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  1. If it`s the same time as i`m thinking of, it was actually donuts. Back in the 70s, we used to have people walking around the dirt track at the side of the pitch selling bags of donuts. As you say, there was an injury to a player, so while there was a break in play, The Birch summond one of these Donut sellers over and took some Donuts, at the end of the game, the Donut seller went up to the Birch to ask for the money.
  2. I thought Karen Rothery came across as a little nieve to be honest. Her big plan seemed to be attracting the asian community to games, but has she not been told, or looked into the fact that the club have been trying to do that for years now, without success. I can`t see anything that she can come up with that will change that. As has been said, we have brought in some big name asian players to the club in the past, with the hope of attracting the asian community, but to little effect. She didn`t seem to realise that the asian population as a whole have pretty much zero interest in any domestic cricket. Use a white ball, limit the overs, and make it an international involving their preferred country however and they are as pasionate as you could wish for, but they have no real appetite for any other cricket. I say that but of course they do love the razzamatazz of the IPL, but then they are watching top international one day players from around the world. Personally i`m not a fan of the 20/20 format of the game, but it is the one format that seems to be able to drag people to grounds, and so at least being competetive in that competition is important to keep an interest going for the paying public. Having no overseas 20/20 players here this season, could actually prove to be a false economy, because if we are not competing in what realistically is the one money spinning domestic competition there is, the crowds will soon stop coming to the games, and the finances will dwindle further. As for cricket in general, something really does need to be changed in the scheduling of games at county level. So many days cricket are during the working week, when alot of people can`t get down. Back in the day, you generally played a championship days cricket on the saturday and a john player league game against the same opposition on a sunday, and crowds were good, especially on a sunday of course. I think we need to be playing on saturdays and sundays as much as possible, throughout the summer, in whatever format, and then i think that attendancies would improve, but i highly doubt that will happen in a time when if truth be told, the ECCB are only really interested in the tv money and the England cricket team, and only really pay lip service to the county game.
  3. The next time i hope to see City playing at Wembley is an FA Cup final. I couldn`t even give a shite about the League Cup, been there done that. The FA Cup completes the set domestically in terms of major trophies, plus i`ve been waiting for City to win the FA Cup all my life, and i`m hoping to god to see it before i`m turned to ashes!
  4. Chris Sutton called Brendan Rodgers a judas! Ally McCoist puts him straight!
  5. Right, first of all there is no doubt that with his trusted sidekicks Shaky and Walsh, he done alot for our football club, and we owe him and them alot. I still believe that fantastic as it turned out, in the great escape season, we should never have been in that position in the first place. Pearsons insistance on staying in games rather than going into games with the attacking intent of the previous season, in my opinion, was what led us to be bottom of the league for three quarters of the season. It was only when it got to shit or bust time and we had to win games to stay up, that he let the players off the leash, helped by a change of system too. It was interesting that he chose the 5-3 game against Man Utd that he wanted showing on Goals on Sunday today, because it was while i was walking to that game, that they had a pre match interview with Shaky on Radio Leicester, where he said that the players had gone to see the management in the lead up to the game, and asked if they could really give it a go against United, against the managements initial intentions. As for his appointment at Derby, their fans were excited when he took over, and had high hopes, but basically he was hopeless there, and i believe alot of that was because he didn`t have Shaky and Walsh along side him. In Belgium he has been found wanting again, and i have seen from their fans on here how frustrated they were with him, and he quite rightly was sacked from their club. In regards to signings, Pearson had Steve Walsh along side him to deal with that side,and Pearson trusted his judgement completely, he wasn`t the one scouting those players, thats what he had Walsh for . You talk about the players that were brought in that have gone onto great things, but Harry Kane was played on the wing at times, Jesse Lingard hardly got onto the pitch to prove himself, and even Vardy was mainly used out wide by Pearson. Of course we have all seen the picture of the Play off defeat at Watford haven`t we, with Vardy, Kane and Drinkwater sat on the bench, seems crazy doesn`t it.. I honestly believe that if Pearson gets another job in the championship or league one, and he is able to get Shaky and possibly Walsh back with him, then he can still have a sucessfull career in management, without them, if i was the owner of a club, i wouldnt go near him.
  6. A really good and interesting documentary about ex Leicester manager Frank O`Farrell. Worth a watch, especially if you`re an old git like me!
  7. City fans were always fighting amongst themselves. Was on a train to Luton, when they kicked off with each other one time, also at Southend when it cracked off in our end, and back in the 70s, the different estates sometimes used to fight each other in the Kop.
  8. Another game i was at. Neil Warnock was their manager at the time, he was an arse then too.
  9. I was at that Millwal FA Cup game too, at the Old Den. It wasn`t a replay though, the game had been postponed, on numerous occasions if i remember rightly. As you say though, despite them beating us, their fans ran onto the pitch at the end, and ran over to our end, with less than friendly intentions shall we say.
  10. Yes it is, but don`t get me started on her or politics !!!
  11. Yep, i was there too. The BS arrived late as i remember, then it all cracked off big time in the car park after the game.
  12. I was there, kept us in for ages after the game, while the Boro fans decided to show the local coppers how pissed off they were!!
  13. Thanks for that. Well that explanation was what i was thinking too, but for some reason they keep saying on Radio Leicester that we need Arsenal not to win the Europa League too, as well as Man City to win the FA Cup, and yet they don`t mention anything about if Chelsea winning the Europa League having any kind of affect on it.
  14. My brother passed away, a week before christmas, and he had an over 50s funeral plan with the post office, which was only nine pound something. and the plan yielded just under £3,500, which was enough for a decent send off. £125 a month sounds massively excessive to me.
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