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  1. Rumours of a house party around a currently not playing players house. Not Harvey Barnes house who has also been implicated. I wont name the player because it`s only a rumour, but if true i`m absolutely amazed in that particular player. Probably the last player i would expect to be involved
  2. What a fantastic night that was, loved it!
  3. Micah Richards actually said on the last Monday night club on radio 5, that after Man City he now sees us as his second team, because he loves watching us play. I did feel a little but proud that he was talking about our club I must admit.
  4. An absolutely fantastic player, and a real character on and off the field. He was a joy to watch in a Jimmy Bloomfield team that was also often a joy to watch. We've now lost Weller and Wortho, the two biggest idols for me growing up. A truly sad day. Rest easy Frankie Wortho. Always a Leicester legend for me.
  5. Play our strongest team and I fancy us to win this game.
  6. Terrible game, but fair result because we certainly didn`t do enough to deserve to win it. I wouldn`t have played Perez personally. After being appalling against Leeds, i didnt think he done anywhere near enough at Fulham to warrent keeping his place in the side ahead of Albrighton or Under for todays game, and i didn`t think he offered us anything again today. As for Under, he must have known before kick off that he was unlikely to come on, because once he started with Perez, Rodgers was always going to bring on Albrighton ahead of Under. More to the point, if he cant get ahe
  7. The fact I'm hoping Iheanacho plays instead of Perez at Fulham tomorrow says it all for me personally.
  8. I could slag Perez off, along with a number of others today, but then i will probably say something i will regret after ive calmed down, so instead sums it up!!!!
  9. Saved a goal with a fantastic block from the long throw second half. It was great to see him back on the pitch.
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