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  1. nice n quiet out there today, maybe everyone does understand after all
  2. the second series was definitely average at best. the first was pretty good, it was different, the mix of a comedy and a "heartbreaking story" and it was a good story from start to finish. the second series was just the exact same. was probably 2 or 3 funny enough scenes, can't even remember what happened for the rest of it.
  3. strange thing to have such a strong view on. great, lighthearted entertainment.
  4. what classifies as a garden centre
  5. sophie ellis bextor man, singing in her front room every week and it's a real fu cking treat. she must be about 50 by now but cor.
  6. yeah like i said i think it is the area, obviously nobody has a garden and there's not a park for distance, we've just got the canal path and then beer gardens, basically. but both of those have been a hell of a lot busier today than any other day in the past 3 weeks.
  7. you’d think so but from what i can literally see in front of me that’s not the case. it’s probably the weather. and the area i live in. i think a decent chunk of the flats etc. round this part of town are “young professionals”, either singles or a couple of mates living together. the area with beer gardens by the canal etc. has been very busy today. some of the beer gardens are about half full with folk taking their own cans and having a normal bank holiday weekend. everyone’s had enough, the fu cking stupid newspapers have told us “lockdown is ending” and people have
  8. like watching the fu cking tour de france off my balcony today, never seen so many people go past in one day
  9. just seems like he could be mates with anyone. whether he’s talking to sky pundits, fans, other players, interviewers etc. just chats away like he’s having half a lager cos he ain’t seen them for a few weeks. maybe he is just mates with them all haha.
  10. every time i see him speak anywhere i think fair play, seems a great guy tbh
  11. i dunno i just remember hearing on the news that countries that have rolled out an app have made sure you can't troll it. i ain't a scientist bro.
  12. you can't "troll" the app, that was one of the first things they put in place. which is quite something, when you think about it.
  13. watched a bit of this out the corner of my eye whilst working and fu cking hell. we could genuinely have won about 16-0 and we weren't even trying ffs.
  14. was about a week until i knew we'd conceded. great day.
  15. algeria 4-2-3-1 gk - doukha rb - atal cb - bensebaini cb - benlamri lb - mandi cm - bennacer cm - feghouli lw - mahrez cam - brahimi rw - benrahma st - slimani bench ghezzal + 6 others every other set piece - mahrez pens - slimani
  16. i don't think teams like us in our current position will be an issue, really. some weirdos might go to our ground to try and be edgy or cos they think it's funny. i think you're right, i can't see 50 people turning up to a dead rubber between us and sheffield united. it's liverpool that is the issue, cos they are going to win the league. the first things fans do after they win a league or a cup is congregate and celebrate. people from all over the world support them and have been waiting their whole lifetime for this. as much stick as joe anderson (mayor of liverpool) got when he r
  17. will deffo help us, most of our players have looked scared to play a home game since about december when we turned rubbish.
  18. not sure who would. it's completely different to the odd occasions you've previously seen to go "to" a match without a ticket. eg. a cup final perhaps, or a european away, cos you can just go with your mates, get pissed, have a nice time and watch the game elsewhere. there's gonna be no boozers open and you can't go with your mates. who's gonna go just to stare at the turnstile?
  19. that reads a lot like one of them joke one star reviews on amazon
  20. peep show and the office, two of the very few things that are still funny from nearly 20 years ago and no matter how many times you watch them all the way through.
  21. the most telling comment of the whole 6 eps so far was in 5 or 6 when he said "i didn't want anyone to be on my level". not that he wanted to be a level above everyone else, simply that he wanted to make sure everyone else was below him. it is the same idea, but the way he said it was to say i wanted to make sure everyone else was put down, rather than to elevate himself. said a lot, for me.
  22. can i be algeria desmond also, you still got a missus? hope so. the tinder thread's greatest success. hope you're good bro.
  23. not whingeing, crikey they’ve become complete cu nts. every liverpool fan i knew was so sound until they got good again. now they’re all barely worth talking to about footy.
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