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  1. Was about to post the Gary Lineker/BLM row, but it seems it's already been covered. Didn't expect BLM to be outed so quickly, nice to see though.
  2. More likely the result of positive discrimination.
  3. Now it's 47p, so how much are you down? Be careful of the second wave, its coming and will crush a few businesses along the way. Put your stop losses on your shares, there are two options, end of day and GTC, Good Till Cancelled. I always look at the year graph and see how much upside is left. I think the airlines, oil and leisure industries have the most potential, but don't get caught holding a company on shaky ground. Look at government backed companies. We've had a bit of a down turn this last few weeks, so plenty to buy, but make sure you get out before the second wave.
  4. Watched The Irishman with DeNiro. Switched it off, was utter garbage. Watching a 70yo man fight and act tough was cringworthy.
  5. Let's be clear on the pics. I'm sure bubba would love to be charcterised as the brilliant NASCAR driver, struggling against oppression and hate. The reality is, he isn't.
  6. It wasn't a noose it's a bowline, a handle fashioned into a rope to make using it easier to use for the purpose intended. It was there for years and photographed in use by other users of the garage, before bubba decided it was noose, as confirmed by the 15 FBI agents. But according to bubba, it's still a noose (after he was told it wasn't)
  7. Erm, you haven't watched his video or interview then? Maybe you should.
  8. On the other hand, now we've got a bunch of people who are so keen to prove racism exists, that everytime a white person argues with a black guy or any slight towards a person of colour will be jumped on and blown up out of every proportion. There just won't be enough racism to go round. Christ, I best not argue with the wife!
  9. Not only that, after finding out he wasn't the victim of racist hate crime, he doubled down and insisted it was. Usually a person would be relieved to know they aren't a victim, instead, he tries to convince people he still is! Not only that, before the truth came out he said that anyone who doesn't believe it was a noose is racist! You can't make it up.
  10. So black NASCAR driver gets told there was a noose in his garage. Goes on a talk show and CNN, makes a video, pouring with outrage and spouting off about it. Turns out it's bowline on the garage door pull and it's been there for years. https://globalnews.ca/news/7101573/nascar-noose-fbi-investigation-bubba-wallace/
  11. You tube will show you how to fit one. I wouldn't claim on insurance for a scratch, you'll pay more doing it that way. Can you feel the scratch with a nail? If not, you might be able to buff it out. You might be better getting CCTV installed at home and pointing it at the car. You can then quite cheap and put it in the window pointing at your car.
  12. Because there was no appetite to quarantine or lockdown early. It was just flu remember...
  13. The problem with this virus from the start is that a huge amount of people (some quote 80%) catch it with little or no symptoms. Until it spreads wider and more susceptible people catch it, you won't see the consequences in the population. This is why we are in a latency period. But the second wave is coming.
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    Anyone else at his small semi? Ok, just me then.. 😁
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