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  1. How many more times is Kasper going to play these hospital balls.We have seen so many from him over the season and we have got away with it but last night we didn't and we paid heavily for it. He's a great goalkeeper but surely he must realise that wayward passes in the centre of the park, if they go wrong, will cause us massive problems. I also ask why Ndidi had his back to Kasper when the ball was being kicked out. These are professional footballers and whilst the kick was wayward had he been facing the ball he would have seen it and could have acted appropriately rather than letting it hit his backside for it to ricochet to one of their players and he being unaware of what was happening until it was too late. I think he was lucky not to be sent off personally as he must have been last man back so maybe one we got away with. I think a few City players should be holding their hands up as it was more than Kasper's fault for this humiliating defeat. As far as tactics go we seem to have reverted to Puel's annoying habit of passing the ball back and across the back three/four and never making much progress forwards. It makes for good possession figures but you won't score many goals and basically it's boring.
  2. To be honest I won't be too sorry if Maddison and Chilwell do go, albeit for a good price. Neither have impressed so much that I don't feel they could be replaced by somebody cheaper but offering similar qualities. Don't get me wrong, both are good players but do I honestly think they are irreplaceable. I see some of the young players at other clubs who are offering just as much and in some cases more. The one player I would hate to lose is Ricardo. I think his loss has ben particularly badly felt by the team as a whole for his energy, his drive, his passion and his skill not only in defence but the threat he poses in attack as well. For my money he would be almost impossible to replace.
  3. Got to admit we're bloody good at passing the ball around at the back!!!!
  4. At the moment we are too ponderous in our build up. Passing the ball around at the back, continually moving the ball back keeps possession but we need to move the ball forward as soon as we can before the opposition has had time to get their shape. I thought we had players who could do that, and they did earlier in the season but just lately I can almost predict what we are going to do with the ball and I could predict the outcome as we come up against a brick wall. If we are going to buy we need someone who can carry the ball forward, take players out of the equation and provide scoring opportunities for themselves or our forwards. We need someone who creates havoc and mayhem in defences. To be honest I'm not sure who that would be but you don't need to look too far to see players in other teams who can do that.
  5. What an astute signing he has turned out to be. He put on an impressive performance yesterday and was all over the pitch. Reminded me much of Drinkwater in his heyday before he thought he was too good for us.
  6. And I agree the goal should have been disallowed and City given a free kick for their defender's hand ball.
  7. My feelings exactly.. I get really annoyed that good attacking situations break down by going sideways or more usually back. What happened to the free flowing football we saw in the first half of the season?
  8. I felt sorry for Gray and Iheanacho. Times they made runs to provide him with a pass through only for him to turn back. They must have wondered why they had bothered as attacking opportunity after opportunity went begging. Maybe that is what Rodgers had told him to do but it seems a pity he didn't tell Gray and Nacho.By contrast there was a lot of movement over on the other wing. I just think Chilwell does a good job in bombing forward but it's what he does with it once he gets there. We have an England full back who is vastly different to Pereira and nobody would like to see the same threat on both sides of the pitch more than I. I was mightily impressed with Justin in the two games he appeared in - quick, great feet and defended well all things considered. Certainly one for the future, if not the present on what I have seen of him.
  9. I wasn't that impressed with Chilwell playing out on the wing. As a winger he posed little by way of threat usually resorting to putting the ball back rather than taking on their defence. He did provide an outlet on the wing but, for my money not much else. Disappointing when you consider what he can do with his forward runs. Not really his fault, just shows he is not a winger.
  10. That was absolute class after the stick he had been receiving. Good impersonation of an eagle too. What a wind up merchant he is!!!
  11. Good work lads. I look forward to hearing it.
  12. I couldn't understand why, on the occasions he had been put through on goal he took the ball out to the right and thereby created an angle which made it easier for the keeper to defend. Similarly Gray beat the last man and then blasted over the top. We are talking professional footballers here so their decision making in front of goal with only the keeper to beat seemed strange.
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