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  1. oh yeah man, lockdown had been facemask central an all
  2. have you ever met a politician
  3. why the hell anyones even surprised by any part of this story is beyond me
  4. it's not for another month, there ain't gonna be a crowd. june 1st supposedly racing returns to some sort of semi permanent fixtures. i'm intrigued as to how they socially distance in one or two instances, though. or if they do at all. was thinking about the stalls etc. but probably be the same as the bundesliga where they sit miles apart on the bench, don't have handshakes etc but then tackle each other.
  5. dunno how you got all of that out of two people shagging, then her crying, then him shagging her to make her feel better, then her crying cos she shagged him, then him shagging her to make her feel better continuously for 12 episodes
  6. normal people was weird. not sure what the point of it was.
  7. lols yeah i know, that’s what i was saying. “i’ve only been out with the kids or to exercise” well that’s probably where you got in then you dope.
  8. nobody there is doing anything wrong, what are people complaining about
  9. nearly 6 years since the tinder thread started, HOW TIME FLIES
  10. same way as everyone else, either by going out or by someone bringing it home. i know footballers are a bit thick but it's not particularly hard to work out. does he think you can only get it if you go to a party?
  11. out of interest why dont they think the same of rodgers, then? we are literally better than arsenal
  12. i get the point and i too much preferred it when we had a politics thread where the same posters could argue the same thing on repeat, but what else would they talk about in the threads you have mentioned haha? isn't that like going into the lcfc forum and saying "do they mean us thread = football", "vardy thread = football", "premier league thread = football", boring haha fair play someone already laughed at this post for the same reasons
  13. don't they hate rodgers (and to whatever extent tierney) because they are both fans of the club? and as fans of the club (and mostly, complete fu cking idiots) they cannot understand why you would ever leave? they can't get into their weird little heads that to have a decent career you can't just beat rangers a couple of times a year and be happy, like they are as fans.
  14. thought kuenssburg literally had to hire a body guard because she was such a raving tory the bbc thought people were going to try and kill her? you can manipulate most things to come across as bias tbh. haven't even half the newspapers you mention swapped sides based on whats best for the people who write/own them?
  15. dunno what sort of weirdo kids all of you were but if most my teachers told me to vote one way, the whole of our school would've voted the other.
  16. surely there is something in a contract about refusing to play. players have obviously refused to play before. did we pay mahrez when he didn’t play for two weeks cos he was in an airport? i have no idea but i assume most cases where players haven’t shown up etc. mean they get fined? but still paid?
  17. not sure i fully get what it is, but it's watchable. im 5 eps in as well, guess like most these shows it'll be when all the pieces start getting put together that it becomes good. cos right now i ain't sure what the point of half of it is.
  18. i assumed there was something wrong with him. maybe he's just an odd guy.
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