then fair play to them, the team that finishes top deserve to win it, but my god, it couldn`t happen to a more horrible set of fans.
  11. As far as I'm aware, we don't put release clauses into player contracts any more, since kante left, which is why we can keep players and get top dollar when we we sell. So if this is still the case, I'm a little surprised we put a release clause into the manager contract. I don't think Rodgers will go at the moment, but maybe in the summer if a so called "big club" comes knocking on his door, he may be tempted. He certainly doesn't help put things to bed with his words though. Talking about the question being "hypothetical" is like saying, I don't have a decision to make at the moment, and saying that his focus is on Leicester "at this time, as I stand here now", is also not him ruling anything out either. Football is a funny world and there is not much loyalty in it, apart from the fans, and money talks too so who knows, but he would probably regret leaving now in the long term, never knowing just how far he could have took us if he had stayed. If he did go then his heart was never really with the club was it, so it would just be onto the next one, and hopefully one who can see a bigger picture.
  12. I`m sure Vards wouldn`t mind us borrowing one of his songs for the moment! Brendan Rodgers is magic, he wears a magic hat, he could go to Arsenal, but he doesn`t fancy that, Arsenal want to meet him, he said chat shit get banged I want to stay at Leicester, the best team in the land
  13. Yet they only signed Pepe for 72 million because they could pay for the transfer in instalments, and didnt have the finanial clout to sign Zaha.
  14. Came across this, can`t believe it`s 37 years ago! I can remember walking away from the game gutted and how we had just not turned up on the day, i think the the occasion got to us. We had done the double over Tottenham the season before, even though we had been relegated, and i went into the game feeling we had a real chance. Another thing i remember from the day, was hearing an interview on the radio after the game with Glen Hoddle, when he said that they had had a harder game agaist their own reserves during training in the week. A bit disrespectfull i thought, they wasn`t exactly brilliant themselves on the day, but i think their players were a tad upset at the stick our fans had given Ossie Ardiles during the game, after Argentina had invaded the Falklands the day before. We really need to win the FA Cup, if for nothing else but for all us old fogies that remember when the FA Cup was special and dreamt of us winning it, it might finally shut us "old uns" up, and stop us going on about it
  15. If you search for Gob shite on google maps, you might not be surprised as to where it takes you. I wasn`t surprised in the least.
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