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  1. bottlejob on who wants to be a millionaire, always a shame
  2. our last ten years for that moment? no. but it's hardly "crazy" that it's a high point of supporting watford. outside of us, city, united, liverpool, arsenal and chelsea, i don't think any other clubs will have had anything to celebrate on that scale since the turn of the century.
  3. it's one of the best moments in football history, of course its the highlight of supporting a pretty irrelevant club like watford. even with all that's happened to us since we've never had a pure "moment" of madness on that scale.
  4. just don’t turn up bro, your employer won’t mind
  5. where do you draw the line, then? just the one parent, it seems? what if you don't have any parents? can i go and see my auntie if she's brought me up like a mother? can i go and see my cousin if he's "like a brother to me"? i've never gone this long without seeing my best mates in my life. so i guess i need to see them. but because they're not on my birth certificate i can't? or can i because it'll cheer me up? i fully understand that people want to see other people, i've lived in the same 2 rooms in my flat with no garden and barely even any windows for the last 3 w
  6. what if you don't have a family but you've got best mates? where do you draw the line at "family"? nobody "needs" to see anyone. they just want to.
  7. no consequence for not going to work hahaha, what planet do you live on how about not getting paid and not having a job for much longer
  8. some people live in a world so fu cking far away from reality it is unbelievable
  9. so i genuinely could go camping with the fellas even though i said that as a joke?
  10. what's the difference?
  11. had about 4 hours kip then got woken up by the maintenance fella in the block of apartments, our kitchen sink is pissing water all over the whole block of flats. what a monday this is already. fu cks sake.
  12. a mediocre tielemans is both better and more beneficial to our team than a “solid” praet
  13. just booked in a camping trip with the lads for next weekend. all outdoors aren't we.
  14. i’d pay a lot of money to have a camera at the bottom of snowdon when thousands of scousers go for their exercise, only to be told that wales is a different country and it’s not allowed
  15. becoming shambolic it’s been shambolic for about 4 months.
  16. genuinely astonished that was pre recorded, an all. did anyone watch that back and think yeah that'll do? what a bunch of fu cking muppets.
  17. what a fabulous little speech that was. not really sure he could've told us any less with any more words. sounded like me in my french oral exam just saying the same thing but with different adjectives over and over cos that's all i could remember.
  18. oh really? cheers for that. obviously people are bored and obviously it was a perfect storm, so to speak. bank holiday, 20 odd degrees, but we've already had one hot bank holiday weekend in lockdown and this one was much worse, because of the amount of idiots who read shit shows like the sun or the daily mail.
  19. well it worked much better when we had a simple instruction of "stay the fu ck at home you stupid cu nts". that only starting slipping when, shock horror, the newspapers read by those stupid 50 million people told them all to go outside cos it was sunny. if we want everyone back indoors a simple return to the message to stay at home would probably have been a much better idea than to change the message completely but also say nothing has changed.
  20. but again i think you might be missing the point. most the people saying things are "confusing" are saying that those bullet points don't really represent any change. cos realistically, nothing should really be changing. but to change the "motto", so to speak, has for the best part of a week now given all the dopes in this country the idea that everything has changed and we're going back to normal. that's where the confusion is, i think? nothing has really changed in terms of the rules, but to change the headline of the rules is just going to give people the idea that it's game on
  21. tbf there are about 50 million people in this country who i would definitely not class as "reasonably intelligent"
  22. innit, wonder where everyone is. probably at home. glory hunting canal walkers, nothing worse. only come out when the weather's good.
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