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  1. Puel interview with Glenn Hoddle

    Yet we play Mahrez every week even though he has been trying to force a move away for 2 seasons now. We should play our best team no matter what. Dragovic should be starting ahead of Wes at the moment because he could be better and help us win more points. There should be no other reason for it, especially not what his plans may or may not be in the Summer. He is contracted to our club until the end of the season (our choice!) and we should be using him, not sulking because he may not want to stay at a club that has barely given him a game.
  2. unrest in the squad

    Also, why ask him to look for a house when he hasn't signed a permanent deal with us. Surely that comes after he has signed up for 3-4 years! i'm with Drago on this one. He also probably isn't that keen to stay if we aren't going to ever play him. He's a decent international player ffs. Must start on Thurs!
  3. unrest in the squad

    I have this concern too. I think we will be starting with Wes next season
  4. Puel interview with Glenn Hoddle

    This is what I don't understand. I am patient and can see that Puel is trying to build something here, but why is he still starting players like Wes and Simpson, who definitely do not fit into this new style? That is where I have concerns on what he is doing here. If he has a clear vision of how he wants us to play, then why is he blurring it with continuing to start players who can't play that way!
  5. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Spot on. Too much, too soon, without the correct tools in place!
  6. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    We really weren't that bad. Shocking defending and another slow start cost us the match, although Burnley just sat back and managed the game once they had their 2-0 lead, so it's difficult to judge how they would have tested us, without that cushion. We certainly created good chances, Vardy and Mahrez should have scored and Pope was impressive in goal. There were a number of misplaced passes and our general play is still too slow and ponderous. A draw would have been a fairer result, but fair play to Burnley. They deserve to be where they are. Fans are just fed up with the 4 wins from 16, which is a very telling stat. I was prepared to give him the summer window and 10-15 games of next season, but I'm starting to think that he needs a strong finish to the season now to get my backing. A few wins at least.
  7. Get the same reaction whenever question King. People can be grateful and respect what a player has contributed to the club, but still think he isn't good enough for us anymore.
  8. Southampton pre match

    I don't think it will happen, for the same reason I think Wes and Simpson will start on Thursday, even though they really shouldn't! I know Kasper is a great shot stopper and has had some amazing performances for us over the seasons, but I do think he makes our life so much harder by not being able to come out and claim crosses like a number of other top keepers can and do. His kicking is also pretty awful. I'd like us to sign a top replacement for him in the summer, someone who can genuinely be considered a starter over him, not just cover on the odd (injury) occasion.
  9. Southampton pre match

    CHANGES please Puel Would like to see something like this... (limited by injuries and genuine lack of depth!) --------------------------Kasper--------------------------- ---------------Amartey--Maguire--Dragovic---------- Albrighton---------------------------------------Chilwell ---------------------Silva-----------Ndidi------------------ -----Mahrez----------------------------------Diabate---- ---------------------------Vardy---------------------------- I'm hoping with wingbacks, Mahrez can be freed up to support Vardy more in attack.
  10. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    Totally agree with this point. We have been here before with Claudio and Shakey.. The team seem to drop off dramatically and a change is forced. You wonder how much power the "old guard" have got in the dressing room. Puel must definitely shoulder the blame for his selections and subs, but this is the 3rd time the players have look unmotivated with the last 3 managers. I don't want to get too carried away, because we had enough chances to win the game today and we were playing a team that has won their last 4.. but, performances of late have seriously tailed off and the rumours are back of player's unrest. I think the sooner players such as Wes, Simpson, Fuchs and potentially even Kasper are replaced with genuine top 6 players (at a cost of course!), the better. If owners genuinely have ambitions of top 6 finishes, then lets get over the loyalty and sentiment to certain players and really kick on with a higher standard!
  11. Name a better option than puel

    Has Puel tried to change us to quick, too soon? We no doubt needed to move away from the Claudio/Shakey one dimensional stuff. Worked amazingly well for one season, but with the loss of Kante and teams sitting deeper against us, we were just not as potent as before. I'm pleased we have switched to a more possession based style. All the teams above us (bar Burnley!) look comfortable on the ball and that should be our long term aim, if we want to be consistently 6th/7th and attract better players. I just think Puel has tried to force it on this set of players, stubbornly so by the sounds of it, rather than introducing it over time and coinciding with bringing his own players in who suit this style. It could ultimately be his downfall.
  12. Name a better option than puel

    Think his reputation and confidence perhaps took a bit of a beating with the whole Watford/Everton thing, so I actually believe a club like Leicester with top 6 aspirations and big spending power, could really be a decent longer term project for him. He is the one I would consider now if we are going to change again. Got Premier League experience and highly thought of.
  13. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Agreed, but we have seen a few mistakes from Wes recently, so I want to see Puel drop him for our next match. That to me, would at least show that he has the balls to make big decisions when needed. At the moment, he seems to be sticking to this back 4, no matter what the result or performance.
  14. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Fuchs perhaps?
  15. Hamza and Silva

    Think with Burnley going 2-0 up so soon, and then sitting back trying to hold onto their lead for much of the match, it wasn't the hardest match for these two. I was impressed with Choudary's passing, although didn't try too much. Silva looks good in possession but some bizarre loose passes from him. I think if we want to push top 6 next season, then we need to sign a top CM to play alongside N'didi, with Silva pushing ahead of them. Choudary should be bedded in next season in the 4th/5th CM spot, with King and James moved on. Time for change!