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  1. He has just 1 year left on his contract, so a loan is doubtful unless Arsenal still have plans for him and get him to sign a new contract and immediately offer him out on loan again. The problem with a loan deal, we may have to give him and Arsenal assurances he would start every game when fit. I guess this may not be a problem as when fit, he would most likely be our best CM. He is still only 25 though, and with the ever advancing treatment around today, you'd think he may be able to sort his fitness issues out. Still think taking a punt and buying him for a cut price might be worth the risk, but the wages do add up as you said. On the flipside.. a more positive outlook. We buy him for 12 million. He manages a near full season with no issues. His value rockets from 12 million to 35plus! Wasn't that long ago Man City were weighing up a huge bid for him. I'd imagine Arsenal are aware of all this though and even though Sampdoria have officially bit 7.5million with add-ons, I can see Arsenal seeing more value in keeping him around just in case he does sort his fitness issues out. New contract and maybe a loan deal most likely I would have thought.
  2. Still got big hopes for Gray. I think this is mainly just agent talk and him trying to get a better deal etc, which is the norm these days. I think he knows that next season could be his big chance for us. He still has a lot of maturing to do, but his natural talent is there for everyone to see, and as long as his decision making improves, which it surely will, he could be a very good Premier League winger. Hope Shakey shows him more faith next season and unlike last season, when it was clear Mahrez was having another off day, I hope that Shakey will be quick to throw Gray on this season.
  3. We are crying out for a creative midfielder but also have a squad full of CM's. I would like us to take a punt on Jack Wilshere. Injury record is awful, but that is why bids of under 10million are going in and for that, it's almost worth the risk as if kept fit for 20+ games, he could make a huge difference in our midfield with his creativity and flair. We have enough cover in CM to accommodate someone who may not give us 38+ games. Big IF, but if we can keep him fit, would be an absolute bargain for anything under 15million.
  4. If Mendy is looking sharper than King, Amartey and James in pre-season, then I can see the appeal of keeping him. Maybe a fully fit Mendy, offers more than all those 3. No one really knows that yet, so I guess we would have to trust the coaching staff. What we can't have, is Mendy, King, Amartey and James all fighting it out for the 4th CM spot, as I am guessing Drinkwater, N'didi and Iborra are ahead of them all, leaving a 4th CM spot open who would likely get a decent amount of game time. Even then, we are short of a creative CM, which I think we desperately need. Maybe that will be filled with a no.10 in the Sigurdsson mold. Definitely some work still to be done, as our squad seems unbalanced.
  5. Would have been a smart purchase but would have been foolish for WBA to let him go. I'd be happy with Gibson. Left sided CB with his peak years still to come. Either that or get involved in the Zouma loan race. There are other options out there too, and with Wes and Maguire likely to start the season, we are OK there too. We do desperately need a creative midfielder and a RB as well as getting Iheanacho done.
  6. --------kasper---- -------maquire--- -------huth-------- -------evans----- --------niddi------- -----drinkwater--- -------iborra------ -----albrighton---- ------sigrdsson---- -----iheanacho---- --------vardy--------
  7. I'm usually one for giving players the benefit of the doubt and also said earlier that he should probably get a full preseason and 6 months when full fit to prove himself here, but with Drinkwater, N'didi, Iborra, King, James and Amartey, we are saturated with defensive midfielders. I'd be happy to move him and loan out one or two of King, James and Amartey, if it meant we could sign a top creative CM. If Mendy was a creative CM, then would make more sense to be patient, but he's just not what we really need right now and if we can get our money back, then I would be tempted to take it and then go after a different type of CM.
  8. Iheanacho as a left wingback? Maybe best he doesn't see this if we want him still to sign
  9. I rate Huth higher than Morgan and so if we do sign Evans or Smalling or Zouma etc, then I would start Maguire with one of them and then have Huth as 3rd choice ahead of Morgan, and not sure Morgan would be happy with such a minimal role, whereas Benny may be ok as 4th choice again. So yes, absolutely I would entertain the idea of selling Morgan... Harsh but sensible I think!
  10. I'd prefer Evans and Maguire starting. I just think that Shakey will start Capt. Morgan for the first game no matter what. Morgan/Maguire seems most likely I guess with Huth out. Although can't imagine Evans coming and sitting on the bench for first few games if we do sign him. We also have Benny who did well when he came in. If we do sign another top CB, surely he will go.
  11. Think it would be Morgan/Evans (with Huth injured) starting the season and then Maguire/Evans for most of the season, with Huth/Morgan playing when required and moving on next summer. Be great to keep all our players happy, but if we want a squad full of quality, then just not possible to give everyone enough minutes. Prefer that though, than having replacements who aren't as good but comfortable with less minutes.
  12. I'd prefer Smalling or Evans or even Zouma on season long loan, but Gibson would still be a decent signing and I like the idea of Maguire and him forming a central partnership that can last for years. I'd throw Man U a tempting bid for Smalling (25+million) or even offer a season long loan, as I think he is the best of these 4, although Zouma would be a beast here. Can't see WBA letting Evans go though. Get Gibson in if we fail on Smalling/Zouma
  13. If we are signing another top CM (I hope!), then I'd loan him for a season to Derby. See how he does and reassess in 12months. That would leave us with; new signing, Drinkwater, N'didi, Iborra in match day squad and then King and Amartey to step in when/if required. I do think we need to spend big on a top creative CM this window that is a step up on any of our current players though.
  14. They just seem like such different players in that position. If Mahrez does go, we have no creative/flair players. We needed another one last season to help Mahrez, so will need two if he does go IMO.
  15. Option to buy at end of the 2 years for fixed fee I'm guessing