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  1. Hahaha Good one! It'll probably be another couple of years if past performance from Polyphony Digital is anything to go by Not great news for PS5 launch period with Deathloop being delayed until next year
  2. 10th-12th? Laughable with current squad including Vardy, Evans, Soyuncu, Maddison etc plus some of Europe's finest in Ricardo & Ndidi You're putting us below Burnley & co?
  3. Wolves increased their points total while they were in Europa from the season before when they, I would hope we can do the same Finishing top 6 though requires one or more of the big 6 will need an off day again, Arsenal look to have a sound manager & Mourinho could do one of 2nd season syndrome specials and fire Spurs up the table Increasing our points total should be the minimum expectation (we achieved 1.1 points per game from 6th December when Rodgers signed his new contract) I hope we go for a cup!
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