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  1. simFox

    Brexit - Has anybody actually changed their minds?

    I was going to vote leave, but I was out the UK at the time. So was my wife. If there was another referendum, we'd both vote leave. Few mates at work are the same, withing out the UK makes it easy to miss, won't happen again. I post on a few army Facebook groups and it's all Pro leave, I bet there's a fair few who would turn out the second time.
  2. simFox

    What are you reading at the moment?

    If anyone is going to Thailand, this is a must read. Not many books I read in one sitting. Get some strong coffee, you'll be tired tomorrow. Private dancer. http://nordbo.me/files/private-dancer.pdf
  3. simFox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    I failed my first test in Burton, then passed in Leicester. It's weird, I've been driving years then all of a sudden your learning how to ride round a bloody roundabout...
  4. simFox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    Nice, but I'll raise you:
  5. simFox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    ZX10, fast enough, but not too of the line. Kawasaki make some mental bikes, H2R is pretty mind bending.
  6. simFox

    Up next.. SPURS (H).

    Larsester? Leicester Sh1tty?
  7. simFox

    The Car thread

    No idea, I'm still out the UK, so I've got someone going round to look at it. Might be the Body Control Module from my internet searches, which is some kind of power distribution module that connects to the battery. Diagnosis + part + replacement + programming.... Doubt I'd get much change out of £750.. standing since July, but on the battery conditioner.
  8. simFox

    The Car thread

    Went to get my car picked up for servicing while I'm away, battery is on a conditioner. Wouldn't start. New battery and still dead. Do cars catch viruses? Was working bloody fine when I left, it hasn't moved!
  9. Surely the answer would be to minimise the disruption to both the UK and the EU. It's a no brainer. If we leave hard, it would be in the interest of both parties to soften the landing, but you have to go hard to start with. There's no other way.
  10. My wife is African, met her in Africa. She's settling in just fine now we've got a house etc. The only difficult bit was the trip over, it took ages and my feet were killing me.
  11. Fishing If anyone's interested, here's a good read' http://campaignforanindependentbritain.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Fisheries-booklet-FULL.pdf
  12. The fishing stocks depleted not due to over fishing, it was using the wrong nets and poor marine management. It was a bit of a ruse at the time and the northern fishing towns, like the mining towns haven't forgot. Plenty of info on it. I'll dig it out, but I believe the sand eels were the cause, which led to a breakdown in the ecological system.
  13. How are you getting on over there without EU membership?
  14. simFox

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    Everyone should read this book that never made it the publishers. It's awesome. Especially if your thinking of going to, our already been to Thailand. http://nordbo.me/files/private-dancer.pdf