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  1. smudger63

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Well thats Kasper on the bench for the next game
  2. smudger63


    Midfield looked far more balanced,that helped to bring the best out of Wilf and Maddison. If he carries on with the same level of performance going forward, then he is highly unlikely to be here next season. We are a great move for him and Monaco to be honest, he and Monaco know that if her performs and proves himself in the short time he is with us in the Premier league, then he will get a move to a top 6 club in our league at the very least, and Monaco will get big money for him. Hopefully Puels recruitment team will be looking to find a similar type of player to take his place, while they are looking to bring in a Puel style strker to take the place of Vardy at the same time. Always assuming that Puel is staying at the end if the season of course.
  3. smudger63

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Harvey Barnes is not a striker, good player, huge potential, but not a striker
  4. smudger63

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    One thing is clear as day, if Puel stays at the end of the season, Vardy goes. Puel will not, and will never play to Vardys strengths, he wants to play a more tippy tappy technical style of play, which will never get the best out of Vardy. If Puel is to stay, then i hope he has a decent goalsoring striker in mind to replace him else we are screwed next season. Just to say also, that he has dropped the wrong midfieder in my opinion. Wilf was just starting to look a bit better, Mendy pretty shocking recently. There was probably more of a case for playing Choudrey to be honest. I am beginning to think that Mendy must have some real dirt he could dish on Puel, for him to keep his place
  5. smudger63

    The OH Leuven Thread

    Well when he was here and we had Harry Kane on loan, he played him on the wing at times too, and Jamie Vardy , so it doesn`t really surprise me.
  6. smudger63

    The OH Leuven Thread

    We wouldn't have won the premier league with him in charge though.
  7. smudger63

    Free speech

    Indeed, we laughed and scoffed at Southampton for sacking Puel, but then he came here, and now alot of us can see why they sacked him. He sucks the life out of clubs, he has sucked the life out of our club, there is no atmosphere or expectation any longer down there. The football is boring, and he is making most of our players worse not better. Has Ndidi improved or got worse under Puel, has Iheanacho improved or got worse under Puel, has Gray improved or got worse under Puel, has Maddison who started the season brightly and full of confidence, improved or got worse under Puel, has Puel managed to get the best from Vardy, or is vardy looking like a frustrated isolated player while on the pitch. More to the point, has Puel even tried to get the best out of Vardy by playing to his strengths? Puel can go on about his long term project of developing young players, but the truth is, that most of the players with the exception probably of Chillwell have got worse while he has been manager. I feel for Harvey Barnes, probably another talented player who he will make worse while he is here, in hindsight, maybe he should have stayed with West Brom, until the end of the season, when surely we will get rid of this fraud of a manager.
  8. smudger63

    Matt Piper

    I thought Choudhury was great first half, probably the only one who could walk off the pitch with his head justifiably held high.
  9. smudger63

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    The trouble is these young ambitious players are not going to hang around for 5 years waiting for the club to catch up with their own ambitions, and for every one that we lose,we have to replace with someone who is going to be some where near their level, otherwise we are never going to move forward. We will forever be developing young talent for other clubs, but like i said, in the end that well runs dry, and we won`t have the talent to develop anymore, and then we become what Southampton are now. It`s good that we have some great young talent here, but they need help, we have to get the right balance, but we also have to become a club with an ambition to win a cup at least, and not just be happy with mid table finish, or else that young talent will leave us for a club that does.
  10. smudger63

    Claude Puel calls for a Leicester City reality check

    The problem with developing young players over time is, that like all young players, they are ambitious and hungry for sucess. So when we develop a real quality youngster, and a top 6 club, or even an Everton or Wolves, who are shouting from the roof tops that they intend to break into that top 6 and win things, come in for them, then those fantastic players that we have developed and invested in, want to leave for what they will see as a more ambitious club. Basically what he, and maybe at the request of the club are going to turn us into, is the Southampton, who produced a whole load of fantastic young players, and then had to sell them to clubs (mainly Liverpool in there case) that are ambitious, which is ok, but at some point the well runs dry, and you end up in the situation they are in now. Last week at Newport was an example of us being quite content to be a mid table also ran team in the premier league, raking in the money, but in the end that catches up with you, and you end up back in the championship the same way that Stoke and West Brom did. If we were not going to give the FA Cup a real go this year, when we are already safe from relegation, then we never will, and what does that say to Chillwell, Maddison, Maguire, NDidi , Ricardo, and even Schmichael and Vardy, who must be wishing they had joined a club that was going to try and win things. Yes we are building a fantastic state of the art training ground, and expanding the stadium, but if the club has no ambition of anything other than being a also ran mid table premier league team, then we will never attract or be able to keep hold of real talent that might move us forward. In the summer when someone even like Wolves or Everton come in for Ricardo, Maguire, or Chillwell, what are we going to say to convince them to stay? Stay with us boys, because we are developing a young squad of talented players. You wont win anything, because we are not really interested in the cups, and mid table is perfectly fine, but at least you might even get a few games to rest when we play those unimportant cup games.
  11. smudger63

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    This should be an ideal time to recall Barnes. With nothing left to play for, we could give him a run in the team without pressure, and a chance to integrate him into the first team squad, have a really good look at him, and hopefully prepare him for next season.
  12. smudger63

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    GET HIM OUT NOW!!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HIM!!! I want him out tonight, in fact i want him out in the next hour. JUST DO IT!!!!
  13. smudger63

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Season over!!!! Well fvcking done!!!!
  14. smudger63

    Newport away

  15. smudger63

    Chelsea 0 - 1 Leicester Post Match