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  1. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    A really promising start to what hopefully is a long era of success for him and us. As another poster remarked, he has already stamped his authority down and demonstrated his confidence by making changes in his first game. The football we played in the first half was very encouraging and the changes he made had a very positive impact. Stoke will be another great test and a winnable but challenging game. Away from home, it will be interesting to see how he sets us up. His interview again was rather dull, but I really don't care if he keeps us playing like that and winning! I really think we needed a shake-up and a different method/formula to help us reach our aims of regular top 10 finishes and I'm hopeful he will deliver that for us. My 5000 post on here , how time flies! - Onward and upwards!
  2. I'm surprised by this appointment and I'm definitely not buying that he was the owner's first choice from the beginning (Rudkin's more likely). We all know the owner's lust for a big name manager and it may be that they tried again but were either persuaded otherwise or were quickly and firmly rejected by the likes of Ancelotti, Tuchel and co. I think the positive from such an "underwhelming" appointment, is that he must have seriously impressed them in his interview and you can see they have hinted at such, with details of him impressing them with his in depth knowledge of the league, our squad and our individual players and traits and how he can improve us etc. I must admit, his interview yesterday was an absolute bore fest, where he managed to waffle for 10minutes on a question that could (should) take 30 seconds to answer. And of course that is a concern to me on how he will get the players fired up and whether he will be able to get a response at half-time if things are not going well. Perhaps he has another side to him and I do think having Appleton here, will help that side of things tremendously, although it's a little concerning that he was offering the of of assistant manager to others.. so we can presume that Appleton was not his first choice, but hopefully they can form a decent working relationship. Looking at his record in France, he is obviously a talented manager and I do get the feeling he is a workaholic and I'm not surprised to hear he had detailed reports on all our players etc. He seems very much a technical manager, someone who probably puts a lot of time into researching us and the opposition and I do think we will have very clear and well thought out game plans for each team we face. I also think it is maybe a good thing that he was pushed out at Southampton after only one season (maybe unfairly too), as I see that as giving him extra motivation to do well here. An 8th place finish is still an 8th placed finish and that was with key players being sold or injured and European football and a cup run to contest with. I remember watching that final and Southampton were much the better side, so we know he can often get things right on the big days (Lyon CL sem-finalists another example). I've been crying out for someone who can have us better organised and actually playing some decent football from the back and building the play, so that players like Mahrez can be played to their strengths and I'm glad to hear that he likes to bring young players through to the first team and isn't afraid to rotate seniors. Hopefully that means players like Gray, Slimani and Dragovic will justly get some more starts in the league. I think this is a new approach for Leicester and one where we will have a manager that is probably very technically astute but short on the personality front, and it will be interesting to see how our players respond to that. As nice as Ranieri was, it was still noted that he was quite distant with the players and I do think we have characters in our squad that did, and can again, make up for that short coming. I'll be right behind him from the get go and hope something again just clicks and we can kick on and take this talented squad to a top 10 finish this season and push for a regular top 8 beyond that with a decent brand of football that sees a lot less aimless hoofing!
  3. Manuel Pellegrini

    Manuel Pellegrini’s three-year contract with Chinese club Hebei China Fortune is worth more than £36m, SSN has been told, meaning it would be very expensive for either Leicester or Everton to persuade him to leave. I think he would be a decent appointment but unless his club are happy for him to go and he wants a huge pay cut... There is very little chance of this happening! Realistically now.. I'd take Dyche, Howe or Rogers. Not fussed about Puel but could do worse I suppose.
  4. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    He's a decent manager who just got the recruitment wrong this summer. Would definitely have him here but it will be too soon for him I fear. He'll take a few months no doubt. Can see West Ham being his eventual club if Bilic holds on a little longer. Think Everton will go after Dyche and Howe. Maybe Pellegrini too but have a feeling they will go British and long-term. Would be surprised if Koeman would join us so soon but I'd be happy. Him or Pelegrini would certainly bring a different style and approach.
  5. Okazaki = Class

    No one in our squad can turn as well as he does when the ball is played to him with his back to goal. He lacks in some areas but as a no.10 in the system we seem insistent on playing, there is no one better. I'd still like to move to a system where we can get two genuine goal scorers on the pitch, but even if we do, he will still be an important player to have available. Great game today!
  6. Swansea post match 2-1

    The exact same game plan and approach as Shakey but with an in form Mahrez and a bit more quality and desire. It got us the 3 points today but we still need to do better if we want to push for top 8 finish etc. Precious 3 points but still a shake-up needed and hopefully the new manager will do that for us.
  7. Manuel Pellegrini

    Mixed feelings but mainly positive. His record is very impressive. He is definitely a different type of manager and someone that might be able to change our hoof approach. Known to play some very nice football and has done pretty well at every club he has been at to be fair. Ticks the boxes for the owners and offers us fans hope that we may be looking to move away from low possesion/long ball stuff. I'm excited by this one but of course any appointment has a risk attached and he may be too much of a step in a different direction for our players. Whereas I can see Dyche giving us a bit more of the same in terms of style and approach (which may work!), I think Pellegrini would certainly give us a shakeup and new blueprint which could be just what we need, to turn into a top 8 regular. Gets my thumbs up! Hopefully some truth in it
  8. Vardy - I want to win more trophies

    I'd much prefer him to stay as we are stronger with him, I just couldn't really begrudge him a move and do think we have some decent options. A Slimani/Iheanacho pairing would be something I would like to see tried in a cup game. I still feel Slimani has a lot to offer us, but as the focal point striker and of course he is behind Vardy in the pecking order for that role. Iheanacho is surely better than what we saw last weekend too. I'm hopeful!
  9. Next City Manager?

    If we are a genuinely interested in Dyche then surely Eddie Howe should be in our thoughts too. He's a very talented, young manager who surely would see Leicester as a step up and a chance to push for regular top 8 finishes. Plays a decent brand of football and more importantly has success with it, when others fail and resort to hoof. If fans want a footballing side and to move away from the hoof, then he has to be up there on our list. As a journalist has just said in Dyche's conference though.. is leaving a stable club/job to go to one where they regularly sack managers a wise move.. I'd say yes.. But my blue tinted specs are on!
  10. Come Home Nigel

    Pearson without Walsh and Shakespeare is just not the same. I am not sure he will ever get back to that kind of success he had here. I honestly think we need a fresh start. Trying to cling onto what made us successful in the past, has not worked. New manager and new backroom staff please!
  11. Thoughts on Dyche?

    'Flattered and not aware of any approach'.. aka come and get me! Would have been easy to suggest he is happy at Burnley and has contract with them etc. I fully expect Top to still be demanding a Big name though.. so might take a while until he finally admits defeat and we get around to asking permission to talk to Dyche.
  12. Thoughts on Dyche?

    The problem is.. the managers out there who have proven able to step up, are out of our reach so we have to take a gamble. This one seems like a safer one than others.
  13. Next City Manager?

    Bless him. Would like to see his reaction when Rudkin comes back with the choice of Coleman or Pardew...
  14. Roy Keane anyone ?

    He is a nutter! Don't want him anywhere near this club. Works OK with a "good cop" aka MON, otherwise not for me! I agree with some others who suggest our players don't actually need a kick-up the arse effort wise. I also don't see a problem in the dressing room. Plenty of hard work going on and team spirit is good etc. We need someone with some tactical nous and can get our best players on the pitch and in a system that gets the best out of them. He is a bully/enforcer that we do not require!
  15. Chris Coleman...

    Coleman or Pardew... Imagine if that was the choice