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  1. A really good and interesting documentary about ex Leicester manager Frank O`Farrell. Worth a watch, especially if you`re an old git like me!
  2. City fans were always fighting amongst themselves. Was on a train to Luton, when they kicked off with each other one time, also at Southend when it cracked off in our end, and back in the 70s, the different estates sometimes used to fight each other in the Kop.
  3. Another game i was at. Neil Warnock was their manager at the time, he was an arse then too.
  4. I was at that Millwal FA Cup game too, at the Old Den. It wasn`t a replay though, the game had been postponed, on numerous occasions if i remember rightly. As you say though, despite them beating us, their fans ran onto the pitch at the end, and ran over to our end, with less than friendly intentions shall we say.
  5. Yes it is, but don`t get me started on her or politics !!!
  6. Yep, i was there too. The BS arrived late as i remember, then it all cracked off big time in the car park after the game.
  7. I was there, kept us in for ages after the game, while the Boro fans decided to show the local coppers how pissed off they were!!
  8. Thanks for that. Well that explanation was what i was thinking too, but for some reason they keep saying on Radio Leicester that we need Arsenal not to win the Europa League too, as well as Man City to win the FA Cup, and yet they don`t mention anything about if Chelsea winning the Europa League having any kind of affect on it.
  9. My brother passed away, a week before christmas, and he had an over 50s funeral plan with the post office, which was only nine pound something. and the plan yielded just under £3,500, which was enough for a decent send off. £125 a month sounds massively excessive to me.
  10. So according to radio Leicester, if we finish 7th we can only qualify for the Europa League if Man City win the FA Cup, which is obvious, but according to them, if Arsenal win the Europa League, that will also stop us qualifying. Is that right, and why? Also if that applies to Arsenal winning the league, why wouldn`t it apply to Chelsea if they win the Europa League?
  11. First goal i seen us score was scored by Frank Worthington against Birmingham 1974. Finished 1-1. It was a night game, Trevor Francis scored for them. Remember it like it was yesterday, rather alarmingly it was 45 years ago!!
  12. All the best, hope you are feeling better, and back home soon.
  13. Interesting, and just shows how differently people can see the same game, because i was thinking the exact opposite, that Rose offered far less tonight than Chilwell going forward.
  14. Early days, but didn`t think the formation worked at all today, and everything was soooooooo sloooooooooow!! Some really poor decision making from certain individuals too.
  15. Brendan Rodgers, bring us our dream Give us a season like twenty sixteen They said it wont last, it soon will be over but we kept winning and we fvcked them over Brendan Rodgers, you`re never alone While you`re at City you`re one of our own So please turn on your magic beam Brendan Rodgers bring us our dream!
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