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  1. "Over-trained" is a misnomer Percy & his sources never says over-trained, the sub-editor appears to have added it for a headline
  2. It's irrelevant Tanner saying there's a whole for a creative midfielder a) Doesn't suit Puel or Puel's system (whatever that is) b) He could play Maddison more dynamically either box-to-box which doesn't suit Puel... or further back & use him more like a quarterback, seeing Maddison distributing the ball from a ballwinner like Ndidi, or via being passed it from the defence But he chooses not to Still, when your face fits as well as Mendy's does we could sign prime Cambiasso, Gazza & Maradona... And they'd still play 2nd fiddle to Mendy
  3. Do you want to hold on to our better players or not? If you want to build a footballing team around the likes of Maguire, Chilwell & Maddison... Then Puel isn't your man - They won't be happy playing out a season fighting for 11th, while all their England teammates are either in Europe or fighting to be in Europe As for who could do better than Puel? A manager who is brave A manager who picks the best players, A manager who motivates players to come out the starting blocks on fire, A manager who doesn't make the 2nd most starting line-up changes but still bizarrely sticks with the same failing system Taking this group of players to 43pts in 38 games is criminal, he should have gone last season but there were calls to give him a transfer window, he had one, then there were calls to give him to the international break... he had that, then the next international break, he had that How much longer will this be allowed to go on, the chances are it will be 43pts in 40 games - Then we've got Cardiff at home, where he'll still play to DM camped on the edge of our 6yrd box... #PuelOut Something tell me we missed the boat with Hassenhuttle
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