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  1. Sako - Liverpool value the defender at £30m Added £10million on in space of few months He has been excellent at Palace. I expect them to lump up the cash for him as Liverpool decided still don't want him. I would be OK if we signed him, as he has proven quality, but like Gibson, £30 million
  2. I disagree. I think that is exactly what the loan window is for and how it can help us see if our youngsters can show their worth, by playing week in and week out. I also don't believe Kaputska has played regularly at a higher level than the Championship unless you class the Polish league as better? We are indeed one of those bigger teams now. Certainly not on the scale of the big 6, but certainly big enough and rich enough, that we can invest in young players and then send them out on loan to get regular game time if needed, rather than wasting in the u23s. Schlupp found his level because we started bedding him into the team in the Championship (3 seasons) and then the Premiership. I think the Championship is a great, competitive, typical English league that over 46 games, is a brilliant test and learning curve for a young player, especially from abroad. I also said in my post, that a championship club would need to cover the bulk of his wages, which I think is the norm these days anyway. Lowly Bristol City cover the full 25k a week wages of Tammy Abraham for example. So, in terms of young fringe players costing us money. That wouldn't really be the case, not in terms of wages anyway. I also think that even if he isn't deemed good enough for us after a year on loan, then his value to another team may well be spotted and we could even make a profit on his £7.5million fee. Look at Tom Lawrence for example. Still might not be considered good enough for us, but now has plenty of suitors after a successful loan period. If we are to get rid of any young, fringe player who doesn't immediately push his way into the first team, then we would be left with a pretty threadbare squad. The loan system is there to be used, and can be hughly beneficial to bigger clubs, who have young talented players that aren't yet ready for Premier League football, but have the potential to be and a 1 year stint in the Championship could have a huge positive impact on their development and can be a very positive low cost option to discovering if with regular game time, a player can show strong signs of making an impact at a higher level.
  3. Got rave reviews in the first 6 months of the season and rightly got his first call up to the england team. Left footed CB, who can pass it out from the back and is quicker and obviously younger than what we have. 30 million is overpriced but then who isn't overpriced these days?! I would think that we could get him for closer to £20-25 million We made a mistake last summer by not stumping up the cash for Keane, and he will now go onto bigger things, so I don't think we should make the same mistake. Sign him up, and let him pair up with Huth and then we can look to sign another young CB next summer to add to Gibson and be our future CB pairing hopefully.
  4. Forgot about Amartey to be fair. I really thought we would be trying him at CB, but doesn't seem as likely now. I am not sure he is good enough at CM (yet at least) Think you are right about King. Thing he will stay, even if 5th choice. Mendy is a tough one, as 4 games is just not enough to decide if he is a good player or not. He was captain of Nice and got rave reviews there, so I would be hesitant to sell him so soon, and prefer that he got 6 months to prove himself. If Drinkwater had played as well as he did last season, then I wouldn't be that concerned about signing another top CM, as him and N'didi would start nearly every game hopefully, with James/King/Mendy all able to cover the handful of games they missed or cup competitions. The drop-off and continued poor form Drinky shows though, makes me think that we need another top CM to play alongside N'didi or at least help force Drinky to rediscover those heights of last year. No one has pushed him for his place this season. Personally, I would have N'didi, New signing, Drinkwater, James and also Sigurdsson able to play in there if needed. Sell King. Loan out Amartey if not to be used as CB and give Mendy 6 months and cup games/handful of starts to prove he is good enough once fully fit again. What I think will happen.... Mendy will be sold and we won't buy any CM's. Leaving us N'didi, Drinkwater, James, King, Amartey. I think that leaves us 1 quality CM short and 2 reserves who won't push the starting pair hard enough for a starting place. Hopefully, I am wrong though.
  5. If Slimani leaves then agreed on Deeney
  6. Had my doubts he would be able to come back from being out so long, but he has been Barnsley's best player and rightly deserves to be back in the Prem with us for next season. Don't think he will be starting, if we sign another CM like I hope, but he will certainly be pushing for a start from the bench, which is good news for us!
  7. Would love Keane here as he is a step up on Gibson and Maguire IMO, but we missed our chance last season. He is destined for one of the big clubs or at very least Everton, who have already shown an interest. Obviously Walshy involved there! Gibson, Maguire or Mbodji are more likely and would all push Wes for his place I think. Benny, Huth, Wes and one from those 3, with Amartey able to cover if needed.
