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  1. From the link, Results I included 61 studies (74 estimates) and eight preliminary national estimates. Seroprevalence estimates ranged from 0.02% to 53.40%. Infection fatality rates ranged from 0.00% to 1.63%, corrected values from 0.00% to 1.54%. Across 51 locations, the median COVID-19 infection fatality rate was 0.27% (corrected 0.23%): the rate was 0.09% in locations with COVID-19 population mortality rates less than the global average (< 118 deaths/million), 0.20% in locations with 118–500 COVID-19 deaths/million people and 0.57% in locations with > 500 COVID-19 deaths/m
  2. I havet checked, but lets not forget people vote on what they thought was best at the time. I heard a pro-lockdown chap on the news comment after sage talked about increasing restrictions, despite the vaccination, and he was beginning to raise an eye brow. I guess people are starting to question "how do we get out of it" Turns out we are now at 2010 levels of daily deaths. Thats terrible, no one wants to go back to those days with bodies lying the streets and living in fear of whos next... what a terror 2010 was. And dont get me talking about 2000, cant quite believe i
  3. Her immune system seemed to work the first time she had it? It is my undertanding you can still catch it and spread it on, vaccine just stops you from dieing. Seeing as Covid only kills 0.05% of the people it infects and the vaccine is only 90% effective. Lets hope she's not in the 10%
  4. He forgot to mention people on FT, plenty people on here seem to live to think staying home is dead easy for some. Especially children who already have less than privileged lifestyle now watching their parents struggling even more.
  5. Do you work for the government?
  6. Where i went, no one wore them for exercise and the guidance also states this. I noticed all the workers on a building site didn't wear them either. However, it was extremely tiresome wearing one all the time and it was a huge relief coming home.
  7. I've left a bit of reserve to invest after brexit, that's the best time to buy.
  8. You can say the same as any currency in the world. I already told you there is a limited supply of bitcoin, unlike other currencies. Like gold, it has to be mined and only 21 million can be created. Like any other resources on earth, supply and demand is what sets the value, but of course you already knew that being a Blockchain expert. I'm being patronising because your questions warrant it. What do you mean by more secure or a run on it, you ask those questions then tell me you know what Blockchain is. Your questions mean you clearly don't know anything, which is why I directed y
  9. You need to research exactly what Blockchain is. You can't steal bitcoin, it would be unspendable and the person stealing it would get caught extremely quickly, not only that it's impossible due to the structure that is Blockchain. Or do you think it's held on a spreadsheet somewhere? Nvidia sells Blockchain plus many others, there are quite a few areas to invest, not just buying crypto and it has many uses. I should revise what I said, Blockchain is the future, if you don't know what it is, start reading up on it, I think you'll be quite enlightened.
  10. Why not, it's more secure, isn't affected by borders and there is a limited supply. I certainly don't want to be caught without any.
  11. Crypto is the future, I'm no investor, but I just buy some from time to time so I'm holding a few, seeing how they go. Mostly bitcoin, but I have ripple, tezos, ethereum, steller, lite coin, omg and something else.
  12. Was only 30 seconds left when the second goal went in
  13. It's easy to belittle any source of information on the internet by announcing that its all written by Linda on Facebook. Not Nobel prize winning scientists or a bunch of other experts. Nope, just "Linda on Facebook". The sheer hypocrisy of revealing this by writing it on the internet is completely lost.
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