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  1. nah but after this bulls doc i am gonna do a lot more exploring of how fu cking mad he was
  2. massive gear change from ep 1 and 2 to ep 3 and 4, talking about how good pippen was and how he was underrated and then suddenly we've got guest appearances from carmen electra about dennis rodman's "vacation". seems like a truly brilliant geezer.
  3. watching the highlights last night, gotta be one of the worst refereeing performances of all time. don't think i really gave it much attention at the time but crikey.
  4. just watched a bit of the 1970 world cup final, the only time anyone moved quicker than walking pace was when they were celebrating a goal
  5. nah fu ck it i look belter. best trim i’ve ever had.
  6. just been told i could play sid in a live action remake of toy story and now debating the jump off my balcony
  7. there are two viewing options on a laptop, not sure about a phone so dunno if switching between the two might help? if you even can on a phone haha
  8. the ligue 1 markets i bet on are all settled i think, psg paid out as a winner, the rest losers. so if they call it a day but say that it's as it stands then that will be the case i'd assume. as for specials, goalscorers etc i don't know. obviously if, let's say, you've backed vardy to score 20 goals this season, you're probably on a 5/1 (?) shot that is now 1/100. it would be incredible tough to void every bet in that scenario, and even tougher to settle them as losers. but it's not a winner. so what is it? fu ck knows.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/01/forget-invincibles-fergusons-united-peps-city-leicesters-title/ doesnt really say anything exciting but pissed a lot of people on twitter off so fair play
  10. i think i've actually done a pretty good job, and it wasn't hard at all. get it done lads.
  11. now taking bookings as a sinead oconnor tribute act
  12. im intrigued to see what the hell is gonna happen. i assume it will depend on the official outcome. if the season is "voided" then bets will probably have to be voided. depending on liabilities, good will gestures etc. may see things like liverpool being paid out or vardy top scorer being paid out. but i'm not sure how much good will the bookies have left, the pockets are fu cking empty. if the league settle the season with current positions then i assume they will pay out based on what's happened.
  13. ok sound, i am not too concerned about the actual action of cutting it (as in missing bits and stuff, famous last words) i just wondered if anyone had used a beard trimmer as opposed to an actual hair clipper cos the internet had mixed opinions on whether this was a good idea. tbf most the opinions saying it was a bad idea were from hairdressing blogs etc. what do they know. the every day man and the people of foxestalk, of the chase fame, have declared it fine.
  14. right fu ck it the time has come. has anyone had any success giving themselves a buzzcut (not completely shaved, like number 3 or 4) with a high setting on a beard trimmer? is this possible? i am probably a day or two away from trying it and i am quite scared
  15. lads we just got a mention on the chase
  16. just tremendous tele wasn't it. was sweating cobs watching the last 15 or so praying for the right outcome. them two winning by 20 seconds and then donating half the money to charity just topped it off. fully buying into the twitter theory i saw that he isn't even deaf he just wears a hearing aid so he doesn't have to be fu cked listening to her moaning the whole fu cking time.
  17. just watched the final of race across the world. jen crying felt so good. was up there with harry kane's face after the champions league final. buzzing for the fu cking boys.
  18. get drunk and get your rod out on facetime
  19. first - filbo last - turf moor best - veledrome, by an absolute distance worst - gigg lane want - bombonera
  20. ive never seen that first goal before but i think it's already become of the best goals ive ever seen
  21. you can tell who watches our games and who doesn't by whether they have cags in any "team of the season" etc over evans
  22. i know loads of people who delete posts on instagram or delete their instagram accounts. maybe he just deleted some pics and unfollowed some people. fu cking hell we need football back soon
  23. finally an explanation for why he puts our team under pressure at every opportunity he can. cos he forgets that they're probably all knackered cos they actually have to run round.
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