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  1. Have wolves already won the league? After that firework display, hope they get stuffed. Then saw it was Everton.
  2. simFox

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Only one game called football. I worked out of Framingham in 2006 for a year, had a great time. Saw the college hockey team and went to Fenway park too.
  3. simFox

    New to LCFC, what should I know?

    Welcome. Patriots are my American Soccer team, old man is a season ticket holder. Take it you're from Boston with your avatar..
  4. simFox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    They've all been tinkered with a wee bit: R35 GTR 911 turbo (996) Westfield M135i
  5. simFox

    What's the worst fart you have ever done

    If anyone was in costa at Birmingham airport a few minutes ago, sorry about that. Had to move myself, was lingering badly.
  6. simFox

    Motorbikes are brilliant

    Got the mods done now too! What triumphs and which track? Only the ring has both on at the same time that I know of. I've got 4 cars that will show this bike a clean pair of heels, I don't think the streets are that quick, but they ride really nice.
  7. simFox

    Thailand Cave Rescue

  8. simFox

    Thailand Cave Rescue

    Unsworth lived nearby and contributed knowledge of the cave network. He wasn't on the rescue team that saved them, he's just a recreational cave diver. Co-led the operation is a bit of a media news fakery. He recommended the British cave rescue experts, as being a cave diver himself; he knew about them, but then so do all cave divers. Read the Aussie doctors thankyou note on Facebook, not one mention of Vernon Unsworth...
  9. simFox

    Thailand Cave Rescue

    Musk was asked to contribute after he offered his services. Whether they were used or not doesn't make them any less of a contribution. I'm not justifying calling unsworth a pedo, certainly not, but unsworth didn't cover himself in glory and fired the first shot. Btw, can you just clarify unsworths "actual" contribution.
  10. simFox


    If just like to point out that shyness is a character trait and it's very hard to be anything else. Most shy people are shunned and labelled ignorant and can be very awkward socially, but in a business full of egos and talent trying to be noticed, it's not difficult to appear humble and withdrawn and be applauded for it. Unfortunately it appears to be the only business where it is. He's absolutely the luckiest sod alive today.
  11. simFox


    Rudkin: "Let's stick a fee of 50m on him, he'll never be worth that.." 12 months later... "Shit"