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  1. There is always one random team that completely outperforms. Sheffield last season, Burnley year before? Now it's West Ham! They will be bottom end of the table next season hopefully!
  2. Surely all International u21s have the same issue though, but they seem to outperform ours. The players he has at his disposal means he should do better IMO.
  3. What happens with 4th place if English clubs win both the Champions League/Europa? Spurs
  4. His diving is pretty unlikeable tbh but you could argue we have some players who do similar. Although yesterday's dive to get the freekick was pretty shameful from him!
  5. Round peg in round hole.
  6. I get the feeling he has had an injury(s) and he is just not the same player now. Maybe has inhibited him too much to perform at the high level he was destined for
  7. I enjoy it. Reason I watch a lot of the other games is because I want to check out our rivals for top 4. All part of the fun for me!
  8. Nervous about Spurs as they seem to be brimming with confidence and positivity at the moment. Just hope Jose does a Jose and quickly quashes that! Credit to West Ham, they just keep coming. Surely they will have a dodgy patch though! Everton just seem too negative in the games I've seen them and think that will cost them come end of the season. Chelsea should make light work of finishing in the top 4 and wouldn't put it past them ending up 2nd with United dropping points. I know the stats show it's all in our hands, but 2/3 losses in 4 games a
  9. If Iheanacho has a stinker at the weekend where his first touch deserts him again, this thread will look very different again!
  10. He will never move then. If Chelsea aren't playing him and don't really intend to, why would they price him at £65 million? No club is ever paying that. Like I said before, it will probably take them to sign another star striker for him to final get the push/demand a move but that is not inconceivable with Abramovich's millions.
  11. Tammy Abraham F £57,692 Not sure how accurate but sounds about right to me. We could offer him more
  12. Am i the only one who doesn't see that big a problem with his delivery? Sure, he can often hit the first man, but a lot of his deliveries are whipped into a very dangerous area at real pace. We seem to have a bigger issue, in terms of someone getting on the end of them! Something that I don't think is being worked on enough by Rodgers. The movement and organisation in the box, is as important as the delivery. The big men need to be doing better as well IMO
  13. Got 15 in 34 league appearances last season aged 22. Many of those from the bench. I'd take Eduaord but is unproven in the prem. Hopefully the price reflects that, anything under £20m would be decent
  14. 21 goals in 56 games for Chelsea at 23 years old. I'd say he is a little better than dog shit.
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