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  1. The ghost of Richard the third. You need to find a long dead king and bury him.
  2. simFox


    I looked at extending, but you have to be aware of the ceiling limit of the area, which is why there's no point extending ours. We'd just lose money.
  3. simFox


    That's not true. You would make money that way, even if you moved and the house prices didn't change. The houses in the rubbish areas increase too.
  4. simFox


    No one makes any money, well certainly not any home owners. Our house has increased £70k, but the houses we want to move to have increased twice that. It's all just numbers on a piece of paper to us, it's only the estate agents get the benefit through bigger commissions.
  5. Swindon away with chorus of "where's your roundabouts", bank holiday play off finals every year was a great event, though I watched them in the local. Happy days, except losing to Peterborough.
  6. General twattish behaviour. I don't need to know something is blue by analysing it, it just looks blue.
  7. He said I stumbled with the bike and COULD have dropped it, so in his view I was out of control. I thought it was a bit harsh like. He started with some schoolboy lecture so I just stopped him there and told him to write it up.
  8. Unlucky, be easier next time round. Don't do what I did on mod 2. Stalled it as I pulled out the test centre and failed! Lol
  9. simFox

    Sim Racing

    Anyone into sim racing? I've got a PS4, T150 wheel and some metal pedals on a wheel stand. My driving has improved loads, and I'm thinking of getting a proper 3DoF rig. Anyone into sim racing? Anyone got a rig? This looks good at £1500 for a home version, though can't help thinking I should get the pro version with the stronger motors for an extra £700 odd.
  10. I was going to vote leave, but I was out the UK at the time. So was my wife. If there was another referendum, we'd both vote leave. Few mates at work are the same, withing out the UK makes it easy to miss, won't happen again. I post on a few army Facebook groups and it's all Pro leave, I bet there's a fair few who would turn out the second time.
  11. If anyone is going to Thailand, this is a must read. Not many books I read in one sitting. Get some strong coffee, you'll be tired tomorrow. Private dancer. http://nordbo.me/files/private-dancer.pdf
  12. I failed my first test in Burton, then passed in Leicester. It's weird, I've been driving years then all of a sudden your learning how to ride round a bloody roundabout...
  13. ZX10, fast enough, but not too of the line. Kawasaki make some mental bikes, H2R is pretty mind bending.
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