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  1. Edited to say i`ve remembered it, it was The White Eagle club. A polish club i think, used to be able to go there when the nightclubs shut.
  2. Does anyone remember the pub on Humberstone Gate, further down from the Three Cranes and JTs Piano bar? I`ve not been down that end of town for donkeys years, and it will probably be gone now, i think you could get a late drink in there. I was talking to a mate about it the other day, and we couldn`t remember the name.
  3. I`m not really sure what you mean by ironic post, coming from your name. Anyway, i certainly haven`t called myself smudger due to any hero worship of Alan Smith, although he was a good player for us while he was here, just a shame he is actually clueless about the City of Leicester. I am a Smith though, with family that played for the City a very long time before the days of Alan Smith.
  4. Complete bollocks! Tigers have never been a bigger pull than the city, even back in the 80s when our attendances were poor, the Tigers were only getting four or five thousand on a good day. As time went on, and they started to play in a proper league their crowds did go up, but still not above the Citys crowd numbers, and that was even when they were the most successfull rugby club in the country. We have never been a rugby mad city either, City had thousands more fans turn out in 1980 for our civic reception to celebrate us winning division 2, than the Tigers got when they won their league and europeon cup. David Pleat was the first one who went on about how Leicester was a rugby mad city, and it is such a load of tosh. As for the Tigers games being on Radio Leicester, while there were only reports on the City games, that was all about BBC Radio Leicester not having the rights to have commentary on the City games, and nothing to do with people in the city weanting to listen to the rugby instead of the City games. I suppose it just shows how little interest Alan Smith actually took in the City of Leicester, while he was here.
  5. This, and also boxing day game in 84 when we won 2-1 at Anfield, when they attacked our coaches and smashed the windows of one of the City suppporter coaches after the game, was all before the Heysel stadium deaths in 1985, which was when the media finally had to wake up and see what the every day football fan had known for donkeys years, that Liverpool fans were some of the nastiest fans in the game. While what happened at Hilsborough in 1989 was a terrible tragedy, and is rightly commemerated every year, the deaths at the Heysel stadium caused by some Liverpool fans 4 years earlier just doesn`t seem to ever get mentioned, and since Hilsborough the Liverpool fans have managed to turn themselves back into the media darlings again, despite still having some of the nastiest fans in the game.
  6. Amongst all the doom and gloom, and yes i`m a bit gloomy myself today, it is sometimes easy to forget where we have come form to where we are now. Watching this brought back some great memories of a season i was dreading before it kicked off, and yet left me with some great memories. A season playing against proper football clubs with proper fans.
  7. It`s not about letting it go, it`s about referees being rewarded even when they make clear errors. What incentive do these referees have when they know that even if they make an obvious poor decision, it will not impact them in the slightest. There is no way that Lee Mason should have been considered to referee this seasons final.
  8. So Lee Mason, who was the VAR Ref that somehow didn`t overturn the blatantly obvious Villa handball, for a penalty to us in the semi final, has been rewarded for his ineptitude by being made the Ref for the final! Oh and the VAR Ref for the final will be, you guessed it, Mike Dean, who was so blind he didn`t see it as a hand ball in the first place, and the the Ref that wasn`t overruled by Lee Mason! You couldn`t make it up!
  9. We were runners up in 1928, it meant nothing then, it means even less now. Yes I would like us to finish as high as possible, but right at this moment, I would sooner man city be taking points off of teams who could be a threat to ourselves if things go pear shaped in the coming weeks. If we were currently 2 points off of Liverpool at the top, and they had beaten Liverpool today it would be different.
  10. Why does it matter at the moment though? Yes we will have the kudos of finishing second, but it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. So at this moment in time, with Man City absolutely no threat what so ever to us finishing top 4, why would anyone be hoping they lose to another team that may be a threat to us, if things go pear shaped in the coming weeks. As i said before though, if we do mess things up from here on in, then we simply wont deserve to be top 4 anyway.
  11. Although of course, apart from a bit of extra money, finishing second over third or fourth makes not a jot of difference. You don`t get a medal for being runners up, and if we do qualify for the champions league, it wont matter whether finish second, third or fourth, we will still be put in pot 4 for the draw. Surely any points taken from our potential rivals for the top four has to be the most sought after result i would think. Of course qualifying for the Champions League is not meant to be easy, but the easier it is made the better for me, but ultimately if we mess it up from the position that we are in at the moment, then quite simply we wont have deserved to finish top 4 anyway.
  12. I prefer the Gary Coatsworth approach for City against Derby in the play off final myself. They are lining up in the tunnel at Wembley, and Derbys Tommy Johnson turns to Citys Gary Coatsworth and says "we`re about to run out at Wembley, isnt it fantastic mate"? Coatsworth says nothing, then bends down and puts his nose right into Johnsons face, and shouts "Fvck off"!!
  13. Don`t worry about it, it`s only the League Cup, we`ve won it three times before, if things go pear shaped, well we`ve been there and done that anyway. We still have the FA Cup still to go for, which now we have won the premier league, is absolutely the holy grail for me. If we get to the Semi Final and Final of that, then i too will be bricking it!
  14. Stringfellow played in the replay. We were not in the game at Old Trafford, how we even got a replay is a mystery, Liverpool battered us. We gave a decent account of our selves in the replay though, and until the Keegan lob over Shilton, it could have gone either way.
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