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  1. LukeyZade


    Id be looking for other boobacys on market
  2. Missing on that top 4 is harsh. Weve lost out best 2 players jj and barnes. Without em we look poo going forward. We need to adress a new ST. winger and for me a CM with balls
  3. 5th n a fa cup wil do. Threw away top 4 again. Perez n maddison r a joke need replacing asap.
  4. Crap pies tbf on a barm aswell? Wtf is that
  5. Here in wigan myself stil huge to my wifes family nilow we got fa cup im king 😂
  6. This win would be for everyone. Not just lcfc fans hopes dreams for all. Loved 1s past and present and also the boss will shine down on us and bring it homd
  7. All i hear from my father in law. Watching the final together later if he compares his wigan to us il slap him silly and he can leave his beers aswell. 😂
  8. If we win 1 and pool all 3 they will go above us on gd no doubt. Lose to chel we r relying on both chel and pool to lose last games. Feel uneasy 😭
  9. No chel will be 5 behind us if we win with 1 game to go
  10. The way its going we must beat chelses now dont see pool losing 1 of the last 3
  11. If liverpool lose by a small margin no we arent gauranteed. They b 9 behind with 3 to play with only 4 or so goals behind. Si if pool lose we may need1pt
  12. Has there been a player who shined 4 us at the top and just ended up the way he has.
  13. Any team shown interest or put forward for it and if it does not go ahead i expect huge deductions. Scumbags
  14. Dont know. Bolton or wigan sit on 10mins oppsite direction. Tough 1. I wouldnt sing id be just sitting there arms folded grump
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