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  1. False positives are caused by the cycles used in PCR testing, each cycle magnifies the virus so it can be detected, the earlier it is detected in the cycle the more infectious you are. UK is using 40+ cycles. USA also I believe. Germany is using apx 33 cycles. Anything over 30 is likely just magnifying dead fragments of virus and not someone who is infectious. So Germany only go to apx 33. To put this into perspective, if the USA used 33 cycles, something like 70% of the detected cases wouldn't be cases. The UK cycles used for PCR is coming under review. I hope that clears your question up. Have a Google to get the exact cycle numbers, bit you will find that we are being over sensitive in our testing. It's like being drunk, pulling a stunner and waking up next to a minger. The UK testing is currently drunk so the stunner detector is working overtime.
  2. Eh? It's an economy and livelihoods of an entire population. If someone's going to make predictions that affect every aspect of our lives then they better be pretty sure about them and be put under intense scrutiny. Fergusons model has been proven to be so far out, Boris would have been better off asking Vardy.
  3. Here's me feeling a bit down and depressed that's cheered me up no end! Thanks 😊
  4. Stand back everyone, multiquote has been deployed. 🤦‍♂️
  5. Someone just posted Carl Heneghan on sky news, maybe watch watch that and learn something. Brazil and Peru are comparable as they have similar socio-economic, climates, continent, demographics etc. If you want to compare the UK, look at Sweden and as someone else said, what's happening in Italy. Compare lockdown States in the US and see how they've fared. Where are the thousands of deaths in the UK at the moment... I'll give you a clue, it's not covid.
  6. Deaths per million are below Spain and falling everyday. Numbers mean nothing without context and I deliberately compared Brazil with Peru as they both have poverty and poorly accessible healthcare. Christmas in Brazil will be better than the UK this year!
  7. Yet Peru with the harshest of all lockdowns has had one of the worst deathrates. The only thing a lockdown does is delay the inevitable. People in Brazil are getting through it with next to no restrictions whatsoever, it's them that will be back to normal soonest while the rest of us are still locking-down and self destructing in multiple ways.
  8. Where do you think you might be, in the que to get one? Let's say it passed on Wednesday, you should get your shot by what, week Thursday?
  9. Great start, more to come I think, nice to see them still going for goal in the 90th minutes.
  10. Hopefully they can control this now, great performance so far.
  11. I'm more amazed at the variation in data presentation this pandemic has exposed me too. The next time I construct a PowerPoint presentation, I'm going to baffle my colleagues with so much bullshit, I might actually convince them I know what I'm talking about.
  12. My problem is the mentality and mindframe I put myself in when I walk through the door into work, likewise when I walk into a gym I flick the bodybuilding switch and I'm committed to my workout. While at home I'm relaxing and depending on the circumstances perpetuating other frames of mind to focus my efforts, either on hobbies or family stuff. My mental attitude doesn't suit WFH because i find it difficult to focus my efforts in way that I feel productive. We are all wired differently, let's not forget.
  13. Let's be a bit more precise. The intensively measured infections today have surpassed the poorly measured infections from March. I'm no rocket surgeon, but this is not something I'm finding to be unusual.
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