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  1. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Did not see this coming at all! If he does well and Shakey struggles, then there is a big chance we will see him back in our dugout.
  2. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    This is very true of course and was strongly confirmed on Tuesday when Shakey played a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 with a pairing of Ulloa and Slimani, which was very odd thinking! Perhaps Shakey will be loyal to the 4-4-2 no matter what the players he has available to him, which is quite concerning. I remember Claudio saying that the player's didn't want to change from the 4-4-2 when we went on our woeful run. Perhaps this is in Shakey's thoughts too much.
  3. Okazaki = Class

    I think he is great for 45mins per game. After that, his all important work-rate can drop and he has little else to offer. This was one of Claudio's great masterstrokes IMO, where he would play Okazaki flat-out and then sub him off at half-time. I'm hoping Iheanacho can offer a similar work-rate but also add some skills/trickery and more importantly, goals too! As much as I like Okazaki, without Mahrez scoring like he did in our Prem winning season, the pressure on Vardy to score all our goals is too much. We need a secondary striker that can score too. Slimani would be perfect with his record, but he just doesn't work in a 4-4-1-1 behind Vardy, so I'm hoping Iheanacho was signed for exactly this reason. Hope to see him start on Saturday and we can have a good look at whether it can work. Otherwise, I would be pushing even more for a formation change so we can incorporate two goal scoring strikers.
  4. Demarai Gray

    and how many times do we see Mahrez cut in on his left, many times with no positive outcome, but on those occasions it does work, that can win us a game. Gray was very close to scoring with it on Tuesday and he will score goals using that move in the future, so I see no harm in being a little one dimensional, if it can result in goals/chances, which I think it will but obviously only on some occasions, similar to Mahrez's success rate etc. Glad to see he is saying the right things again and also offering explanation to his frustrations at not playing and feeling stifled in his development etc, which is down to lack of game time but also himself too. I would like to see him rotating with Albrighton for the next few games, with perhaps starting him this weekend and seeing if he can take that chance to shine.
  5. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Disagree. This is exactly why we should be encouraged by having players like Iheanacho and Slimani in the squad now. Two very good strikers at this level. It may mean we have to adapt our style/formation, but we are in much better shape than we have been in years with covering an injury to our top striker. Slimani has scored goals for us, and more than anyone else in terms of goals per mins ratio. Great to have that type of player available if Vardy does get injured. I just hope Iheanacho can also score goals for us, as we will then have 3 top strikers in our squad plus Okazaki to share the work load etc.
  6. What a depressing thought if true, that we have bought another expensive, top striker that we won't be able to fit into a system we seem so obsessed with. I do disagree though and think Iheanacho will at least be tried as a no.10 behind Vardy for this weekend and beyond that. Whether it works or not is another question, but he is definitely more mobile and able to that role than Slimani, and although I see the importance of Okazaki, we are limited in attack by having to accommodate him into our team, just to make our 4-4-1-1 work. It places too much importance on Vardy scoring our goals. We'll have to see what Shakey does at the weekend but be disappointed if we don't see Iheanacho from the start. The lad is a top player!
  7. If he has been bought in to play the Okazaki role, i.e a hard working no.10 linking the midfield and attack albeit with more skill and goal scoring threat, then I can't see why he won't start on Saturday. Also thought that bringing Okazaki on instead of him on Tuesday, indicated that he was being saved for the weekend perhaps.
  8. I expect Iheanacho will start just behind Vardy. Think Shakey will bring King back in too.. Not confident about this one. I think we will be overrun in the midfield again and this time we will be royally caught out.
  9. Demarai Gray

    Gray and Mahrez would benefit greatly from moving away from a rigid 4-4-2. Having 2 sitting DCM's for example would reduce their defensive duties and allow Gray and Mahrez to stay further up and be much more effective in attacks
  10. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Think Leeds will be prioritising their promotion push and rightly so. Will hopefully mean a weakened team on their part. I hope Shakey starts to take this seriously, as it's a cup we could win!
  11. Dragovic looks some player

    Very true, but that's the extent I think it would take for him to change it. Hopefully I am wrong, as I do think we will always struggle with just two CM's
  12. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I think whereas Pearson was too set in his ways and stubborn to change players/formations.. Shakey seems to be against change, out of lack of confidence or fear. I thought last night was the perfect time to try something different. We have struggled as a 4-4-2 for a while now and could really do with exploring some other formations. We are always over run in midfield and having 2 CM's with one not being Kante, just doesn't seem to work on a consistent basis. We also have to play Okazaki for it to be successful and that means relying on Vardy for most of our goals, rather than having him and another capable goal scorer on the pitch. It worked well when Mahrez was scoring so often, but he looks unlikely to ever get back to those scoring days. If he is set on keeping 4 at the back, then fine, but at least try a 4-3-3/4-5-1. I don't think he will change it anytime soon though and so I just hope Iheanacho is able to do the Okazaki role but also chip in with a load of goals too. We will also need N'didi to rediscover his form of last season and hope Iborra turns out to be a top signing.
  13. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    I thought he was forced into a change due to Ulloa going off injured?
  14. The Iborra Thread

    Praying this guy turns out to be a top signing. We desperately need him to be, especially with N'didi struggling and no Silva yet.