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  1. why not? what if i worked nights and on my night off wanted to do some unlimited exercise? thought it genuinely said you can spend unlimited amounts of time outdoors? it didn't say we had a curfew for when it went dark?
  2. what were they fined for? they're definitely far enough apart, presumably went walking/biking/hiking in the day so were exercising, and we've been told you can drive as far as possible and spend unlimited amount of time outside?
  3. shes not gonna shag you bro
  4. when you browse a bit of twitter on a monday and dennis rodman is trending, you know it's gonna be a good two hours of the last dance
  5. us and america are the stupidest countries in terms of complete morons per 100 people, it's no real surprise we have the most deaths and both countries don't even seem arsed.
  6. just watched the lcfc vids of all his prem goals, remarkable that literally every goal he scored under puel was celebrated by him getting the ball out the net and running back to the centre circle cos we were already 2-0 down
  7. 240k were interested in getting on the ale in the sun and watching kasabian and the lads celebrate the biggest sporting story of all time. i know we've not had a match for a few months but from what i can recall, not all our home games are like that.
  8. haha he only came on at half time but trust he was bad enough to get subbed off again. missed an open goal, ran out of play a couple times, summed it up with missing the ball in the six yard box in injury time.
  9. lookman has been SO bad in this second half
  10. obviously we'd sell out a 40k stadium if tickets were free and every match was a title celebration
  11. bochum are playing right now and there's a stream on bet365 which means you'll be able to find a stream elsewhere if you want
  12. llisten if this new disclosure tune isnt the best song of all time i dont wanna know
  13. a big tory wanting to stop young people voting for his own benefit. shocker.
  14. unbelievable that germany was on the germans side in the war imho, and now they want to play football? not for me
  15. yeah tbh i think the actual answer is vardy at west brom. when you watch the video back you hear the gooo onnnnn of the away end before he's even got the ball, just knew what was coming in about 5 seconds time.
  16. tbf most the stuff he says about our club are what outsiders think and are pretty much true. i think that's why people hate him so much. truth hurts, innit.
  17. yeah there's no arguing with what has gone on since. but in one season mahrez won the league, the carling cup and the FA cup, and the african cup of nations. why was he not allowed to be waved off into the sunset with a kiss and not a dry eye in the house? because he stayed long enough for him to have to force a move for the good of his career? it's a never ending argument, but mahrez gets a much worse treatment from our fans out of all our good players who've left for pretty similar reasons, despite doing the most for the club by a distance.
  18. mahrez and drinkwater can both have much, much stronger claims to have left for "footballing" reasons over kante, yet only one gets spoken about positively. he left for more money. mahrez left because he was simply way too good to carry on playing for us in the position we were in. not really sure what's too hard to see, people simply still hate mahrez because he knew he was better than our club. so fu cking precious, get over it.
  19. well we'll never know cos he fu cked off for a team who finished 9 places below us, weren't in europe, at the first possible opportunity, just to get more money. the absolute hero.
  20. yeah that quote is about 6 years old. and the reaction to it then was simply haha fair play, obviously if he's been living in france he'd know more about one of europe's best ever rugby teams than he would a team who'd spent more time in league one than the premier league in the decade before he joined. but now all of a sudden cos he's left it's "a clear dig" and the most disrespectful thing anyone could ever say. sure.
  21. kante joined us as a premier league team, left us as premier league champions for a team who'd just finished tenth. mahrez joined a championship team, stayed for our champions league season and then tried to leave for the best team england's ever seen when we looked like we'd be closer to getting relegated than doing anything worthwhile for the foreseeable future. not sure how kante gets such an easy ride. he fu cked off when we were good, just to get more money at a team who were rubbish, ffs. at least the rest of them (drinkwater, riyad etc) had the decency to wait
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