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  1. 2.08 mins in Couldn't agree more. One of the best centre backs in the league and what an absolute bargain we got him for. Could easily play in a top 4 team IMO (...us )
  2. FA CUP hands down for me. Champions League > Cariboooo Cup though. As others have said, what finishing in the top 4 could do for us in terms of revenue and attracting even higher quality of players, not to mention holding onto the likes of Maddison, Soyuncu, Ricardo etc, outweighs winning the lesser Caribao Cup IMO. To win the FA Cup would be incredible though and I would take that and a likely finish of 6th/7th this season.
  3. After this weekend and the continued hype Leicester and Rodgers deservedly get, I did find my joy turning to concern at the possibility of something like this coming along to pee on our parade. Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs could all be changing their manager before Christmas if things take a turn for the worse, and I think Rodgers would certainly be a Manager all four would look at very seriously. I just hope the excitement he is building here along with the new training ground, will be enough to keep him here for at least another 2 years. Maybe that is just me with my blue tinted glasses on, but surely he would think twice at such a move as all four have various issues. Feels like we are genuinely just another season of current player development plus a top winger and striker away from being consistent top 6 finishers with the ability to push even the top four. Hopefully Rodgers see that and the positives of being with a team on the way up, as opposed to ones that are on the slide and in some cases have been for years..*cough Man U*
  4. Stuff all this stats nonsense and real football talk! Who is the Premier League footballer who had to jump out of a hotel window in his pants when caught cheating on his wife!?? https://news.sky.com/story/premier-league-footballer-caught-cheating-on-partner-in-blackmail-plot-jumped-from-hotel-window-court-hears-11814739
  5. I meant we should only select one of them. Preferably N'didi. Doesn't work when we play both of them together. Agree on Barnes out wide too and bring Maddison back behind Vardy.
  6. Feel like he is done here. He has shown no progression whatsoever. We need a top class winger and he needs a fresh start somewhere else. Crazy thing is, I still think he has a decent market value as for whatever reason, he still seems highly rated outside our club. I actually think we could still get a decent fee for him from a team like Bournemouth/Palace etc. £20m in Jan...
  7. No N'didi AND Hamza. No Maddison on the wing. No Gray. Simples.
  8. Disagree with this, as most our attacks start from deep, i.e Kasper or one of the back four have the ball and then pass to the midfield, usually the one who is closest/deepest, N'didi or Choudhury in our case today. Neither are capable of much more than a short, sideways or backwards pass. The build up play then grinds to a hault and we allow the opposition to get set and we lose all our attacking edge in a matter of seconds. If we have Praet or Tielemans dropping deeper and picking up that ball, then I think that completely changes our initiative and pace with the ball. We instantly have a player who is not only capable of running with the ball under control at pace and with agility, we also have a player capable of threading a forward/attacking pass. This can make such a huge difference to the tempo and direction of the game, especially if we turnover possession and have an opportunity of a quick break, something Vardy absolutely thrives on. Too often, we see these opportunities wasted because N'didi or Choudhury are more often than not, not looking or capable of such a run or pass. Have a Tielemans or Praet on the ball, and things happen a lot quicker and with more attacking intent. I still think we are capable of having Maddison and Tielemans playing alongside each other, and actually I think they are essential in someways, but we either have to bring Praet in alongside N'didi to be that deeper playmaker that gets things moving snappier and with more attacking intent OR Tielemans has to be tasked with dropping deeper and picking that ball up.
  9. -----------------------------Schmeichel----------------------------- Ricardo-----------Evans----------Soyuncu------------Chilwell -------------------------N'didi------Praet---------------------------- ------------Perez----------Tielemans--------Maddison--------- --------------------------------Vardy---------------------------------- This formation means that Chilwell and Ricardo really need to get forward and provide the width. Perez also needs to contribute a lot more than he has so far, but Praet will certainly improve on us being more creative from deep. Alternatively... -----------------------------Schmeichel----------------------------- Ricardo-----------Evans----------Soyuncu------------Chilwell --------------------------------N'didi----------------------------------- Albrighton--------Tielemans------Maddison----------Barnes --------------------------------Vardy---------------------------------- Gives us plenty of width but have to guard against countless, hopeless crosses into the box to a well marked Vardy (I'm looking at you Marc!) Tielemans will also need to drop deeper often to get the ball and start our attacks.
  10. Man U did too! That's why we really should have done better tbh. Think Rodgers had us set-up with one hand tied behind our back today. Genuinely think we would have bossed them if we hadn't set up so negatively. Still think we aren't far away from finishing 6th this season, which is all the media/fans have been suggesting. Rodgers has to take the shackles off though for that to happen
  11. Be gutted if we do. I think Choudary has a big career ahead of him, but having him alongside N'didi, causes us all kinds of issues just like you said. Neither have the creative ability on the ball and we lose some much needed width and even push Maddison out of position. All for what? To get some extra defensive cover or to press the game more. We can do that with Praet or dropping Tielemans deeper. We have so much of the ball no matter who we play, and so we need players who are capable on it. Keep N'didi doing what he does best and Choudary will get his chances too, but we must either start Praet or drop Tielemans deeper. Bring in Barnes on the left to give us the width and get Maddison back behind Vardy. If we see the same line-up and formation against Spurs as we did today, I will be very concerned by Rodger's stubbornness!
  12. I would like to see Praet come in and do that job. N'didi needs to start as he is amazing at what he does, but asking him to be a deep sitting play maker is far to big an ask for someone with his limited ability on the ball. The issue is, how do we get Praet in the team as well as get Maddison back central, but also maintain some width with a player like Barnes. I think we should have two systems ready. Start with the 4-3-2-1 and hope the full-backs provide the width but have 4-4-1-1 ready with Barnes/Albrighton to come on if struggling to break a team down.
  13. I knew as soon as I saw the line-up and formation with those players, that we would struggle to score today. Is this the 3rd or 4th time Rodgers has tried starting with two DCM's? It simply does not work! Neither Choudary or N'didi are capable of bringing the ball out from the back and neither have a good enough passing range to get the ball forward into the areas we need it, quickly! This has been painfully obvious since the very first 20minutes Rodgers tried it at Wolves. The fact he keeps going back to it, is concerning! That alone is hard to forgive, but again pushing Maddison out wide, is such a waste of the Premier League's most creative player. He is at his best in the space behind Vardy. I have no idea why anyone would think any different. I really hope this is the last time Rodgers makes these same errors, otherwise you have to start questioning how good he really is, if he can't see the big flaws in setting up like that after 3/4 attempts! I still have a lot of faith in him though and definitely still back this squad to do something special this season, whether in the cup or troubling the top 6. I really hope we haven't got another stubbornly, rigid Manager on our hands. Two DCM's and Maddison out wide does not work. Let's not see it again please Brendan!
  14. Choudhury and N'didi hasn't quite worked before as neither or technical enough on the ball and so stagnates our attacking play. Also, can't help think that Maddison is out on the left, purely to get him in the starting 11 and keep the formation Rodger's wants, which I don't actually thinks suits the formation or gets the best out of Maddison. Gray starting is a strange one but Perez hasn't being doing enough, and this is a great chance for Gray to show Rodgers something! I personally would have gone with Barnes on the left, had Maddison behind Vardy alongside Tielemans and just had one of N'didi or Choudary. Will see how it works in first half, but wouldn't be that surprised if Rodgers has to tweak things at half-time, as to me, this line-up seems unbalanced and we only need one DCM
  15. There is literally ZERO point calling up a player to then not give him any minutes over the full 2 games!
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