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  1. I can't watch these either.. ..my reason being I actually have no eyes
  2. Adam Johnson (take advantage of there being no kids at the ground til next season)
  3. Lol at the Remoaners on this thread 😄
  4. Agreed, it'll be Real Madrid or Barca after him ar this rate, not Marseille
  5. Sorry if already posted, I've only read the latest page on topic.. https://www.hammers.news/transfer-news/wesley-fofana-snubbed-west-ham-for-leicester-but-is-already-dreaming-of-marseille-move/
  6. Its true that this is the best time ever to be a Leicester fan, but if they slip down and out of the prem, I won't be supporting them anymore
  7. I sadly had to quit my job at a cat shelter, they reduced meowers
  8. I’ve named the spider in my room Cotton-eye Joe for two reasons 1. where did he come from 2. where did he go
  9. The cream rises to the top and the only recent successes from loans were Barnes (at West Brom) and KDH (at Blackpool) the rest were meh
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