  8. The problem I have, is wanting to upgrade not only our bench, but also some of our starting 11, and I can totally see why some are concerned that dropping certain players who did so well for us in our miracle season, might disrupt the squad's spirit. I do think if we want to push the top 6 or 7 teams though, then we are going to have to take that risk, at the cost of upsetting a few. I would like us to target players who we think will come in and start. RB - Trippier CB - Gibson or Maguire CM - Adrien Sliva or Davy Klaasen ACM - Sigurdsson ST - Tammy Abraham (Loan) This is on the assumption that Ulloa leaves and we get Matty James back in the squad. Kaputska to go on season long loan. Mendy to be give 6 months to prove himself. Lawrence to perhaps be given the same time frame. With these signings, you are likely looking at Wes, Simpson, Drinkwater and Okazaki being severly tested for their starting position, which although may cause some issues, I think we need to be a bit ruthless in order to really establish ourselves as a consistent top 8 club.
  9. Just to make it clearer: This is how I potentially see us starting next season, if James comes back fit and continues his good form and we do go out and sign a top CM, like we tried in the summer. Something like this anyway... ------------------------------Kasper---------------------------- Trippier----------Gibson-----------Huth------------Fuchs Mahrez--------Adrien Silva-----N'didi--------Albrighton ------------------------Sigurdsson------------------------ ------------------------Vardy------------------------------ Subs - Zieler, Benny, Chilwell, James, Drinkwater, Gray, Slimani Obviously you have to account for suspensions and injuries, but if this is similar to how I expect us to line up next season, then King will be a firm 5th choice CM. If you guys are fine with that, then fair enough. I just believe he would be better off playing week in week out. Just seems a waste if you ask me.
  10. Or maybe you are overestimating it.. We can only judge what we see on the pitch, all the rest about influencing the squad etc is just an assumption. I think it's great we have had a player here for 10 years of his career. That doesn't give him a free pass to sit on the bench for the next 5 years. To be in the squad, I want players on the bench who are pushing the starting 11, and giving our manager a head-ache on who to pick. Drinkwater should have been dropped/rested months ago, but wasn't. I believe that is because we didn't have a CM on the bench as good or better than him. That to me is a concern for pushing on next season and why I believe we should be signing a top CM to start or at least push Drinkwater for that position. I also think James will be ahead of King in the manager's thinking, as he offers more too. That leaves King as 5th choice and if everyone is fit, then not likely to even make the bench. As I said, if he is happy with that, and he isn't preventing a young CM prospect from benefiting from those handful of games, then fair enough. I am not going to grumble over a 5th choice CM with King's experience.
  11. Seems like he has had 1 decent season and not actually played that many games considering he is 25. Got 1 cap for Ivory Coast Not seen him play so can't fairly judge, but on paper, doesn't really show anything that shows he will be a step up on Drinkwater, which is what I think we should be aiming for. I wonder if Mendy will go the other way back to Nice, if any truth in this.
  12. For the sake of recouping 7.5 million, if we are even able to get that much back, as I am sure it will be argued we overpaid and his price has dropped from 0 game time and influence, I would actually prefer us to send him out on a season long loan to a Championship club. See how he does for a full season in a tough league, playing 46 games. If he excels then we could bring him back into the fold for 2018/19 season. If he fails to do anything of note, then we sell him and cut our losses. I think that will be the most likely, unless he isn't keen on a loan move or if a championship club is unwilling to cover the bulk of his wages
  13. Lets hope you're right then, but more importantly, lets hope he has the quality to force his way into the starting 11 and actually make a real impact, something he has failed to do for a long time now. I have my doubts and think we will see him spend much of his career on the bench with us or even pushed off the bench too, if as expected, James does come back into the fold and we do sign another CM. N'didi, Drinkwater, James, New signing > King. That is how I see it and for his sake, I would prefer him to be playing every week or twice a week with a Championship team, and enjoying being heavily involved in a team. I also think we would benefit from having a space free for a top CM prospect like Harvey Barnes etc, who would benefit greatly from being our 5th choice and getting those handful of games King tends to get, allowing us to bed him in to this level.
  14. That was relevant this season. Not for next, which is what we are discussing. He will be 5th choice for a likely mid-table Prem team with no Europe next season. If he is happy with that and a handful of starts, then fair enough. Could think of a lot worse 5th choice options for us.
  15. I think a battling draw will be the outcome. Similar to Palace, where we score a couple, but they claw their way back into the game and we keep out a late surge and settle for a 2-2. Hoping to see Gray start or at least get a decent chunk of game time. I expect Shakey will go back to the tried and tested 4-4-1-1 with the usual lot.